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Apple the killing machine episode 20 – end


The killing machine⚔️
(Pain made a demon😈)
Ɓƴ: Victoria Peter 💕📚
Episode 20
♣Apple’s Pov♣
‘Once upon a time, there live a king and his queen…’
‘They had two children princess Elena and prince Jeremy and of course there little princess coming on the way…’
I said then took my

eye towards him and I saw the shocking look on his face making me smile.
‘The queen had a best friend and her name was queen Gloria, and queen Gloria’s husband king Yusuf was also the King’s best friend…’
‘But the king never knew his best friend was planning on how to kill him, but always pretended he loves him…’
‘Not until one day, the prince and princess was already back from school and the queen prepared there favorite meal…’
‘The happy family was enjoying there meal when the started hearing gun shot outside there castle…’
‘The king began to panic because he didn’t want any harm to befall his family…’
‘He was about taking his children and lovely wife to safety when the castle door opened and his best friend came in with a smile…’
‘The naive king smiled back think his best friend came to his recuse…’
‘To cut the long story short the greed king shot his best friend on the leg and raped the pregnant queen to death…’
‘And yet he didn’t stop he pulled out a knife and stabbed the king to death…’
‘He brought out a gun and shot the little prince and he died instantly…’
‘Guess what he did to the princess?…’ I asked looking at him but he didn’t reply and that arose the beast in me.
I landed a blood-and-thunder/">thunderous slap on his face with my eye red in anger and blood started coming out of his nose.
But who cares.
The Elena that existed few minutes ago is no longer the person standing right now.
But it a beast the beast Mr Yusuf Gatewood made and that beast is Apple.
‘Now back to our story…’ I said with a voice i can’t even remember if it was mine.
I looked at Damon and Stefan and I saw they were fvcking scared.

And as for Sting my uncle I saw fear in his eyes although he was trying his best not to show it.
Mr Yusuf’s cheek was already swollen with just a slap while am not even close to done with him yet.
‘The greed king made a certain statement “ALL OF YOU WILL DIE DIFFERENT SET OF PAINFUL DEATH” and with that he pulled out a small knife and wrote his name boldly on the princess’s back…’
‘After writing his name on her back living the little princess

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crying in pains he told her to her face she was going to burn to death…’
‘But when he left with his men to burn the castle with the princess in it, something happened…’
‘The princess die but a demon was reborn a demon made by pain…’
‘The king is Mr Gilbert while the pregnant queen is Mrs Juliet, the little prince is Jeremy Gilbert and the princess Elena Gilbert…’
‘But the demon you made Mr Yusuf Gatewood is me before Elena Gilbert but now APPLE THE KILLING MACHINE.…’
‘Eeeelena it can’t be you died when that house was burned

down…’ he said in fear and I forced a smile.
I put my hand inside my pant pocket and brought out a small knife with Mr Yusuf’s name boldly written on it.
‘You see Mr Yusuf I made this knife for you since I was 13 years old and my plan was to use this knife to write the names of my family
members whom you took away from me including your daughter.…’
I walked towards him and he was trying to move but the chains didn’t let him.
And when I got to were he was chained I landed another slap on the other side of his face, making him yell in pains.
I tore the cloth he was wearing living only his n@ked back to my mercy.
I took the knife and wrote boldly on his back.
When I was done blood was gushing out of my hand.
I had blood on my white crop top.
he was yelling like a bad dog and that got me more angry.
Damon brought a gun and kept it on the table for me same with a curvy blade, Stefan was just relaxing enjoying the show.
I took the blade and cut off three of this fingers at once making him yell even more.
This time not like a dog but a goat.
I was about cutting off his remaining two fingers when aunty Gloria walked into the torture room.
‘Aunty what the hell are you doing here?…’ I asked coldly.
‘Am here to watch while my murderer of a husband get torture is that too hard to ask for…’ she replied.
To my greatest surprise Mr

Yusuf took the gun on the table and pointed it directly to his wife.
‘Sting I thought his hands was on chain?…’ I asked angrily
‘Yes I guess he has unlocked it like the powerful man he is…’

‘Please dad put down the gun…’ Stefan said but instead he laughed.
‘Gloria I know I have wronged you, I took away everyone special to you…’ he said in tears while aunty Gloria kept a emotionless face.
‘First it was Juliet and her children and second our only daughter Mara and then the love of a husband…’ he said and immediately the door opened and the cops came in.
‘Am sorry but if am to die your coming with me…’ he concluded.
‘President Yusuf Gatewood please low down your weapon…’ one of the officers said.
‘Yusuf do you think you deserve to die of course not instead you deserve to rot in jell…’ she said and immediately Mr Yusuf shot the gun at her.

I ran towards her and took the bullet and fell on the ground while Sting Damon Stefan and aunty Gloria ran towards me.
The cops handcuffed him covered his face and took him away.
Aunty Gloria was already in tears screaming call the ambulance.
And then I started laughing and all of them including the police started looking at me in shock.
‘Do you guys think am immoral? please am actually on bulletproof…’ I said and they sighed in relief.
And they all gave me a hug.
I think I will have to start answering my name from now on because I really need to start my living life.
I smiled at the thought of that.
Episode 21
✍️ Writer’s Pov✍️
Six years later……💗💗
Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and months into years.
Charles got married to Selena and they traveled to London to start there lifes.
Stefan wasn’t let out he got married to the love of his life and they already have a new born baby.
Mr Yusuf was sentenced to death my hanging because he had multiple cases of murder.
Not just Elena’s parents and Mara his daughter but many more.
granny won the bet between Elena and her so Elena had no other choice but to cut her hair upto shoulder length.
Elena’s uncle sting traveled back because is the leader of the British mafia.
Damon on the other hand wasn’t let out, he confessed his feelings to Elena but told her he was ready to wait
until she explore the world and achieve her goals in life.
Elena graduated from law school too.
♣Apple’s pov♣
After my graduation i came back home, and when I mean home I meant Damon’s house.
Yesterday I noticed some movement between aunty Gloria and Damon.
sometimes when they see me they pretend as if they were saying nothing.
I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and took my bath.
Did my morning business and stepped out, I dressed up on a casual wear and went downstairs.
‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!…’ they all shouted leaving me in shock.
I didn’t even remember that today is my birthday.
‘Oh my God thank you so much…’ I replied but none of them said a word.
what’s going on.
I turned my back only to see Damon on his knees with a beautiful diamond ring on his hand.
and I grasped closing my mouth with my two hands with tears in my eye.
‘Elena I don’t know how to start but I guess I have to start from somewhere.
Meeting you was love at first sight, even though you looked scary but I still felt like coming close to you.
Loving you was never a mistake and i don’t think my life is complete without you.
Please Elena Gilbert will you make me the happiest man in the whole world by accepting to live with me forever.
Will you marry me?…’
I looked over towards my soon to me mother in-law, Stefan granny my friends.
‘Yes Yes I will be your wife and with that he put the ring on my finger and stood up.
And kissed me while everyone cheered.
It isn’t good hurting people because you don’t know the beast you form in that process.
Mr Yusuf hurt me and in the process he triggered the demon.
The demon that ended his life, pains can make even the whitest heart turn to the darkest heart.
My name is Elena Gilbert now Elena Gatewood.
And this is my story.
A story of my painful past.
The story of a blood sucking monster that was made through pain.
The story of

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