A tale of music Episode 29 – 30




By; Cinderella A.🥀

**✿❀ ❀✿**

✰[A kiss in the dark…]✰

She blinked continuously, scratching the back of her head with a index finger.

Firstly, who was he, and why did he call her by that name.

It was all so confusing to her, and the throbbing head was doing no justice to it.

“Do i know you by any chance?, have we met before?, please explain things to me”he rolled his eyes at her, and resumed pacing up and down.

She’s not changed from her ways…

She tried calling out to him, but he continued going round, and round his car.

She was not comfortable reaching out to him physically, and thought he might attack her in his condition.

But there was no one she could call, as she had no means of “communication“.

So there she was, feeling helpless, and angry, because she decided to help someone without knowing what to do.

She stood in the rain for quite some time, staring at the young man hovering around his car, feeling absolutely worthless.

Then in a flash of a moment, she found herself walking towards him, and reaching out to his shoulder.

She must have been really stupid to do that!…

“I’ll help!”she shouted, as she grabbed his shoulder.

“Can you tell me your name?, do you live around here?”the guy seemed to have lost his ability to hear, see or feel, as he continued to walk around his car.

Only that now he was sobbing, and shivering, because he was being drenched by the rain.

She grabbed both his shoulders, and tried to talk again, but he pushed her hands off.

As a result of the forceful push, she slipped, and hit her head on the car.

Blood streamed down her face instantly, she passed out.

“Urghhh, look what she caused”he bent to pick her up in a bridal style, but paused at the realization of a vehicle heading towards them.

The car came to an halt right in front of them, and a guy stepped out, looking s*xy and all.

“What did you do to her you mo*ste?, you’re going to jail for this, and that’s for sure!”his eyes widened, he stared intently at him, trying to explain everything that happened.

Devon didn’t give him a chance to, he was pissed, so pissed, that he balled his wrists tightly and punched the guy.

He fell to the ground roughly…

He tried defending himself, but it was hard to, devon kept throwing punches at him, each one painful than the other.

The guys face was now bruised, nose bleeding seriously, and vision blurry.

“F**k you ba*tard!”he rose to his feet, and punched devon on the belly, he groaned.

No, he wasn’t going to accept defeat…

He raised his head, to glance at the j**k, words left his lips.

He smacked himself, pinched his cheeks also, but when he returned his looks, he still found “him“.

“Ji-hu?, OMG i can’t believe this!. I just hit my favourite musician, this is hard to digest!”he took in his bottom lip, and gave him an “apologetic“ gaze.

He should have heard him out, before acting…

He tried placing his hands on ji-hu’s left shoulder, but he shot him a glare.

“Am so sorry about this, i just–, can i get your autograph please!!”he smiled broadly exposing his complete set of teeth, he frowned.

He gestured to amanda, devon mouthed an “oh“.

“We’ve got to make sure she’s alright first before we do anything else, as you can see am injured, it’s kinda your job to lift her up” he limped closer to his car, and waited for devon to do the honours.

Who could have thought his day would have gone like that…

He’d only been there to check out some new instruments (drums, microphones, keyboard etc.), when he had great fall, and injured himself.

“I think we’re done here, let’s go!”they walked side by side, Amanda in devon’s hands, and ji-hu limping beside him.




“Please stop over-reacting november, am perfectly fine, it was just a mere graze”gracious concluded for the uptenth time, but it didn’t seem like she heard.

She was laying on the huge bed, dressed in hospital wares.

November was sitting on a sofa not too far from her, in case you wanna know, she put it there herself, lol.

She kept scanning her body with her eyes, every now and then, like a worried mother.

With exaggerated patience, she chewed her gum briefly, and then her face brightened.

She blew a bubble and curled it back into her mouth on the end of her tongue, waiting to pop it after she’d closed her lips.

“Quit acting like a mother hen, am not helpless. It’s a graze, that’s all. Even healthy people get hurt yunno, it’s not a big deal”november stopped chewing.

“Nah, it’s a very big deal, cause it wasn’t an accident. That bitch aimed the knife at me, but you stepped in for me, that’s why i feel so guilty seeing you laying on this bed!”gracious let the matter drop, there’s no room for problems in her life.

“Why does it seem like this town detests my presence, first the humiliation at school, the kiss, and then this!”she hadn’t realized what she just said, november couldn’t control her squeal, she failed woefully.

“Huh?, a kiss?, with who?, tell me!, tell me!”gracious palmed her face, and pinched her brows, oh what has she gotten herself into.

November blinked uncontrollably, waiting in excitement, she loves that topic.

“Well, it was just a kiss in the dark, i couldn’t see his face!”november’s face fell, huh?, a random person.

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She pouted sadly, and blinked back the tears…

“Please tell me you’re kidding, no!, your first kiss!”gracious bursted into laughter, her friend was taking things too far, what a “drama“ queen.

They didn’t realize the presence of a certain somebody, until he cleared his throat, to give them awareness.

Gracious face did the falling this time around, he’s the last person on earth she’d like to see.

“Heard you laughing, i guess you’re doing fine”gracious ignored him, november hit her shoulder.

So rude of her to ignore the h*ttest guy in school…

“Thanks for your concern, but it’s not needed, sheesh!”ji-ho’s eyes widened, he only went there because he was worried, and now she’s sending him out.

There’s no way he’ll be doing that…

“You ladies go on, just ignore my presence”he took a spot on the other couch, rested his back completely, and closed his eyes.

His hair was all over his face, his blood coloured lips shining so brightly, he looked hot, even gracious couldn’t deny that.

She found herself staring a little longer, and slapped herself afterwards, she’s never going to fall for his charms.

“Hehehe, someone’s falling for him, i smell love in the air!”gracious smacked her, she frowned, and smiled right back.

She’s nuts, lol…

“So about the “kiss“, was it yummy?, how was it?, did you love it?”gracious paused to think about it, her anxiety was infectious, suddenly eager to be gone.

“There’s no word in this world to explain it ok, let’s leave it at that” ji-ho listened in on their conversation, he was only pretending to be asleep, but he really wasn’t.

“It was a memorable experience, i really can’t deny that fact”those were the words he wished he could reply her with, but oooops, his identity must be hidden.

“Dad how many–“her handbag slipped off her hands, her eyes widened, and mouth grew slack.

November fainted at the sight, ji-ho was totally speechless.

Gracious felt like she was about to have a cardiac arrest, he heart was palpitating uncontrollably.

“There are two of you how’s that even possible?”dawn lost consciousness as he completed his statement, right in front of the door.

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“Where have you been young lady?, do you even know what it is by the time?”she rolled her eyes, and sat on the couch, placing her feet right on top.

He frowned, and slapped it down…

“You’re a girl, you’ve got to behave like one. Am scared to loose another daughter, i might just pass away, do you want me to d*e?”

“You may go to h**l for all i care, your absence will mean a lot to me, i’ll be free from your “nonsense“, geez!”his eyes grew larger, she bit at her nails, when an image flashed in her mind.

She nearly forgot about that, what was she busy saying?.

“Am just kidding dad, of course i care, you practically raised me”he crossed his legs, and placed his newspaper on the center table.

He took off his black framed binoculars, placed it on the table too, and stared intently at her.

“What did you do this time around?, you only sweet talk when you’re in trouble, so tell me”she took in her lower lip, and faked a sob.

“I think i just mur*ered my classmate, i stabbed her by accident, please believe me dad!”he caught a glimpse of what was happening, pained to the bone marrow, he sighed exasperatedly.