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Blemished Love – Episode 12

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‘Th£re’s lunch !n th£ microwave and fresh juice !n th£ fridge. If you need anyth!ng jus…..’
‘j√$t call you. Copy that.’ Tom replied see!ng h£r off to th£ gate.
‘Love you.’ $h£ yelled ©vt from h£r car and drove off to work.
Tom went [email protected]¢k !n, picked up h¡s car keys and drove ©vt of th£ house. h£ knew Grissel loved a fresh week with©vt worries so h£ was sure not to give h£r some that morn!ng.

‘You are not talk!ng to me now.’ Dane asked.
Julia had earlier left th£ house for th£m.
‘What are you do!ng h£re?’
‘I apologize I came h£re unannounced but I j√$t wanted to talk to you.’
‘You could have called Dane.’
‘I did call severally for a wh0l£ month, remember?’ h£ stood up from h¡s chair and sat close to h£r hold!ng h£r [email protected]
‘I can’t let th¡s happen b£tweeΠ us.’
‘But noth!ng is happen!ng.’
‘Dane.’ $h£ called with a stern look.
‘Alright, you don’t want anyth!ng to happen. I get it but at least acknowledge my pres£nce h£re.’
Melisa looked up at h¡m and shook h£r h£ad and thought h£’s right to have asked that of h£r.
‘Should I get you someth!ng to eat or dr!nk?’
‘No, I’m f!ne. I would prefer we talk ab©vt us be!ng friends.’
‘Friends?’ $h£ muttered with surprised.
‘Of course, with no str!ngs attach£d.’
‘But you were clear you wanted us to be m©r£ than that.’
‘And you made it clear noth!ng of that sort would happen.’
‘Yeah I did but I meant th£ oth£r th!ng.’ $h£ said with a glitter of smiles.

‘Ohh, sorry. I’m not go!ng to sleep with you under your moth£r’s roof so relax.’
‘Aunty.’ $h£ f!nally raised up h£r h£ad.
‘You mean $h£’s your aunt?’
Melisa nodded.
‘You have h£r looks and I’m sure your mom has that beautiful look too.’
‘Yeah $h£ had.’
Dane read th£ expression on h£r face and knew h£ might have overstepped. ‘I’m sorry ab©vt your mom.’
‘That’s f!ne, Julia is m©r£ than a moth£r to us.’
h£ reach£d ₱|@yfvlly touch!ng h£r ch£eks. ‘So I guess we are a couple now.’.

‘I hope so Dane.’
‘You hope so?’ h£ questioned with a confused look.
‘Look I’m j√$t s¢ar£d we are not right for each oth£r.’
‘And who gets to decide that.’ h£ asked with concern. ‘To make you feel better I’m s¢ar£d too.’
‘You are?’
A smile appeared on h¡s face. ‘I mean I haven’t felt like th¡s s!nce Dani’s mom died but I guess it’s time to come ©vt of my $h£lls and I want to do that with you so j√$t let me !n.’ h£ muttered reach!ng ©vt for h£r [email protected] which $h£ made readily available.
‘Yes.’ $h£ replied smil!ng wh£n Dane hasn’t asked any question yet.
‘Yes, as !n you want us to date.’
$h£ nodded and h£ reach£d ©vt for a hug. ‘On one condition.’
‘Ooh ooh.’ h£ drew [email protected]¢k.
‘Can we take it s1©w? Noth!ng big yet. I have a few th!ngs I need to clear up first.’
‘That works for me so long as it’s !n my favor.’

‘Great, now can we talk ab©vt how you got h£re?’ $h£ smiled relax!ng aga!nst th£ couch.
‘I th!nk I would take you up on that dr!nk now.’ h£ tried to change th£ topic.
‘Is someone runn!ng away from th£ir stalk!ng sch£mes?’ $h£ t£@$ed and stood up.
‘We will talk ab©vt that wh£n I get my dr!nk.’
‘Alright, grape juice com!ng right up.’
‘Thank you.’ h£ said after $h£ vani$h£d to th£ kitch£n.

‘Jessy, thank you for meet!ng me.’
‘No problem, you sound worried over th£ phone. Is Grissel okay?’
‘I was hop!ng you could tell me that.’
‘What do you mean, you were hop!ng I could tell you?’
‘Grissel has been act!ng up lately.’
‘I still don’t understand you Tom.’
‘Has $h£ said anyth!ng to you?’
‘Not that I can remember but I haven’t h£ard from h£r s!nce th£ wedd!ng.’
‘S!nce th£ wedd!ng.’
Jessy nodded. ‘Yes, $h£’s avoid!ng my calls.’
‘But that’s like four months ago.’ Tom mentioned with a confused look on h¡s face.
‘Ahaaa. I didn’t want to ₱ush it.’
‘That’s weird. $h£’s been act!ng withdrawn and lost.’
‘Did you guys have an argument?’ Jessy asked.

‘No, except I resigned a month ago and we talked ab©vt it.’
‘Maybe $h£’s still both£red ab©vt it but did you talk to h£r ab©vt your worries.’
‘You know Grissel, $h£ talks at h£r own time and I can see whatever $h£ got h£rself mixed up with is affect!ng our marriage.’
‘What do you want me to do now?’
‘Come over for d!nner. Maybe you can get someth!ng ©vt of h£r. I’m j√$t so worried ab©vt h£r.’
‘If you are that worried you should f!nd a way reach!ng ©vt to h£r.’
‘I j√$t th!nk it would be better if $h£ talked to someone $h£’s familiar with.’
‘Okay, I will come on Saturday.’ $h£ thought for a while and th!nks h£ is right ab©vt Grissel act!ng weird.
‘You know we are still new to all th¡s marriage stuff but thank you.’ h£ replied signal!ng th£ waitress to come over.

Soon enough Saturday came and Tom was aware Jessy would be @r0vnd so h£ was be!ng h£lpful so h¡s wife wouldn’t suspect anyth!ng.
‘Can you get someone for th£ position and stop call!ng my phone every time?’
Grissel watch£d keenly while Tom yelled on th£ phone.
h£ hanged up before Stella could say anoth£r word.
‘Is that chicken ready yet? h£ asked after a few m!nutes wh£n Grissel was steal!ng glances.
Tom who decided to h£lp !n th£ kitch£n sat on a chair fl¡pp!ng h¡s phone.
‘Not yet, but what was that all ab©vt.’
‘That over pampered boss j√$t asked me ©vt for a dr!nk.’
‘$h£ did?’ Grissel asked surpris!ng h¡m.
‘Yeah, it’s been a month and I was hop!ng that position would have been filled up already.’

‘Maybe nob©dy is up for th£ task.’
‘That’s not my problem Grissel and I’m hungry now.’
‘I’m almost done h£re but don’t you th!nk your boss j√$t wants to hang ©vt with you.’
‘Call h£r and rem!nd h£r I’m married.’
‘Ease up Tom. It’s j√$t a dr!nk.’
‘With a married man.’
‘Come on, your wife is not compla!n!ng. I can tag along if you want me to.’
‘No thank you.’ h£ said and th£ bell rang..

Th£y looked at each oth£r and Tom left to get th£ door. As it seemed th£y were both not expect!ng anyone.
Grissel, see who we have h£re?’
Grissel left what $h£ was do!ng and came ©vt.
‘h£y,’ Jessy reach£d ©vt for a hug.
‘I didn’t know you were com!ng.’ Grissel muttered.
‘Yeah, I was !n th£ neighborhood and decided to pa$$ by.’
‘You are right !n time for d!nner. Have a seat h£re.’
‘Thank you.’
‘Tom can you please keep h£r company, I want to get d!nner sorted.’
‘Sure, I’m right beh!nd you.’ h£ replied and walked Jessy to get a seat.

‘Is Lisa go!ng to be my new mom? ‘Dani asked h£r dad suddenly after th£ir d!nner.
‘Wh£re did you h£ar that?’
‘I have eyes and ears Daddy.’
‘You have? But you j√$t got h£re.’ h£ !nquired.
‘Why is $h£ hid!ng through©vt th¡s week !n th£ guest room?’
‘Hid!ng? Guest room?’
‘Come on Daddy, you never enter th£ guest room but you did th¡s even!ng and lately I seem to be go!ng away to Grams very often.’
‘Oh I forgot to tell you I have a problem with my b£d so I’m crush!ng th£re th¡s week.’
‘Daddy?’ $h£ $h£epishly called ©vt.
‘Yes love.’
‘Are you ly!ng t…?’ $h£ was say!ng wh£n h£r nanny !nterrupted.
‘It’s time for your bath.’ h£r nanny called ©vt.
Dane sigh£d h£avily and walked ©vt to th£ far end of th£ house and knocked quietly on Melisa’s door while h£ waited for a reply.
Wh£n h£ got no answer, h£ walked !n and h£ard drops of water from th£ shower.
Dane smiled coyly and grabb£d a seat on h£r b£d.
Few m!nutes after Melisa came ©vt luckily with a towel wr*₱ped to cover h£r b©dy.
‘Ready for b£d.’ h£ questioned wh£n $h£ came ©vt.
‘Gosh, you s¢ar£d me.’ $h£ made sure h£r towel was well tied.
‘Sorry but we need to talk.’
‘Am I !n trouble?’
‘Yes we both are.’ h£ replied with a gesture.
‘A Dani problem?’ $h£ questioned walk!ng over to sit.
h£ nodded. ‘$h£ came home th¡s even!ng.
‘I thought you said $h£ would be with your parents through©vt my visit.’
‘I did but th£y s£nt h£r over for th£ night.’
‘Okay, so what’s th£ problem if $h£’s go!ng [email protected]¢k tomorrow?’
‘Emm that seems to be th£ problem.’
‘$h£ has no plans of leav!ng?’ $h£ asked read!ng mean!ng !nto what h£ said.
‘Yes and $h£ knows ab©vt us.’
‘How? I mean $h£ j√$t got h£re and $h£ already figured that ©vt.’
‘I don’t know how yet, but $h£ asked why you are hid!ng !n th£ guest room. $h£’s a smart kid Lisa.’
‘For an eight year old, I th!nk $h£’s j√$t nosy.’
‘Come on, don’t you th!nk two months is enough dat!ng period to talk to h£r ab©vt us.’
‘We talked ab©vt th¡s D. I’m not ready for that responsibility.’
‘Responsibility? What’s that supposed to mean.’ h£ flared up.
‘Th¡s was what i kept tell!ng you I had to work ©vt first and you wouldn’t listen.’

h£ stood up pac!ng @r0vnd. ‘Dani is my responsibility, not yours.’
‘And $h£ becomes m!ne as soon as we make it ₱vblic.’
‘It’s not even like that.’ h£ said still pac!ng @r0vnd.
‘How is it like th£n?’ $h£ questioned with confusion on h£r face.
‘I j√$t want h£r to know so you could stop sneak!ng @r0vnd th£ house.’
‘Well, I’m okay with how th!ngs are now besides we don’t want to confuse Dani and wh£n th!ngs don’t work ©vt b£tweeΠ us $h£ crawls [email protected]¢k !nto h£r $h£lls.’
‘Th¡s is childish and !ns£nsitive at th£ same time.’ h£ replied.
Before $h£ could say anyth!ng else, h£ was ©vt of th£ door.

‘Your dad told me you have some questions.’ Melisa decided to talk to Dani th£ next day after d!nner.
‘Emmm, yes.’
‘I would try and answer honestly.’ Melisa told h£r.
‘Ahaaa, why were you hid!ng !n th£re?’ $h£ mentioned as if $h£ forgot what $h£ wanted to say !nitially.
‘I wasn’t exactly hid!ng. I would have come to f!nd you j√$t after your d!nner th¡s even!ng.’
‘Okay, so are you my new mom.’ $h£ asked with all seriousness.
‘Not exactly but I could j√$t be anoth£r add up to th£ family if you don’t m!nd.’
‘Would that make Daddy happy?’
Melisa made a mental note. ‘I guess so.’
‘Welcome to th£ family.’ Dani muttered. j√$t th£n Dane came knock!ng.
‘Daddy is that you?’ $h£ queried.
h£ peeped !n and was surprised Melisa was !n h£r daughter’s room.
‘h£y.’ h£ gestured to h£r.
‘h£llo.’ $h£ responded nonchalantly.
‘Daddy, did you get that ice cream for me.’

‘I did but it’s almost your b£d time so you can have that tomorrow.’
‘Okay.’ Dani glanced at th£ two of th£m.
‘Can I borrow your friend for a m!nute?’ h£ announced after a few seconds as th£ wh0l£ room was quiet.
‘You can have h£r.’ $h£ smiled.
Melisa tucked h£r !n properly while Dane walked over klzz!ng h£r on th£ fore h£ad.
‘Goodnight Dad. Lisa, I would see you at breakf*st tomorrow.’
‘Alright, I would be th£re.’ $h£ smiled to h£r and walked ©vt with Dane.

‘So you two talked?’ h£ asked h£r beam!ng with smiles.
‘It was th£ right th!ng to do.’
‘And I’m guess!ng I wouldn’t be gett!ng th£ gist.’
‘No, all you need to know is $h£’s a smart kid.’
‘Okay, but I’m sorry I snapped last night.’
‘That’s f!ne, at least we can be seen togeth£r now.’ Melisa a$$ured h¡m.
h£ nodded hold!ng h£r [email protected] by h¡s door.
‘I wish you could come !n but I…..’
‘I understand you D.’
h£ glared at h£r and drew h£r closer after a few m!nutes of silence.
‘What are you do!ng Dane?’
‘Shhhh,’ h£ gestured with h¡s [email protected] and s1©wly klzzed h£r on th£ l¡ps.
‘Come with me Lisa.’ h£ dragged h£r along to h¡s room and quickly shutt!ng th£ door beh!nd h¡m.
‘You don’t want to do th¡s Dane.’ $h£ said wh£n h£ was ₱v||!ng h£r gently towards h¡s b£d.
‘I know what we agreed on.’ h£ reach£d ©vt for h£r l¡ps once m©r£ as th£y laid on th£ b£d.


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