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Affairs Of The Heart episode 27

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♥️Th£ h£ART
(Letters to h¡s celebrity crush✉️, search!ng for h£r)

Genre: Romance

Tags: Comedy, secret admirer, jealousy, hatred.

Sett!ng: Russia, Moscow city

Chapter 27


“Hold on Maddy I will call you [email protected]¢k”I end th£ call to see who’s message was it.

“Anoth£r message from th£ unknown number” I uttered.

“What did $h£ say?”Leo asked.

“Can stop lov!ng you less. Will always tell you that vmDan is not your child”I read ©vt th£ message.

“It’s seems th¡s person know m©r£ ab©vt you.”Leo said.

“I th!nk I told you th£ oth£r day, $h£ said a college mate. It must be one of those girls that won’t take th£ir eyes off me wh£n we were still !n school”I said and drop my phone.

“Maybe some k!nd of obsession” h£ said.

“I th!nk so, but why is $h£ !nvolv!ng Dan !n th¡s?”I asked and picked up my phone to call Maddy.

“Leave that aside, you’ve done th£ test twics and it shows you are th£ fath£r.

To be frank guy, you have many girls pester!ng you. Th£y even like to show as Anonymous. You are so lucky “h£ said teas!ngly.

“You are crazy, I am sure I will be th£ one to kill you one day”I said with a eyeroll.

“Before I forget. Steve is also go!ng for th£ contract we apply for. I was shocked wh£n I h£ard th£ news from th£ Manager of that company earlier th¡s morn!ng, I know h£’s do!ng th¡s because of you.

I th!nk we should withdraw and Apply for anoth£r contract with Th£ Stars, you know th£y are also good.

Th£y will give us th£ contract”Lei said but I cit h¡m short.

“Because I am very famous, right? N no, I am only go!ng for th£ contract I applied for. I am not s¢ar£d of Steve.

If I decide to withdraw, h£ will th!nk am a coward and also will come to apply !n th£ company as well. So I am not go!ng to withdraw neith£r will I lose th£ contract to a chick like h¡m”I said with a straight face.

“You’ve come [email protected]¢k to your face. But I th!nk we shouldn’t j√$t watch th¡s guy, h£ won’t stop disturb!ng you. Why don’t we !nform th£ police”h£ said and I shook my h£ad negatively and smirks.

“On what basic? What crime did be committed? So no po!nt. j√$t leave h¡m alone. Th£re’s noth!ng special ab©vt h¡m”I said.

“We should charged h¡m for life threaten!ng. h£’s threaten!ng you”Leo said, and I burst !nto laughter.

“Like seriously, common dude no one is threaten!ng my life. h£’s not a threat to me, believe it or not. Do you understand why th£y say th¡s life is a survival for th£ fittest?”I asked.

“Survival for th£ fittest. Don’t misquote that, th£ case is different. Th¡s is ab©vt someone threaten!ng to hurt you. And you j√$t sit with folded arms”h£ said concerned.

“Well if that both£rs you so much maybe you should call Clara to come and h£lp you ©vt”I burst !nto laughter after say!ng that.

“Clara, what does $h£ got to do with th¡s issue. I don’t understand you”h£ said giv!ng me a deadly glare..

“Common guy, you th!nk I am not observant. I know you like Clara, you are j√$t s¢ar£d. Don’t worry Clara is a good lady, you can go for h£r”I said jok!ngly.

“Are you mak!ng a joke ©vt of me. Wh£n did I tell you I like h£r. That’s a stupid idea. I never told you I like, I mean love h£r. We are j√$t close. $h£’s fun and ch£erful like me. That’s all”h£ said, and picked a book.h£ wanna throw it at me, but th£ stopped.

“Throw it, mad human. What did you count me for. You th!nk I don’t know wh£n someone is !n love.

I don’t know if you are still have feel!ng for that Emma of a girl. I can’t even allow my dog to marry h£r”I said with dislike for h£r.

“Stop, I have gotten over that. $h£ rejected me [email protected]¢k th£n !n school. So noth!ng special ab©vt h£r. $h£’s your enemy, so, $h£’s also my enemy as well. I will !nh£rit any one who is aga!nst you”h£ said, and stand up ready to leave my office.

h£ hate it wh£n I talj ab©vt h¡m be!ng !n love, but th¡s time I got h¡m.

“You are s¢ar£d of ask!ng Clara ©vt because you are s¢ar£d if $h£ will reject you.

Guy th¡s life is a trial, even if you failed once you should try aga!n. Even th£ network we tell you, th£ number you are try!ng to call is not reachable please try aga!n later.

So I th!nk you should try your luck”I said and pick up my pen.

“fv¢k you!”h£ po!nted is right middle f!ng£r to me.

“fv¢k you too!”I also did th£ same. I won today. I can’t believe I got h¡m. h£ th!nks h£’s th£ only one that can frustrate someone..


Th£ mall

Jasm!ne POV

“My boss seems to like an ¢ar£ ab©vt you. I have never seen h¡m that close to anyone”Clara said as we were pick!ng some cloth

. I stopped and eye h£r like I was !nnocent of what $h£ says.

“I don’t understand what you mean by that. Mr Walter is j√$t be!ng nice. And m©r£over that’s how h£ ¢ar£s for everyone”I said !n disagree to what $h£ said. Try!ng to clarify wh£n I Know th£ true..

$h£ keep quiet for few seconds and th£n speak up.

“No I don’t th!nk so, I th!nk h£’s m©r£ attracted to you. I know h£ ¢ar£s for everyone. I have worked with h¡m for year’s and I know what h£’s like. Except from h¡m and Leo that are very close to each oth£r.

But h£ seems to be close to you also. I mean th£ clos£ness is somehow “$h£ said but I didn’t allow h£r to complete h£r statement.

“Huh huh, somehow what. Please why don’t you face yours. Th£re’s noth!ng b£tweeΠ us than friendship.

You are th£re spy!ng on oth£r’s while you aren’t able to see your love for Leo”I said and bend to pick a cloth.

$h£ stood look!ng at me.

“How is th¡s, i th!nk it will be good on me”I asked and ran to th£ change room.

I came [email protected]¢k and see $h£ still stood still lost !n thought.

“h£y are you lost”I asked, and waved my [email protected] over h£r face.

$h£ jerks ©vt of h£r thought.

“Oh sorry, what were you say!ng?”$h£ asked and I burst ©vt laugh!ng.

“Why are you laugh!ng, I am done shopp!ng. I hope you guys are also ready”Dason asked as h£ walked closer to us.

“You should atleast calm d©wΠ. We are still shopp!ng. You can see we’ve only picked j√$t two th!ngs”Clara said.

“Oh my goodness! Only two th!ngs !n an hour, I don’t like shopp!ng with girls. Th£y are j√$t too complicated”h£ said angrily.

“See who’s talk!ng, and who told you we’ve used an hour. If I could remember we arrived h£re 55m!nute ago. So how was that an hour”I said wait!ng for a reply.

“Ask h¡m. We aren’t your girlfriends, so you have to wait for us. That’s what th£y call a girl.

We can’t j√$t picked th!ngs we don’t like. How will [email protected] guy stare at us if we didn’t dress properly.

Don’t you know th£ way you dress show’s how you will be address. Do you want a guy to th!nk we are crazy human “Clara said.

Dason j√$tstood look!ng at us tiredlesssly.

“How did I look?”I asked. “Stunn!ng, absolutely beautiful. I th!nk [email protected] guy’s will [email protected]|| for you !n th¡s cloth” h£ replied with a smile.

“Silly, who told you I want anyhow guy to stare at me” I p©vted.

“That’s what you guys said now, so have I done anyth!ng wrong try!ng to compliment you aga!n?” Dason asked.

“Not at all, you should j√$t learn to keep quiet, is not necessary you must say anyth!ng we said”Clara said.

$h£’s not even tak!ng it easy with my Dason at all. I am also wonder!ng how Dason could tolerate h£r by j√$t keep!ng quiet.

I am sure if it was me. h£ won’t th!nk twice before talk!ng [email protected]¢k. Silly boy meet h¡s mate.

My eyes meet a girl !n a jean trouser and a white s!ngle with a jacket and a spec who walked elegantly !nto th£ mall.

If I could predict I th!nk $h£ will be th£ same age range as Dason. Or h£ should be older than h£r.

Dason was drown!ng on h£r.

“Lady’s you can shop for hour’s if you like, I will be [email protected]¢k. Pack th¡s for me”h£ said and ran towards th£ girl.

“Wait we are done”I sh©vted, and wanna follow h¡m.

“Leave that silly boy. h£ j√$t wanna m!ngle. Atleast h£ will have a friend @r0vnd. If h£ as a friend h£ will stop pester!ng us”Clara said dragg!ng me [email protected]¢k.

“h£’s j√$t 16, 1 and 6, h£’s too young for that. I am not ready to become an aunty”I sh©vted.

“Silly, th£n you can stalk h¡m if you wish. Can’t you see h£’s enjoy!ng h¡s life”$h£ said and I look at th£ direction.

Couldn’t believe Dason is already mak!ng th£ girl glow!ng !n h¡s fews seconds. I saw th£m laugh!ng. I frown. Clara mocks me.

I don’t want h¡m to turn a ₱|@yboy, h£ seems to be very smart at catch!ng girls. I couldn’t concentrate on my shopp!ng aga!n. I j√$t pray th£y don’t exchange numbers.

h£ still have a long way to go !n life.


Authoress POV

Leo and everyone was !n th£ liv!ng room watch!ng movie except from Khalid and Evan. Who are no wh£re to be see!ng @r0vnd th£ liv!ng room.

Khalid came ©vt of h¡s room putt!ng on a straight face.

h£ walked to th£ liv!ngroom not smil!ng. No one knows what’s go!ng on h¡s m!nd.

“Jasm!ne”h£ called not even with a smile.


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