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Affairs of the heart episode 21

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 21

Th£ report is ready,” Th£ doctor said and [email protected] it over to me.

I took it from h¡m and opened it. I read th£ result and eye at th£ doctor.

h£ clears h¡s throat and adj√$ts h¡s sungla$$. “Mr. Walter I th!nk you had a wrong idea ab©vt Dan not be!ng your son. h£’s your son” Th£ doctor announced.

“Doctor I don’t seem to get someth!ng clear. I mean Dan and I share th£ same blood. But th£ message” I said still not able to digest what th£ message was all ab©vt.

“I will advise you don’t listen to th£ text you saw. Maybe th£ lady has a crush on you, that’s why $h£ is f!nd!ng a way to separate you from your son.

Don’t make th£ mistake you will later regret !n life. Stick to your son and live a h£althy life” Th£ doctor advised.

“Thanks, doctor I must say I do appreciate th¡s, even though is [email protected],” I said and leave th£ doctor’s office.

I am happy and also not happy at th£ same time. Am happy Dan is my son, but at th£ same time am not happy because of that fo*lish Evan.

Authoress POV

Emma comes to sit near Evan.

“So tell me wh£re you went to !n haste,” Evan asked, as Emma it beside h£r.

“I went to sort h£r some problems that are show!ng up on your way,” Emma said.

“What are you talk!ng ab©vt? What problem?” Evan asked glar!ng at Emma.

“Yeah problems, you sit d©wΠ h£re and relax. Do you forget we are !n th£ hospital with Dan and Khalid? And you don’t even feel both£red ab©vt that” Emma said.

“What for, why should I be disturb£d?” Emma asked.

“I don’t like th¡s ¢ar£free attitude of yours. You would have been caught if I didn’t save you” Emma said, and p©vts.

“Can you please expla!n what’s go!ng on and stop putt!ng me !n suspense?” Evan said with different thoughts rummag!ng h£r m!nd.

“Khalid asked th£ doctor to do DNA of Dan and h¡mself,” Emma said. Evan fidgeted.

“How do you know th¡s?” Evan asked.

“I suspected someth!ng th£ oth£r time Khalid followed th£ doctor after h£ announced that Dan will be okay.

Th£n I decided to figure ©vt what was go!ng on. If you remember I told you I was pressed and will need to use th£ restroom.

All was j√$t an excuse. So I trail h¡m with©vt h¡m know!ng. I eavesdrop on h¡s discussion with th£ doctor.

After h£ left I went to meet th£ doctor and offers h¡m a five million. Th£ money was m©vth watery you know, So h£ couldn’t decl!ne th¡s opportunity of gett!ng that amount of money, so h£ agrees not to do th£ test.

And now h£ has given h¡m a fake report” Emma took a deep breath.

“OMG! So all th¡s is happen!ng under my nose. And I was not aware. Thanks so much, Emma I must say you are a true friend. I can’t pay you [email protected]¢k for your good deeds” Evan gave h£r a bone-break!ng hug.

“You are welcome sis, what are friends for” Emma smiled.

$h£ changed th£ topic wh£n $h£ saw Khalid approach!ng.

“h£y Khalid what did th£ doctor say,” Emma asked.

“I don’t get you, what do you mean,” Khalid asked with a straight face.

“Common, why do you sound angry, I was j√$t ask!ng if th£ doctor says anyth!ng ab©vt Dan’s h£alth, I j√$t wanna confirmed if h£’s okay or if th£re’s any !nstruction to follow so h£ can get better,” Emma said.

“Excuse me woman, you are not !n th£ position to ask me such a question, and wh£n do we start talk!ng so friendly” Khalid h¡ssed and went !nto Dan’s ward.

“You see what I was say!ng, h£ th!nks h£ is smart,” Emma said with an eye roll.

Khalid Mansion

Jasm!ne POV

Th£ sounds of th£ alarm wake me up. I sprang off th£ b£d and ru$h£d straight to th£ kitch£n.

I promised Clara to h£lp h£r !n th£ kitch£n today.

“Good morn!ng my baby jasm!ne, I thought you won’t keep to your promise. It’s good to have you @r0vnd. At least boss we taste a different meal today” Clara said.

“What do you take me for? That I won’t stick to my promise, trust me. I hate promise and fail, is better not to promise me than to fail me” I said and go closer to th£ cab!net.

“So what meal are you prepar!ng today?” I asked.

“I th!nk you should ch£ck th£ timetable yourself” Clara said.

“Young lady don’t forget th¡s is my third day !n th¡s house, and I haven’t been !nvolved !n kitch£n service s!nce I came h£re, so better show me th£ food timetable yourself” I p©vted.

“Okay madam, today we are to eat light food like bread and tea. If we wish we can fry any type of snacks we like” Clara expla!ned.

“Sorry I won’t be follow!ng th£ timetable. I want to cook someth!ng special. So tell me h¡s favorite food” I said knott!ng th£ apron @r0vnd my neck.

“What! Common get off it. Why are you try!ng to change th£ way we operate h£re. Well, I will have granted you that permission but sorry, Evan will yell for h£aven.

Boss is still ¢©Πtr0|lable but that woman is a snake” Clara said, and scoffed.

“Oh I see, but s!nce you said Mr. Walter won’t compla!n too much, i th!nk I don’t have a problem.

But for that lady called Evan I want to f!nd h£r trouble, $h£ likes to blab too much.

I want to teach h£r some lesson” I said and Clara laugh£d.

“Yo baby, I feel your vibe. It’s good you came, God has f!nally brought me my partner !n crime. I love you baby, we are !n th¡s togeth£r” $h£ hugged me t!ghtly.

“Silly, what do you count me for, a troublemaker. You are misunderstand!ng. I’m not a troublesome a person, I j√$t like to piss some [email protected] people” I said |¡¢k!ng my l¡ps.

“I see you are j√$t try!ng to be judgmental, isn’t it,” Clara asked ₱|@yfvlly.

“That’s exactly my po!nt. If I don’t cause trouble tell me who is go!ng to do that, you can ask my moth£r, $h£ will tell you I am troublesome” I said and we both burst !nto laughter.


Steve POV

It is two days already, I mean two days and th¡s useless soul hasn’t found th¡s girl. I am go!ng to Moscow myself.

I will make sure I f!nd h£r, and I will also have time to tackle that fool who I was shar!ng a girlfriend with, I impregnated h¡s girlfriend, and denied th£ pregnancy.

I am only tak!ng my revenge. h£ is so arrogant and th!nks my parent won’t accept me [email protected]¢k after th£y disowned me very long ago. I thought h£ was a good friend, but h£ was a betrayal.

h£ betrayed me. I !ntentionally date that Evan of a girl not like I am !nterested !n h£r.

I won’t forgive h¡m. h£ will never have peace !n h¡s life not to talk of be!ng happy. I decide to stay away from all th¡s while but I am [email protected]¢k now.

h£ won’t go scoff free. h£ will never be happy th£ moment I step [email protected]¢k !n Moscow. Wait and see how I am go!ng to destroy you.


Khalid Mansion

Authoress POV

Khalid steps ©vt of h¡s room and goes towards th£ d!nn!ng table.

“Paa”Jasm!ne sh©vted from beh!nd. Khalid was frighten at th£ sound.

h£ look [email protected]¢k and saw Jas.

“What was that? you caught me off guard”Khalid said hold!ng h¡s ch£st.

“Sorry, I came to ch£ck on you. I wanted to come and tell you that you should be quick so you won’t be late for office.

But I hid wh£n I saw you stepped ©vt of your room. I never knew you would be so s¢ar£d. You are lazy” Jasm!ne said smil!ng.

“Really so you th!nk I am lazy. Probably not. Am giant”Khalid said hitt!ng h¡s ch£st.

“Hmmmm, I see. Lemme h£lp you with your suitcase”Jasm!ne said and took th£ suitcase from h¡m.

” Thanks Miss, what of Dason. I th!nk h£’s prepared to go [email protected]¢k to school”Khalid asked. Th£y keep walk!ng towards th£ d!nn!ng table.

“I don’t know, but am very sure h£ will be happy ab©vt that. It’s cool”Jasm!ne said.

“Okay, I j√$t wanna know “Khalid said as h£ sit on th£ d!nn!ng chair.

“Dad, aunt Jasm!ne is nice. $h£ got me ready, and feed me. You see am ready for school, I like h£r”Dan who was !n th£ liv!ng room said.

“Okay son. I am happy you like h£r”Khalid said.

“Yes, $h£ is car!ng, not like Evan. I wish to marry h£r. Dad can I marry h£r?”Dan asked.

Th£y all burst !nto Laughter. “What’s funn Can’t I?”Dan asked.

“Why not, you can marry h£r. j√$t that you will have to wait to you are big like Daddy. $h£ can wait for you though”Clara said.

“I th!nk I have a broth£r !n-law already”Dason said.

“Do I have to be grown like dad before gett!ng married?”Dan asked.

Jasm!ne offered Khalid coffee. h£ took it and take a zip.

“No son, I will take th£ both of you to th£ court today, so that you can become couples”Khalid said.

“Silly! Dad, you th!nk I am a child. I know am too small for h£r. Am j√$t five years old. $h£ can only marry a grown up like you. $h£’s pretty than Evan. So will you marry h£r?”Dan asked.

Everyone was shocked at th¡s. Evan who was com!ng from h£r room stopped on h£ar!ng th¡s.


What do you th!nk will happen next? Ch£ck it ©vt.

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