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Contract marriage episode 8 – finale


Contract Marriage – Chapter 8



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What is min trying to say,,i dont remember having anything to do with min talk more of having s£x with her
Gosh i need to see maria
I quickly put a call across marie because i do have her on my social media and ask for us to meet
Somehow i have been having a strange feeling about something but i cant just place my hands on it when my phone rang

I went back home took a shower and layed on my bed thinking about my life
what is tan didnt cheat intentionally?
What if it was planned
Why is he acting like he dosent remember anything that happened that day
You know i havent settled down and reasoned this matter properly ,,gosh i need to see someone “yoon”
“Thanks for accepting to meet up with me”i said and yoon smiled at me
“Its okay remember we use to be close back in school “he said and chuckled
“Am sorry i had to call you out for this but i have been trying to understand what really went on between maria and tan back in high school”i said
“Well maria made you saw what she wanted you to see and you believed it ” yoon replied
“But i saw them [email protected] together and cuddling “i replied back
“Like i said that was what she wanted you to see ,,base on what i discovered Tan was druged by maria but the both of you never really settled down to hear each other out ,,,even tan has no idea that he was drugged by maria ,,he saw you cheating and got upset “yoon replied
I have some other talks with yoon before leaving him
I cant believe i took such a harsh decision without even looking into the matter closely
i went back home and prepared dinner for me and tan
I have to settle with him now that am carrying his child ,,,,you heard me guys i dint later abort the baby,i couldnt do it
When i lay on that hospital bed i thought what if my mom had done same to me,,that means i wont be born
And now that i know that am the reason for the break up ,i have to find a way to mend things
soon the door cracked open and i felt nervous instantly
Tan walked in looking all miserable and tattered
“Omg what happened to you”i asked worridely
“Did you abort the pregnancy ?”tan asked which threw me off guard
“I didnt “i replied back
“Why didnt you tell me you were pregnant”he asked with concern
“Well i wasnt sure of us yet” i replied
“See the thing about maria was all a mistake and….”
” I know,,i finally find out the truth “i added
“Am sorry i didnt give you any chance to explain your self “i said
“its okay ,i shouldnt have let maria come between us in the first place ” He added
“So are we good now”he asked and i nodded shyly
He raised my face up with his hands and kissed my lips passionately
God knows i have been carving for this since i got pregnant

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Final Chapter

It been nine months already and everything have been going on really good for min and tan
It was the plan of min’s mom and tan’s mom to bring them back together and that was how they came up with the idea of CONTRACT MARRIGE which luckily worked out for them
Min gave birth to a cute baby girl who they named lisa and they lived happily ever after

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