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Cruel Billionaire Episode 13


Cruel Billionaire 💥

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Episode 13 💘

By Simrah ✍️

Aza’s POV
I began crying and started packing my things , Aidan don’t love me anymore 😥 I will go and leave him to enjoy the honeymoon alone .
I dragged my bag to the living room to see Aidan sitting comfortably watching the TV . He gave me a look and started laughing , am I that ugly now ? Tears find it’s way to my eyes , this pregnancy hormones is something else .

” I’m sorry Aza don’t go please” he said in between laugh as my sob increase, I took my bag and left the house leaving Aidan to run after me ..

” Aza wait ” he said while I stopped abruptly.

” What did you want, you want to laugh at me again? I’m going already, you can have the honeymoon to yourself” I roared

” Okay wifey you will go but how do you intend to do that without any ticket?” That was when it down on me 😂 I began laughing uncomfortable at myself. Why didn’t I think of that huh? Is this how stupid I can be ? Goodness lawd 🤦

” You see you can’t go , I’m very sorry for yelling and laughing at you baby forgive your unreasonable husband” he said dramatically

” I’m just two months gone and you are tired of me already, what happens to the rest months huh?” I said sniffing..

” And who told you that I will ever get tired of you , never wifey I love you ” he said .

” You still do?” I asked

” Forever and ever , now baby let’s go I wanna take you somewhere” he said and collected my box

” Okay ” …

” Wow ! This place is so beautiful 💞” I exclaimed immediately we got to the beach..

” You love it? ”

” Yes I love it , how did you know about this place?” I asked

” Well, I discovered here 2years ago when I came to San Francisco for a business meeting, something came up and I needed a place to cool off my head and I found here ”

” It’s really cool here”

” Okay now wifey let’s go to the Sea side ” he said . Have I ever told you that I’m very much afraid of seas ? Only the magnificent size of it creep me out.

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” You said sea ? I’m sorry I can’t go Aidan” I said and withdrew my hand from his with fear

” C’mon Aza, I’m right here with you so don’t be scared we aren’t going to it” he held my wrist and walked to the edge of the sea . He sat down and made me sit beside him , it’s so big !
I felt myself drowning into the sea , my clothes soaked and my head deep inside the water. Is this how I’m gonna die? I couldn’t breathe any longer.

” Aidan helpppp! Somebody hellppp” I shouted so loudly but I guess no one will hear me ..

” Aza will you stop shouting and open your eyes?” Aidan said ..

” Am I dead already? ”

” Yes you are in the land of the dead , open your eyes” he instructed. Jeez! I was just imagining but it looks so real . I slowly opened my eyes clutching Aidan so tightly

” Don’t bring me here next time ” I warned while he chuckled.

” Chill wifey , nothing is gonna happen now put your legs in the water like I did ” he said

” It’s so cold, did you want me to freeze?”

” Naa! You won’t just try it , I’m sure you will love it ” I gently put my legs into the water as a cold ran through my body but I later began enjoying it splashing the water up with my legs, it isn’t that bad as I thought..

” So, let’s know more about ourselves, you know how the marriage came we didn’t get to know each other ” he said. He’s right thou.

” Okay that’s fine by me , it’s a perfect time to know each other better ”

” I guess I know you more than you know me ” he bragged

” That’s a lie , I will sure beat you to it ”

” Okay , your favorite food is stir fried noodles, you prefer tea to coffee , you are so much in love with black, you are addicted to shrimp and you so much despise smashed potatoes but not after you suddenly picked interest in it” he said as I stared at him in awe , how the what did he know all that ?

” Oh my God! How did you know that?”

” Don’t doubt me wifey , I have my source ” he said and winked while I blink my eyes in disbelief.. sincerely I don’t know anything about him .

” Your turn to tell me what you know about me and failure to do that, you owe me a kiss ” he said while I rolled my eyes..

” Not happening” I stood up and took to my heels to where our car was parked but Aidan caught up with me on time

” You can’t run away from me wifey ” he began kissing me while I stood there unable to move . Oops I didn’t prepare for this , I purposely refused to kiss him back and he was trying to get entrance to my tongue but I didn’t allow that , yeah that should be his punishment 😂. But the table turned around when he pressed my b00bs so hard which make a gasp escape my mouth making him have full entrance.🤦 I guess he won .
I kissed him back with love and passion, I badly don’t want this to end .
We break from the kiss as we both catch our breathes ..

” Let go wifey I’m famished ” he said while I nodded .

” Aza come down already” Aidan said.

” 5sec please” I replied and applied a lip gloss and yeah , we are back to California after three months. Can you believe this three months tends to be my best months ? All thanks to Aidan , he is really a loving husband. He did make up for the months he tortured me but that’s in the past now.

” Let’s go ” I said to him as I came down .
The pilot was already waiting for us so we entered the plane and in no time , it took off to the sky
And I’m almost five months gone now , my belly is becoming big including myself. Each time I look at the mirror , I feel like giving birth already to back to my normal self . The way I have expand during this few months is surprising and scary! Am I still going to get more fatter than this before I finally delivers ? Oh God! What if my parents doesn’t like how I now look? A lone teas escape my eyes .

” Oh my God! What happened wifey why are you crying? Did you need anything? I can tell the chef to bring it for you ” Aidan said worriedly.

” I’m getting fat, what if you and my family don’t like me anymore?” I said and cried harder

” Oh Aza ! You are getting fat but you still look as beautiful as ever infact I love the new you and don’t worry about your parents, there will even love you more now , you just look so breathtaking with your new shape wifey” he said and wrapped his arms around me

” Now stop crying ” he said ..

” I love you Aidan ”

” I love you too baby”

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