Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – episode 7

Episode 7
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<< Jack sighed, that was already a week ago, and that was his second time of his taking a life. NOTE: You would know the event that preceded his first killing. He bent down and spilled the wh0le content to the ground and several white paper, fell along with the money, in the purse. He picked up the first paper and read it through, his expression changed from that of excitement to that of guilt, “this must really be important” He thought. “What the f-ck have i done?” He asked rhetorically. Unknown, to Jack someone was watching him from a close distance and overheard what he said, he mused a smile and said. “This boy is quite an interesting character. Come to think of it, he is quite intelligent, when placed in the same shoe with his fellow rogues, he is quite distinct. To the best of my knowledge, most does not bother to check to know if you have an important file in the collection, they only see the money, the rest are baldersh. Jack was still heaping blames on himself. “Should i return it?” He asked as if expecting an answer. “No that is stupidity, its quite risky, even if i decide, where on earth would i see him?” He asked out aloud. “oh!! Young boy. Any problem?” Came an unwelcomed voice. Jack jerked off from his thought and turned to behold the man he had stole from with arms folded and with a cute smile on his face. “That was a nice show of bravado young man.” He said. “Anyway since time immemorial, they the brave starts from the youth. That was quite a risky one, you know?” Jack was still in a daze, because he was sure no one followed him, and the place was a no go area for a man of such calibre. The man would should have met many of the street lords who would have bullied him to a point of no return. That he was because of an entrance known only to him. How come, he thought in his mind, as his mind swirled from one possibility to another , discarding and bringing up new ideas. He rose up from his sitting position, as sweat poured out from his forehead like a mighty ocean. “Young man what is your name?” The man asked him. “not important.” Jack replied and ran off, forgetting to fulfill his resolution to give the money back to the man. The man stood, where he was and smiled. “What a foolhærdness!!” he commented, still folding his arms and maintaining his gentle smile.. “This boy really catches my fancy, i better be on the look out for him, before he lands in trouble.” He said and walked off.

Jack ran off, with a borrowed speed from Mercury a rom-n god of speed, trying to escape to escape from an unknown predator. When he had covered a great distance, he turned to know, if he was being pursued and saw no one. He paused to catch his breath. When he felt he was okay, he dashed off again. As he was running a sixth instinct told him to do away with the run, but he over looked the voice and kept running. Shortly after that, he stumbled upon, where about fifteen young men were gathered, sharing the dividends they got from the days business. As most were smoking, dancing and planning the next to be executed. Jack stood there dumb struck.


Poison’s men had sworn to make sure to apprehend, whoever that murdered Poison. And unknown to Jack, he was marked as one of suspects, because an anonymous said he saw Jack in a squabble during the fight, but was too preoccupied with his opponent to mind the affairs of another. “Hey ably, wetin carry you come here? One of them with their regular pidgin English. “Abi say you no know say, here na no go area? “Abeg make una no vex, na run carry me come here.” Jack said. Sweating profusely. “Then that run come carry you come here?” “Today na your last.” A very thin man said among them. Jack turned and made to run away, when he was intercepted by one of their incoming member. Jack thought it was the man, but on turning, saw that it was a popular figure in the street. Called Siphon. Who equally was a ruffian to the core but keeps in low profile. Jack looked at him stupidly and made to in a different direction, when a brain reformatting slap landed at the back of his head, totally sweeping him off his feet. “You think say i come here they Jones? Abi we resemble mumu for your eyes? A blood shot eyed man said. “Comrades this boy resemble that boy, wey them they yarn say, him catapult Poison of blessed memory, over board.” “It is not me, i don’t know what you are talking about.” Jack said cramped with fear. “Ohh!! So you still get mouth to de say rubbish.” The man yelled as he unleashed a slap that could render the world asunder. Luckily for Jack, he saw it on time and stumbled out of the way and made to run off the second time. Some where sitting not paying attention to the drama, rose up in anger, Coupled with the effect of marijuana. Jack hadn’t stepped out a second foot when, he stepped and misplaced a foot.” So you still get mind to escape.” he said and slapped him heavily across the face. “So na you wey get liver, come do that kind thing.” One of them said with murderous tears welling in him. “What a day!!” Jack thought. Jumping from frying pan to the main fire, he thought. Today he thought that he made a fortune, was really today?” He said assimilating the irony and twist of fate of today’s activities. “Common jazz down, make we reason your matter.” one of them ordered. Jack respectfully sat down, without further thought or the mind to escape. “So tell us how you take do that. Because it surprises me say a small boy like this fit kill the all powerful Poison, make we reason am well.” One of them said with clear disbelief. “Me too sef, but it de more than possible, so fine boy like get that liver, my guy you no get joy at all.” He spoke, accompanying his speech with a kick. Jack winced in pain and rolled around, holding his belly. “This kind boy ehh!! When he rise for this street, then you go know say yawa don gas.” He said and equally slapped up Jack’s face. Then a voice from nowhere said. “I will advice you not to try that again.” They all turned in anticipation, in other to see who dared, trespass into the lion’s den, with such an undertone, but couldn’t see anyone. “Sure you guys are quite thick skinned. Full fledged men bullying a helpless boy. Shamelessness at the extreme. Packs of stupid and treacherous fools.” The unknown voice said drawing closer.

To be continued

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