Betrothed to a playboy episode 8 – 9

( Falling For You… )


By, Summer Gold R.



The scene in front of Leonard look quite funny to him as he watch the two guys holding Mariana’s hand,he let out a crazy smirk and scoff before leaving their sight.

Mariana turned to Nico first and he released her hand

“Thank you Nico,I’m fine”she said with a short smile before facing Royce

Royce glared at Nico and started walking away while still holding her

Nico’s eyes followed them till they were out of sight

“Nico!” Tessa called,walking toward him

Nico ignored her and walked away before she got to him

“Nico!!!” Tessa called out loudly stomping her feet on the ground

“I still can’t believe he sat down with Mariana in the cafeteria” Daisy said

“Hope it’s not what I’m thinking” Bella muttered

“Well,as long as my Jace is still single,then I don’t,care” Daisy said proudly

“You guys are still falling in love?” Bella scoffed

“Why not? Everyone is not gonna be like you” Daisy roll her eyes.

Tessa walked back to them sadly

“Sorry babe” Bella mumbled and shook her head

“Don’t feel sorry for me!! I hate Mariana!!!” Tessa yelled,walking away angrily.

Daisy and Bella exchanged glances before going after her



Leonard entered and was welcomed by Winter’s bright face

The private lounge is specially made for the four,sometimes they spend time here together

“You’re here,I thought you would ignore my text” She said excitedly as Leonard made his way in

“Why are you here and why do you want me here?” He asked,shoving his two hands into his pockets

“Because I’m bored and I needed someone to talk to” Winter muttered

She walked to the cellar and took a bottle of wine

“Then you should have called Dior and Rick too” Leonard said before sitting down

“I want just you,is there a problem with that?” Winter asked walking back with the wine and two glasses

“Its’s fine If this will make you feel better,but let’s keep it short” Leonard muttered

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Winter poured the wine into the two glasses and gave him one

She sat down beside him,so close that Leonard had to move away a little,he faced her

“You said you need someone to talk to,why are you not saying anything?” He asked

Winter bite her bottom lip while staring at his pink lips which was looking wet from the wine,she touched his thigh,staring into his eyes

“You’ve got something on your hair” She muttered and Leo raised his brows as she got up a little and her finger went into his hair,she swallowed hard as her face came close to his and she pecked his lips

She immediately shifted back

“I’m sorry” she bite her lips

Leonard dropped the glass in his hand

“I will assume that was a mistake” He said and tried getting up but Winter grabbed his hand

“It wasn’t a mistake…..” She said,maintaining eyes contact with him

“Then don’t do it again” Leonard said

“Why? I’ve always wanted to….it took me some courage to finally do this Leo…..” She touched him

“Stop it Winter….You and I are friends……

“Then let’s stop being friends if it’s stopping you!” Winter snapped and tried kissing him forcefully

“Winter!!” Leonard yelled

“What!!! How come Jessica has a chance with you and I don’t?!!! Why!!! I’m pretty too!! Let’s stop hiding under our friendship Leonard,I want you too,I really do…so badly” Winter said

“What you did just now is disgusting” Leonard glared at her and wipe his lips before going out

“Ahhhh!!!!” Winter screamed while breathing heavily

She grabbed the wine bottle and crashed it against the wall angrily

“You’re mine,no matter what. You’re mine Leo” she mumbled and curl her fingers tightly

She kicked the chair and walked out of the lounge

She had to pass the hallway,the students kept calling her name and screaming but she ignored everything,not hiding the fact that she’s angry

She was still walking when she bumped into Mariana

Immediately she saw Mariana,her blood boils even more

“Get lost!!!” She yelled and Mariana flinched

“Ahh!” Mariana groaned as her heart started racing due to the shock

She held her chest so tightly as she found her way to a near restroom,she opened the door and closed it immediately. Thank goodness she was holding her purse,she took the pill bottle and immediately swallowed three at a time even before she drank water

“Ahh!” She screamed in pain and fell on the floor gasping for breath

The door opened loudly and Nico rushed in,his eyes widened when he saw Mariana on the floor almost loosing her consciousness,he was actually watching the scene and saw how she had ran into the restroom only to hear her scream

“Mariana!” He called out and immediately squatted before her

Mariana started coughing as her heart beat began coming back

Nico opened the bottle water for her and she gulped down half of it before exhaling out

“Are you okay?” Nico asked

Mariana said no word

“Do you wanna go to the school clinic? What happened exactly?” Nico tried carrying her

“No,I’m fine. Thank you” Mariana finally said and Nico breathe out

“Are you sure?” He asked and Mariana nodded

“Thank you Nico” she mumbled

Nico saw the pill bottle and almost took it but Mariana was faster,she grabbed it and put it inside her purse

“I had an headache,I was using the pill but got choked on my water” Mariana said

“Oh….sorry” Nico helped her up

“Thank you….I’m glad you care this time. It’s rare” Mariana said as they walked out of the restroom

“You said you love my voice” Nico said and Mariana stopped

“Really? Does that mean…you won’t stay silent anymore?” She grinned

“Maybe if you become my friend” Nico replied and she nodded

“Be ready for my trouble,I’m not the gentle type” She winked and Nico chuckled

Mariana’s Mind went to Winter

‘Does she hate me??’ She thought

First was the cafeteria,and now she’s yelling at her??

‘Does she even know me?’ Mariana scoffed



Dior stopped typing on the laptop for a second and turned back to see Ricardo’s eyes closed. He had the headphones on,probably listening to music

“Is that dummy sleeping?” She stood up and went to Ricardo

She made to remove his headphones

“Don’t” Ricardo grabbed her hand and she fell on his laps

“You idiot I thought you were asleep!” Dior yelled

Ricardo smiled cockily

“You’re still on my laps” he whispers

Dior slap his head and stood up

Ricardo groaned

“Winter and Leo??” He asked

“No idea…..”

Winter came in

“Oh Winter” Dior called but Winter ignored them both and went to grab her things,she carried her bag and stormed out again

Ricardo and Winter exchanged glances

“Did something happened?” Dior asked

Ricardo haven’t answered when Leonard came in looking unbothered

“You saw Winter right?” Ricardo asked

“Yes why?” Leonard asked

“She’s somehow,did something happened?” Dior moved closer

“She’s going crazy” Leonard scoffed and turned to Ricardo

“I need to go to the company,see you later. Bye baby face” He winked at Dior and her cheeks turned red immediately

Leonard walked out

“Stop blushing,it’s not cute” Ricardo scoffed

“We are leaving now,do you wanna eat with me?” Dior asked

“Since we are alone,I will accept your offer” Ricardo smiled

Dior immediately closed her laptop and arranged her bag

They walked out together


Mariana entered the lecture hall with Nico and all eyes fell on them

πŸ‘₯ Wow

πŸ‘₯ Since when did they became friends?

πŸ‘₯ He even sat down with her at the cafeteria

πŸ‘₯ I’m jealous of Mari J

Mariana joined Octavia while Nico went to sit somewhere else

Tessa kept staring at him

Suddenly a girl ran in

“Guys!! Check the school site!! Diamond is preparing a new session party!!” She announced and everyone brought out their phones immediately

πŸ‘₯ Yes!!!!

πŸ‘₯ I can’t wait for Friday!

πŸ‘₯ Wow,,Mariana is performing and not Tessa?

πŸ‘₯ Awwwn!!! Mari J!!!!

“Wow,the school choose you over Tessa” Octavia said happily and Mariana smiled

“I should start practicing” She said and turned back to see Nico looking at her

She smiled at him and he gave her a thumb up

She looked around the hall and Royce is absent

“What is he up to?” Mariana muttered before turning back to her phone

Tessa was burning with anger already

“How could they…choose her over me?” She muttered as she stared at her name

SPECIAL DANCER: Mariana Julius (Mari J )

“Seriously,this is insane” Daisy hissed

“Sorry Tessa,I’m sure it will be your turn next time…or maybe in future” Charlotte spoke up and everyone laughed

Tessa hit her hand on the desk and went out angrily

Daisy and Bella sighed sadly but they didn’t follow her

“Settle down” The Lecturer came in and immediately wrote on the smart board.


“We are gonna be listening first,can you open your laptops and check the mail I sent?” The Prof asked

“Oh no…my laptop broke down” A girl complained from the back

“You can’t share with anyone” The Prof said

“So what do I do?”

“Get Jace from the CS hall” The prof said on the phone

“Oh my gosh!” Daisy screamed from the back of the class and everyone turned

She immediately covered her mouth,she was super excited just by hearing that name

“Your crush” Bella chuckled

Soon,Jace walked into the hall and the girls started murmuring

“Jace,please help her check out her PC”

The girl raised her hand and Jace walked to her

“What’s wrong with this?” Jace asked her but she was lost staring at him already

“Excuse me?”

Everyone started laughing

πŸ‘₯ she’s gone

πŸ‘₯ I don’t blame her,I would definitely lose my mind if he get closer

“It’s just an error” Jace muttered after the girl showed her what’s wrong

He started operating the laptop,all eyes on him

“He’s hot,but My Leo is still the best” Octavia said beside Mariana who doesn’t seem interested in any of the drama happening

Daisy was busy taking secret pictures of Jace

“Done” Jace turned back to the girl

“Wow,thank you Jace” She smiled

He only nodded and walked out

“Can we start now?”


Immediately the lecturer went out,the students started leaving the class. Octavia and Mariana walked out together,it’s the last class for the day

“I’m going to the mall! I need some crazy clothes for Friday” Octavia danced silly

“I’m waiting,I need to practice with the girls” Mariana said and Octavia pouted

“No,you’re mine” She said

“Come on” Mariana laughed

She walked Octavia to the car and turned to the practice room


“Check your mail,I just forwarded your schedules for tomorrow” Collins said beside Leonard as they walked out of Blues Entertainment.

The guards opened the door for them and they entered the car

Leonard brought out his phone to check the mail Collins was talking about and his eyes widened

“How come?? Are you planning to kill me just tomorrow? Five different shoots with five companies?” He asked

Collins chuckled

“They’ve been waiting for you” He said

“Cancel three,I’m doing two. Tell the other three to wait” Leonard scoffed,scrolling downward

“Two interviews…Cancel one” he said

“A meeting with……Rolling stone magazine?” Leonard looked up and Collins nodded

“Yeah,they booked you to become their cover for this year again” Collins said

Leonard dropped his phone and closed his eyes

“I need some energy boaster this night” He mumbled



Mariana groaned as she watched the rain pouring heavily

She’s the only one left in the practice room,she’s got no umbrella and no ride too

“I guess I’m gonna be sleeping in school” She muttered and sighed

Suddenly the door opened and Nico came in

“Nico!” Mariana called happily

“Are you done? I’ve been waiting” Nico said

“Waiting? For me?” Mariana asked and get nodded

“Well….I’m done”

“Then let’s go,I will give you a ride home” Nico said

“Wow,thank you Nico” Mariana smiled and immediately carried her bag

They both walked out and Nico covered them up with an umbrella until they got to his car

He opened for her first and he entered,he also joined her.

“How did you know I was there?” Mariana asked

“I stayed back to study in the library,I saw the other girls leaving but didn’t see you with them so I guessed you were still in” Nico replied

“You guessed right,thanks” She smiled

Nico started the car immediately

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Minutes later,they entered the street

“You can drop me here” Mariana said when it’s few houses to Leonard’s place

“Why? It’s still raining just let me take you home….”

“I will be fine I promise,you can go” Mariana said and almost opened the door but Nico hold her hand and she faced him again

“Here,don’t catch cold” He said and gave the umbrella to her

“Thank you,goodnight” Mariana waved before going out

Nico drove off and Mariana sighed

She started walking toward the house and soon she got home,the security opened for her and she went in

She was getting cold even though she wasn’t soaked.

She opened the entrance door and the sight shocked him

Leonard was busy making out with a girl in the living room, they both stopped to see who came in

“Who is she?” The girl asked Leonard while staring at Mariana

“No one” Leonard muttered before kissing her again

Mariana roll her eyes and went upstairs

“Seriously,He’s also a playboy!” She scoffed as she entered her room

She fell on the bed tiredly but the cold got worst

“I need a hot coffee” she muttered and touched her chest

If she get too cold,her heart beat might go down.

She stood up and undressed,she put on a more comfortable outfit before leaving the room.

She went downstairs and seems the two are no more in the living room and

“Who cares?” Mariana scoffed and headed to the kitchen

She started heating water for the coffee,

All of a sudden,the girl Leonard brought home entered,she walked proudly to Mariana

“Who are you? His maid?” She asked and Mariana shot her a glare

“Do I look like a maid to you” She asked

“Of course,what else?” The girl chuckled

Without thinking twice,Mariana gave her two hot slaps

“Ahh!” She screamed and held her cheek in shock

“Next time,keep quiet when you don’t know anything. Slut” Mariana said

The girl walked out of the kitchen and she hissed

Seconds later,Leonard came in

“Hey you” He called and Mariana Faced him while glaring at him

“Who the f**k do you think you are to slap……”

“The slut you brought home,she deserves it.” Mariana cut him off

Leonard chuckled and moved closer

“I’m sure you know,this is my house right?” He asked

“I’m not gonna swallow it” Mariana replied

“You have no f**king right to do any sh*t here without my permission,so stop acting like you’re something when you’re totally nothing in this house” Leonard said

Mariana glared

“Are you Angry? You shouldn’t,coz I’m just getting started…if you can’t take it anymore,get the f**k out of here b*tch…….”

Mariaba raised her hand to slap him but he grabbed her hand and threw it off

“You will regret it if that hand touch my face,” Leonard said and walked out

Mariana bite her lips trying to hold back her tears but they came dropping freely from her eyes

“Aunt Clara……F**k you” She mumbled as she bent down while crying her eyes out