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Broken episode 19


(Forbidden love 💔💘)

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Episode 19 .


I left .

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I watched him from the roof as he looked around for me, he was being careful not to alert his Aunt again.

I wept.

How is it possible? Why would it have to be him? Why? God why? I can’t imagine myself hurting him.

I recognized him when I attacked him at first, when I saw that it’s him, I wanted to look for a way to escape but he was quick with his hands.

He had pushed me and his hands caught my [email protected] directly in the process, I froze and forgot what I was supposed to do.

My head told me to go, to run far away from him but my legs refused to move. I stood rigid even when he unmasked me.

I can’t ever forget the look he gave me when he saw my face, I could only stare at him.

More tears w€tted my face as I wanted to jump down the roof but noticed some men in black hoods moving towards the house.

No! Sassy had said they will be around and Cleo once said that Marshall collects the most wanted men, if I put the words together, they are here for me and him since I can’t get the work done.

I ran back to the house, Frank is now sitted on the bench in the garden. He turned sharply before I got to him.

He leaped up to his feet and wanted to talk but I shushed him by covering his mouth and leading him into a darker place.

The men jumped in almost at the same time and ran into the house, some of them stood outside to watch out for any entrance.

“My Aunt” he mumbled urging me to leave him alone but I didn’t give him any chance to stand.

We heard a shriek, once…. twice and that was all. Frank’s shoulders sagged as his tears slid down to my hands which I still used to cover his mouth.

“Am sorry” I whispered to his ear and laid his head on my shoulder as he tried holding back his tears.

“No one else is there!” One of the men said and they all ran towards the pen.

“Let’s go, Frank” I took his hand and we ran out through a small gate located behind their garden.

We found ourselves in the woods, we didn’t stop, we ran farther away into the forest to escape them.

I know they won’t stop until they find us. What’s happening to me? Am suffering myself to protect someone am supposed to kill, and I have ended up putting my life on the line.

Am I really doing the right thing? Wouldn’t it be better if I end his life and save mine than let the two of us die together? How will I get out of this mess? .

We ran farther into the woods until our feets itched, but I didn’t stop running, he didn’t either.

We ran for quite somewhile before he suddenly stopped running and fell on his knees and palms when we landed on clean sand.

I could see a wide river before us which implies that I can’t urge him to move further.

I felt very tired but I can’t show my weakness to him lest we perish this night, someone has to be strong. I don’t blame him, alot has happened to him in a few minutes.

I don’t know what that woman means to his life, but I know that if I am the one who lost a relative like that, I would be weeping like a child.

I went down on my knees and cupped his face “Frank, am really sorry” I whispered and bit back my tears.

“No…. don’t be, it’s not your fault. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have died with her” he said cleaning his face with the back of his head.

Oh God! He doesn’t even know the consequences of my choosing to keep him alive, neither does he understand that we might not make it alive tonight.


just have to be strong, we need to get to safety now, they are following us” I said hastily drawing him up with me.

“Yes….but, listen to me Anna, they are after me. It is my life they want and if you are seen with me then your life will be on the line!”

He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t know anything about me at all! If he does, he wouldn’t be so worried about me.

“Frank, there’s no time to waste here talking about whose life is in danger and whose life isn’t, we need to find a way and cross this river now!”

“How are we supposed to do it, I would have suggested we swim across but it’s too dark to see if there’s any dangerous animal inside”

“There must be a way out, let’s go down to that side and see if we can find something to help us across!” I was already racing towards the left riverside.

He came with me, my feet hitted something and I fell face down on the sand, he fell over me because he was right behind me.

He rolled off and helped me up, particles of sand entered my eyes and the pains were unbearable but it’s least of my problems even when tears covered my eyes.

“Am sorry, are you okay?” He said worriedly as he cleaned sand off me.

“Am fine, I think we can make use of this plank” I said when I touched the thing I fell over.

It’s a big plank that seems to have been part of a boat, I can’t tell because it’s so dark and I can’t figure out what it is.

He lifted the plank up and agreed with me that it’s going to help us but he said worriedly; “if the two of us use it, it might sink”


just have to try, come on” I used my hands to search for something we will use to control it so it would move forward.

He kept the plank at the riverbank and came to help me in search of a stick, he found one but it’s too weak and tiny.

“Where are you going?” I asked him when he moved farther into the bushy side.

“I have to pull down a young tree out there or we aren’t gonna make it outta here” he replied already pulling one of the trees.

I went to him and we did it together, it’s too heavy but he said he will control it himself.

Thankfully, the plank contained the two of us and it didn’t flop as we sailed till we almost got to the other side when the men came into view.

They shot at us and in the process of dodging their bullets, we fell inside the river and we had to swim out.

Do I know how to swim? No….no….no. I felt myself sinking as I gulped water into my system…… I tried but the more I tried, the more I sank….


“You said your daughter would do that job perfectly well, what’s happening Rachel, what do we call this?!”

Marshall had been howling restlessly ever since one of the men called him to notify him about Brianna’s change of plans.

I don’t even know what to call it, how can she be putting her life in danger by escaping with the guy he’s supposed to terminate?

What’s her gain? I know for sure she wouldn’t be able to make it alive because Marshall’s men won’t stop until they get them.

“Wait, are you actually blaming me for this? Like, you think I told her to neglect her mission, why would I do that?

Look here! I was the one who practically told you to get her to complete the mission before she goes out of hand, she and I know how stubborn she is!”

“I have wasted too many resources for this very wealth, I can’t let that chit get away with this, she will pay with her life!” He said furiously.

He retrieved his phone from his bag and dialed a number, he cursed as he waited for his boys to connect the line. He isn’t a patient person when matters like this arises.

“What’s the situation now?!” He barked to the phone when someone received.


came closer to know if I would hear a thing, but the connection seems bad and I couldn’t put his words together.

“In that river? Well, they just met their own death, all you have to do is keep watch, if any of them surfaces, shoot! Do you understand?”

Marshall shouted a command to his boys and cutted the line with so much rage. He slammed his phone on the wall and went inside.

I am not surprised, because I, myself is very enraged at what’s happening, how are we going to get the docvments if they are shot?

I am more worried about the amount of wealth I will loose because of that girls foolishness, I think she deserves to die after all.

I picked up Marshall’s phone, coupled it and took it inside to meet him. I think it’s wiser to calm him down and make him understand that he needs the boy alive.

Without him signing out his father’s docvments which is in his name, there’s no way this mission is ever gonna be completed.

He would be terminated after the docvments are in our possession, I can’t let such a massive wealth go to waste.

I met him inside his computer room punching the keyboards with all his might, I went to him and placed his phone in front of him.

“Don’t you think killing that boy without having the docvments signed out to us is not acceptable, they need to bring him to us alive” I said coolly.

“That’s…. yeah, I think you are right, I will call the boys back to inform them” he said thoughtfully.

I placed my hand on his back and caressed gently, I bent over and kissed his forehead lightly.

“Well, about Brianna……..” He started but I covered his mouth with mine to shut him up.

“I don’t care, she putted herself into this trouble. I mean she just has to complete a simple task and be free but she failed woefully”

I said turning him to face me, I took his hand and placed it on my [email protected]

“Let’s ease our stress” I whispered to him and he chuckled. I smiled at my success, I know his weakness.


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