Crazy Orphan

Crazy orphan episode 22 – 23


Crazy Orphan 🙆🌺

( His weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 22

Another romantic, action, thriller or family stories @:-

Authoress p.o.v

Xander rushed to the door and pull Alora Inside his room.

“but you said but you said you doesn’t wanna see anyone. have I suddenly become an animal” Alora asked.

Xander ignore Alora words. he move closer to her and place his hand on her lips. he look into her eyes, her eyes is glued to him too. he gulped down nothing, his hand still on her lips.

Alora heartbeat can be heard. “what’s he waiting for he should kiss me already” Alora thought.

Xander wanted to take his hand away but he really can’t, he started leaning in, he took his hand off her lips so he will have access to it. Alora closed her eyes waiting for the kiss. he lean in fully and gentle slam his lips to hers.

“Hi everyone” Mrs Cole greeted.

“hi mum you didn’t tell us you’re coming” Andrew said.

“and is that necessary, this is my son house I can come here anytime I like” Mrs Cole said.

“where’s Jenny she came back without coming to visit me first” Mrs Cole said. ”

sorry mum” jenny said coming out from the kitchen.

“aww my baby is now a grow up lady” Mrs Cole said and hug jenny.

‘i can’t breathe mum” Jenny said. “oh am sorry am very happy to see you” Mrs Cole said.

“where’s Xander, Bryan and Alora?” Mrs Cole asked.

“Byran is in his room he loves staying indoor” Andrew replied.

“am here ma good evening” Bryan greet coming down from his room.

“how are you doing my darling?” Mrs Cole asked.

“am doing great ma” Bryan replied.

“I can see it, where’s Xander and Alora” Mrs Cole asked.

“check Xander room” Andrew said.

“Xander room?” Mrs Cole asked.

“yeah oh mum doesn’t know her son have Fallen in love with Mrs crazy” Andrew said.

“you mean Xander and Alora are dating” Mrs Cole asked happily.

“I never said that, go and check them in Xander room” Andrew said.

Mrs Cole ran to xander room she met the door open age peep and was surprised to see Alora and Xander kissing.

she brought out her phone and video them.

Alora pushed Xander when she got back her senses. “why did you kissed me?” she asked.

“am sorry” Xander muttered.

“you have stolen my first kiss, just because you told me you like me this morning doesn’t mean we are dating you don’t have the right to kiss me, gosh I hate you” Alora said and went out.

“shit I thought she loves me” Xander said. Mrs Cole walked into his room and Pat his back.

“it’s okay my dear give her time, am sure she also loves you, she’s just afraid” Mrs cole said.

“she said she hate me, I shouldn’t have kissed her” Xander said.

“don’t worry I will talked to her” Mrs Cole said. Alora ran into her room and burst into tears.

“why did I tell him I hate him” she said. she picked her phone and call pepsy but pepsy is not picking.

she called Sandra and she picked on the first ring. “hi sis how are you doing” Sandra said from the other end.

“am good I want to ask you a question?” Alora said.

“go ahead am all hears” Sandra said. “how do you know you’re in love?” Alora asked.

“you can’t stop staring at the person, you don’t mind when they do something unattractive. you felt happy when you are with them.

you felt jealous when you see another woman with them” Sandra said.

“oh” Alora replied. “what’s up why are you asking this type of question?” Sandra asked.

Alora want to replied her when Mrs Cole enter her room. “I will talk to you later” Alora said and hang the call.

“Alora darling” Mrs Cole called. “good evening ma” Alora greet playing with the tip of her cloth.

“Did you mean what you said earlier” Mrs Cole asked. Alora shake her head negatively.

“did he do anything wrong to you?” Mrs Cole asked. “no” Alora replied. “why did you tell him you hate him” Mrs Cole asked.

“I felt he only wants to used me, am feeling insecure” Alora said.

“Alora did you want to hear the truth, Xander loves you, I have never seen him this way before, believe me when I said he loves you he really do, am not saying this because he’s my son.

am telling you because even a blind man can see how much he loves you, you’re the only one that isn’t seeing it” Mrs Houston said.

“if you really love him go in there and stop him before he injured hiself” Mrs Houston said. “thank you ma where’s he” Alora asked. “are you asking me that, common he is in his room” Mrs Houston replied.

Mr Houston mansion

“Hi my darling wife how are you doing?” Mr Houston asked his wife.

“my doing fine” Mrs Houston replied smiling. “I have a surprise for you” Mr Houston said.

“really what’s the surprised all about?” Mrs Houston asked. come out and see for yourself” Mr Houston replied.

Crazy Orphan 🙆🌺

( His weakness)

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 23

Authoress p.o.v

“really what’s the surprised all about?” Mrs Houston asked.

come out and see for yourself” Mr Houston replied.

Mrs Houston went out and see everywhere decorated and shining.

“what are we celebrating?” Mrs Houston asked smiling.

“we are celebrating you my darling wife.

“really? but today is not my birthday” Mrs Houston said.

“to me everyday is your birthday. remember I told you we will start all over again” Mrs Houston said going on one knee and brought out a box from his pocket.

“what are you doing Houston” Mrs Houston asked.

“relax mum” Sandra said.

Mr Houston open the box and brought out a ring.

“let start over again my wife, so will you please do me the favor of being my wife again” Mr Houston said.

“Awww I have a romantic father” Sandra said.

‘yes yes Mrs Houston said and Mr Houston slide the ring in her middle finger. “thank you for accepting me once again” Mr Houston said.

“I should be the one to thank you” Mrs Houston said.

“here this is for accepting once again” Mr Houston said and gave her a car key.

“congratulations ma, we are very sorry for how we treat you then” grace and her sister said going on there knees.

“it okay my darlings, you guys are my children I can’t get angry at you, thank God you have finally come back to your senses we can now start all over again” Mrs Houston said.

“thank you mum” they both said and hug her.


Alora rushed into Xander room and was surprised to see that Xander has disorganized everywhere.

“Xander stop it” Alora said and rushed to his side.

“what are you doing here get out” Xander said.

“am not going out until you told me why you did all this” Alora said pointing to the room.

“it’s none of your business so get out” Xander said.

“am sorry” Alora said kneeing down to his level.

“you are sorry for what?” Xander Asked.

“for hurting you, I didn’t hate you, I love you too am just scared you want to play with my heart” Alora said.

“you mean you love me?” Xander asked.

“yes” Alora said and nod her head positively.

Xander engulfed her in a borne breaking hug and Alora hiss in pain. “am sorry did I hurt you?” Xander asked looking at her body.

Mrs Cole smiles to herself and went inside the sitting room to call Andrew and Jenny.

“you guys won’t believe what I saw” Mrs Cole said.

“hmm mum what did you see again?” Andrew asked.

Mrs Cole twist his ear and he growl in pain.

“ouch mum are you planning to kill me?” Andrew asked.

“yeah am planning to kill you because you don’t wanna show me my grandchildren.

I knew you don’t have a girlfriend because you aren’t serious” Mrs Cole said.


don’t you tell Xander to give you grandchildren, after all he is older than me” Andrew said.

“I knew it, he is not planning to give me grandchildren anytime soon. Mrs Cole said.

“Jenny darling are you ready to see what am talking about?” Mrs Cole asked.

“yes mum” Jenny replied. “let go we need to tiptoed there so they won’t know we are coming” Mrs Cole said.

“alright mum” Andrew replied.

“what are you doing here I thought you aren’t interested?” Mrs Cole asked.

“shhh they will hearvus” Andrew said covering her mouth with his palm.

Mrs Cole shake her head and they continue moving, they stop when they get to Xander room and Mrs Cole point to them they’re sleeping peacefully on the same bed, Alora place her head on Xander chest.

“this room was a mess before I came to call you guys surprised how they clean it up fast” Mrs Cole said.

“wow I never knew Alora is also In love with my brother” Andrew said.

“they look good together” Jenny comment.

“yeah I think I have a chance with the girl am in love with” Andrew muttered but loud enough for Mrs Cole to hear.

“you mean you have finally fall in love. who is the girl why haven’t you propose to her yet?” Mrs Cole asked.

“mum you worried too much” Andrew said and ran into his room.

The next day.

Xander wake up first, feeling happy, he has a very blissful night, maybe because Alora slept with him.

his heart beat fast as he look at her face. he brought his lips closer to hers ready to stole a kiss but the sensitive Alora wake up and smile at him.

“don’t tell me you want to stole my lips this early morning” Alora said and Xander scratch the back of his head.

“wow he’s blushing” Alora said smiling.

“good morning” Xander greet with a smile.

“morning sir” Alora replied and Xander smile.

“how was your night” Xander asked smiling.

“i have a blissful night maybe is because I slept with you” Alora replied and Xander smile.

“what’s up with you and this early morning smile” Alora asked.

“maybe because am happy you slept with me, or should I say because you’re mine” Xander said.

“hey let go and freshen up we are getting late for work” Alora said.

“can’t we take a break today?” Xander asked.

“no way stand up before I spank your ass” Alora said and Xander stand up immmediately.

“witch” he muttered and ran inside the bathroom.

“I heard that you will come out and meet me here” Alora said and Xander burst into laughter.

“it feels good to be happy again” Xander thought.

Xander and Alora walked hand in hand to the living room.

“here comes the newest couples in town” Mrs Cole said and Alora blushed hard she cover her face with her hair.

“if you like cover your face with your hair till enternity we still knew you are blushing hard” Andrew said and Xander hit him on the head.

“can you see,that your son wanna kill me” Andrew said facing her mother.

“that’s for making her feel uncomfortable” Xander said.

“breakfast is ready you guys should come to the dinning for bread” Mrs Cole said.

“alright ma” they all chorused. “Alora I need your help we will talk about it when you come back from work” Andrew said.

“Table manner Please” Mrs Cole said.


Xander and Alora laughed inside the office.

“you’re very funny” Alora said.

“yeah I am, but that was then” Xander replied.

“don’t you think we are forgetting something” Alora said.

“something like what?” Xander asked.

“we didn’t greet my co workers” Alora replied.

“is that even necessary?” Xander asked.

“don’t question me remember am still your boss, let go back and greet them” Alora said.

“as your lordship pleases” Xander replied.

“it almost lunch break am thinking we should use the opportunity to go out” Xander said.

“go out to where?” Alora asked.

“somewhere far from here” Xander replied.

“are we going on a date?” Alora asked.

“exactly” Xander replied.

“Alright” Alora said and brought out a face cap from her bag.

“what’s this for?” Xander asked.

“it for nothing, I just felt like wearing it” Alora replied.

“it look good on you though” Xander said.

“Thank you” Alora replied.

“welcome to M and B what can I offer you” the waitress said smiling sheepishly at Xander which makes Alora angry.

“we don’t need anything now we will call you when we need something” Alora said giving her a deadly glare.

“okay” she replied still smiling at Xander.

“get out” Alora shouted and the waitress ran out and Alora remove the cap from her head and wear it on Xander head.

“I bought this cap here because I don’t want other ladies to look at you” Alora said.

“is that not Xander Cole, the youngest billionaire in town” a girl said.

“really I don’t know him” her friend replied.

“what planet are you from? don’t you know the ABC boys?” she asked.

“yes I knew them” her friend replied.

that’s Andrew brother the ABC leader” the girl said.

“really?” her friend asked.

“yeah” she replied.

“I heard he doesn’t have a girlfriend” her friend said.

“yeah that’s why am going there to shot my shoot” the lady said.

“but he came with a lady” her friend said.

“the lady is not the problem, the only problem here is for to wish me good luck the lady said.

“Kim are you sure you wanna do this” her friend asked.

“sure you worry too much without reason” she replied her Friend.

“Hi handsome” she greet.

“hello Alora and Xander replied.

“I am not talking to you” she said and glare at Alora.

Alora mouthed an “oh”.

“can I take a picture with you please” the lady said.

Xander haven’t replied her before she brought out her phone and started snapping.

Alora was busy fuming in Anger. “handsome can you please give me your number” the lady asked.

“f*ck off bitch he is already taken” Alora said and drag Xander out of the restaurant.

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