Count the stars with me episode 57 – 58

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CHAPTER 57 💞 58



*** Carl pov ***

I was still crying bitterly as my heart breaks suddenly I snuffles the perfume of zarl ,this is his perfume wait don’t tell me that he came here , suddenly someone touched me ,I sigh and wipe my tears with the intention to leave immediately.

but to my utmost surprise is zarl.

Carl.? ” he called .

I stare at him and look away avoiding his eyes as tears rolls down my cheeks.

Carl ,what’s wrong with you ? ” he asked drawing a chair closer to me sitting on it.

talk to me please !, ” he said

you … zarl ,you’re my problem .” I cried out trying not to hold unto it anymore ,I narrated everything that is going on with me including the issue with my parent and why I was sad and was crying now ,he was so shocked.

Carl !, “he called staring deeply into my eyes.

yes. ….”I answered slowly.

are you trying to tell me that what you just said here isn’t cock and bull story. ” he asked and that got me annoyed I was about to fire words at him when that girl interrupts.

zarl. …”she called making zarl to turn immediately he saw her ,he put on a smile on his face immediately and my heart ache.

you kept me waited ,I was going to look for you and then I sighted you with this boy ….who is he. “she asked staring at me.

his no one I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. “zarl replied with an apologetic smile.

immediately I heard he said his no one ,I stood up and walk out hurriedly as tears flows down my eyes endlessly

Carl….. carl….” I heard zarl called but I rushed out running all the way to my car ,I can see him following him and luckily for me my driver got the signal I entered the car and he zoomed off immediately ,I look through the side mirror and and sight zarl as he stood hopelessly at the road screaming my name ,I look away as my own tears didn’t end.

*** in an abandoned ware house ***

Mr and Mrs Rupert walks in and the guards there greeted them.

good afternoon boss. ” they all bow while the couple’s smirk and nodded before walking inside the warehouse

boss they’re all weak to the core I heard the news of there missing I think the police Is going on with their investigations ” a guard said following them inside .

no police what are they we’re the innocent ones here the one that fall victim of their greedy and envy act what if my dearest son died !,” Mrs Rupert shrugged.

but ma’am I think. ……

but that was interrupted by a harsh glare from Mr Rupert.

how dare you ,talk when my wife disagree with your speeches are you insane. ” Mr Rupert asked while the guard flinch and bow.

I’m so sorry boss ,my apologies I’m sorry. ” the guard said with a slight bow.

hiss * the couple’s walk towards a door ,the guard rush to their front and unlucky the door they’re standing in front of it.

they walked in and sat on a bench that was kept their.

go bring those incompetent fools is being long that I checked out their greedy faces. Mrs Rupert said with a wild smirk.

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the guard bow and left ,two minutes later he came back with three people tied and anyone who see them would know they’re passing hell where they were kept

you. ….” the elderly man that is among them said mutter and gave the couple’s a look that Is full hatred.

me what ? ” Mr Rupert asked with a smirk standing up.

listen you’re just a piece of trash I can waste anytime my bullet can do that just one hit you’re gone , joining Satan in the pit of hell to contest for the winner and loser won’t be that bad hahahaha …. “Mr Rupert laughs smirking mischievously at the three caught fellow.

how dare you ? how dare you hurt or try to hurt my son ! what Gave you three the audacity to temper with what was mine. “Mrs Rupert asked angrily.

we didn’t hurt your son we are dealing with Mr kinn household it has nothing to do with you. ” Alexa yelled.

hahahaha ! you little brat ,you got nerves and luckily I love people that have nerves and this is the all mighty son of the dragon called stone right ? ” Mrs Rupert ask and bursted into laughter.

hmmmm when I come out I ….I “coughs”will deal with both of you ….”dragon “the elderly man shutter bitterly.

hahahaha hahahaha ” interesting piece of trash ” I love your courage and faith that you would come out from the lion den alive I love that it’s good nice one. ” Mr Rupert said clapping for dragon in a mocking manner.

you dare capture me and my father for almost a month now ! I will deal with you two and as for that your damn son consider him dead whenever I’m out !,” stone yelled spitting out blood ,but unfortunately the couple’s heard him correctly and they don’t like using their favourite son as a bet

the next thing that “stone felt was a gun shot ” Mr Rupert shot at him ,in his leg and he screamed out in agony.

arrrrrg ! arrrrrg “he continue crying.

don’t worry it won’t kill you just a bit of a lesson ,I meant be merciful to tell my subordinates to treat you but I can also be cruel enough to let you stay here with the pen is nothing at least you get to feel what it is like to hurt your follow him ,to know they’re also human not iron or trees. “Mrs Rupert said nonchalantly as she put a chewing gum on her mouth chewing on it slowly.

what are you going to do to my family ? ” dragon asked angrily as the pain of how he was tortured circulate his body once again.

very simple i came to give you three the last warning ,don’t think there is something you can do to me and my family ,nor my best friend family ,they’re also my family ,if you hurt anyone there you hurt me ,at first I wanted to punish my little jack ,Mr kinn son but I found out that His so called girlfriend has another motive and aim..”Mr Rupert said and pause before continuing

I will let you three go but if you dare try and rubbish with me ,trust me that’s the day you three would kiss the earth good bye and get a VVIP seat in hell. “Mr Rupert concluded.

stone wanted to fire words at the couple but his father dragon hold him.

calm down son. ” he mumbled.

ooh honey look such a lovely father he sure doesn’t want to loose his son,listen baby boy you better listen to you dad or you be the first to taste hell it won’t be that bad you’re not productive to the community anyways .”Mrs Rupert said to her husband as she smirk endlessly at the dragon’s family.

fine ,we have it as a deal let me and my family go and we would be forever grateful to you ,we would never hurt your family nor your best friend’s family it’s a promise. “dragon said raising his finger.

interesting you can’t wait to leave ,listen we aren’t scared of you ,we just don’t want to waste your family blood I respect the fact that you’re a human and wasting my bullet is what I hate most ,swearing or keeping a promise you won’t hurt my family and my best friends family is rubbish , I know you would or plan to do it sooner or later but let me warn you ,If you try it you would regret it for the rest of your life let this be a warning. “Mr Rupert said as his calm eyes turn to that of a dangerous monster while the dragon’s now their head.

let’s leave honey …..hey once we leave tomorrow let them go and dress them up to look nice and avoid embarrassment to themselves. “mr Rupert said to the guard and face the dragon’s.

you see I’m not that bad I want to get a dress for you people so you won’t look like an abandoned fools. ” Mr Rupert said giving them one last glance before walking away with his wife.

*** zarl Pov ***

After the incident of Carl at the restaurant I wave at Clarks girlfriend and drove home straight I still couldn’t take it I brought out a bottle of brandy and start drinking myself to stupor.

I’m sad why would they do that it’s unfair. ” I cried out feeling so lonely and bitter I miss the annoying and foul mouthed Carl why would they do that and even pretend in front of me ,I suspect that the first day I went there ,they we’re acting somehow towards me and that made me wonder what was going on but I ignored that thinking it was a mistake who knows it’s true. ” I thought and sigh as I take in another bottle of brandy .

right now my poor Carl would be feeling sad ooh dear Carl I’m really sorry I do care about you please don’t be so mad at me I don’t know you we’re going through emotional pains I didn’t notice that please forgive. ” I mutter as my heart ache it hurts so much to see him cry all because of Me ,his like a brother to me always there to trouble me and also in time to save me but I don’t know when he is ever in pain nor know when to save him. I thought mentally as I cried out loud taking another glass.

I’m so sorry Carl ..


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