Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – episode 13



 They traversed through the forest for their southern destination, they had walked quite a distance but yet had not reached their destination. They continued till they were exhausted and they sat down to take in some breath and have a meal before they proceed. They walked towards a huge tree, with wide network of branches and could serve as a canopy to shied them from the scorching sun. “I quite enervated and would really like to stay here forever.” Frank said ironically but trying to raise a joke. The rest were to tired to bother about his speech as they sat down tiredly under the tree and brought out the snacks and were munching it as if their lives solely depends on it. “Go through the map and tell us the exact place we are in.” Jane said. Jack brought out the map and studied it with the compass and said. “It is called the “SAMSARA AREA OF DOOM” and no detailed explanation was given about this part of the forest as it is said it remains a mystery to the outer world.” Jack explained a bit alarmed. “So that insinuates, that our fate staying here is not certain.” Frank ch¡pped in. As if in agreement, they heard a loud and angry bellow from different directions as a group of men who were bare chested coupled with their tattered shots and bare foot with a sword in hand, sent the message across that they were cannibals and behaving quite primitive, they numbered about forty five {45} or there about in number. They continued bellowing and dancing wildly, probably rejoicing at the prospect of a nice meal.

“They look quite healthy and would be good for our consumption.” their leader said aloud, and they laughed maniacly as their huge and dirty body convulsed under the impact of laughter. They surrounded the trio and the three backed each other and were regulating their steps and breath as the cannibals formed a ring around them. “You guys sure looks disgusting, when was the last time you had a proper meal?” Jack asked quite disgusted at the prospect of eating ones fellow human being. “Oh!! About that, just a few hours ago.” He said and they charged at the three agent, the three of them equally retaliated and ran towards the approaching cannibals. Jane ran along too, upon being close to a huge man probably born from the Hercules race, the man made to grab at her, but she twisted herself from the mans grip and continued running forward as a man tried rendering an assault on her from the back, she flinged her bow back and the sharp edge of the sword lacerated his chest, the man grunted and painfully crash to the ground. A particular set of carnibal with a bald hair but very muscular stood on her way, she continued running towards him, upon close contact, she glide through the ground with her knee and delivered a heart wrenching karate chop on his manh-od, and she slid past in between his two legs. She got up and ran towards a tree, that had been her plan all along. She ran towards the and ran along the edge of the tree in a running style. She found a favorable s₱0t in a branch and brought out her bow and was delivering shots upon shots all was a clean head shot.

As all this was going on Jack and Jane were equally combating the cannibals. Frank pulled his sword and Jack fetched his .45 special and the melee charged up. Frank ran towards one of the men and jumped high in the air and cleaved his sword downwards towards the man, before the man could raise a sword in defence, his head had already being cut clean by Frank’s sword and blood pumped out from his already headless neck. Frank turned and threw a dagger at an approaching man and the dagger struck at the man’s chest, sending spasm of blood from the man’s mouth and he slammed to the ground, Frank turned swiftly and feinted to the opposite side as a man thr-st his sword towards Frank’s back, he barrel rolled and speared the man with his shoulder and the man fell in a heap.

 Jack pulled his .45 special as he reasoned that this was not enough reason for him to use his main weapon. He pulled the trigger at an approaching man and the bullet blasted off the man’s head. He turned and saw about ten men of the men circled around him and were rotating their sword as if in a sword dance. Jack rotated in an anti-clockwise direction and motion, before one could bit an eyelid, he performed a 360 degree turn turn as he sprayed the bullet towards the approaching men the bullets rained in torrent at the men as they convulsed upon close impact with the men. Tearing limbs, ripping open the stomach or tearing away the hand. Depending on where it hit the person. They continued with the fight until all the men were either gravely injured or dead.


“We are one mile from our actual destination, we have got to be fast and head towards the place i badly need a rest.” Jack said. They walked tiredly for nearly half a mile, when Jane suddenly out of the blues suddenly fell and stumbled, her action nearly exposed them as she immediately released a gunshot which was a mistake, were their to be anyone close by it was already a game of attraction. Frank and Jack gathered to know the cause of the fall. They saw a dead body, with its wh0le body lacerated and blood flowing from his orfices but he was already dead. Jack knelt beside the corpse as he examined the dead body, he saw a bullet lunged in his forehead, he sighed and got up in silence, with unspoken sadness written all over his face. They looked around and saw a place that swams of flies, were hovering around, the sound of their humming!!!! Could raise the dead to life. They couldn’t make out what attracted flies of such magnitude to that particular direction. Jack made to draw closer to the awkward scene but Frank pulled him back. “I think that whatever is there needs to be view from afar to avoid stories that touches the heart.” Jane said for the first time in almost a millennium. Frank fetched a binoculars from his backpack and viewed the happenings around. He was momentarily shaken, when he was through with what he saw but retained his composure, Jack collected the binoculars and equally took a look, but only sighed and handed over the binoculars to Jane. She gasped and looked at the other two with eyes filled with emotions. The scene they saw was really heartbreaking, they saw hundreds of rotten corpse at the point of decomposing being devoured by million flies, piercing and perching in a dominating manner. “That confirmed my guess, that this is their own sort of morgue for disposing the people they murdered.” Jack said. Because after their fight with the cannibals, that cannibals can only leave in an area were there is a high tendency of having high rate of corpse. They found out that the cannibals were manipulated by the militants and got their minds on only to serve them the way they can an adamantine sword was even drawn on their necks. They could see the guys really have various means available to them.

By night fall they finally arrived their destination and they set up tent for the night, after they had settled down Jack turned to Frank and said. “According to the plan, you would be starting tomorrow on your first assignment, but as it stands now, things are already escalating to a different level, as dangers are lurking around and soon the main guys in question are gonna know that we are in here, its best we bring the war to them than the other round because it would be very delicate and would spell doom for us all. That is if they had not already gotten wind of it. So you start this night and according to the plan, you plant trackers all over the buildings. Except the main underground, were the bad man Abdulrahi, himself resides. That is an existence we are not sure yet and we really need to have an accurate hypothesis in other to infiltrate the stronghold, but for now, stay clear of there. Bug all the buildings, more especially the computer room, so we might get a little forward in our plans and do not forget no killings, sneaking in and do your job without leaving a track of the most infinitesimal testimony, that an intruder scavenged his way in there. Kill only when an emergency that is life threatening or what can blow you cover hits you. You just got to know your onions that’s all. Remember signal us if the zone signals all red, so we might be of help if necessary. Jane, will help you with her sniper view to tell you how many guards that are mapped sentries the outer front, immediately you are in we can’t be of help and you are on your own.” Jack dished out the procedure necessary for the mission ahead. Frank only nodded and immediately left to get prepared, few minutes later, he emerged in a black and black attire for him to easily merge with the night and a mask was placed on his forehead and a sword placed on his back. No need for further explanation you can tell the rest. “Good to go.” He said as he strapped a packet like substance his wa-ist line. “Goodluck bro.”
sure to be safe.” Jack said. Jane walked outside with a sniper in hand, as she located a very tall tree about a kilometre and made for it. Frank followed her close by and his figure could not be made out in the dark.. Jane reached the tree and climbed like a wild cat. She placed her sniper and set it to nightmode, positioning it in a manner that she could see all the happenings outside the building. . . . .

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