Anjiala episode 27

ANJIÁLA – Episode 27
© Bunmi B Gabriel
I stared at my hands in shock, the severe force of power that left my body was frightening and intense. The red in my ring disappeared and Zander had a red streak in his ash blonde hair. He was crying now while mom tried to calm him down.
‘Mommy, my body’s on fiyah,’ he cried itching himself. ‘Fiyah mommy, fiyah.’ He cried. Mom stared at me in shock.
‘I didn’t hurt him, I swear!’
‘Anji, the red stone went into him, does it mean that Zander is the heir? But White said heiress.’
‘Maybe he’s wrong. Medasepticon is my territory so I suppose they don’t know it all. Zander looks exactly like Lakeem, I saw his portrait remember?’
‘What are you girls talking about?’ Mom asked distraughtly. I ignored her and snatched crying Zander away but the pain in him only worsened. Abbie took him and left the living room. ‘Care to explain?’
‘Only if you start by telling me why the **** you lied to me! What the hell is this s*** about me being half-human!’
‘Anji please sit,’ she said with a sigh. Without wasting time, Arie and I tripped to the couch and made ourselves comfortable. Mom sat down too and sighed again. ‘I don’t know much about our true origin but according to what my grandfather told me, our first father was a strange man called Harlem. He was found on the doorstep of an orphanage where he grew up. Harlem discovered he hærd magic, like a wizard and he later found out his father’s name was Lakeem and mother Meriana, but that was all his powers could show him.’ She stopped and stared at the ceiling. ‘With time he fell in love and married a human psychic, the two-match was powerful enough. They had a son first and that son had the same magic but the other three children didn’t yet those children’s firstborn did. That was how they knew that only firstborn got magic. No female was ever born to the family, I’m the first female but my magic is very weak…’
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’
‘It was hærd to explain. I mean neither of us had anything to explain why we were different except the medallion that was given to you. That was all that was left in Harlem’s basket. Two, you didn’t have the first born crest at first, neither did you have your magic. I thought it was best I didn’t tell you.’
‘And when I asked about the crest? I had it right on my left th-gh.’
‘You do?! Why didn’t you tell me!’ She hurried to me and pulled the loose short up. ‘There’s nothing here,’ she said frowningly. The mark was gone.
‘It was there!’
‘Maybe it vanished because of the one on your back,’ Arie reasoned. I nodded and turned to show her my back. She examined it and went back to her seat opposite us.
‘Your mark is different and I can literally feel the powers from it. Anji please tell me what is going on.’ She said pleadingly. I looked at Arie, she smiled and nodded. I took my time in explaining everything to her; from the forest to the gems to Aris (excluding the marking part) and the present situation. Mom stared at me intensely like she was trying to read my future. ‘You say you love this king guy?’ I nodded. ‘I can’t fully understand this but I can try to help. My instinct says, you are the power keeper, the one to rebuild Medcontima…something….’
‘Medasepticon.’ Arie corrected.
‘Why didn’t it have a nice name like Nepamaniac?’
‘Nephaledia,’ I corrected. She shrugged.
‘Nuance. As I were, you are to rebuild Meda…whatever you called it and Zander was to rule it and make sure he doesn’t repeat the sane mistake. That Megatron have been given another chance, you are Sander’s guardian. That would explain the tight bond between you two. How he only kicked when you were around, how your presence was the only thing that made him stop crying. What I don’t understand is your connection to Nephadapia.’
‘Precisely! Something is missing!’
‘I guess time will tell but I can try looking into your future and see what I can find,’ She stood up. ‘Follow me.’ We walked to her room immediately, we followed behind nervously. It felt so weird with my mom being different and me never knowing all these years. We got into the room she kept for herself alone, it looked like a art workshop but it was more than that. She went to a set of high drawers and did something while Arie and I explored.
There was a sea painting there, right before my very eyes, it started moving. I could hear the whales and clashes of waves.
All the paintings came to life, it was amazing to watch.
‘Done!’ She announced. I turned around and furrowed my brows. At the middle of the room where a asterisk like drawing laid out on the floor, she lit yellow candles around it. ‘Come sit child.’ I looked at Ariana nervously and went to the circle, I took off my shoes and stepped into the circle of candles. I sat down in Indian manner like she did and bit my in,side cheek. ‘Close your eyes and give me your hands.’ I gave her my hands and closed my eyes. She started muttering something, the flames in the candles increased, I could feel it because of how brighter it got and more hot.
My head slowly spun, I could see flashes of images from my past, including me waking up unclad. Mom wasn’t pleased with that, the loud grunt of disapproval that left her l-ips confirmed it.
Everything went black and all I could see was her face in my head.
Jada (Anjiála’s mom)
I could barely pass through the barrier in her mind, she was too mentally powerful. I added more strength to my spell and successfully passed but I knew I had little time. I found myself in a forest, I looked around the strangely coloured forest unsure where to go. I heard faint familiar sobbing. I followed the sound of the sob to a big black tree.
It was Anjiála!
She looked a lot more older, not that old but in her late twenties.
She sat under the tree crying with soft sob escaping her l-ips. She hugged her knees and her face was buried on the cap of her knees.
I watched as she cried bitterly
Why was she crying?
Out of nowhere ogres with large horns jumped out and captured her. She didn’t try to fight, she didn’t try to stop them, she gave in easily like she was tired of life. The place changed and all I saw next was her, her hair was the darkest black I’d ever seen, a pure definition of darkness. Her eyes were the same, held no emotions, held no care and showed off only bitterness, contempt and revenge. From her l-ips to her witch garment to the darkness in the throne, she was darkness.
My heart was beating fast.
What happened to my daughter? Why?!
I could see a shadow looming above her, something or someone had taken hold of hr grieve and possessed her.
The image changed again, I was in a field, a battle ground littered with dead bodies.
She stood at the middle like a blood tasty vampire glaring at a guy in white, he was badly injured yet still standing.
‘Why don’t you fight me Aris! You’re a weakling!’
‘I rather die than fight you,’ he said weakly. ‘Aurora I know you’re in there, please fight the darkness, please.’ He pleaded, he was going to lose consciousness soon. She scre-med and wh¡pped her hand, a black wave of blade slashing through the air and stabbing him right in the heart.
‘Your wish, I’m not Aurora.’ She said furiously but tears was rolling down her cheeks. The guy fell to the ground but didn’t die yet, ‘why don’t you just die!’
‘Aurora, I love you.’ Her eyes softened, the bright blue of Anji returned briefly before it disappeared.
‘And that is your doom.’ Without any form of mercy, she beheaded the guy.’ My heart sank to my stomach as I stepped back with mouth cupped over my mouth. His headless body dropped dead. ‘Now, I’ll destroy take over every realm until I become the Supreme Queen Of The Universe. Goodbye Aramis….not sorry I….aaah!’ She gasped in pain, a long golden sword with blood red edge blade protruded out of her chest. Blood gushed out of her mouth. She turned around slowly giving me chance to see who killed her.
It was a little boy of maybe eleven to twelve. His hair and eyes were gold and his l-ips the brightest red.
I didn’t need anyone to tell me who that was
‘Zander,’ Anji gasped out still in shock. Blood flowed out of her nose and ears. ‘You….’ He removed the sword with all his strength and thr-st it into her heart. She slumped dead. He wiped his tears but never stopped sobbing…..the vision faded away and I was back in the dark.
I fell on my knees and wept. I watched my daughter kill someone and her brother kill her. No mother should have to see that.
I heard heavy steps, almost like paws. I looked up and gasped, a giant white lion with the thickest mane in existence was striding to me. He stopped and blinked slowly.
‘This nightmare, what is this?’ I cried.
‘The future that comes with two impossible being sealed together. Their fate have four options. It is either she turns evil and kill him or he turns evil and kill her then the young boy kills him or she get killed and his grief drives him insane and the boy end up killing him or he dies and she goes crazy but I will kill her.’
‘What sort of life is this! Can’t it change?’
‘The solution lies in her. Everything she does will lead them to the fate to live by. Neither three of them knows this and they should never know. She must be careful with her decisions and remember to never think or act rashly. She must always believe in him no matter what…..’
‘Either way, they die!!!!!!’ I scre-med insanely.
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‘There Is a chance for a fifth choice but it all lies in her hands. Do not tell her what you saw or their fate will be sealed to the very one you saw. Be warned Jada.’ I blinked and I was back at the room, sweating profusely.
‘Mom? Are you okay?’ She asked anxiously holding me.
‘Arie, turn the fire off.’ I gasped, Arie turned it off. I looked at my beautiful daughter. If only she knew what sort of life await her.
To be continued

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