Agent Brynx

Agent Brynx – Episode 16

Agent BrynX – Episode 16
The Gala

By Brian Ngoma

The instructions on the message were specific. The dwarf was precise. He even concluded the text with, ‘This is important. Be on your best behavior.’ What made him think that i wasn’t going to be on my best behavior? I threw the phone on the passengers seat and drove into town. I didn’t own a tuxedo and i knew getting one on short notice would be expensive. I had to rent one. I went to Smart Wears at the mall and luckily, they were still open. “I’m here to rent a tuxedo,” i told the man serving me.

“Okay sir, what’s the occasion? ” he asked looking at me.

“A Gala,” I answered. “A Charity fundraiser kind of thing and many important people.” I have absolutely no idea why i went into details. I was showing off obviously and that was pretty dumb. “A gala,” I said again after i saw his annoyed face. Who wouldn’t be annoyed?

“Color?” He asked.

“Dark Navy please,” I answered.

“Follow me,” he led me to the back and told me to sit down and wait for him. I waited and after some minutes he came back with an old man with a measuring tape. “Let’s take the measurements sir.”

“Aren’t you just supposed to ask my size?” I asked. They didn’t answer me. The old man was rough. He measured me while staring at me as if i was the one who made his life miserable. He seemed angry and upset with everyone. He was in despair obviously. “That’s it?” I asked him while he stood writing in a book. He didn’t say a word and just walked away. “Bad customer service,” I said under my breath.

“Here is the tuxedo,” he came back after twenty minutes. He handed it over to me. “So it comes with a white button down shirt and a bow tie as part of the package.” he said this time politely. ” And wear black shoes,” he looked at my shoes. I had worne brown shoes. “You can make the payment at the reception.”

I paid and left the place. I drove home and reached at 7pm. I quickly went to the bedroom and put the tuxedo on the bed and rushed to the bathroom. After showering, i found Leah in the bedroom waiting for me. “Baby,” I said getting my lotion.

“Whose Mercedes is that outside?” she asked. “Where is your car?”

“My car is still at work. That is my bosses,” I answered carefully. I could feel her eyes on me. She needed more than the answer i gave her. It wasn’t enough. Realizing that, i went on. “I had to run an errand for him and it so happened that i didn’t refuel my car, so he let me use his.”

“On the first day and your boss trusts you like this?” She asked folding her arms.

“It’s not trust baby. It’s work. I needed the car. The dwarf didn’t mind,” I said.

“The dwarf?”

“Oh snap,” I said grabbing the tuxedo. “Yea that’s what he calls himself. He’s Mr. Goma,” i laughed nervously.

“What’s with this tuxedo?”

“I’m going to a gala. My boss invited me. I’ll be back before midnight. Don’t wait up,” I answered. “Help me with the bow tie.”

She walked to me and properly tied it. She even checked if i had tucked in perfectly. “You don’t look like my husband,” she said.

“What is that supposed to mean?” I was hurt. How can she say something like that. Did i look too smart or what?

“Have a good time baby. Don’t cheat on me,” she said walking away.

“Baby wait,” i ran to her and held her hand. “It’s just a business thing. There are a couple of people my boss wants me to meet. It’s no big deal. Why would i ever cheat on you?”

“The same reason all men cheat,” she frowned.

“You know me better than that,” i said. “Take back your words. I’m not all men I’m your husband,” i k-ssed her cheek. “Don’t worry.”

I could see her face brighten. It was as easy as that. She just needed assurance. That’s one thing i loved about Leah. She would be like a child when she got jealous. She never got tired of how many times i had assured her that she will always be the only one. Everytime i told her, her face would beam up as if it was the first time. “Zoey,” I asked her.

“She’s just from eating, she’s sleeping,” she answered. “Now go you will be late.”

I reached Hillpark Glamor Hotel at exactly 8pm. I parked the Mercedes next to The Dwarfs Land Rover. I found him waiting for me. “Not so bad,” he looked at me getting out of the car.

“Not too bad yourself,” I said. He had worn a grey Tuxedo. It looked like a baby suit but fitted him eloquently. He rocked and owned it. He had worn small black shoes which were shining i could see my face on them. He even had a haircut. “I wonder why that office is dirty,” I said.

He looked at me and gave a fake laugh. “Grown people are complicated Agent BrynX,” he said.

We reached the entrance and found two ladies all looking beautifully perfect. They knew what they were doing. The dwarf talked to one of them. She checked the guest list and looked at him. They talked while she looked at me. I figured the Dwarf was talking her to let me in. I was not on the guest list. “Come on Mr. Sitale,” the dwarf said.

That name again. I followed him and we entered. Upon entering, we found two gentlemen chatting and drinking some wine. When they saw the dwarf, they happily greeted him with cheerful smiles. I couldn’t help but wonder who the dwarf was. He called me and introduced me to the two gentlemen. “This is my new recruit,” he said smiling.

The two gentlemen looked at me and looked at each other. They both nodded and greeted me. One said. “At least we know where our money is going. Do your work effectively young man. Don’t mind this old man,” he looked at the dwarf. “He can be a pain in the butt but he’s a good man.”

I kept a straight face and smiled more. “Thank you sir,” I looked at them.

“Mr. Goma!” a male voice exclaimed behind us. We all turned around. “Long time,” he knelt and hugged the dwarf. The two gentlemen looked at me and left us.

I watched the dwarf talk with the unknown figure. They were so happy seeing each other. It was obvious they were good friends. “Sitale,” he smiled looking at me. “Come closer don’t be shy.” I moved closer. “This is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.”

I stiffened. The dwarf was now scaring me. “Nice to meet you sir,” I said.

“Mr. Goma told me about you Agent BrynX,” The P.S said.

I looked at the dwarf.

“Don’t worry, he knows. Almost everyone here knows you,” the dwarf said. “These are all our clients.”

“Yes you know us men,” The P.S said. “We want to have fun privately Sometimes and it’s pathetic when someone tries to take advantage of us. We are just men. We have needs and a little fun shouldn’t hurt,” he laughed. “That’s where the Agency comes in. We cannot go to the police. Those people are also corrupt and there is alot of media tension around them. It’s better to operate in the dark.”

Imbecile of a man. How can he be talking about infidelity so proudly and justifying it? He disgusted me. I wished i could punch him in the face but i couldn’t. He was my bosses boss. “We do our best sir,” I said.

“Make sure you find the Blackmailers one more time and put an end to them. What you did a year ago was wonderful. We are all sure you’ll do your job nicely, ” The P.S said.

“We are on it,” The dwarf said.

I was introduced to a lot of dignitaries i couldn’t keep up. Ranging from Company owners, Managers, Members of Parliament, Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Ministers etc. It didn’t need a genius to figure out how influential the dwarf was. I was tired and it was only thirty minutes to midnight. I had told Leah that i was going to be home by midnight. Earlier, the dwarf introduced me to the org-nisers of the gala who told me about an after party. I wasn’t in the mood for partying. I thought of finding a way to des**t the dwarf but i had to tell him.

A moment later, my phone rang and it was 83017. It was the office. Why could they be calling at this time of the night? And why call me? I answered it. “Hello.”

“Cyrus here sir,” he said. “Is Mr. Goma in your vicinity?”

I was looking at the dwarf but he was busy chatting with his friends. I couldn’t disturb him. “Yes but he’s held up,” I answered. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine sir,” he said calmly.


He was quiet for some seconds. “I guess i can tell you,” he breathed heavily.

“Tell me what?” I asked curiously.

“Hancy Kapito is at the gala,” he said.

My heart stopped. Everyone around me in my head stopped moving. I hadn’t paid much attention to them since i got here but that changed. I could see their faces now. Sipping on wine, laughing and talking, staring at each other jealously, pressing their phones, talking on their phones, the wh0le place became still. Who was Hancy Kapito among these people?

“Are you still there sir?” Cyrus asked.

“Yes I am.”

“It’s Marie who has just texted to inform me. She said she was trying to reach the boss but couldn’t,” he said. The dwarf had left his phone in the car. When going in, he said it’s a distraction. He needed to be fully attentive to his bosses because they were all here. “Thats it sir, inform the boss.”

I quickly went to the entrance and talked to the ladies who had the guest list. Since i was not that influential, they refused to show me the list threatening to throw me outside. I didn’t want to cause a scene, i went back in,side. I moved across the room scrutinizing anyone but it was difficult. I was looking for a person i had no idea who they were. The only thing i had was a name which everyone knew was fake. I couldn’t even ask anyone. That would have been suspicious. My phone rang again, it was Cyrus. “What is it now Cyrus?”

“He’s with a lady sir,” Cyrus answered.

A few men came with women. It was like it was a male thing. s₱0tting men with women was not easy. “What’s she wearing?” I asked.

“I don’t know sir but that can help you,” he hung up.

There was one man in particular who had a young sophisticated lady with him. He had worne a black suit and seemed to be introvert. He just watched everyone around him as if studying them and waiting to strike. That could be him. I thought to myself. I meticulously walked to where he was standing. I was two meters away from him and planning my move. I had it all planned out that i would just walk to where he had stood and greet him saying Hancy Kapito and see his reaction. I was ready. I walked to him when a lady bumped into me and threw her tray of glasses of wine on the floor. I knelt down to help her and when i looked closer, it was Agent OlivX.

“Don’t say anything,” she said. “That’s not the man you are looking for.”

“Olivia!” I whispered happily.

“Bryn behave,” she said looking at the exit.

I looked up and the man was angrily looking at us. I looked back at Olivia. “How do you know?”

“Look to the exit,” she said.

I looked at the exit and saw a man leaving. I didn’t see his face but his back. “That’s him?” I asked.

“That’s where all the bet is,” she said. “Lets go,” she stood up and i followed her.

We got outside and saw a Limousine leaving the premises. “That’s him,” she pointed.

I ran to my car while she ran to hers. I got into the car and my phone rang. “Hello,” I picked up.

“Your wife and child,” an automated voice said and hung up.

I started the engine my heart pounding thinking about Leah and Zoey. I saw Olivias car leave the premises. She hooted on me to follow but i couldn’t. Not with the call i had just received. I drove home in an adrenaline rush. I didn’t even park the car nicely. I ran to the door and opened shouting Leahs name. I ran to the bedroom and couldn’t find her. My body felt weak. It was 1am now. I checked Zoeys bedroom but there was nothing. “Leah!” I shouted.

My phone rang again. “Where is my wife and child?” I asked.

“Agent BrynX, don’t mess with my operation,” the automated voice said. “I have been in this business for too long and i won’t let a s***ty agent like you mess with it. Forget your mission and live your life. Accept the fact, that’s how life is, we all benefit from someone’s shortcomings and I’m making money from your silly employers. If they want they can stop being promiscuous, as simple as that but they don’t want. It’s not my fault, my job is to provide the best merchandise and they get hooked. Can you blame me?”

“Where is my family?” I asked steaming up.

“A man’s vulnerability lies in that which he loves the most,”the automated voice said.” Why do you put them in armsway Agent.”

“Where the hell is my family?” I shouted.

To be continued

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