Affairs Of The Heart

Affairs Of The Heart episode 35

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♥️Th£ h£ART

(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Not edited

Chapter 36

“I am fv¢k!ng hungry, “Khalid said com!ng d©wΠ th£ stairs. Jasm!ne smiled and stared at th£ food !n h£r [email protected] How will I stop th£m from eat!ng?

“Jasm!ne”$h£ called. Jasm!ne stopped. “What is it N!na?”$h£ asked. “Noth!ng do you wanna eat th£ food!”$h£ asked.

“What sort of question is that. What do you expect us to do with it”Clara asked glar!ng at h£r.

“Oh I j√$t wanna know if you all are eat!ng” $h£ feign a smile.

“I don’t th!nk you are !n th£ right state of m!nd. Let’s go Jasm!ne”Clara said and th£y both went to serve th£ food to everyone.

“Th¡s food scent nice, hope it will be yummy”Khalid said as h£ was ab©vt to take a spoon. N!na watch h¡m speechlessly.

“Nooooo sir” $h£ sh©vted as all attention goes to h£r.

“What” Khalid asked?

“Yes, what’s it? Why did you look terrified?” Jasm!ne asked.

“I wonder what is wrong with h£r, why are you act!ng strange today, did you have someth!ng to tell?” Clara asked.

“What will I say now, if I tell th£m it’s Evan th£n $h£ will kill me, if I tell th£m it is me, I would be fired. Geez, th¡s is bad and I j√$t need to save th£m !n any way” N!na thought fumbl!ng with h£r f!ng£rs.

“Why are you keep!ng us wait!ng” Khalid asked.

“I th!nks $h£ feel guilty now, I saw h£r add!ng some powder to th£ food earlier. And wh£n I confirmed I realized $h£ added poison try!ng to kill everyone. I have to force h£r to come and tell th£ truth h£rself, but it was so difficult to confess h£r crucial act. I th!nk $h£’s work!ng for Steve” Evan said com!ng d©wΠstairs.

“What?” Jasm!ne stood up shook.

“No that’s not true, I promised that’s a big lie, I don’t even have any contact of h¡m. Th¡s is untrue trust me” N!na tried to defend h£rself.

Clara stood up and walked closer to h£r.

“Did you add poison !n th£ food? j√$t answer my question” Clara asked.

“I didn’t know it was poison, I was” N!na said but Clara slapped h£r, all h£r five f!ng£rs appear on h£r face. $h£ couldn’t opened h£r eyes for m!nutes.

“Did you really do that, you don’t look bad to me and you’ve always be!ng nice to me” Dason asked.

“$h£’s bad than you can imag!ne, I th!nk all h£r plan is to kill everyone so that $h£ can rule th¡s big mansion bigger than th£ most modest palace !n Russia, h£r greed!ness for wealth is so desperate, $h£ deserve to be punish so I already called th£ police” Evan said.

“Someth!ng sounds fishy h£re, you have never been th¡s s£nsible, never did you ¢ar£ ab©vt anyone else. All you ¢ar£ ab©vt is your own selfish decision so wh£n did you change?” Jasm!ne asked.

“We shouldn’t be talk!ng ab©vt that right now, why don’t we ask N!na why $h£ has decided to kill us all? I know Evan h£rself is not pure but at least $h£ saved us all” Khalid said while jasm!ne shake h£r h£ad.

Khalid walked closer to N!na. $h£ fidgeted [email protected]¢kward.

“Sir please I didn’t know anyth!ng I was trapped, I was asked to do th¡s, I will never want to hurt you, and I am !nnocent please” N!na cried mov!ng [email protected]¢k h£r pace.

“Have I ever, I mean have I ever treated anyone of you with disda!n? What did we do to deserve th¡s betrayal from you? Did you th!nk kill!ng us was th£ best option? How much are you paid to do th¡s, I know how much I paid you guys. Ever a civil worker can’t get th£ amount of money I paid per month, and I also give every one of you weekend bonus. I don’t wanna talk ab©vt it, I don’t wanna regret do!ng th£ right th!ng. So tell me why you planned on kill!ng us?” Khalid thundered and grip h£r neck.

“No Mr. Walter you won’t commit a murder” Jasm!ne said try!ng to release h¡m, but h£ jerks h£r [email protected] angrily that $h£ almost lost balance.

Dason was smart enough to hold h£r.

“Geez, th¡s house is h£ll” Khalid fumes and leave th£re ©vt of anger.

“You are right I th!nk it needs some fumigations, th£re are a lot of parasite that needs to be rem©v£d” Evan said.

“Why do you do th¡s N!na, I know you for th£ little time I came h£re, can you tell us th£ truth? I don’t th!nk you do it and if you leave are we still save? Lemme understand what’s go!ng on h£re, could it be th¡s evil woman that’s manipulat!ng you to do th¡s. Speak to me” Dason asked persuad!ng h£re to talk.

“Dason let h£r be, even if $h£ was be!ng manipulated $h£ as someth!ng bad with!n h£r before, someone can’t use you with©vt your conception. I can’t believe $h£’s so evil, gentle but dangerous like a python, $h£ is complete evil, I th!nk from today onward I will have to be m©r£ ¢ar£ful on how I relate with !ntrovert like h£r” Clara said hold!ng Dason.

“No Clara we are gett!ng th!ngs wrong, can’t you see $h£ felt remorse ab©vt th¡s, th£re is m©r£ to th¡s story, if I am to doubt someone th£n properly it would be Evan, and why don’t we even confirm if th£re’s poison !n th£ food?” Dason asked.

“That’s a good idea, I will taste th£ food, I want to know it if is truth that someone always suffered for throat burnt wh£n th£y ate poison, and wh£n ab©vt to die Euuuu, ishhii” Dan who has been watch!ng th£m s!nce th£ beg!nn!ng demonstrated hold!ng h¡s neck.

“No Dan, Don’t ever say such th!ng aga!n, if you eat it you will die” Jasm!ne said and quickly pack th£ food.

“My boy what th£ h£ll was that, are you tak!ng death for a joke. You won’t die, I reject it” Evan cuddle h¡s face.

“I don’t like you, don’t try to bribe me, I will only listen to aunt Jasm!ne, my dad like h£r and $h£ like h¡m too. h£ don’t like you at all, I hate you Evan, anytime I am sick you only sh©vt at me, you don’t give me food none my medic!ne.

I failed my exams many times because of you. I am always dirty to school because you are always go!ng to clubs and parties and you always came [email protected]¢k drunk, you sh©vt at me b**t me and always said I am a mistake for com!ng !nto your life.

You and that idiot say weird th!ngs with©vt th!nk!ng if I am th£re, you also watch£d p*rn everyime. But after I met my dad everyth!ng change, h£ loves and ¢ar£ ab©vt me, you always ₱u$h£d me to manipulate h¡m, I always did that because I was s¢ar£d of you, but no m©r£.

My new mum came and always ch£ck on me, $h£ knows wh£n I needed someth!ng and always try to caution me !n th£ right way. I know I am a child but I am not dumb, I can see and h£ar clearly, I hate you Evan.

Yes you made a mistake by giv!ng birth to me, and I also I made a mistake because you are my biological moth£r. I will never be happy with you. Please leave and never come [email protected]¢k” Dan ₱0ured ©vt h¡s h£art as h£ cried with h¡s babyish face.

Jasm!ne carried h¡m and cuddle h¡m.

“You see what you’ve did to yourself, almost all children are always proud of th£ir moth£r but yours is different, your own very son hate you so much. What a disgrace to moth£rhood” Jasm!ne said.

“Thank goodness th£ police are h£re, like I am los!ng it right now” Evan said try!ng to get Dan words off h£r bra!n.

“Sir we haven’t confirm if th£ food is poisoned or not” Dason protested.

Th£ !nspector asked h¡s sergeant to br!ng a puppy. After 3m!nute th£ puppy started fum!ng and die after few m!nute. N!na hold h£r m©vth and cried so bitterly.

[email protected]¢k

“Go ©vt th£re and clean your mess, I wanted Jasm!ne death and now you wanna kill everyone. I promise if anyth!ng happened to Dan and Khalid you are death” Evan growl.

“Madam, how can you be so wicked? You didn’t tell me it was a poison. You only told me it was a drug that will h£lp h£r to cure an illness, I was so stupid to have believed you.

I am very quiet, but you took th¡s for granted. I won’t spare you. I will sh©vt for everyone to know who you really are” N!na threatened furiously.

Evan burst !nto laughter. “I have th£ feel!ng that th!ngs aren’t go!ng be right so I have m©v£d far ah£ad of you.

Well exposed me and welcome th£ corpse of your bl!nd moth£r you’ve been work!ng for. j√$t go ©vt th£re and do anyth!ng to make sure none of th£m eat th£ food.

If not I will destroy you, I know you are th£ most foolish among th£ maid h£re that’s why I trail you well.

Well poor and !nnocent girl. I wish you don’t became notorious after th¡s. Go now and do th£ right th!ng and don’t even try mention my name I repeat. If you have any problem I might choose to h£lp you ©vt, better be ¢ar£ful and don’t talk a lot if you want yourself ©vt of th¡s mess” Evan roared gripp!ng h£r neck t!ghtly.

End of [email protected]¢k

“!nspector please make sure you dealt with h£r so much till $h£ confess h£r counterpart, if not I will make sure $h£ was tak!ng to th£ barrack and dealt with’ Khalid said com!ng d©wΠstairs.

Evan and th£ !nspector eyes widened. Th!nks th£re plan isn’t go!ng to work.

“Okay sir we would do our job” Th£ !nspector said and N!na was taken away.

“Mr. Walter wh£re are you go!ng with that bag” Jasm!ne asked.

“Travell!ng, I can’t take all th£ daily pressure aga!n


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