Betrayer In Disguise

Betrayal in disguise episode 15

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Episode 15.

✍? Miriam Edem

We got to th£ woman place and th£ gate opened for us with j√$t a horn from my dad.
We drove !n and saw h£r wait!ng for us and we parked and came ©vt,
“h£y Cynthia so sorry for th£ stress, $h£ said hugg!ng my mom first and drew me close.

“How are you Joan? I’m so happy to see you after Steve told us what th£ kidnappers said, th£ woman said.
“I didn’t even notice I gave Steve number ©vt, I was so !n pa!ns that I didn’t realize, I said.

“Its okay please come !n, it’s been a long night for you all, $h£ said and we s1©wly went !n.
“I already arranged a spare room wh£re you will spend th£ night, th£ woman said wh£n we arrived at th£ sitt!ng room.

“Thank you so much, I couldn’t th!nk of anyone to call at a short notice, my dad said to h£r.
“We are So sorry for th£ troubles, my mom added.

“No no no not a problem, besides I th!nk I dragged your family !nto th¡s mess, $h£ said.
“Your husband did, my broth£r angrily said and we looked at h¡m.

“yea h£’s right, h£ brought th¡s mess to us, th£ woman said and i yawned.
“Please let me show you to th£ room, th£ woman said lead!ng th£ way.

“First can I please have a h°t water? My mom asked.
“Sure, for a warm bath? $h£ asked.

“No for Joan, $h£’s hurt, my mom replied and i rolled my eyes.
“Mom we can do that !n th£ morn!ng….. Its almost morn!ng already and my eyes are d, I said.

“Its okay to sleep while i ma$$age th£ spot for you, you’re !n pa!ns Joan, my mom said.
“What did th£y do to h£r? Th£ woman asked.

“Favour cous!n angrily hit me on my sp!ne wh£n $h£ found ©vt I gave Steve number wh£n $h£ requested for my dad, i replied.
“$h£ found ©vt from th£ betrayer we had right? Th£ woman asked and opened up th£ preserved room for us and my broth£r walked !n straight and laid on th£ extra foam h£ saw with©vt wast!ng time.

“Yes, and i th!nk th£re’s still m©r£ corrupted people !n th£ system. Sometimes i wonder how safe we are wh£n th£ people who were meant to protect us are soiled th¡s much, my dad replied.
“I’ll look !nto it !n th£ morn!ng and know how far th£ !ntelligence department has gone with th£ track!ng of that number. Don’t worry Joan th£y will all be brought to book and I’ll take you to th£ hospital for ch£ckup, th£ woman said.

“Thanks ma, i said.
“You’re welcome, I’ll go br!ng th£ h°t water, $h£ said.

“I’ll go with you, but before i return have a shower okay, you look like a forest duck, my mom said.
“Wow mom that was consol!ng enough thank you, I said and $h£ smiled and left.

“How have you been dad? I asked my fath£r who tiredly bowed h¡s h£ad but h£ only gave a weak smile.
“Go take a shower before your mom returns, h£ replied and i nodded and got !nto th£ bathroom………..

I woke up feel!ng so hungry and my mom walked !n almost immediately,
“I th!nk i slept too Long, I said clean!ng my eyes.
“its okay you need it, your food is ready come eat it h°t, my mom said and i s1©wly got up from th£ b£d.

“I have to brush first mom, i said.
“Yea so i won’t perceive your m©vth odour anym©r£, it smells like rotten egg, my mom said.

“First i looked like forest duck, now my m©vth smells like rotten egg, Really mom? I asked and $h£ laugh£d.
“Not too bad though, $h£ replied and i went !n with my toothbrush.

“s£nior left for school? i asked while brush!ng.
“You know h¡m nau, h£ cant miss it for anyth!ng even if th£ country is on fire, $h£ replied.

“I miss m!ne so much, i can’t believe th¡s is happen!ng, i sadly said com!ng ©vt.
“It will soon be over okay, now if your done tak!ng ©vt th£ egg flavour let’s go eat, $h£ said and i smiled follow!ng h£r ©vt.

“Any word from Steve? I asked.
“Yea h£’s f!ne and th£y traced th£ number location, $h£ replied.

“Th£y did? Wow are th£y caught already? I asked.
“We are still hop!ng though, it wasn’t too long th£y left, $h£ replied.

“Dad went with th£m? I asked.
“No no, h£’s with Steve and th£ cops are !nterrogat!ng th£ wounded idiot who attacked us. h£ was th£ one who confirmed th£ location of th£ crim!nals, $h£ replied and we arrived at that d!n!ng.

“Oh God! I pray th£y get th£m please and I th!nk th£ wounded man can also po!nt ©vt th£ corrupted officers, who knows th£ betrayers th£re may give th£m a h!nt of escape. I wonder how much those people slap on th£ir face that made th£m th¡s shameless, i said and my mom smiled sitt!ng me d©wΠ.
“Joan forget ab©vt th£m and eat your food so you’ll take th£ pa!n relieves i bought for you, $h£ said.

“I thought I’ll be go!ng to th£ hospital today? I asked.
“Your dad said you wont be ©vt except th£ crim!nals get caught, h£’s s¢ar£d, my mom replied and i nodded.

“But i hope you can manage right? $h£ asked.
“Yea it’s okay, I replied and opened th£ plate to see th£ food before me.

“Oh i missed th¡s! I exclaimed.
“I know right, enjoy your meal, my mom said tapp!ng me and was ab©vt to leave.

“Oh Wh£re’s madam? I asked.
“$h£’s follow!ng up th£ case you know, $h£ replied and i nodded………..

I was !n th£ room wh£n my mom walked !n mak!ng a call,
“Yes $h£’s h£re, $h£ said and [email protected] th£ phone to me which i confusedly got it from h£r.
“h£llo Joan, a male voice said on phone.

“Yes good morn!ng….. Sorry good afternoon, I said.
“Its f!ne, can you remember th£ place you were last night? h£ asked.

“Wait! Don’t tell me you didn’t get th£m? I asked.
“Unfortunately it was a wrong location, if you can remember anywh£re Close by it will h£lp us, h£ replied.

“How I’m I to know? Why not sqv££se it ©vt from th£ useless officer? I asked.
“Well h£ took h¡s own life, h£ replied.

“What! I sh©vted………..


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