Clash Of Interest

Clash Of Interest – episode 8



They turned in shock, in readiness to know the speaker, lo and behold, the unknown voice neared them revealing himself as the man, Jack met earlier. Scipon comforted himself and voiced out. “Wetin you de do here Mr. Man?” Scipon queried. “I here for the boy, i need him can you give him to me? He requested. “See this yeye man, you chop witch, abi say you don tire to live? Come carry am na.” He said. “Scipon ignored the speaker and said. “Oga, you don enter for our case, you suppose know wetin next.

Common come Carry that your useless nyash, come nyash down here.” He said in anger. “First you enter our carbal, that one na offence number one, then you come for the face of the great Pilot they request for their captive. Who you think say you be? Come lie here, immediately.” He ordered. “Make me do that.” the man dared him. And i will advice you not to touch the boy again.” Jack was surprised at the turn of event and the effrontery the man posed, and was a kind of frightened for himself and the man who entered here all because of him, reasoning how can a single man best ten, known throughout the street for their nefarious and ruthless act. The rogue who spoke earlier rushed at the man to beat the senses out of the man. The man stood his ground, pretending to be oblivious of the intended assault, he stood still with arms folded and maintaining a sinister smile. Then he suddenly acted, he raised his hands quickly as the upraised hands of the rogue came crashing on him in an indomitable stance. He held the rogues hands firmly, the rogue tried retrieving his hands but that proved abortive as he couldn’t move a finger, the more he tried, the more he felt his hands hurt him, the others, stood in astonishment, as the guy in question was widely known for his brutal nature. The man forcefully twisted the rogue’s hand, the crack of a broken arm and the simultaneous wail of pain could be heard heard, the man cried tragically as only a layer of flesh held his hands from k-ssing the ground, the man slumped to the ground, with pains all over his expression. “who is next?” The man said dropping his victim. One of the men took up a bottle lieing aimlessly, he broke it on his head and threw it at the man. The man twirled around in the air, and caught the bottle upon close contact. “Another day throw it more accurately and perfectly like this.” He said as he casually flick the broken bottle in the air, sending it directly to the assailants laps. The man clutched his th-gh region, gnashing his teeth in pains at the pains inflicted by the assault. “That’s How to throw it perfectly, you got to take your bullying attitude to the next level.” he said decisively.. “It seems i got to be on my way with the boy.” the man said. “I that all or are you all suddenly afraid, don’t you want me to lie down again and nyash down?” He taunted. “My comrades, after him.” Scipon yelled. After the death of Poison, Scipon was the unspoken leader of the Pilots and being one of the power house in the street his position was likely unquestionable.. They launched out towards the man in a stampede with different weapons and kinds they could lay their Hands on. “They all circled around him with clubs poised for action.


They all circled circled around him with their clubs, poised for action. “Bring it on.” The man yelled as adrenaline rushed through his every move, flexing and bouncing in the middle of the men. Scipon rushed and swayed his weapon towards the man, he dodged it with a side flip, making Scipon to lose his balance, the man swirled around and made a tornado kick at the approaching man, launching him flying, out of the circle of men. The fight continued as the man really gave them a run for their money, as most of them could be seen shouting in desperation, as the man gave them a good beating. Jack was still watching, wallowing in ecstasy at the sheer displayal of skills by the man. Jack saw Scipon trying to lunge a sneak attack on the fighting man, he turned by chance and saw a fairly huge stone, lying aimlessly on the ground, he grabbed and threw it out with so much ferocity, that if the early men where around, they would have been greatly jealous, the stone landed at its designated s₱0t, which was on Scipon’s outstretched arm, and it was at his joint cap, making Scipon to shout out in pain, rolling in pain. The man turned sharply and saw Scipon on the ground, rolling in pain, he smiled and gave Jack a thumbs up and continued, with the fight. In every direction his fist or legs went, the splatter of blood must be a sure game and most at times he was airborne. Two guys among the league, rushed at him, they delivered punches in aimlessly and in desperation, he dodged them as they were soon lost in exhaustion. He saw a man trying to rise to his feet, he ran towards him and made a lazy leap in the air and delivered an earth swirling, superman punch, which sent the man instantly unconscious. “that was a tough one.” he muttered as he cracked his knuckles loudly and stretched his bones to its limit as the sound of bones moving to its actual place could be heard. Jack rushed towards him and kowtowed, three times on the ground, thanking him, totally forgetting the afternoon’s incident. “im Jack by name sir, thanks for saving me, if not for you, i can’t explain the mess i would have been right now. The man smiled and helped him up. “You are quite an interesting character, Jack.” The man said in a surprised expression. “I asked of your name and you told me it was not important, but i never asked you now and you are spilling the beans.” “Sir, forgive my immature attitude.” i was a kind of afraid to disclose my identity for fear of being apprehended by the police and you.” Jack said as a matter of fact. “And here is your purse sir.” He said offering the purse to the man. “no need for that boy you can keep, just give me the doc-ment therein.” He said soothingly and no need to be apprehensive boy, that’s all in the past. I hærdly get impressed, but the fit you pulled today in the market changed my perspective, About you street boys.” The man stated. And Jack bowed his head in uncondoned shame. “How did you learn how to read and write fluently?” The man queried. “I do attend evening classes at a nearby secondary school, Sir.”
 “That’s quite impressive, lets leave here, i would take you somewhere and would like to know more about you boy. I like you i must sincerely say.” The man said quite impressed. “Thank you sir. what is your name sir? “Oh!! That, not necessary as i think you would get to know me more, anyway just call me Bro Harry.” “Sir would you teach me kungfu? “hahaha!! Do you really want to learn that?” “Why not, if not sir? So that i can defend myself from this street bullies.” Jack said still showing that he had an atom of childisness in him. ” My boy.” The man said, putting his hands on Jack’s shoulder. ” Your scope in life should not be limited to the street, you are destined for more fits. Like i said i like your courage and smartness.” The man said as they turned to leave.

To be continued

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