Betrothed to a playboy episode 12 โ€“ 13

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.

โ˜…I HATE YOUโ˜…

Mariana slowly broke the hug

“Thank you,I’m fine now” She muttered and Nico nodded

“Are you sure?” He asked and Mariana smiled

“Angels don’t cry,I guess I’m one” She said and Nico chuckled

“Of course you’re an angel” He said

“I think you’re the angel here” Mariana said

“Then reward me by buying me a drink” Nico said

“Sure of course” Mariana agreed

“Then,I will tell you when I want it” Nico muttered

“Anytime is okay by me” Mariana said as they walked out of the empty class

They walked into Octavia and Charlotte

“Bestie,I’ve been looking for you” Octavia said

“See you later Mari” Nico said and walked away

“Wow,you and Nico talk?” Charlotte asked and Mariana nodded

“Bestie….I saw Royce……” Octavia stopped When Mariana nodded

“You saw him too? With a girl?” Charlotte asked

Mariana nodded again

“Really? I was thinking you would break down so badly,you love him so much” Octavia said

“Yeah I would have….but thanks to Nico. I won’t waste my tears,he definitely lost an Angel,I’m sure I am way more prettier than the girl” Mariana flaunt her hair

“Of course!! She’s totally ugly!” Octavia said loudly

“You should have seen her tiny legs” Charlotte said and they laughed

“She’s got a crazy flat @ss,is Royce blind?? Just take a look at my baby” Octavia smack Mariana’s butt and they laughed again

“Now I’m free” Mariana said,walking sexually

“Yeah,welcome to the single girls team baby!!!” Charlotte screamed

They laughed

“Seriously? You’re so fun to be with,I wonder why we are not friends” Mariana said to Charlotte

“Of course,we can be friends” Charlotte winked

“She’s coming with us to the mall” Octavia said

“Oh…let’s go” Mariana muttered

“Let’s go shopping!!!!!!” Charlotte screamed so loudly that the students walking had to turn to see what’s going on

Mariana and Octavia laughed

“Let’s go babe,forget about Royce. You’re a hot cake,,alot of guys are crushing” Charlotte winked and Mariana smiled

“Thank you girls” She muttered

They left the hallway and entered Octavia’s car.

“Let’s stop at a restaurant after leaving the mall,I’m starving” Charlotte touched her tummy

“Does tomboys get hungry?” Mariana asked and Charlotte frowned cutely which made Mariana laugh

“Wait,don’t tell me you’re dressing like a tomboy to that party on friday” Octavia said

“I’m nothing without it” Charlotte smirked

Mariana and Octavia groaned

“I can’t wait to see Tessa’s face while she watch you perform” Charlotte said and Octavia laughed

“Like seriously,her face is gonna be like this” Octavia made an ugly look on her face and they all laughed



Leonard was in the dressing room,changing into another outfit. It’s the fourth time he’s changing for different shoots with Chanel clothes brands and other accessories.

He’s one of the brand ambassadors of Chanel together with Jessica who’s also getting ready in another room. They are taking the last shoot together for the day.

“You look so handsome Leo” The make up artist smiled as she Adjusted Leonard’s shirt

Leonard ignored her while keeping a cold face

She arranged his hair

“Are we done?” Leo asked

“Yes sir”

Immediately,Collins entered

“You can come out now” he said and Leonard stood up

They both walked out of the room and even before the shoot started,some of the workers are already taking his pictures

๐Ÿ‘ฅ How can he be so handsome??

๐Ÿ‘ฅ He’s so good looking

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Hottie

Leonard didn’t bother looking at them while they keep on taking his pictures,he was f**king tired and just wanna get out of there.

Aside Chanel,he had a shoot with another company before coming here. The interview was successful too and right now he just wanna f**k a bitch to sleep peacefully

Jessica came out too

“We will start the shoot now,please get ready” The director immediately said and Jessica smiled at Leonard

She was also putting on a short gown with the Chanel design on it,the shoes are Chanel too. She also had a bag,her hair was beautifully styled,she was looking so hot.

The shoot started In a minute

“More more” The director said as they gave different poses for the cameraman

“More,closer” the director said again

“Should I just kiss her? What else do you want? Can we be fast please? I have other things to do” Leonard snapped at the director

“Sorry Leo…..just few more shots” The director said and Leonard scoffed

Minutes later,it was all done. Leonard walked out together with Collins

“Are you okay?” Collins asked

“I’m not doing anything this week again,even if there is. Tell them to wait and if they can’t,just cancel it. I’ve not even taken a good rest since I came back” Leonard said and Collins nodded

“Leo!” Jessica’s voice came from the back with her manager too

Leonard waited and she caught up with him

“Hey” Leonard muttered

“Wanna eat lunch with me? Please?”Jessica asked

Leonard shrugged

“Fine” He muttered and Jessica smiled

“Let’s go then,I have a nice recommendation” She said and they walked out together

Immediately they came out of the gate,camera flashes covered them

๐Ÿ‘ฅ It’s My Ship!!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ my couple!!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I love you Leonard!!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Jessica is so pretty!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Leonard!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Can I get an autograph please!!

Leonard ignored them since he was tired but Jessica waited to sign two to three autographs before joining Leonard in the cat

๐Ÿ‘ฅ They are leaving together!!

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Are they dating?

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Is my dream coming true?

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I wish they are dating,they look so good together


Mariana and her friends walked out of the mall tiredly

“I swear,I will never come to the mall with you girls again. Never!” Charlotte shouted

Mariana and Octavia laughed

“You won’t understand,since all you wear are sweatshirts,joggers,jacket,shirt,and pants” Mariana said and Charlotte scoffed

“So you mean I have to spend four hours in a mall? For what?”

Mariana chuckled

“I’m starving,let’s go to the nearest restaurant. That restaurant is f**king amazing,it’s one of the best in NYC” Octavia said as they entered the car



The girls entered and Charlotte sniffed

“Nice smell” she muttered

They sat down and a waitress came to them

“May I have your orders please?” She asked with smiles on her face

“Wow,you’re so beautiful” Charlotte said

“Thank you” The waitress smiled

“I want fried rice and chicken with Chinese dumplings” Mariana said

“Same thing” Octavia smiled

“Me too” Charlotte also said

“With a good wine please,thanks” Mariana added

“Will be back” The waitress said and walked away

“What?!” Octavia suddenly shouted as she stared at her phone

“What is it?” Charlotte asked

“Jessica and my precious Leonard are dating?” Octavia said

“What? That’s just rumors” Charlotte grabbed the phone from her

It’s showing a video of them going into the same car

“Can I see it?” Mariana asked and Charlotte gave the phone to her

‘Seriously? Is he for real? How can he have a girlfriend??’ Mariana thought

“I’m sure they are not going to the same place,just chill. Leonard is single” Charlotte said

They were still talking when loud murmurs started,Octavia who was facing the entrance was the first person to gasp.

Mariana and Charlotte turned and there was Leonard coming into the restaurant with Jessica holding his arm

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Is that Leonard and Jessica?

๐Ÿ‘ฅ I can’t believe they are In our restaurant

๐Ÿ‘ฅ Such a great day

Leonard’s eyes met with Mariana’s own and she didn’t look away

“He’s looking at me” Octavia said and arranged her hair

Leonard looked away from Mariana as the manager led them into the inner room.

“They are getting a private room….wow…does that mean they are dating?” Charlotte asked

Mariana roll her eyes

‘Jerk!’ She snapped in her head


Their food was served immediately and Jessica moaned

“Wow,delicious. Have a taste” She tried feeding him

“I’m leaving by four” Leonard said and her hand dropped

She checked the time and it’s 3:50pm

“Leo” She called

“I’m not hungry,eat up. I will leave when it’s four” Leonard said

Jessica sighed and continue eating while Leonard was busy with his phone

*LET’S JUST GET HER A NICE GIFT,SHE DOESN’T LIKE PARTIES* Dior sent through the group chat

It’s Ricardo mom’s birthday and they are planning to get her a gift

Soon,it was 4:00pm

Leonard stood up

“I’m coming with you” Jessica immediately got up

“What? You haven’t touched half of your food,do we have to leave together?” Leonard asked

“How can we come here together and not leave together? You know news go around so fast” Jessica said

“News? Are you doing this for news? Come on Jessica,even if there are crazy rumors around. We both know there’s nothing between us and there wouldn’t be one. So stop this show” Leonard said and walked out

Jessica bite her bottom lip and sat down again

“Well,you can’t run away from me. You will be mine soon” She muttered


Leonard came out and Mariana looked up again but this time,he didn’t spare her a glance

“Why so soon? Did they fight?” Charlotte asked

“Maybe he’s going some…..”

“Can you please stop talking about him for once?! Please!” Mariana snapped and they both stared at her in confusion

She continue eating angrilly

“What’s wrong with her?” Octavia whispers

“Maybe she suddenly remember Royce and she got mad” Charlotte whispers back

They started eating



“Mom” Ricardo called and stood up immediately his mom came downstairs

She had a total blank expression on her face

Well yes,she detest him so much. She hate him a lot

“Happy birthday to you mom” Ricardo smiled,handing over the flower banquet to her

She took it coldly and Ricardo smiled

“I wanted to get you a gift but I had no idea what to get you,so…..just name anything you want and it will be yours,I promise” He said

Mrs Banks suddenly threw the flower away and Ricardo’s face fell.

“What I want? Bring back my daughter!!!! Get away from my life you murderer!!! Stay away from me!! You killed my baby girl!! It was all because of you that she died!!! Leave and never come back!!!!” She yelled

Ricardo bite his lips hard,his hands were trembling

“Mom….” He called in a shaking voice

“Get lost!!” She yelled again and tears rolled down his eyes

He immediately turned and walked out of the house,as he got out. Leonard,Dior and Winter are already coming in but they stopped when they saw him

“Rick” Leonard called

“Ricardo” Dior and Winter called at a time and he faced them

“You don’t have to give those to her,it’s useless anyway” He mumbled,tears still rolling down his eyes

He entered his car and drove out

Dior fold her fist angrily and made to walk into the mansion but Leonard immediately grabbed her hand and pulled her back

“Let go of me!!! I should teach her a a lesson!!!! How dare she make him cry!!! How!!!” She yelled,struggling from Leonard’s grip

“That’s enough baby face,it won’t change anything” Leonard said

“I will go after him,he may hurt himself” She muttered and immediately entered her car also,driving out

Winter sighed and turned to Leonard

He ignored her and also entered his car,he drove off too



Ricardo was in tears as he opened the bottle of champagne,he didn’t bother using a cup

He started gulping everything down with the bottle,his heart was totally broken. Seems her hatred for him grew even more wilder this time.

His twin sister drowned about seven years ago and everyone believed she’s dead since they couldn’t find her body, everyone blamed him too.

“It’s all my fault” He said in tears

His sister had Aquaphobia,the fear of water. But that day,he had managed to convince her about going to the beach with him.

“I shouldn’t have…..I shouldn’t” He mumbled as he cried bitterly,drinking at the same time

For seven years now,his mother have hated him. So much that he had to leave the house as a minor,thank goodness for his handsome face,he was able to get into the modeling world and made it

“Dummy!” Dior called and rushed to him

She immediately took the bottle from him and hugged him tightly

“It’s okay,please don’t cry” she said

“It’s all my fault baby face,I killed her. I’m a murderer” Ricardo cried on her shoulder

“Stop saying sh*t,you aren’t a murderer okay? So please” Dior said hugging him more tightly,soon,tears started rolling down her eyes too.

“I wish she’s alive,I wish she comes back. I miss her too” He sniffs

Dior started patting his back


“Are you sure you don’t want me to drop you home?” Octavia asked

“Of course not,I’m gonna take a cab,just go” Mariana waved

“See you tomorrow babe” Charlotte said as Octavia started the car

Mariana watched as the car left and she immediately called her driver,she told him her location

Minutes later,the driver arrived and they left together.



Mariana entered tiredly but was again shocked to see a girl dressed like a slut in the living room

‘Will he ever change?’ She thought and sighed

The girl turned

“Who are you?” She asked

Mariana hissed and walked away without saying a word,she went upstairs and met Blue and Loki in front of her room.

“Wow,you guys have been waiting? Sorry I’m late” She immediately carried the two cats before opening the door

They kept on snuggling on her

She dropped them on the floor and got changed into a bum short and tank top

“F**k,my body is free now. I need a cold drink” She said and went out of the room

Blue and Loki followed too,they entered the kitchen together and Mariana turned to the cats

“You guys wanna make a deal?” She asked with a smirk as if they could hear her

She brought out a biscuit made with honey and gave them some little pieces..they ate it immediately,wanting more

“If you want more then,let’s chase the slut out first” She smiled and carried them.

She stopped at a conner where they can see the girl in the living room

“Now,go to her and scare her. Make sure she leaves this house if you want more biscuit” She said hoping the cats understand what she’s saying before dropping them

Immediately,Blue and Loki rushed into the living room toward the car

They were making scary loud sounds which immediately scared the butch

“What the f**k!” She screamed

But they didn’t stop,Blue immediately jumped on her and she screamed out


Loki was using his paws on her legs while blue was on her

“Stop!!!!!” The girl threw blue away and she landed on the floor

Mariana gasped but blue rushed toward her again

“Ahh!!!!!” She screamed and immediately carried her bag and rushed out of the house

Mariana came out of her hiding place

“Blue,come here” She carried blue immediately

“I’m sorry” she said sadly,rubbing her fur

“Meow” Blue rest on her body

Loki also draw her leg and she carried him too

“What’s going on here?” Leonard came downstairs and Mariana dropped the cats

Leonard was surprised when he didn’t see the girl

“What did you do to her!” He yelled

“I don’t think I’m holding anybody” Mariana rolled her eyes and tried leaving

Leonard grabbed her hand and pulled her against the wall

She glared angrily at him as he brought his face close

“You chased her out,are you going to replace her? Tell me!” He snapped

“Let go of me!!”? Mariana yelled

“I’m asking you why the f**k you chased her Out!!,I told you to stay out of my business!!”Leonard yelled back

“If you’re frustrated,stop passing your aggressions on me! F**k you!” Mariana shouted

“More word from you and I’m going to f**k the h*ll out of your p*$$y” Leonard said and she froze

“Like that,just shut up and don’t ever talk to me as we agreed” Leonard said,looking at her angrily before walking out of the house

“I hate you Leonardo Briggs!!!!” Mariana yelled