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(Can't Love You Less)

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(Can’t Love You Less)

Chapter Twenty Four


Tracy burst into laughter immediately Debbie fell on the floor

Lydia didn’t know why Tracy was laughing but she joined in the laughter

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“you seriously have to teach me how you keep doing that Lydia”

“doing….”Lydia was about asking but she was cut off by Alec and his friends as they walked to them

They got to them and Daniel smiled and hugged Tracy

“woah woah woah”Edward said as Daniel held Tracy’s hand

“dude are you dating her?”Alec asked and Daniel smiled

“yes I am, do you have a problem with that?”

“yes you can’t date her”Edward said

“and why not?”

“you can’t just date her dude you are practically falling in love and that is disgusting”Alec said

“well I am in love and do you have a problem with that?”Daniel asked and his friends sighed

“we will talk about this later but first I need to speak with Lydia”

“am Lydia”Lydia giggled and clapped

“yes we know you are ps*ycho”Edward said and she suddenly held his elbow and he passed out

They all gasped and turned to Lydia shocked

“see Tracy that is how you do it”she said happily and Alec and Daniel looked at their friend

“ohh I will wake him up”she said happily and slapped Edward

He opened his eyes slowly and flinched when he saw Lydia

“crazy ps*ycho”he y*elled and stood behind Alec and Tracy laughed

“you really like sleeping don’t you?”Lydia asked and giggled

“okay as I was saying Lydia since we are partners on this and you are practically a genius already so am thinking you will tutor me on some things or you will just do all the work”

“okay”she said still not understanding what everyone was talking about

Tracy was yet to explain to her properly

“so I will be bringing her to your house and be picking her up after you are done”Tracy said and he rolled his eyes

“yeah whatever”he said and glared at Daniel

Daniel chuckled and turned to Tracy

“I have to go now babe, see you later”he said and pecked her lightly on the l-ips before joining his friends

Edward hid behind them cause Lydia was starring at him as they walked out of the auditorium

“lets go Lydia, it’s almost time for second period”Tracy said and they walked out forgetting Debbie who was sleeping peacefully on the floor


They were finally done in school and as they were about to stand up and walk out of class Lydia felt dizzy all of a sudden and fell on the floor

Tracy gasped and rushed to her

Students were beginning to leave and wasn’t paying attention to them except Alec and his friends who was busying starring at them

“Lydia”Tracy called in fear and tapped her cheeks

Lydia suddenly opened her eyes and laughed and they all sighed in relief

“are you okay Lydia?”Tracy asked and she giggled

“no am seeing two of everything”

“you are feeling dizzy”Tracy muttered and tried helping her up but she couldn’t cause Lydia has a lot of weight

Alec rolled his eyes and walked to them

He carried Lydia up and put his hand around her wa-ist

Again it felt awkward to Lydia as he did that but she wondered why cause she do feel comfortable if Fred does that to her

“let go off her”Tracy ye*lled and Alec did and that made Lydia fall on Tracy and they both fell on the floor

Lydia laughed and giggled

Daniel rolled his eyes and glared at Alec as he walked to them

He helped both of them up and caught Lydia immediately as she was about to fall

Actually Lydia wasn’t feeling dizzy again but she enjoyed the way she was falling and they were dragging her up

It was fun to her

Edward laughed as she was turning her eyes in a funny way

Immediately Edward laughed Lydia turned to him and he stopped immediately

“am sorry ma’am”he said and Lydia smiled

“Lydia are you still feeling dizzy?”Tracy asked

“yes”she lied and scratched the back of her neck

Tracy gave her a suspicious look

“you are lying Lydia”


“yes you are cause if Freddie lies he scratches the back of his neck and you spent a lot of time with him to know that so you are copying Freddie’s habit which means you are lying”

“wow Tracy is so smart”

“yeah my baby is”Daniel said and she smiled

“ugh this is getting really stupid can we just go already?”Alec asked rolling his eyes

“yeah sure”Daniel said and they all walked out

They got to the hallway and paused when they saw Debbie waking towards them looking so mad

“wait did Debbie come to school today?”Edward asked as she walked angrily towards them

“f*uck yes she did we totally forgot about her when Lydia knocked her out”Alec said and ruffled his hair

“oh dude she is going to get mad at you”Daniel said and Alec closed his eyes when she got to them knowing she will yell loudly

“you left me!”she y*elled and he sighed

He opened his eyes and smiled

“am sorry”he said and she glared h-rd at Lydia

“I ha*te you”she said and to Lydia and walked away angrily

They all shrugged and walked out of the school

Daniel k-ssed Tracy as she got to her car

Alec gro-ned and pulled him from the k-ss with his shirt and that made him and Tracy laughed

Tracy waved at him and he blew a k-ss at her as Alec still continued dragging him to their car

Tracy smiled and she and Lydia entered her car

“Tracy what you want to explain to me”

“ohh yeah so…..”



“all students should report to the auditorium”a teacher said and walked out

All the students gro-ned and Tracy pulled Lydia up

“where are we going?”Lydia asked as Tracy gave her her bag

“the auditorium Lydia”

“again!”she y*elled she everyone turned to them

“yes again”

Tracy said and pulled Lydia out of the class

Lydia was about to start waving to students and Tracy held her hand

“I have two hands”she giggled and waved at them

Tracy gro-ned and pulled her and they finally got to the auditorium

They sat at the middle and waited patiently till the students get filled up

Suddenly Lydia felt dizzy again and fell on the floor

“Lydia are you okay?”Tracy asked helping her up

“my head hurts Tracy, it hurts”Lydia winced in pain and blood dripped from her nose repeatedly


Chapter Twenty Five

“Lydia”Tracy called and flinched seeing the blood coming from her nose

She hurriedly clean it with the little towel she carries and looked at Lydia

“does it still hurt?”Tracy asked and she shook her head

“am okay”Lydia said and sniffed when the blood stopped

“do you…..”Tracy was about asking but stopped when the principal walked and the hall became empty

She sighed and turned to Lydia worriedly

“are you okay Lydia?”she whispered and she nodded

The principal smiled and took the mic

“okay kids, have come with the most exciting news ever, it’s the time of the year that every schools goes on camp outs”he said and all the students scre-med including Tracy

The pain Lydia felt at that moment was unbearable and she blocked her ears

The noise finally died down and she removed her hand from her ears

“and guess what?.., our school got invited and we are all going for it”

They scre-med again and this time Lydia was almost in tears

Tracy’s scre-m alone beside her was enough to make her pass out

“and it doesn’t stop us from entering the national competition just like we said yesterday, the students that were chos£n will still be taking classes together but will also perform during the camp activities and this year the college we are going to for it is in California”he said and Tracy froze

“California?”she repeated

“and the name of the college is Beacon hills”he said and Tracy’s eyes widen in shock

“what?”Lydia asked

“that’s Freddie’s college”she muttered and the principal rounded up the information telling them they will be leaving in two days time

He walked out and students talked happily about it before walking out of the auditorium one after the other

“what is it Tracy?”Lydia asked seeing the look on her face

“that’s Freddie’s college Lydia”

“why go on a camp in a college?”Lydia asked confused and Tracy sighed thinking of how she will explain

“okay listen, every year they pick schools randomly for this special camp out, now they pick the best college in the world for the camp out for high school students, Freddie’s college being one of the best college and being on that list, they accept schools every year for training on how to survive in wide life and then we go on it and stuff like that and Freddie’s college picked this school so in two days time we are seeing Freddie”

“but Fred won’t talk to me”Lydia said sadly and sighed

“well I don’t blame him Lydia, he left because of you and when he was leaving you ignored him”

“I didn’t know I was only listening to Santa”

“don’t listen to him he doesn’t love you Lydia, he doesn’t care about you but Freddie does”

“I feel sad”she said and Tracy smiled before hugging her

“don’t worry Lydia , am going to make this camp really fun for us”



Tracy and Alec glared at each other as Lydia was about going with him

She doesn’t just want to leave this jerk with Lydia

He is going to hurt her

“will you let go off her now?”Alec asked and she sighed

She was holding Lydia and was stopping her from entering his car

She turned to Lydia and hugged her

“I will come pick you up by five okay?”she said and Lydia nodded like a baby and she smiled

She turned to Alec and he rolled his eyes

“please don’t let her hurt herself”

“yeah whatever, lets go Lydia”he said and she waved at Lydia as she entered the car

Alec drove away from the parking lot and head home

“Lydia”Alec called and she turned to him

“do you want anything before we get home?”he asked and she shook her head

They got home and they got down

Alec held her hand and she smiled

He walked in with her and Chloe scre-med happily on seeing Lydia

She ran and hugged Lydia

“that’s enough that’s enough”Alec said and pulled them apart

Lydia smiled and waved at her

“you need to help me with some hacking stuffs and…..”Chloe said pulling her and Alec pulled Lydia to himself and glared at Chloe

“we are here for something”

“yeah dad mentioned it and he has been expecting you”

“what?.. dad is around?”

“yes I am”his dad answered coming down the stairs in a suit

Looks like he is going out

“good afternoon dad”Alec said and he smiled

“thought you wouldn’t come with your partner”his dad said and he chuckled nervously

“hi am Lydia”Lydia said and giggled

“yes the girl I heard about, how are you?”he asked and Lydia starred at him confused

“dad you have to say her name to every s£ntence you say to her so she will understand you”Alec said and he smiled

“how are you doing Lydia?”

“oh am fine”she said and clapped her hands

“good, I have to go now, I have to accept a deal with the biggest company that makes jewelries”

“ohh okay, bye dad”Chloe said

“not yet, Alec you guys are using the study room and everything you need is there”Alec nodded and he walked out

“come on”Alec held her hand and they walked to the study room

They got in and they sat down on the chairs

Alec gave Lydia some text books and smiled

“read that Lydia”


“cause you need to Lydia you need to read it”

“I don’t need to cause I can summarise everything in the textbooks to you, have read them before”she said and Alec nodded

“well in that case let’s talk about us”Alec said and pulled her up

He w-rapped his hands around her wa-ist and smiled

Again that made Lydia tell uncomfortable

“about what I wanted to tell you Lydia”

“yeah what is it?”

“I love you Lydia at first I didn’t realise it but now I do Lydia, I really really love you a lot and I want you to let me be your special someone if you give me a chance”Alec said so passionately that anyone could believe him

“you love me?”she asked happily and he nodded

“Lydia loves you too”she said happily and hugged him t¡ghtly

He smirked and $tr-oked her back

This is going to be so fun


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