Count the stars with me episode 1 – 2

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Meet Zarl and Jack the two brothers whom are blessed with wealth from their father “Mr kinn”

“the two brothers are from the same father but not the same mother to classify that they’re step brothers ,they from Australia and they lived there with there family

Zarl was the illegitimate child there while Jack was the legal one as they use to say because Mrs kinn was the one who gave birth to him after her marriage to Mr kinn

Zarl mother died while giving birth to him and that’s Mr kinn girlfriend back then before he got married to Mrs kinn out of his parent wish.

he took Zarl in and took care of him ; loves and care for him as his own but Mrs kinn never liked zarl she maltreat’s him thou not in front of Mr kinn ,Zarl is just a year older than Jack making him the first son

Zarl grow up with fear and has already gotten use of the way his stepmother treats him even his stepbrother Jack treats him bad

Now meet Carl Rupert the son of Mr and Mrs Rupert a rich billionaire ,he’s the only child and they pamper and take care of him ,his ;rude , arrogant, pompous,sassy, and disrespectful he waste and spend money extravagantly even thou his still a university student.

what happened next when Carl Rupert has to go over to Mr kinn house and start living with them find out more…..




Common man you can’t do this to me okay you can’t I’m a teenager okay I can take care of myself.

No you can’t take care of yourself you’re going over to live with my best friend and his family don’t worry kinn won’t bother you he would take care of you ,I’m going to England with your mother for a very important business to run over there and you’re my only child I’m doing all this for you. ” Mr Rupert Mutter pulling Carl out of the car.

bye honey please be safe ,Mrs kinn take care of my beloved son please okay. ” Mrs Rupert said as she hand her son over to them.

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let’s go honey unless we will miss the flight. ” Mr Rupert stated , and they walked back inside the car waving at Carl who was frowning deeply.

hi Carl .” Mr and Mrs kinn greets.

hold your greetings tell your servants to show me my room I want to be alone. ” Carl snapped walking inside

“wow ” Mr and Mrs kinn expressions read.

his so rude and arrogant just like his parent said. ” Mrs kinn smiles.

yes exactly just like your son to the servants. ” Mr kinn mutter and they both walk inside.

welcome to my humble home Carl meet my two sons ,zarl and jack.” Mr kinn introduces him to his two sons zarl and jack

whatever ,hey you lead the way show me the room I want to rest. ” Carl said arrogantly as the maid lead the way.

<<< <<<>>>>>

The entire family gathered at the sitting room to eat but Carl isn’t there ,they sent a servant to call him but he ignored them.

you know what Zarl go upstairs and call Carl okay. ” Mrs kinn said calmly.

ok Ma’am.” Zarl mumbled fearfully and ran upstairs to call him,he reached there and knock on the door and immediately the door opened.

why are you people always so dumb and stupid ,if this is my house I would have fired you all right ……… but he pause immediately he looked up and saw the person standing there.

he put his two hands on his chest and cross his leg

what again ,they sent you here to force me down there ??,
I can see you’re taller than me.”Carl glares and wanted to walk back inside but Zarl grab his and pull him gently staring deeply into his eyes and say

please dear come downstairs with me I beg of you. ”

“how dare you” pull me like that leave me alone. Carl yell and push Zarl hard with force and he fell down immediately due to the fact that he wasn’t expecting that but Carl doesn’t care he walked back inside and bang the door.

Zarl bite his lips sadly and stood up ,I’m going to face another problem in this house ? ” he thought sadly and walk back to the dinning room.

where is the person you we’re sent to bring here ? ” Mrs kinn ask

Mother he refused to follow me down here

why didn’t you pursued him do you want him to starve to death ??!

I will never think of doing that mother but I really tried but he refused. ” Zarl said fearfully even thou his now a grown man running his own business part as the manager of one of his dad’s hotel his Still very much afraid of his step mum.

is fine don’t worry whenever his hungry there’s food In the kitchen and the maids are here they can fix another food of his taste for him please son come sit beside me . ” Mr kinn Mutter with a smile.

thanks dad ” Zarl smiles back and sat beside his father and they begin to eat the food.

<<<<<<>>>>>>AN HOUR LATER

I’m fu**ing serious man ,dad didn’t even allow me stay in my own house ,he took my keys ,cars and everything just to make sure I stay over at Mr kinn kinn or whatever house and to worsen the situation the grown up men here are annoying me already .” Carl said to his best friend Gary over the phone .

take it easy on them bro , remember your dad is fucking rich and people are jealous of you ,alot of a**es out their envy you bro so you shouldn’t blame down they’re watching out for you ,they even hired secret guards for you from the agency and you’re not proud of them ?,common bro they’re just be nice and caring to their only son you know. ” Gary replied over the phone.

hey hey buddy what’s with the lecture huh ??,
what exactly are you trying to imply right now that I’m the one over doing things here ,I don’t want to stay here ,don’t worry I got my plans packaged already I can just do normal trouble making stuffs and call my parent ,tell them that they’re maltreating me here trust me bro especially that one that came here to pull me down to have goddamn concoction as lunch I’ll ” Carl Said expressing a disgusting look.

hmmm you know what buddy I will call you back later okay my mum is calling. ” Gary Mutter obviously tired of the annoying Carl complaining over everything.

alright man see you .” Carl said and ended the call.

let’s go get some fruits. ” Carl mutter and stood up walking out of the room,he walk downstairs and met one of the maids.

get me some fine fruits I need them as fruit salad be fast about that don’t waste my time. ” Carl ordered and sit at the dinning chair plugging in his ear piece .

Suddenly Zarl came down and sit opposite him,

hi !, Zarl greets.

where are your parent ? ” Carl ask ignoring his greetings.

they went out together,jack also went to see his friends. ” Zarl added ”

I never asked about your ugly brother you don’t have to add that okay. ” Carl snapped “.

can you please stop being rude to me you’re hurting me. “, Zarl mutter calmly staring deeply into Carl eyes meanwhile immediately he said that ,Carl face him fully and stare deeply into his eyes.

sir your fruit salad is ready. ” a maid said dropping the fruit on the table and also reliving them out of the awkward moments they were in.

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Carl face down and start munching on the fruits in front of him.

what kind of business are you doing ?? “Carl suddenly ask.

I’m the Manager of one of my dad’s hotel ,I read business education in school but I’m already half to complete up my own hotel thou it’s a secret no one knows about it here. ” Zarl anwsered sharply.

I never asked you of your secrets you know ,I just ask what kind of business you are into that’s all. ” Carl says rudely.

oooh. ” Zarl mouthed and bite his lips.

what about your brother and who is the eldest between you two ??, ” Carl ask.

his also a business man like me, and his managing one of my dad’s wine manufacturing company , and I’m the eldest son. ” Zarl anwsered.

hmmmm ,his is large why ? ” Carl ask ”

his ??, what do you mean by his is large. “zarl ask

I mean why would he be the one in the manufacturing company of wine making ,you should be the one I mean their is much gain in it than that of a hotel ,I know your dad’s wine company it sales greatly as much as I can remember but hotels are just a low income business for your rich home. ” Carl mutter.

Emmm you’re right ,but I choose that one ” Zarl mutter remembering how his dad wanted to hand over the wine company to him but his step mother refused and said his own son must take the wine company not the hotel and jack persisted he also wants that but his dad refused but due to the fact that he wants peace to reign he let them take that and he go for the hotel,his father loves him so much that’s why his Atleast happy in his life and …..

hey are you listening ? ” Carl yell making Zarl to snap out of his thoughts.

emmm yes what were you saying ? ” Zarl ask nervously

what’s even your name ?, Carl yell angrily because his being talking to him only to find out that his not listening to him.

my name is Zarl ” he replied “.

Zarl ??, this is hilarious that’s sounds like my name. ” Carl says with a smirk.

ok ,so what’s your name ? ” Zarl ask.

my name is Carl. ” he said .

Carl and Zarl are friends now right ? ” Zarl ask.

no we are not friends I don’t like it here I want to go home. ” Carl frown.

it’s alright don’t worry you will go homs soon enough ,if you need anything just let me know okay. ” Zarl says.

I don’t need anything mind your damn business okay. ” Carl yell making Zarl to flinch and stand up rushing back to his room upstairs and that shocked Carl because he doesn’t expect he will ran off like that when he yell

maybe he went to bring something. ” Carl concluded ,Zarl and Carl sounds so good ,but Zarl is more handsome than the other guy ,that guy is damn ugly. ” he thought and frown before he continue eating gently as he normally use to.

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