Betrothed to a playboy episode 38 – 39

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.

β˜…(BE MINE)β˜…

Mariana immediately snapped back to reality when she noticed the masked guy hasn’t shoot yet,his hand started pulling the trigger but almost quickly his phone rang and he stopped,he answered the call while still pointing the gun at Mariana but after dropping the call,he ran into the dark.

Mariana’s heart started racing and began gasping for breath until she became unconscious right on the ground.

Leonard was driving in the street,Ricardo finally answered his call and he sent Leonard Octavia’s home address but suddenly his eyes caught with Mariana’s body on the ground

“F**k!!” Leonard’s eyes grew wide and he stopped the car,he didn’t bother parking the car rightly as he opened the door and rushed out of the car

“Rianna!!” He called and fell beside her,he shook her body but it was still

“No….please stay with me….Rianna” His eyes became teary

Suddenly he received a text on his phone,he immediately took his phone and checked


Leonard swallowed and checked Mariana’s pulse,,seems she’s just unconscious,she’s not dead. He wiped his tears and carried her in a bridal way,he took her phone too,some cars are already horning behind his car,he dropped Mariana in the car and quickly entered before driving off.


Octavia was pacing round the room,she kept dialing Mariana’s number but it’s not going through.

“It’s late” She muttered and checked the time,it’s past ten already

“Mariana where are you?? Did she went to Leonard’s place??” She muttered and tried her number again but still the same.

She was looking so worried

She gently sat down on the couch and sighed out

“I want to believe she’s fine right? She’s fine” she mumbled.




Leonard followed the Doctor into his office as inquired

“Please take a seat Mr Briggs” The doctor said and Leonard sat down

“Is she okay?? Why am I here? Please tell me what’s wrong” Leonard said worriedly

“Is she your girlfriend??” The doctor asked

Leonard shrugged before nodding

” I think she’s been skipping her pills lately” the Doctor said and Leonard looked confused

“Pills? What pills?” He asked

“You don’t know she’s on pills?” The doctor asked

“Of course not,is she sick? I have no idea…..”

“She’s got a heart disease Mr Briggs….”

“What?” Leonard’s eye grew wide

“It’s a heart disease called Arrhythmia,it’s really dangerous……”

“But why is she on pills? Is there no solution for it?” Leonard asked

“Of course a surgery can be done but I think she’s not in the stage for surgery yet” The doctor replied and Leonard sighed

“Why did she kept such thing to herself??” He muttered and looked up

“Can I see her?” He asked

“Yeah,sure” The doctor smiled and Leonard went out of the office,he could see some nurses peeping through the wall sides,some even took secret pictures of him.

He ignored them and entered Mariana’s ward,she’s not awake yet so he sat down and took her hand

He kissed her hand

“It’s all my fault,I don’t want to involve you in my messed up life,maybe I will really let you go this time” He muttered sadly

Mariana’s hand shook and he immediately looked up

Mariana opened her eyes slowly and he shifted closer

“Rianna” he called

Mariana looked around and sighed out,she sat up on the bed weakly

“Are you okay?” Leonard asked

“How did you find me?” Mariana asked and Leonard kept quiet for a second

“I was driving and…I found you unconscious. Tell me what happened” he requested

“I almost got killed,I don’t know why he changed his mind,and then…..I was too shock to withstand it” she explained briefly and Leonard held her hand

“Why didn’t you tell me about your heart?” He asked

“How did you find out?” Mariana immediately asked

“The doctor told me everything,why would you hide something like that?? Why?…..”

“Just because……..I don’t want pity from anyone…..”

“We are engaged…”

“But you don’t feel anything for me Leonard,you said it yourself,you don’t want to get married and you don’t even want to love anyone” Mariana said

“I’m..I’m sorry” Leonard muttered and Mariana looked at him

“You are not changing your mind??” She asked and he raised his head

“You really,have no feelings for me?? At all??” She asked in a broken voice

‘I don’t want you hurt’ Leonard said inwardly

“I’m sorry” he muttered and Mariana bit her bottom lip before looking away

She bashed her lashes and faced him again

“I can leave now right??” She asked

“I will take you home” Leonard muttered

“No,you don’t have to…”

“It’s late Rianna….”

“And my name is Mariana!!!” She snapped,sign of tears in her eyes

She sniffed

“I’m going to sleep here till daybreak if it’s too late and then I will find my way home,but I don’t want to go with you” She muttered and laid back on the bed


She covered her head with the duvet and he kept quiet,he let out a sigh and got up. He walked out of the ward slowly and Mariana dropped the duvet

‘He seriously feels nothing for me? At all??’ She thought and the feelings alone broke her heart in pieces.




Mariana entered the house and Octavia screamed

“Mariana!!” She rushed to hug her tightly

“Where were you last night?!! I was worried to death,your phone was switched off,I was just,gosh Mariana!”

“I’m sorry for making you worried,but it’s a long story Octavia” Mariana muttered and Octavia broke the hug

“Tell me what happened” She said

Mariana explained everything to her and she gasped

“F**k, I actually guessed you were with Leonard,fine I was worried but I was also trying to believe that you were fine,gosh I’m so happy for you bestie!” Octavia hugged Mariana again

“We should get ready,,our class starts by 9” Mariana muttered,finding her way to the room

Octavia exhaled In total relief and also went to get dressed.

Minutes later,they left the house together.

They arrived in school and all eyes fell on Mariana

πŸ‘₯ I heard she’s dating Leonard

πŸ‘₯ Is that really true??

πŸ‘₯ She’s Leonardo Briggs girlfriend??

“How do I tell them I’m not his girlfriend?? Just how!!” Mariana said out loudly and Octavia chuckled

“You’re his fiancee,more than a girlfriend,I get you” Octavia said and Mariana shot her a glare

“Besties!!” They stopped when they heard Charlotte’s voice and they both turned back

“Whoa!!!!” They both screamed to see Charlotte looking like a sexy girl

“What,do I look bad?” She asked nervously

“You look hot like f**k!” Mariana said and Charlotte blushed

“Thank you” She muttered

“Don’t tell me this is for Ricardo” Octavia whispers

“Shut up” Charlotte snapped and they laughed

“Class starts in five minutes” Mariana suddenly said and they began walking faster till they entered the lecture hall.




Leonard was just coming downstairs when suddenly Mrs Briggs came into the house

“Mom?” Leonard called,looking surprised

“Where’s Mariana?” Mrs Briggs asked

“Why are you asking?” Leonard asked

“I have the right to ask for my daughter in-law son” Mrs Briggs said

“She left” Leonard muttered

“What?! Don’t tell me you chased her out son!” Mrs Briggs shouted

“No I didn’t,she left” Leonard replied

“Of course you drove her out with your behavior,come on son,what is wrong with you?? Huh?? I thought you two are getting along already so what happened?”

Leonard sighed

“We just had a little misunderstanding mom,you don’t have to make a big deal out of it,she will be back I promise” Leonard said

“Make sure of that,please”

Leonard nodded

“Yeah sure,don’t worry mom” he muttered

“Going out?” Mrs Briggs asked

“School” Leonard replied

“Then I’m leaving too” Mrs Briggs said and they went out together

Leonard watched as her driver drove her out of the compound before he also entered his own car,he stopped the guards from going with him. He checked the time as he drove,he already missed the first class and the second class is In few minutes also,a part of him want to see Mariana so badly but knowing that she might ignore him made him sad also.

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Mariana and the girls walked toward the general lecture hall,Tessa and her crew walked past them quietly and they exchanged glances

“Okay that’s weird” Alexa spoke up

“Really weird,it’s weird for them not to say a word to us at least” Octavia said

“Maybe something happened to them” Charlotte chuckled

“Hey girls” They heard Jeremy’s voice and they turned back to see Jeremy and Louis

“Oh Jeremy” Octavia waved

“Wow,Charlotte??!!!” Louis called looking surprised

“Hey,don’t fall don’t fall I’m not available” Charlotte rolled her eyes

“Whoa!!” Jeremy and Louis touched their chests and Mariana chuckled

“She just told you the fact,my girl is not available” Mariana said

“Seriously” Louis laughed

Jeremy and Alexa’s eyes met and she looked away with an eye roll

Jeremy sighed

They walked to the general hall together

“So we are starting the MMPL today,can’t wait to see Leonard in the hall” Octavia gushed and Mariana rolled her eyes

Immediately they entered the hall,a hand grabbed Mariana and she turned to find Nico

“Nico” She called and he tap his side

Mariana smiled and sat down beside him while others went their way too,Jeremy fortunately got a seat right beside Alexa,just the opportunity he was searching for.

“Are you still angry with me? You totally snubbed my texts” He said and Alexa looked at him

“You should have just tried harder” She scoffed

“You clearly misunderstood the whole thing Alexa,you really think I have a thing for her? H*ll no” Jeremy groaned

“Why am I even bothered? I’m not your girlfriend” Alexa muttered

“But you were really cute being jealous” Jeremy smirked and Alexa hit him

“Who said I was jealous?! I wasn’t!” She snapped and all eyes fell on her,she immediately looked away and Jeremy chuckled

“You made me worried” he said

“Really?” Alexa smiled and Jeremy nodded

Ricardo came into the hall with Winter and Dior and the students started murmuring

πŸ‘₯ Ricardo keep looking hotter everyday,f**k

πŸ‘₯ Dior!!!

A male voice screamed and Dior waved with a flushed face

πŸ‘₯ Gosh,Winter is so pretty

πŸ‘₯ Ricardo I love you!

The three sat down together right in front of Charlotte and Octavia

Charlotte touched her hair nervously and Octavia cleared her throat

“F**k you” Charlotte mouthed and Octavia chuckled but she stopped when Royce sat down beside her but his eyes were on Nico and Mariana who were both lost in their conversations.

Octavia rolled her eyes and turned back to Charlotte

“Can you call Leonard?” Winter asked Ricardo and he looked up

“Why me and not you?” He asked

“I will call him” Dior muttered but almost immediately Leonard appeared with Angelo and loud screams filled the hall

Mariana looked up immediately and their eyes met,he almost joined her but then he saw Nico and found somewhere else to sit,the girl he sat with almost lost her breath even though he doesn’t seem to take a single glance at her.

Two professors came into the hall at the same time,Miss Lisa and Mr Ben and the class started immediately


“So everyone,we are going to have two teams and each team should have at most twenty students. The first team will join the Music and Media lecture class and the second team,Performance and Literature lecture class” Mr Ben said

“You will be given twenty four hours to make your final decision” Miss Lisa said

“Which class are you taking?” A guy asked from the back and some students laughed

“Oh…I will be in the MM class” Miss Lisa smiled

“I’m joining that class” Louis said beside Jeremy and Jeremy scoffed

“So you’re joining just because of Miss Lisa? Oh come on,even without her,Music and Media is definitely the right choice” Alexa said



Mariana packed her stuffs the moment their class came to an end,

“How about Lunch together? It’s our last class right?” Nico asked beside her and she faced him

“The cafeteria?” She asked

“No,somewhere else” Nico replied

Mariana could feel Leonard’s gaze on her

‘He doesn’t want me anyway’ she thought

“Fine,let’s go” She said and Nico let out a smile

He held her hand and they both left the lecture hall.

Leonard’s eyes followed them immediately,

“Leo!” Dior’s voice snapped him out of his thought and he turned

“You look quiet,are you okay?” She asked

“Yeah I’m fine” He muttered and walked out of the hall leaving Dior standing.


Nico and Mariana passed through the hall way,suddenly Mariana’s phone fell from her hand and Nico immediately helped her with it

“Oh,thank you Nico” Mariana muttered

“Are you sick?? You look somehow” Nico said with a worried look on his face

“No,I’m fine Nico. Thanks for worrying about me,you’re really an amazing friend” Mariana said and Nico looked at her

“Am I really just a friend to you?” He asked

“Huh?” Mariana sound surprised

“You only see me as your friend” Nico muttered

“Are we not friends??” Mariana asked

“What if I want more than just friends??”

Mariana looked at him without saying a word

“I love you Mariana,isn’t it obvious enough? I’m head over heels for you,I’m in love with you” Nico said and held her hand

Mariana swallowed,looking into his soft eyes while he gave her the pleading looks

“I want you to be mine,please” He added