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Blemished Love – Episode 3

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Blemi$h£d Love Episode 3

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Th£y ate !n silence. Tom and chicken were tw!ns. Chicken time always meant quiet time for Tom.

But that afternoon was different, h£ suddenly had a lot to say.

Grissel could feel it because h£ kept steal!ng glances.

‘Tom stop do!ng that.’ $h£ announced.

‘Do!ng what?’

‘Th£ weird glances.’

‘I wanted to ask if you ever thought of go!ng [email protected]¢k home.’


‘Yes, it would be good for you.’

‘I’m sorry ab©vt last night. I can be better today, j√$t don’t s£nd me [email protected]¢k.’

‘Wait, I’m not s£nd!ng you home as !n to your sister’s place. But I mean Ghana. It’s been ten years and you never mentioned anyth!ng ab©vt visit!ng.’ h£ clarified.

$h£ sigh£d h£avily. ‘I don’t need to go. I talk to Mom regularly and I’m not sure I need to be home anytime soon besides $h£ came over for our engagement.’

‘But you need some family @r0vnd Grissel.’

‘I have my sister, that’s enough and you are now family too.’

‘And Aubrey too.’ h£ added.

‘Aubrey,’ $h£ repeated with©vt any expression.


‘Who is that?’ $h£ asked focus!ng on h£r meal.

Tom was suddenly quiet.

‘Tom,’ $h£ called ©vt before h£ bl!nked.

‘Are you okay.’

‘Yeah, absolutely.’ h£ feigned a smile.

‘Who is Aubrey?’ $h£ asked aga!n.

‘Ooh that, I was referr!ng to your sister’s husband.’

‘But h£’s not Aubrey.’

‘Adam, I mean. Th£ decorators name is still r!ng!ng !n my h£ad I guess.’ h£ lied.

‘You j√$t need to forgive h¡m, but I had no problem with th£ turn ©vt of th£ reception. I don’t see why you nearly punch£d h¡m Tom.’ Grissel changed th£ topic.

‘You call that quack job, good.’

‘But it’s !n th£ past now, j√$t forgive h¡m, next time maybe your sister can get over h£r pride and h£lp with th£ event plann!ng.’

‘Forget Mel, but that punch would have made your h£art drop !nto your stomach.’ h£ t£@$ed.

‘You sure know me well.’

‘Do I?’ h£ sigh£d.

Grissel raised h£r h£ad from th£ plates wh£re $h£ bent it a second ago to pick up chicken from h£r plate.

‘That was a joke right?’ $h£ asked with a serious face on look!ng directly !nto h¡s eyes.

Tom was suddenly quiet and looked apologetic.

‘I got you right th£re,’ h£ suddenly burst !nto a hilarious laughter.

Grissel didn’t f!nd it funny at all. $h£ wore a worried gr!n on.

‘Come on, I was j√$t try!ng to make a conversation and apologize for last night.’ h£ muttered. ‘You don’t have to forgive me yet but it won’t happen aga!n.’

Grissel kept h£r worried face on h¡m unable to tell if h£ was ly!ng earlier.

‘Grissel, I said I’m sorry and don’t sue me.’


‘Is that all you are go!ng to say.’ h£ had no idea what’s go!ng on with that expression on h£r face, h£r attention was on h¡m but maybe h£r m!nd was occupied with different thoughts. Tom guessed.

‘Grissel’, h£ called ©vt to h£r.

‘Tom, it’s okay. I’m f!ne and I’m glad we talked ab©vt it. And for your !nformation you are my husband, I can’t sue you for what I happened to enjoy myself.’ $h£ said hurriedly and stood up with h£r plates.

‘Really, you enjoyed?’ Tom’s eyes almost popped ©vt.

$h£ paused and nodded with h£r [email protected]¢k fac!ng h¡m.

‘Is th¡s girl for real right now?’ A t!ny voice wh¡spered to h¡m and h£ quickly shrugged it off !n h¡s surprised state.

‘Okay, I know you might be th!nk!ng I let you off th£ hook easily but it was my fault same as it was yours as well.’ $h£ tried to force a smile which appeared on h£r face foolishly.

‘Are you for real?’ h£ f!nally asked th£ question h¡s m!nd had wanted to ask earlier.

‘Yeah, we are okay Tom.’

‘Thank you but wh£re are you go!ng? You haven’t f!ni$h£d your meal.’ h£ asked wh£n $h£ took some few steps away from h¡m aga!n.

‘I’m fvll and tired. Want to get some rest after h£re.’ $h£ still said with h£r [email protected]¢k fac!ng h¡m.

‘Are you sure that’s all or you j√$t can’t forgive me yet.’ h£ asked worried.

‘No,’ $h£ responded with h£r [email protected]¢k fac!ng h¡m and not so sure which of th£ questions $h£ responded to.

Grissel stood an !nch from th£ table with h£r eyes shut for seconds and th£n $h£ opened th£m quickly with a pa!nful look which drew l!nes on h£r foreh£ad. $h£ f!nally turned @r0vnd mask!ng h£r expression earlier with a fake smile which Tom [email protected] noticed because wh£n it came to Grissel everyth!ng ab©vt h£r is genu!ne.

$h£ walked over dropp!ng h£r plate on th£ table and leaned over seal!ng h¡s opened l¡ps with h£rs.

h£ responded weakly, that wasn’t h¡s idea of apologiz!ng. h£ wanted a real talk because h£ had a lot of th!ngs to talk ab©vt.

‘, le..t’s t..alk first.’ h£ said !n b£tweeΠ th£ir clench£d teeth’s.

‘No,’ $h£ responded.

Tom shut h¡s eyes immediately and opened it, h£ wasn’t so sure what had come over h¡s shy wife.

‘Okay, ar..e y..ou,’ h£ managed to ask with h¡s breath£ !ncreas!ng.

‘Come with me,’ Grissel f!nally let go of h¡s l¡ps and wh¡spered !nto h¡s ears.

‘I thought you were tired earlier.’

‘Don’t ru!n th£ moment Tom.’ $h£ feigned a smile wh£n Tom was not look!ng.

Tom stared, was that h¡s wife. h£ thought silently and followed h£r gesture.


Grissel came to th£ states to pursue h£r educational dreams.

$h£ did extremely well and was lucky to get a job at th£ firm $h£ practiced with.

$h£ had always wanted to be a lawyer like h£r fath£r. After h£ died, h£r mom a retired nurse sacrificed everyth!ng to s£nd h£r over to th£ states to pursue h£r dream. Grissel was j√$t eighteen wh£n $h£ came to th£ states though very young h£r mom didn’t want th£ opportunity of study!ng law to pa$$ h£r by and $h£ ch£cked up on h£r regularly.

Grissel was th£ only child and h£r mom had always been so proud of h£r.

Jessy’s mom is a Ghanaian and h£r Dad an American so wh£n $h£ met anoth£r Ghanaian !n h£r cla$$ th£y became family. Jessy was one of h£r lecturers, who was married to Adam Riggs.

As fate would have it $h£ got along with Grissel s!nce $h£ jo!ned h£r law cla$$ !n h£r first year. Jessy was always amazed at th£ level of knowledge $h£ had ab©vt law and took h£r !n. Th£y both had to depend on each oth£r several times along th£ l!ne. Jessy became h£r sister, confidant and everyth!ng far from home.


‘I would be th£re soon h£nry.’

$h£ smiled to h£rself on th£ phone.

Melisa had no idea Julia was stand!ng beh!nd h£r !n th£ hall way until $h£ saw h£r reflection on th£ gla$$ w!ndow.

Melisa hanged up quickly. h£r Aunty never liked h£nry $h£ felt h£ was bad news anytime h£ spent time with h£r niece.

‘Go!ng somewh£re th¡s late?’ $h£ queried.

Melisa turned @r0vnd like a child, smil!ng mischievously.

‘Okay, I know you don’t like h£nry but I have to meet h¡m soon. We have a night ©vt.’

‘Alright,’ $h£ responded quickly and walked away while Melisa followed.

‘Aunty, it’s not what you th!nk.’ $h£ tried to clarify. ‘Your precious Grissel is ©vt of hook ups for now. We are j√$t hang!ng ©vt for a few dr!nks.’

‘I didn’t ask you for an explanation. You know what’s good for you.’

‘You seem a little angry.’

‘I’m not angry but j√$t call me to pick you up wh£n you feel too drunk to drive. You don’t want what happe……’

‘Yeah I get it, you don’t want anoth£r accident happen!ng soon.’

$h£ smiled and gave h£r a hug, picked up h£r bag on th£ [email protected] and ru$h£d ©vt before Julia could start anoth£r lecture.

Julia shook h£r h£ad worriedly.


‘Do you th!nk we j√$t made our first child?’

h£ asked smooch!ng h£r face which was fac!ng th£ ceil!ng with h£r h£ad on h¡s ch£st. Grissel rolled h£r eyes un!ntentionally and th£n realized $h£ was !n h¡s arms. $h£ tried to smile but couldn’t.

‘Grissel, are you with me?’

‘Yeah but I’m not sure to your oth£r question.’

‘Wow, don’t hurt my ego lady,’ h£ said jok!ngly.

‘Ahaaa, I got you right th£re,’ $h£ feigned a smile and raised h£rself up ₱v||!ng up h£r wears.

‘Are you go!ng somewh£re?’ h£ asked locat!ng h¡s shorts ly!ng by th£ [email protected] !n th£ hall.

‘Clear th£ lunch table and get th¡s hall cleaned up before someone walks !n h£re.’

‘Someone like who. Grissel th¡s is our home, who ¢ar£s if we lie h£re all day. I might even cut you some slack if th£re’s no d!nner tonight.’ h£ w!nked.

‘Tom that’s not happen!ng.’ $h£ hit h¡m on th£ shoulder and walked away.

‘You know you j√$t ru!ned th£ fun right?’ h£ announced as Grissel walked away.

‘Stop wh!n!ng and h£lp h£re with th£ plates.’ $h£ sh©vted ©vt from th£ d!n!ng.

h£ ₱v||ed on h¡s shirt and h£ld on th£ couch to stand up.

‘Can we shower d©wΠ togeth£r after clean up.’ h£ asked walk!ng up to th£ d!nn!ng section.

‘Anyth!ng you want Tom but only after we are done with th£ di$h£s.’ $h£ smiled mischievously to h¡s direction.

Though Tom was relieved from th£ happen!ngs th£ previous night, h£ couldn’t h£lp but wonder how h£r wife quickly recovered from th£ traumatic experience.

‘That earlier was weird.’ h£ muttered quietly reach!ng ©vt for a bowl on th£ table while Grissel seemed lost clean!ng up.

‘What was weird?’ $h£ asked paus!ng what $h£ was do!ng.

‘Noth!ng, I was referr!ng to someth!ng else.’

‘Tom, don’t lie now.’ $h£ sounded angry.

‘I meant we have to talk at a po!nt.’

‘Talk ab©vt?’ $h£ opened h£r eyes widely.

‘You not want!ng to talk ab©vt last night and th£ s€× earlier was not expected.’

$h£ rudely dropped th£ plates on th£ table and rolled h£r eyes.

‘I already told you talk!ng ab©vt it isn’t worth it.’ $h£ raised h£r voice at h¡m. ‘It’s not like you can h£lp me forget so let’s not mention it aga!n.’

‘But you are mak!ng me feel bad and I j…’

‘Were you supposed to feel good ab©vt molest!ng your wife?’ $h£ asked with h£r eyes fixated on h¡m with©vt budg!ng.

‘I didn’t mean to rub it !n but I ju..s..t w.a…’ h£ stuttered with a regrettable face and paused.

‘You j√$t what?’ I want to forget th¡s so please let’s not br!ng it up ever aga!n.’

$h£ threw th£ napk!n on h£r shoulders onto th£ table with th£ attempt of rush!ng off.

‘Grissel, wait up.’ h£ h£ld on to h£r before $h£ could run off.

‘What?’ $h£ asked ₱ush!ng h£r tears [email protected]¢k.

‘I thought we were okay earlier.’

‘You were okay Tom because, I told you I was.’ $h£ snugged ©vt from h¡s grasp. ‘Who is ever okay after th¡s experience?’

‘But you said I was forgiven and we even made lo…’

‘Made love?’ $h£ scoffed. ‘Tom that was an obligation.’

‘An obligation?’ h£ repeated pa!nfvlly.

‘Yes, I did you a favor as a wife Tom.’ $h£ spewed ©vt with an expression that showed was serious.

‘Grissel, what do you want me to do wh£n you were ou….’

‘Save it.’ I don’t want to h£ar it.’ $h£ quickly ru$h£d off while Tom’s m©vth was still opened.

Tom watch£d h£r almost [email protected]||!ng d©wΠ but $h£ quickly got h£r balance [email protected]¢k and vani$h£d !nto th£ir room.

h£ decided to let h£r cool off and th£n cont!nued with h£r clean!ng.


Melisa ₱v||ed !nto th£ Champs bar park!ng lot which was h£r favorite jo!nt because it got th£ caliber of men $h£ ends up with at th£ end of th£ night.

$h£ discovered Champs wh£n Tom m©v£d !nto that area and Julia dragged h£r along to h£lp with pack!ng of h¡s stuff.

Anytime $h£ came to th£ area Melisa knew $h£ was safe as it is j√$t an hour drive from Tom’s house.

$h£ straightened h£r hair and got ©vt and was lock!ng up h£r door wh£n h£nry yelled ©vt.

‘Mel, h£re’, h£ called ©vt to h£r.

‘Relax, let me j√$t lock up.’ $h£ retorted to h£nry who was stand!ng a few meters away from th£ park!ng lot.

Mel f!nally walked to wh£re h£ was stand!ng.

‘Let’s go |ns!de,’ $h£ gave h£r friend a bear hug.

Th£y walked to th£ir favorite table and signaled to th£ waitresses who gestured [email protected]¢k.

‘Hope your Aunty didn’t give you any fake tears th¡s time.’

Mel rolled h£r eyes.

‘Sorry I get it,’ $h£’s off limits.’

‘Glad we are on th£ same page h£nry.’

j√$t th£n th£ waiter walked to th£ir table.

‘Th£ usual,’ h£nry announced once $h£ noticed th£ waitress with h£r notebook and pen b£tweeΠ h£r l¡ps.

$h£ nodded and was turn!ng away wh£n Melisa called h£r [email protected]¢k.

‘I will get Soda water for tonight. Th£ gentle man will take h¡s usual vodka.’

‘Okay, that’s strange.’ $h£ wh¡spered and left immediately after.

h£nry, looked at h£r friend and smiled. Melisa on th£ oth£r [email protected] was look!ng @r0vnd as th£ bar was quiet and not fun as usual.

‘Spill it Mel.’

‘What is th£re to spill?’

‘You tak!ng Soda water?’

‘Oh that, I guess I’m j√$t too fvll tonight.’ $h£ replied.

‘Are you sure or you’ve found h¡m.’ h£nry queried.

‘h¡m? You mean my Dad?’

‘Really, may I rem!nd you we both know th£ wh£re ab©vt of Mr. Addison.’

‘Great, th£n let’s change th£ topic.’

‘I remember you tell!ng me, you would stop tak!ng vodka wh£n you meet Mr. Right.’

‘Well I haven’t yet, today happens to be one of those days I meant to shame th£ devil.’

‘I’m th£ devil th£n.’ h£ frowned.

‘No, I didn’t mean you.’

‘Who else is with you h£re?’

‘Okay I’m sorry. Forgive me love.’

‘Love? That won’t make me forgive you now’

‘I will take our usual.’ $h£ feigned a smile. ‘Is that enough to make you forgive me?’

‘Now my friend is [email protected]¢k,’ h£nry stood up with a ch£erful smile and signaled to th£ waitress which h£ spotted walk!ng [email protected]¢k with th£ir orders.

Th£ waitress understood and went [email protected]¢k.


Melisa wanted to cut d©wΠ h£r drugs and alcohol !ntake. A decision $h£ made th£ last time $h£ met h£r Dad. Though $h£ despised h£r Dad, sometimes $h£ felt h£ had oth£r reasons for leav!ng th£ir mom.

Th£y met several times wh£n $h£ was five and $h£ kept it to h£rself.

Not that $h£ ¢ar£d what ab©vt h£r dad’s long speech on Add¡¢tion but $h£ doesn’t want to end up like h¡m and that night was not ab©vt obey!ng h£r dad.

$h£ had a feel!ng someth!ng was off ab©vt th£ night as h£r usual men were not at th£ high table as if th£y all decided not to come !n that night.

Morris Addison who left Tom’s mom for th£ same reasons known to everyone became a shadow of h¡mself, buried h¡mself !n work and dr!nk!ng but h£ somehow got h¡s old self [email protected]¢k wh£n Tom turned five. h£ had h¡s friends advis!ng h¡m, Tom looks exactly like h¡m so h£ should clean up h¡s life and reach ©vt so h£ did.

h£ never re-married and has been try!ng for years to reach ©vt to h¡s children. Mr. Addison knew h£ failed h¡s children so h£ buried h¡mself !n h¡s job as an Import and Export Specialist with h¡s own company.


‘Girl you are sweat!ng. Are you okay? You barely touch£d your dr!nk.’

$h£ feigned a smile and picked up h£r gla$$ of vodka.

Before th£y knew it, th£y were on th£ir sixth gla$$.

‘Mel, you promised me Grissel, yet I still don’t have h£r.’ h£ said while ch£ck!ng h¡s phone.

‘Yeah, see how that turned ©vt. You were too s1©w h£nry.’

‘s1©w, your broth£r j√$t didn’t want h£r to be m!ne. I won’t give up though.’

‘You should.’

‘$h£’s my dream woman, Mel.’

‘Dream woman? You still don’t believe $h£’s a love peddler. Do you?’

‘I don’t ¢ar£ Grissel, j√$t get my love [email protected]¢k. You know, you owe me.’

‘h£nry, let’s not go th£re.’ $h£ put on a serious face. ‘I must admit I hate Grissel’s gut but Tom has made h¡s choice. j√$t let it go.’

‘I’m not go!ng to Mel, i love h£r. And you are go!ng to h£lp me ©vt.’ h£ said f!nally and took h¡s last gla$$.


Julia worried all night. $h£ knew Melisa would end up !n eith£r h£nry’s or one of h£r numerous rich men’s b£d if $h£ doesn’t go after h£r.

h£r niece never regrets h£r !ntimacy with h£nry or anyone else and Julia blamed h£rself all th£ time for how $h£ turned ©vt.

‘Did th£y stay too long !n anoth£r man’s land or $h£ took better ¢ar£ of Tom than h£r sister.’ $h£ sigh£d and ₱v||ed !n front of Champs.

$h£ saw h£r car !n th£ drive way and wh¡spered to h£rself.

‘Thank God. $h£’s still h£re.’ $h£ smiled weakly.

j√$t th£n th£y both came ©vt fight!ng with th£ir balance. Julia thought $h£ saw someone roll!ng h£r gla$$ up with h¡s [email protected] wh£n $h£ drove !n but $h£ shrugged it off s!nce it was from afar.

‘You sure, you don’t want to follow me home?’ h£nry asked scratch!ng h¡s h£ad. h£ always looked sober even after a lot of dr!nks.

‘Nope, I have lots of plann!ng to do for some clients tomorrow so I better get go!ng.’

‘Are you sure? You could drive beh!nd me so we cont!nue [email protected]¢k home.’

‘Whose home?’

Th£y h£ard a familiar voice beh!nd th£m. h£nry saw Julia first and walked away briskly to h¡s car.

‘Mel, see you next Sunday.’ h£ waved h¡s car keys !n th£ air.

$h£ watch£d h¡m drive away and turned to h£r Aunty’s direction.

‘What are you do!ng h£re?’

‘Noth!ng, I was !n th£ neighborhood and s!nce you didn’t get [email protected]¢k before I left, I decided to ch£ck on you.’

‘Great.’ Melisa replied surpris!ng h£r.

‘You are not angry?’

‘Why should I?’ $h£ questioned Julia barely stand!ng straight.

‘I mean you usually snub me wh£n I come @r0vnd to pick you up.’

‘Ooh so, that’s it. You came to pick me up.’

‘I’m sorry. I was worried ab©vt you.’

‘Yeah I know and it’s f!ne. I th!nk I can’t drive with my h£ad so high on a few dr!nks.’ $h£ staggered. ‘So you are driv!ng.’

‘Okay, let’s go. I will let Tom pick up your car.’

‘That isn’t necessary. Besides h£ might not.’

‘Leave that to me.’

Julia h£ld h£r by h£r [email protected]¡$t and led h£r to [email protected] at th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r car.

$h£ took h£r car keys and walked to th£ security. After discuss!ng with h¡m, $h£ got h£rself !nto h£r ride while stepp!ng on th£ brake.

$h£ dialed Tom’s number and placed it on speaker ©vt.

Grissel who was closer to th£ phone !n th£ hall while clean!ng up picked it up.

‘Tom, your Aunty is call!ng.’ $h£ called ©vt to h¡m upstairs wh£re h£ went a while ago to wash d©wΠ.

‘Take a message for me. Would be d©wΠ !n a while.’

‘h£llo, good even!ng Aunty.’

‘My dear, how are you.’

‘We are f!ne, Tom is tak!ng h¡s bath.’

‘That’s f!ne, j√$t let h¡m know I left Melisa’s car at th£ Champs. h£ should drive it home while $h£ picks it up anoth£r day.’

‘I will let h¡m know that but how do we get th£ car keys.’

‘Ask th£ security at th£ gate. j√$t mention h£r name.’

‘Okay but I hope $h£’s f!ne.’

‘Noth!ng to worry ab©vt, drunk as usual but k!ndly let Tom have someone ch£ck it ©vt for any faults before h£ drives it.’

‘I can h£ar you both Aunty.’ Melisa !nformed.

‘I wanted you to h£ar me,’ Julia retorted.

‘Let us know wh£n you get home. I’ll have Tom call you [email protected]¢k soon. Goodnight.’

‘Not so f*st, you sound like you planned to get rid of me.’

‘No, I j√$t felt you were driv!ng so it wouldn’t be a good idea to talk and drive.’

‘Yes, you are right my dear. Did Tom apologize Grissel?’ $h£ asked wh£n Grissel was mute over th£ call suddenly.


‘You know what I’m talk!ng ab©vt. You don’t have to always cover up for h¡m. Learn to fight for your rights.’

‘h£ told you?’ $h£ asked immediately.

‘j√$t answer me, did h£ make th!ngs right.’

‘Yes, h£ did.’

‘Are you okay and has h£ taken you to see th£ doctor?’

‘Umhh.. .’ Grissel paused.

‘Umhh what?’

‘Aunty I’m f!ne.’

‘I will take your word for it. If I f!nd ©vt you are ly!ng…..’

‘I’m not. We are both okay now.’

‘Good news th£n, you can hang up now.’

$h£ hanged up quickly and shyly.

‘Tom do you have to tell your Aunty everyth!ng.’ $h£ thought to h£rself loudly but shrugged it off.

$h£ ru$h£d up to let h¡m know th£y have to pick up h£r sisters car.

Grissel knew Tom wouldn’t oblige as th£y both [email protected] get along.

$h£ knew of how best to conv!nce h¡m.

Grissel didn’t want anoth£r misunderstand!ng that even!ng like th£ oth£r time $h£ left h¡m rudely at th£ d!nn!ng and th£y had a real argument after, which was ru!n!ng th£ir honeymoon.

But $h£ was so glad wh£n h£ spent th£ last three days try!ng to fix what has already been broken.

Tom was th£ man $h£ pictured h£rself with even after Amy nearly ru!ned th£ir relationship so $h£ had decided to let go of th£ res£ntment because despite what happened $h£ still felt th£ same way $h£ did every oth£r time with Tom !n h£r life. Tom had promised not to repeat h¡s mistakes and th£y have been do!ng so well for th£ past few days.


‘Is $h£ with you?’ Th£ man at th£ oth£r end of th£ call asked h¡m.

‘Not tonight,’ h£ frowned over th£ phone while h¡s oth£r friend who jo!ned h¡m !n th£ car along th£ road glanced at h¡m uncomfortably.

‘Who messed up?’ h£ furth£r asked.

‘Julia came @r0vnd.’

‘Gosh, th£ evil aunty you told me ab©vt?’

‘Yeah, but don’t worry. We will have fun soon.’ h£ said and hanged up.

‘Why are you look!ng at me that way?’ h£nry asked h¡s friend.

‘I was j√$t wonder!ng why not j√$t ask Melisa. ‘I mean, $h£’s already sleep!ng @r0vnd so I’m not sure how th¡s is different.’

h£ looked at h¡s friend who was beh!nd th£ steer. Anytime th£y over dr!nk and Melisa had to end up at h¡s end, h£nry makes sure h¡s friend does all th£ dirty work and drop th£m off.

‘Wh£n men are talk!ng, nitwits also want to talk.’ h£nry said rudely.

‘I’m sorry man.’ h£nry’s friend replied apologetically and turned to th£ steer.

h£nry relaxed on th£ seat and kept h¡s eyes on th£ road for a few seconds.

‘Melisa could be a slut sometimes, but $h£ chooses h¡s own men ¢ar£fvlly.’ h£ f!nally found th£ need to reply h¡s friend. ‘Th£re was no way $h£ would sleep with th£ rest of th£ boys if $h£ knew ab©vt th£m.’

h£nry who had arranged with h¡s friends to spend th£ night wasn’t so happy ab©vt Julia pick!ng h£r up.

h£ usually had to tamper with h£r car anytime th£y had a dr!nk up night at Champs. Once th£ car was unable to m©v£ Melisa always had no choice than to end up go!ng home with h¡m.

Though $h£ suspected a few times, h£nry always managed to conv!nce h£r.

To be cont!nued

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