Do I love her episode 25 – 26

Do l love her? (secret lovers)

Episode 25

Amarachi narrates.
That voice sounds like Samuel’s should l call
him? Hmmm yea.
“hey you girl we are taking you out” a voice said
as l was about calling him
“where are you guys taking me to” l asked
And they didn’t reply, they took me to the other
room and started beating me.
“ha Amarachi” l heard that jerk calls me, that is
not Tessa, the voice sounds like Annabel’s oooh
now l understand the wh0le thing, Annabel
kidnaped me, oooh no l thought it was Tessa.
Yea l know very well, are they like working
together? Do they know each other before?
Hmmmm Annabel kidnaps me fine cos l know l
had issues with her, but Tessa
“you can no longer talk right?” I heard her says
“who are you?” I asked
“ha Amarachi welcome once again” she said
“Annabel” l called her
“yea it’s me you still recognise my voice right?”
“Amarachi” she called again
“Annabel why did you kidnap me, what is it have
l actually done to you”
“Amarachi you are such a beautiful girl, that
makes all the boys to love you once setting their
eyes on you” she said and kicked me
“you took him away from me” she said
“Annabel l didn’t take him away from you” l said
“shut up you pr-stitute” she said and hit me on
my head
“you took christian away from me”
“now you took Samuel away also”
“Annabel l didn’t take him away from you, your
man christian was just after me, which l didn’t
agree cos l was pretty sure you guys were already
dating” l said sort of already fainting
“shut up” she said
“now listen l will threaten you very well for
taking him away”
“is that the reason you kidnapped me?” But she
didn’t reply ooh it’s like she left.
After staying there for like 3 hours thinking
about this wh0le mess, a heard a voice
“how is it going?” The voice says
“Tessa why did you guys bring me here” l asked
“why?” I asked her again
“ha-ha ha-ha” she laughs
“l didn’t date christian Like Annabel thinks.” I
said and she continues laughing
“Amarachi l didn’t bring you here cos of what
you just said” she said
“then why?” I asked her
“hahahaha l have some few questions to ask
you” she said
“do you love Samuel?”
“I don’t love him and why are you always asking
me about that” l pout
“you don’t love him?” She asks
“I said l don’t love him if that’s the reason free
me let me go” l said
“ha ok lets see”
“guys should take her away” she Yells and they
took me away
Ivy’s narrates.
I don’t trust my sister anymore, is he the one
that kidnapped Amarachi? Why would she
kidnap her, why leaving Samuel to kidnap
Amarachi. Oh God! I can’t even help seeing her
kidnap Samuel also, but Samuel hurts my sister,
she hurts my sister, which we all promised to deal
with him. Ha l can see how pissed he was on the
disappearance of Amarachi. “Samuel loves her?”
“Tessa kidnaps Amarachi to hurt Samuel?” I
really need to talk to my sister if she comes back,
cos we are in this together.
“ivy is anything the problem?” Adanne asks me
“no not really, but Amarachi is missing” l said
“what! Amarachi? When?” She asked again
“ivy! Am asking you!” She pouts when l didn’t
“l don’t know the actual day it happens, but l was
told just yesterday” l said
“ha little Amarachi” Adanne replied
“what do we do now” she asks
“l don’t just know, but we will do something” l
“yea” she replies
Tessa you can’t kidnap Amarachi cause she’s my
friend, the only deal was to threaten Samuel. I
said to myself.
At Samuel father’s house
“darling what did the D.P.o say” Samuel’s mum
asks her husband
“l have told them they are going to solve it
darling there is no need to worry” her husband
“honey please oh they need to act fast, Amarachi
my daughter, l don’t want anything to happen to
her, please honey” she cried
“I will save them” the husband replies.
Samuel narrates.
Oh Amarachi where the hell are you? God!
Wherever she is save her for me.
But that voice that talks to me was just like
Amarachi’s no she is not the one l said to myself.

As l Was there thinking, l heard a voice
“hey you girl we are taking you away” they said
and took her away
“Samuel” Tessa calls me immediately
Me: Tessa untie me let me go
Tessa: After what you did to me?
Me: Am sorry
Tessa: Hahahaha you are sorry?
Tessa: I would deal with you Samuel
Me: Then start dealing with me so that l can go
Tessa: I still love you
And l didn’t reply, cos she must be stupid to say
Tessa:Samuel l still want you ( now touching me)
Me:if you do then let me go
Tessa:l would leave you on two condition
Me: What is it
Tessa: If only you Tell me your mean
relationship with Amarachi and if only you
would tell me you love me
Me: What do you mean?
Tessa: Do you love Amarachi?
Me: Why do you want to know?
Tessa: Just tell me
Me: I don’t love her
Tessa: If you don’t love her, then you love me
Me: I can never love a jerk like you
I said and she hit me on my head
Tessa: Samuel am not wicked, but you turned me
to a wicked being, do you know how hurt l was?
Me: Am sorry and besides you didn’t even tell
me you were still a V-rgin.
Tessa: Why then did you have s€× with me since
you know you don’t love me
Me: What l did is what every other man would
have done, ha Amarachi do you know what l did
demands a reward?
I said and she hits me again making me
scre-med a little
Tessa:reward yea that’s actually what am giving
Me: What if l didn’t tell you and you later
noticed l was just fooling you how would you
feel? Would it not hurt than this?
She didn’t reply
Me: Answer me
I said and l didn’t hear her voice ooh she left l
said to myself.

I was still thinking about Amarachi, why is she
just asking me about her?
“mr lover boy” l heard another familiar voice
“who are you?” I asked her
” Samuel am sorry for doing this, but you hurt
her, you really hurt my friend” she said
“your friend?” I replied
“then who are you?” I asked her
“you don’t recognize my voice anymore?” She
“yeea” I said and she unties the material used on
my eyes
“what! Annabel!” I said as l saw her, with a gun
“yea Samuel it’s me” she said
“where the hell did you keep Amarachi” l asked
“Samuel am really sorry for this” she said and
before l could say anything she got me
blindfolded again and before we knew it we are
“Annabel” l heard Tessa’s voice and immediately
we disengaged
“mr man what were you doing” they asked me
and dropped someone besides me though l was
not seeing, but l heard the sounds.
“what were you doing?” She asked me and
slapped me.
“removed that on his eyes” she said again
“do the same to that idiot” she says again
“what! Amarachi”
“what! Samuel” we both shouted in unison.

Episode 26
Rita narrates
Samuel am really sorry for hurting you, but l still
love you, should l go visit him? I said to myself.
When l got to his apartment, l was told Samuel
had been missing for like 2 days now.
Me: What do we do now?
Nuella: I don’t just know, l have called his dad,
who told me not to worry
Nuella: But since then l haven’t heard from him
Me: God you can’t just sit down nah we have to
start acting
Nuella: Ha Rita l can’t just get it, are you now
pretending you care? Rita get out! You hurt my
brother so much you hurt him so much so get
Me: Nuella l knew l hurt him, but l have
regretted all l did you have to believe me
Nuella: Story see if you know what is good for
you start going cos if Esther meets you here ha
am not sure you would leave to tell the story
“what’s going on here” l heard Esther voice from
Nuella: Ha here she comes
Esther: Why are you here Rita
Nuella: Ask her oh
Esther: Shut up were you not the one that let her
Me: Esther am here to see Samuel
Esther: When you’ve kidnapped him already
Me: Excuse me how would l do such a thing
Esther: Ha but the one you did was even:::::
Me: Esther l know l hurt him and am very sorry
Esther: It’s ok now he has been kidnapped any
Nuella: Esther like you::::
Esther: Just shut up
Me: Do you guys know one of his friends here in
Esther: No oh not really oh Amarachi, Samuel
God save them
Nuella: Eeeh it’s like l knew one
Nuella: His name is Dan
Esther: Dan? Do you know where he stays
Nuella: No
Me: We have to find him he must be around nah
Esther: Yea
Samuel’s mum narrates.
Amarachi oh the police hasn’t given us any
meaningful reply up till now. What if something
bad has happened to them? God bless save my
son and my daughter.

Ivy narrates
I had been waiting for her to come back, but she
isn’t coming, due that l decided to trace them,
cos l overheard her conversation with Annabel
on where they are going to be meeting. Should l
tell Danny? Yea l informed Adanne and we both
left that evening.

Amarachi narrates.

Samuel! I scre-med oh God Samuel hasn’t
nothing to do with this, why did they bring him
here? We both were just looking at ourselves, l
looked around, girls had already full there,
Annabel and Tessa seem to be their head. Both
of them smoking and stupidly looking at we
Me: Let him go he has nothing to do with this
Samuel: Amarachi shut up! Shut up!
Samuel: Tessa why did you bring her here? Why?
Let her go! Let her go! (Samuel scre-med and
Me: Samuel you must be very stupid, please am
begging you guys to free him
Tessa: Ha you both should shut up
Tessa: I only have few questions for you guys
Me: Tessa if you kidnapped Samuel let him go
Tessa: Shut up!
Tessa: Now listen Amarachi do you love Samuel?
Me: I don’t love him and l can never love him
(shit! Samuel was just staring at me, but l love
him, l love him so much)
Tessa: Good!
Tessa: Samuel do you:::::
Samuel: I thought l have told you that already
so no need
Samuel says and Tessa hit him with her gun
Tessa: Don’t talk when am still talking (Samuel
am sorry l caused this)
Me: Tessa stop hitting him
Samuel: Amarachi is non of your business
Tessa: Hahahaha l would show you guys she said
and left.

Me: Am sorry (now looking at him)
Samuel: Amarachi am just happy l found you, l
have been looking for you
Me: Samuel you always show concern about me,
but yet you don’t still love me.
Samuel: Amarachi am a bad boy, am a stupid
boy, am an idiot, am rubbish and am
Me: Samuel why using those words on yourself
Samuel: Because that’s exactly what l am
Samuel: It’s because of me that you are here and
l can’t even do anything to free you
Me: No Samuel you are wrong, you are actually
here cos of me
Samuel: Amarachi you are wrong, absolutely
We were now looking at each other and l shifted
to meet him, he started touching all my bruises.
Samuel: Am sorry trust me l would save you
Me: Samuel trust me also l will save you
Samuel: Why are you too stubborn
Me: I can’t help seeing them threaten you like
Samuel:do You love me?
Me: No am doing it cos of your dad remember
Samuel: Amarachi you are very stupid
We were quietly discussing because of them
Me: So as you are
Me: I would save you cos you have nothing to
do with this
Me: Samuel k-ss me
Samuel: What! Amarachi
Me: I said k-ss me
Samuel: We don’t love ourselves remember
Me: Ok forget it
I said as we both were still looking at ourselves
and before we know it we are k-ssing
Me: Samuel k-ss me more
And he k-ssed me more
Samuel: Why did you ask me to k-ss you (he
asked when we disengaged)
Me: Samuel
Samuel: Amarachi
Me: Samuel
Samuel: Amarachi
We were looking at ourselves, just calling our
names and before l know it l slept off on his
Tessa narrates.
Me: Why were you k-ssing Samuel (l asked her
already holding her)
Annabel: Ha Tessa that man Samuel l love him
(she says and l slapped her)
Me: Shut up Samuel is my man and l love him
do you get it? Stop k-ssing him don’t even come
near him again
Annabel: You love him? Then if you do let him
Me: Rubbish
I said and left and she follows me.
Samuel narrates
Amarachi why are you too stubborn, l said to
myself as she was just sleeping laying her head
on my chest. Tessa and Annabel l would deal
with you guys for doing this to her. I said to

” what do you guys think you are doing” l heard
a voice that seems to be Tessa’s
Tessa: Get the girl to the other room
She says and they took sleeping Amarachi away
Me: You think you are doing the right thing
Tessa: For loving a beast like you l would teach
her a lesson
Me: Tessa leave Amarachi and hurt me
Tessa: Samuel l don’t want to hurt you cos l can’t
Me: Is hurting her the best thing? She is innocent
and do you know that hurting her you are just
hurting me
Tessa: Now you said what l want, good! You love
Me: I didn’t say so
Tessa: Why then do you say that
Me: My father will kill me if anything happens to
Tessa: Ha ok let me show it to you in your face
Tessa: Guys bring her back here
She says and they brought Amarachi in
“beat her very well” she said and they started
beating her
God l scre-med and luckily for me l found a
“if you continue beating her get ready to bury
me” l said
“Samuel stop” Amarachi faintly said
“Amarachi shut up if they continue beating you l
would kill myself” l said
“stop” Tessa says to them
To be continued

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