After Her Body

After her body episode 7 – 8

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🏃After her body🧖
(I want to fvck her🍆🍑)

💦Episode Seven💦

Rated 🔞🔞


Kira POV
Tired 🤦 I closed the laptop and rested my head on the table, I can’t kill myself because of some office work at least my health first .
I need to sleep for some minutes before I continue editing this file .

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I heard a loud bang on my desk and I jolted from my sleep.

” What the hell ” I shouted and raised my head to see Mr s£x freak smirking at me while I sighed

“Are you here to sleep or work ?” He asked

” I’m sorry sir I slept off” I replied

I know you will be wondering why I call him sir am just tired of his drama.

” Anyways I need the docvments in my office immediately I don’t know how you are gonna do it , just 2minutes else remember there is always a consequence” he said and left my office .
I know the consequence is always creepy but how did he expect me to be through with the editing before even printing them out huh ?

. .
I was done after good ten minutes .
I headed to his office to drop the docvment.

” This is not the exact time I asked you to bring the files Ms kira ” he said while I mop at him

” You don’t expect me to finish that in just two minutes you gave me ” I replied and dropped the file …

” Well like I said earlier there will be a consequence” he said licking his lips as I told my arms staring at him ..

” What consequence sir , I think I already gave you the docvment?” I said and rolled my eyes.
This man here is too problematic like he derives joy in frustrating me in this company

” You don’t dare question my order Ms kira I’m the boss here ” he said authoritatively.

” Boss my foot. Boss in women pant” I said.

“What did you just say” he asked

Gosh I didn’t I say it out loud, ” I said nothing sir” I said with wicked smile.

” Now your punishment is to give me a massage” he said while I glared at him..

” I’m sorry sir I’m not some kind of call girl but I can get you one ” I replied

” I don’t want any but you come now or you loose one month salary and trust me when I say that ” he said. Sighing, I went to him standing in his front ..

” Are you going to stand there and look at me? Come sit in the table here and massage my chest and abs ” he commanded.
I sat there and watched him take off his shirt . I must say he’s well built. His broad chest is really attractive but I won’t let him know that..
I brought my hand and began caressing his chest slowly while he closed his eyes in pleasure. I mean what kinda boss is he ?
He opened his eyes and stared at me while I looked away . I’m just doing this for my salary.
I was so lost in thought that I didn’t noticed he was rubbing my thigh …
What’s wrong with him ? I jerked off his hand and stood up on my feet..

” What nonsense nigga ” I said and arranged my skirt ..
He stood up and pinned me to the wall smacking my butts …

” Why can’t you let me have you just once” he said and traced his hand into my shirt fondling my [email protected] as I tried very hard not to let a m0an escape my lips but couldn’t help it …

” Please let go off me ” I said faintly..

” Not now pretty ” he replied kissing me neck down to my abdomen..
I can’t let this happen if I can survive it for for the past two months now ..
I need to do something so he could let go off me ..

I will have you Ms kira either willingly or not ” he said and left me .. while I ran outta the office breathing heavily.
Maybe I should just resign already. I don’t think I can continue this anymore.
I think I’m falling for his charm which is not a good news to me .
I can’t let him have me and count among the numerous girls he have bedded .
Not happening.. never .. I need to write my resignation letter as soon as possible.

🏃After her body🧖
(I want to fvck her🍆🍑)

💦Episode Eight💦

Rated 🔞🔞

by quin blessing 💖

Jung woo POV
“Nonsense” I said and hit my desk so hard . Why is she very hard to get huh ?

It’s been 2 months she have worked for me still, I can’t have her to my bed .

I think I know what to do, I won’t pressure her on s£x again .
I must make sure I get her to have feelings for me and then I will fvck her .

Yeah that’s a perfect plan but before that can be achieved, I need to make friends with her and.
Just perfect!
I buttoned up my shirt and got back to work .
Mission starts hence forth..

” Miss kira, you can’t be the only one to be so strong headed ” I smiled to myself…
Sometimes before you get what you want you must have to submit your ego .

Kira POV

It’s really been a hectic day.. I’m tired of walking and my feets hurt so badly . I worked till late hours because of that boss and now no cab to take me home ..
And to worsen it all, my apartment is very far from the company. ..

Hey ” I heard as my heart jumped up in fear . It’s dark and anything can happen..
I turned around and saw a car flashed on my face.

” Scared you?” The voice said . It was Mr s£x freak🤦. What did he want this time around?

” What did you expect? ” I said and rolled my eyes before walking away while he trailed behind me with his car …

” I’m sorry I scared you, just wanted to take you home” .

😯 Did I hear him right? He actually said he’s sorry and he want to take me home. I’m sure it’s one of his unending threats again and I don’t think I will fall for it .

” Thanks but I’m okay walking home ” I replied stubbornly.

” C’mon kira, I mean I’m the one that made you over work in the office and I’m here to take you home to at least make up for it ” he said

” Since when did you start taking me home ” I huffed

” I mean no harm Kira please let me take you home just this once” he pleaded . What did I have to do? I can’t continue walking a long distance home, anything might happen on the long run.
I hesitantly entered the back seat he chuckled before starting the car.

It was a long but a comfortable silent till we reached my apartment.
I can’t believe he didn’t make advances at me through out . Jeez! Is he changed?🤷 I hope so thou

” Thank you” I said and alighted from the car

” It’s no problem good night grumpy” he said, smiled and drove away while I stood at my spot unable to explain his new character..

I finished cleaning up the kitchen before thinking of preparing something for me and grandma. It’s a Saturday morning, no work so I have today all to myself.
I hastily made rice ball , I badly needs to continue my sleep because I’m feeling really tired from yesterday’s work . It wasn’t easy at all ..
“Arghh” I groaned , why did my phone have to ring this time I’m enjoying my sleep ?
I traced my hand to where it’s ringing from without opening my eyes.


/> I said sleepily

📱 Oops! I guess you were sleeping.
Ah! It’s Mr s£x freak again

📱 Any problem?
I asked

📱We are not at work right now so you are free to call my name .
He said while I rolled my eyes as if he was seeing me ..

📱What did you want?
I asked rudely..

📱 Chill dear I called in peace ! I’m at your door…
He said

📱What? Why ?

📱Come usher me in first will you? I will be waiting doll .
He said and hung up

I sighed and stood up from the bed heading out of my room. I still feel sleepy.
Don’t mind me if I have all the time in the world, I do rather use it to sleep 😋 that’s how much I’m in love with it …

I opened the door and saw him standing looking as handsome as ever. No doubt he’s good looking but I still don’t like him and I don’t wish to yuck!

” Good morning to you too” he said walking pass me into the sitting room …

” Why are you here?” I asked folding my arms .

” Is that how to welcome a visitor?’ he asked crossing his legs.

” Grandma am here” he shouted.

“My grandma is sleeping pls let her rest” I said

” I never invited you here ” I replied harshly

” Well that’s not why I’m here ” he said while I sat down glaring at him…

” No water at least ?”

“You can drink that when you get to your house get straight to the point. Why are you here?” I spat. Like he said he’s not my boss right now and even if we are in the office, I can still talk to him the way I want .

” Uhhm I’m sorry I have been an ass to you, please forgive me and let’s start over again . I promise not to bother about s£x again ”

What? Is he really apologizing to me ? Oh my !

” It’s no problem if you decide to change !” I replied and shrugged …

” That means I’m forgiven” he said

” If you wish ” I said

” Then can I go on a date with you please?”

” What ?”

….. TBC
….. by ©️quin blessing ©️

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