November 29, 2021

Black Angel episode 1 – 2


🤩(Story of the dark angel of lust)🤩

.🤲ON GOD 🤲




Note:every place and object used in this piece of writing is in the writers imagination
(April 1st 1900)
‘Professor I really think you should quit this research ,you have been on it for days now and I just have a feeling that something is going to go wrong, maybe you should stop for now and continue later ‘Mrs Delvalia ,Professor Maxwell assistant suggested but the professor turned deaf ears and decided to carry on with his work
‘We are this close’ he said using his hand to gesture a small point ‘this close to achieving greatness and now you want us to stop ‘
‘No sir ..but we have no concrete evidence that this parallel universe exist and even if we do ,the battery used to power the portal machine is not powerful enough and it can lead to some form of chaos…for all we know the fuse might short circuit and this whole place could blow up ‘
‘That is nonsense Mrs Delvalia’ the professor disagreed clearly getting infuriated by Mrs Delvalia ideas he considers to be obnoxious
Unable to argue any further with the professor, Mrs Delvalia kept her opinions to herself and slowly watched the professor do his work
After what seems to be like forever, the professor finally opens the portal and the happiness on his face knew no bound as he stares at Mrs Delvalia

‘I told you there was no need for you to worry…we are going to be know in the history of man kind ,the first man to create a portal that leads directly to a parallel universe ,this Is the ultimate prove that other universes exist beside this earth’
‘But professor, where exactly did you get this from ‘ Mrs Delvalia asked pointing at a red looking small pearl on the table
‘Well this is an ancient relic,it has been in our family for years ..they call it the eye of the red lion and I have a feeling that it can contribute to this one way or another ‘ he said
‘How ?’mr Delvalia asked
‘I don’t know yet but ‘ he slowly picked up the red pearl ,stares at it for awhile before throwing it into the portal


went wrong as the portal turned red and the whole place started shaking like an earthquake was happening
‘What is going on?’Mrs Devalia asked looking so worried
‘ I have no idea ‘the professor answered
The portal turned into some kind of vacuum as it started sucking everything in it
Mrs Delvalia and professor Maxwell was holding on to something and after some minutes, everywhere settled and something really fascinating happened
The professor and Mrs Delvalia had shock written all over their faces when seven MYSTERIOUS creatures with big black wings stepped out of the portal
This was the last thing they saw before the place finally blew up
(May 22nd 2017)
‘Hey where are you ?’ Madison yelled on the phone
‘I will be there in five minutes ‘
‘You better not be late cause miss Charlie doesn’t like waiting ‘ ‘she said as she hung up
Okay I love my best friend but sometimes she can be really annoying
It for the best anyway
I finally arrived at a big mansion in new lane street


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yeah quick introduction ,my name is Pheobe a 22 years old graduate from Miami university.I am a make up artist, a very professional one to be precise and I often get paid really well by client
I work for a special organization called *beauty within *and yeah one of my dream is to become a professional make up artist of my favorite boy band *the black Angels * that a rather interesting name for a group right …I have always loved the group ever since they debuted five years ago and have always wanted to get close to the leader of the group Zohar but have never gotten the opportunity to
Is like their company only hires the best of the best when it comes to beauty
Well it is expected since the boys are super rich and they also work for a very influential record company
Another dream i had is getting married to zohar but then I realized that Is just a dream that can never come through as I grew older Sucks


is the make up artist I told you I hate waiting ‘ a women yelled as Madison walked out of her room with her cellphone close to hear
She lowered the cellphone immediately she saw me and said ‘Well it about time ‘

‘I am so sorry am late ‘I apologized
‘Well apologize later but for now just go in there and do your magic ‘she said and I inhaled deeply as I walked into her room
‘Are you the make up artist?’ She asked with a very proud and bossy
This woman probably worth millions and she appears to be in her fifties and yet still very attractive
‘Yes m…ma’m’I stammered
‘And what exactly took you so long ?’ She asked as she sat down on the chair in front of her dressing mirror
‘My deepest apologies ma’m I just…..’
‘You know what zip it,I have somewhere I to be in thirty minutes so let get started ‘
‘Yes ma’m ‘
It was only a matter of minutes before her face totally transformed making her look TWENTY years younger
‘Waw this beautiful ‘ she said her mood totally changed immediately she saw the transformation
She was clearly pleased with my work
‘You clearly as good as they describe you to be ‘she complimented while I smiled broadly

‘I don’t know If you would like to work for Bighit company ‘
Isn’t that the angels company
‘Bighit ,like the band black angels company ‘
‘Yes I happen to be their producer ,the owner of bighit ‘
‘Wait ….oh no …how come I didnt recognize that was really stupid of me ,you like world wide popular ‘
‘It Okay, It happens sometimes anyway,if you a fan of black Angels you should know the boys have a concert this weekend at Miami and I would like it if a skilled make up artist like you is available so are you interested, the pay is really Good ‘
Oh no

This can’t be real
It too Good to be true
Does she know that I will literally take this job for free because this can finally be an opportunity for me to meet them
This is like a dream come true
‘So are you?’
‘Yes ma’m…’
‘Wait a second, are you married?’
‘You have to be married to work with us ,especially when working with the boys because I know of a lot of girls your age that are a big obsessed fan of Black Angels ,and I really do not want a situation whereby a girl faint or throws herself on the stars like 70 percent of the make up artist I hire do our company recommends a married woman in her thirties but I just have to take you despite your age cause you really good ‘
‘What….you not married ‘
‘I am married, am currently pregnant ‘
Oh jeez I just lied
‘What ‘
‘Yes married few months to my boyfriend also pregnant and trust me black Angels are cool but am not an obsessed fan ‘ I said trying to sound as casual as possible

I am a liar
‘Oh okay …no problem then do not look pregnant but it Okay..come to this address this Friday, please do not be late ‘
‘I wont be ma’m and thanks so much for considering me ‘I said as I collected the card from her and walked out of her room
I am the worst liar I know
I mean
What the heck
I do not even have a boyfriend not to talk of marriage
But on The bright side


‘Madison, Madison ,Madison,you won’t believe what just happened ‘

‘Your dream finally came through, you get to be black Angels make up artist’she responded almost immediately and the excited look on my face got replaced by a confused one

‘How did you know that?’ I asked as I furrowed my brows

‘Did a little bit of eavesdropping ‘


‘And yeah you a great liar but on the bright side ,we have to celebrate this ‘she shouted in excitement

‘I know right but Why didnt you tell me I was going to be doing Charlie Melanie make up’

‘I also didn’t know that and when I found out about It, i decided to surprise you ‘ she said and i smirked

‘Well I am pretty surprised ‘ I said as Madison and I got into her car

She has been my best friend since seventh grade and also my manager in the company I work for

How interesting

Well later in the night, Madison and I decided to go to the club to celebrate my newly found job

And yeah

Everything was going smoothly

Until i had to pee and then on my way to the toilet ,i accidentally bumped into a girl my age spiling the wine she was holding on her white dress
She looks super s£xy I feel like a piece of trash next to her

‘Oh My God, I am so sorry ‘ I said trying to wipe the stain off her dress

‘Move away dweeb you only make it worse ‘she said as she pushed me with so much force that I almost fell on the floor

‘Babe are you Okay?’ A guy appeared out of nowhere helping her clean her dress

‘No this b**ch ruined my dress ‘

Rude much

Wait I know this guy

This is Zimmer

My ex boyfriend

He raised his head to look at me and the angry look on his face got replaced with an evil look

‘Well, well,well if this isn’t Phoebe ‘

‘Phoebe. Your lame ex girlfriend ‘ the girl with him said

‘Exactly … how has life been, did you finally get a guy to date you without s£x ‘

He is going to embarrass me again

As usual

‘Everyone gather up,let me tell you something interesting about pheobe’he said as people in the club slowly surrounded us ‘ pheobe is 22 years old ‘

‘Really I thought she was thirty..I mean look at her ‘someone from the crowd gave her opinion of me while the others laughed

‘Forget the granny clothes and the big ugly eye glasses, phoebe is 22 years old and she is a virgin’ he said and everyone kept a straight face for awhile before they started laughing uncontrollably

‘What the heck’

‘That ridiculous ‘

People started giving their own ridiculous opinions of me

‘I mean I was the only guy willing to death you despite your ugliness and you had the nerve to break up with me just because I cheated on you and always demanding for s£x but to be sincere you did me a huge favour by breaking up because finally am a free man and I do not really deserve some cheap,ugly simpleton like you …..I mean you can’t even kiss properly …you are so boring really boring’

He is right

I have always been a nerd since I was born

I was not attractive like my friend Madison and other normal girls

My fashion sense is horrible and I most time look way older than my age

Zimmer has always been a rich handsome guy every girl wants to be with and I use to consider myself lucky to have him as a boyfriend until I realised he was nothing but a total prick

He cheated on me with an anonymous girl whose identity he refused to reveal till Now but he always made me believe that she is close to me

Someone I know

‘And yeah I am the only normal guy willing to death an ugly duckling like you …and you said you wanted to know the girl I cheated on you with, let me tell you her name now …she is hot ,s£xy and way prettier than you….her name is …….’

‘Enough Zimmer, you have said enough so zip it already you asshole ‘Madison said as she interrupted ‘ you really are nothing but a coward…let go pheobe ‘she said as she held my hand and helped me out of the club

It was a long silent ride back home as Zimmer’s words kept on bothering me

Why is he so mean

I was actually in love with that man

I saw his potentials

Guess that what made me dumb

The car pulled over in front of my house and I waved at Madison

‘Zimmer is a jerk…do not let his words affect you and being a virgin is not a crime ‘

‘It Okay …I know that …see you tomorrow ‘I said as I got down from the car and walked into my house

The tears have been trying to hold back flow freely down my eyes

What did I ever do to that guy

Why does he hate me so much

I just couldn’t help my tears

What wrong with being a virgin

It ain’t my fault am not as attractive as other girls

I really hate my life


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