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The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 14
~~Apple’s Pov~~
This week has been a fun week to me, lots of things has happened.
I just derive Joy in making Mr Yusuf scared, through at this week I have been sending him scary emails.
Yesterday I went to my house to visit granny and my workers, and I most say granny is doing a lovely job.
Ever since the incident took place, aunty Gloria has refused to go back home to her husband.
According to her she said a man who has the heart to murder his best friend and his family and even his own daughter, isn’t fit to be called a husband and a father.
I have tired my best to make her go back to her husband but everything proves abortive.
So who am I to stop her.
And I must say this pass weeks with aunty Gloria around has been really fun for me.
Stefan and Damon gets to do everything I say, and if they don’t they receive a good spanking for there mom.
Aunty Gloria prepared breakfast of bread and toast and we all ate, after the food I went inside to take a nap.
I went to my bedroom and when I got there I went to the birthroom took my bath and collapsed on the bed wearing only bra and pantie and travelled straight to dreamland.
A heavy bang on the door woke me up from my sleep.
I angrily walk to the door to see the idiot that woke me up from my sleep, and when I opened the door it was Stefan.
“Ehhh…. Elena….. I mean Apple ehhh…. Damon asked me to come wake you up.” he stammered.
I became confused and started wondering what might be making Stefan uneasy.
And then it accorded to me I was wearing just bra and pantie so I just looked at him and said.
“Okay I will be down in a minute.” I said and he nodded and left without sparing me a glance.
When he left, I close the door.
I was feeling a little bit hot so I went to the bathroom to run a cold shower.
After talking a shower, I dressed up in a Jean bum short and a white big

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Top and wore a flat slippers and walked out of the bedroom.
When I got to the living room, I say Damon and Stefan sitting on the large couch busy with there phones.
I walked up to them and sat down in between the two of them.
I felt
like punishing Stefan for waking me up from my sleep and also seeing me half n@ked, so I asked him to go to the kitchen and prepare noddles for us.
Immediately i said that, Stefan frowned his face while Damon started laughing at him.
When Stefan left for the kitchen, I told Damon to give me a foot massage.
He was still home the massage while Stefan was busy killing me with the aroma of the noddles his preparing
Damon received a text message, and immediately his eye became bloody.
I asked him what the problem was and he told
me his dad just texted him telling him his so called fiancee is coming to visit him in few hours time.
And immediately he told me that I became very angry and weird.
Don’t tell me am being jealous.
No I don’t think do am just being angry because his dad is forcing a lady on him.
After few minutes Stefan was done cooking.
While he was setting the table I felt like checking on aunty Gloria.
So I left Damon and went upstairs to her bedroom, I slowly open the door only to see her sleeping soundly on her bed.
I guess the drugs prescribed to her by the doctor makes her tired and sleepy.
After checking on her I covered her with a duvet because it looks like she was feeling a bit cold.
I slowly close the door not to wake her up and went downstairs only to see Stefan and Damon already sitted on the dinning.
I joined them and we ate the noddles and I most say it was fvcking delicious.
••••••••••••••••••••••••FEW HOURS LATER•••••••••••••••••••••
After the delicious meal by chef Stefan I was so tired so I lied down on the large sofa in the living room.
After a while Damon came to the sofa raised my legs up and placed it on his laps.
Stefan also came raised my head up and placed it on his laps and we started discussing.
They told me about there highschool experience and it was really interesting, Damon’s highschool experience was fun but Stefan’s was rather boring.
Listening to there highschool experience made me really sad, because that one thing my life doesn’t have.
I don’t even have a childhood experiences.
They are really trying to make me soft and I don’t like it one bit, am
an assassin and assassins shouldn’t be soft.
We were still enjoying ourselves when we heard a soft nock on the door and Stefan left to open the door.
After a little while we came back with a bitchy looking lady, with heavy makeup on her face and wearing a skimpy outfits.
Stefan came back to his normal sitting position and her eyes nearly fell out from it surket.
I decided to ignore them because what ever they were discussing wasn’t my motherfvcking business.
I was surprised when a slap landed on my cheek and my eyes turned red with anger so I gave her five hot slap and she passed out.
I angrily ran to the kitchen and brought out a cold bottle water from the fridge and emptied it all over her body and she regained consciousness.
I landed another hot slap on her cheek and started giving her the beating of a lifetime.
I brought out a small blade from my short pocket and that was when Stefan and Damon started begging me.
I used my left hand to raise up her face.
My aim was to divide her mouth.
I was about doing it before i heard aunty Gloria’s voice telling me to stop.
“Yes aunty.” I replied.
“Get inside.” she simply said and I obeyed her.
I heard her telling the fvcking bitch.
“Young lady take your stars I came on time, get out!” she said.
The fvcking bitch called her driver and he came inside the living room and carried her bridal style and they left.
Oh god!
Why did aunty Gloria have to wake up when I was having fun huh?
Not to worry.
Am not done with her yet.😡😡
What’s gonna happen next?
Stay tuned for the next episode.
The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 15🔞
♣Selena’s Pov♣
After the incident.
I angrily went home looking like shit.
My aim was immediately i get home, I will go to my dad straight.
But unfortunately for me, when I got home I saw only mom at home.
immediately she saw me, I saw the shock on her face.
Although I say sometimes that my mom doesn’t love me, I know she does.
she’s just being over protective that’s all.
“Oh my god Lena what happened to you? who did this to my daughter?”
And immediately it felt like my mom just unlocked a locked tap, I broke down in tears.
“I went to visit my fiancee and an unlimited lady beat me up.” I said tearfully and mom sighed.
“Lena are you trying to tell me after all my advice not to live Dan for the president’s billionaire playboy son you did huh?”
“But mom he has always been my crush since highschool but he never noticed me and this is my opportunity to make him mine forever.”
“Lena do you know why I was able to stay with your dad all this while? it because we are in love with each other.”
“But mom…” I said but she cut me off angrily.
“So you want your dad to destroy your life huh? don’t you know that the reason why your elder brother doesn’t come home.”
“I know mom but in this case it’s different am the one who asked dad to marry me out to Damon.”
“Selena you did what?…”
“Yes mom…”
Before I can even finish my statement my mom angrily walked out on me and I just snored.
I know she likes Dan so much and a part of me still loves him.
I was so damn jealous when Cindy told me they were going to get married.
*What if after everything I don’t later end up with Damon what will become of me?*
I immediately took my phone and dialed Dan’s number and after few rings he picked up.
📞Hello Dan.
📞Hey selena, why are you calling me? please hurry up in anything you want to say my pregnant fiancee is waiting for me inside.
📞Oh…i just called to wish you happy married life to be.
📞Oh thanks, I have to go now.
📞Yeah bye.
he said and hung up on me.
after the call I throw my phone on the wall.
I really hurt Dan.
I can remember when I got pregnant for him.
I can still remember the pains in his eyes when I told him I was going to abort the baby.
he went on his knees begging me not to, but I refused.
I don’t blame him for loving Cindy so much now, of cause she’s carrying his child.
Dan is an orphan so his everyday wish was to have a very big family with me then.
but of course I choose my modeling career over him.
Of course a woman can still be s£xy and fit after giving birth, that’s what my mom tells me everytime I bring up the topic.
of course my mom gave birth to two children and yet she looked so beautiful and s£xy, that my dad can’t take his eyes and hand off her.
I do hear there m0an almost every night and that gets me so fvcking horny.
Not only my mom, Damon’s mom is so damn hot, s£xy and pretty and she had three kids too.
But in Dan’s case it different he said he wants a football team of seven kids.
Seven fvcking kids.😳
I mean who does that?
Cindy my best friend is also a top model and am still wondering how she will cope with a baby.
Since I have lost Dan, I can’t loose Damon.
If I do, what will my fans say about me.
And immediately it came to my mind, who is that lady?
Is she in anyway related to the Gatewood family?
or is she one of his whores.
Am so fvcking confused, she looks really dangerous am still thinking what would have happened if Mrs Gatewood didn’t show up.
I really need to do something about that lady and fast.
I know what to do.😈
♣Few hours time♣
After getting my wound treated, I drove to the Gatewood estate.
when I got there the gateman opened the gate and I drove in.
I packed my car in the garage and stepped down, I started walking inside the house but I was stopped by a voice.
And when I turned to check who stopped me I nearly passed out.
I saw a guy wearing a red shirt and jean trouser, he was so handsome and well built.
“Excuse me young lady.” his lovely voice broke me out from my world of fantasy.
“Ehhh…am looking for the president.” I said and he gave me a killer smile that made my legs jelly.
“Okay you most be his son’s fiancee.” he said with a wicked smirk on his charming face.
I couldn’t find my voice so I just nodded.
He bit his lower lip seductively and said.
“Why eye fvcking me when we can actually do the fvcking for real.” he said and gave my ass a little squeeze.
And then I remembered Mr Yusuf has a CCTV camera all over his house and I got scared, I guess he noticed it and just said.
“Don’t be scared pretty the president is not around so the CCTV camera are turned off.” he said and I smiled.
I was already horny so he took my hand and took me to a room i guess was his.
He immediately started kissing me, and I swear his lips was as sweet as candy.
I tried to stop the kiss but instead he pulled me closer to himself and said.
“Don’t try to resist it, you want me as much as I want you Selena.” and I became confused how did he know my name.
In less than few minutes our clothes were littered all over the room.
Just like a flash he threw me on the bed and climb on top of me.
I for once in my life I felt body conscious.
he smiled at me and he trailed kisses all over my body, and I melted at his touch.
He took one of my n!pole into his mouth and started sucking on it, while his hand folded the other one.
I couldn’t help but m0an, although I was holding back my m0ans because I was scared someone might hear me.
not until he said.
“Don’t hold back my love, my room is sound proof so m0an for daddy.”
He did justice to the both br••t, and he immediately opened my legs wide, I was still wondering what he was about doing when he lowered his head in between my legs.
Next thing I started to feel something w€t on my pu••y, I m0aned out loud.
I have been hearing about eating pu••y but I have never experienced it before, and I most say it feels so fvcking good.
After a while he thrust two fingers into my w€t pu••y.
I m0aned and he smiled, no man has ever adored my body the way this strange guy has.
and then it occurred to me I don’t know his name, but I was too occupied with pleasure to ask.
His fingers was still working wonders in my pu••y.
I faught to ask him, I guess he understood because he immediately placed his finger on my lips and said.
” I will tell you later my love but for now enjoy the pleasure.”
I could feel my organ building.
Am… cvming.
I said and he increased the movement of his fingers.
“cvm for me my love.” he said.
And with a little cry my organ tore out of me.
After i cut my breath, he brought out his large d••k and thrust into my pu••y, making me scream in pleasure mix with pain.
He started riding me like never before, my m0ans could break walls.
Looking into his eyes you will see his enjoying it too.
Give it to me daddy!
I kept m0aning until we both reach climax.
After we both cut our breath, he smiled at me and carried me bridal style into the bathroom.
After we finished taking our bath, we dressed up and he gave me a card, and a note.
“Don’t open it till you get home love” he said and kissed my forehead and we walked out of the bedroom.
He winkled at me and my heart started beating fast.
This has never happened to me before.
I left the house and walked to my car and drove off, still thinking about the sweet s£x I just had.
immediately i got home, I packed my car at the garage and walked inside singing happily.
only to see my mom inside my room, looking at me weirdly.
“Mom what are you doing in my room?”
“Am running from your dad, am not ready to have another child at my age.” she said and I nearly laughed my lungs out.
“What ever, so tell me Lena why are you so happy? I can remember you left the house angry.” she asked and I smiled foolishly.
“Mom I meant his guy at the Gatewood estate, and mom I think am in love.” I replied.
“What about your Damon?”
“He can go to hell for all I care.” I replied and my mom smiled.
“That’s my girl.” she kissed my forehead and left.
immediately she left I opened my bag and brought out the note and card.
After looking at the card I shoved it back into my bag and brought out the note and read.
📝”Hey Selena. my name is Charles Parker, am your secret crush.
I hope you will give me a chance, my number is in the card call me.”📝
I placed the note on my chest and lied down on the bed and sleeped off.
♣Charles Pov♣
I have been working for Mr Yusuf for the past few months, and he has grown to trust me do much.
But unknown to him am a spy.
Yeah you heard me am a spy, am master Sting’s spy.
And am the person who sends all those letters to him.
But since I came into this mansion I have been having a large crush on the senator, now vice president’s daughter Selena.
So when i saw her coming in today and the way she behaved when she say me, I was so happy.
And s£x with her was the best s£x of my life.
And I can’t wait to make her mine forever.
Little introduction.
I Am Charles Parker, age 26 year old.
I have one of the most popular evasion empires in Los Angeles.
Am a perfect definition of smoking hot.
am not a man whore but I do know how to fvck a woman till she can’t feel her legs.
Lol !!!
I immediately heard car horn outside, so I knew my stupid boss was back.
I quickly turn on the CCTV camera and went downstairs to welcome the bastard.
*watch me take the girl you want for your so I thought*

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