Anjiala episode 28

ANJIÁLA – Episode 28
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I sat alone at the back of my car waiting for the girls. I still couldn’t get my mind off what Mom Anji said to me after her vision.
→→→→→→ Flashback ←←←←←←
Mom Anji sat staring at Zander’s sleeping body. It had been three hours since she had her vision but said nothing. She was worried and scared but won’t day a thing. Anji later calmed Zander down but she was worried too.
‘Mom, won’t you tell me what’s wrong?’ She asked worriedly. She sighed and shoved her hands into the pockets of her coat. She turned to me and smiled. Why me? ‘Mom, I’m right here.’
‘I know,’ she sighed and walked out. Anji scoffed amusedly and ran after her. I followed them to the room Mom Anji shared with Unc Santiago. She was already sitting comfortably on her bed and staring at the ceiling. ‘Zander is going to die.’
‘What! How?!’ Anji and I exclaimed.
‘In the vision, there will be death for him if you don’t find a way to recreate Menopause…..or was it Megatron?’
‘Medasepticon.’ I corrected with a beating heart.
‘Zander is the reborn Lakeem, made to fix Lakeem’s mistake but he can’t do that without you. When the time comes, you’ll find that king of yours and be with him. Your two powers combine will recreate that world and he will train and take care of Zanny. That isn’t what will lead to his death.’ She paused ominously.
‘What will?’ Anji asked softly, she was already crying.
‘In the future, someone will try to separate you from the king guy by turning your back on him. Somehow you will hate him and turn evil, very very evil…..’ She paused like she was choosing her words wisely. ‘You will to to kill him but Zanny will be the one to get hurt because of your foolishness.’ Anji held her breath and gulped.
‘What do I need to do? Forget Aris?’
‘No!!!!’ Mom Anji shrieked abruptly. She inhaled. ‘I mean no. Forgetting him is killing Zanny. You just need to always trust the king above your conscience, above logic and above emotions. Even if he tells you to go away, even if you see the most heartbreaking sight, always remember that it’s a trap and don’t fall for it. I know it will be hærd but you have to do it, if Zan dies, you die too for one alone can’t stand. You are the female version of him, you are him and he is you. One soul in two bodies so you must be careful. Anjiála, you’re a very smart and clever girl who reasons before action, who thinks before she leaps. Always think and reason my dear, for your sake….’
‘And Aris? What will happen to him?’
‘You are his life, his world. If you die, he will become frustrated and drown in self pity, guilt and misery until the day he dies.’ Anji covered her face and cried. I went to her and hugged her soothingly.
‘Mom, I don’t want the two males I love to die because of me, I don’t want that to happen. She cried. ‘Then I’ll try and do what’s right, I won’t let any insecurities or jealousy cover my sense of reasoning.’ She said determinedly. Mom Anji smiled sadly. Anji stood up, pulling away from my arms abruptly. ‘I’m going to take a shower, I’ll go to sleep afterward.’
Anji left with a cold face.
‘Now what’s the real message?’ I asked suspiciously. She smiled.
‘You’ve always been too smart for your own good and Anji will certainly reason it later. I’m hoping you can confuse her.’
‘About? I need to know what’s up here.’
‘Zanny isn’t the one doing the dying….’
‘Aris is,’ I gasped. ‘Anji will kill Aramis!’
‘Then Zander will kill her.’ I scoffed in shock and cupped my mouth. ‘Ariana, you must help her believe in him, that he will come back for her no matter how long it gets. The moment she loses hope and love in him, I fear the worst.’ I wiped of the beads of sweats from my head and gulped.
‘What d….God! What sort of horrible fate is this! Why will they die like that?’
‘I don’t know, I don’t know Ariana but just help me.’
‘I’ll try my best…..’
‘And make sure no one else knows this or she, him and Zan will die.’
‘I promise.’ She nodded and smiled.
→→→→→ end of flashback ←←←←←
I can’t fathom why their fate is like that. Ani loves both of them with her life, she will die of depression if she’s to ever find out that she would kill one and the other will kill her. I sighed and wiped my face.
I just hope their future could be averted.
‘Hey Ariana!’ Daniel called shrilly running over to me with that Polly girl. I was in a bad mood before but seeing him only made it tremendously worst. ‘Glad we found your here.’ He looked at the Pot girl and smiled. ‘Polly is a genius! She found the next person with a dark stone.’
‘I thought of it, Maria was a nasty girl and the stone made it worst…’
‘Just tell me who it is, I don’t have time for long stories.’ I injected coldly.
‘Oh,’ she said disappointedly, Daniel was glaring dagger at me. ‘There are this two sisters that live down my street, they were both mean, selfish and thieves. The cops had caught and humiliated them more than I can count and many rivals have beaten them up. Recently, or rather since two months ago, people have been disappearing and when I looked it up, the people missing are part of those who offended them.’
‘You just stylishly told me the wh0le story,’ I said with a forced polite smile. She grinned. ‘How sure are you?’
‘They are awfully strong now, after they came out of a two month coma. They were stung by poisonous spiders. Think it through….oh! I feel their dark aura and last night, Daniel and I followed them to a club and saw them feeding from some guys.’
‘They are like vampires,’ Daniel added. ‘Really strange.’ I nodded and brought out my phone. I went to the new group chat Anji created the previous night and added Daniel and Davis.
‘I added you to the group chat, add the girl. Since vampires hate fire and silver, you both should kill them.’ I jumped down from the car.
‘Shouldn’t we wait for Anji?’ Pot asked lowly. ‘She needs to know…..’
‘Know what?’ I heard Anji’s voice in my head. Polly gasped.
‘She’s in my head!’ She whispered shrieked. I rolled my eyes.
‘I saw that you added the twins so I knew you were with them. What’s up?’
‘I found the next dark stone wielders. Two girls from my street, they are like vampires but not exactly. What should we do?’
‘I need to be there to take the stone so I’ll accompany you and Daniel to them and Abbie too. Arie your assistant is to locate the next one, another of the red product. The dark stones each possessed two, Maria was one of the red so there must be another.’ She instructed in my head.
‘Okay, I’ll try.’
‘Meet me at my place this evening Dan and Polly.’ With that, Anji went off. Polly squealed jumping too.
‘She knows my name!’
‘Mm hm.’ I murmured avoiding Daniel’s dagger gaze.
‘Alexandér!!!’ I grinned at the sound of that voice, my new s€×y crush. I waved at him. He jogged over to me and we did our new secret handshake. ‘You ran away Alexandér.’
‘Because I didn’t want to watch you cry in defeat.’ I said pompously. ‘I’m too strong for you.’
‘Really?’ He snorted mockingly. ‘Why don’t we wrestle here then?’
‘Er….I haven’t eaten today, I’ll faint.’ I lied nervously. I challenged him to a fight like I could fight. He laughed and threw his hands over my shoulders.
‘Let’s settle this war another way, you think you can take it Alexandér?’
‘Bring it on Duckling!’
‘It’s Dworkins but you’ll never listen anyway. Why don’t we settle this over cookies and videogame challenge? Imma gonna kick your ass!’
‘I want to see you try!’ Game is my niche. ‘My place or your place?’
‘Yours, I want to finish your food and get a autograph from White Feline. My sister is a fan and her birthday is next week.’
‘What if I win?’
‘I become your slave for a week.’ The look on Daniel’s face was priceless. Ha! More pepper! ‘But if I win, you’ll go on that date with me and be my girlfriend, please?’
‘It’s a deal!’
‘What!’ Daniel exclaimed.
‘You’re just gonna d….’ He stopped and puffed.
‘Daniel! I didn’t see you there!’ Peter said shriekingly. Daniel rolled his eyes and stomped off dragging Polly along. ‘I don’t know why he hates me. That boyfriend of yours is crazy.’
‘He’s just a friend.’
‘Sure he us,’ he said sarcastically. ‘You like him.’
‘He likes her.’
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‘We’ll see.’ Hold on. Peter Dworkins is his name and he has a girlfriend who he’s head over heels in love with. He believes Daniel loves me and try his possible best to frustrate him.
Cool to me.
To be continued

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