Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 5

Dangerous Liaison Episode 5

As soon as he held her hand, Franca felt some chemistry between them, like they had known each other for long. She liked the feeling and her face broke into a smile.


Yvonne introduced him as Ray alright but it was only coincidental that he and Francas ex bore the same name.

Yvonne had to be on her way. She left Franca in Rays care and went back home. To her, this was an opportunity for Ray to make amends for what he had done to her sister.

She also wanted this so she could secure her future with Desmond. She had reached a decision She was going to meet Desmond at the same spot where they had their first s€× together, where he broke her V-rginity.

That meant she had to call Desmond right away and schedule their meeting as soon as possible.

Back on campus, Desmond had finished with the lecturers assignment and was waiting for Francas arrival. He had no idea she was already on campus.

It wasnt too long before he saw his Franca and Ray walking down a path on campus. He didnt know where exactly they were headed but they were chatting and happily holding hands.

What! Ray again? He asked himself.

Desmond was heartbroken, he felt very hurt seeing them together. At that moment, he was lost in thought and was totally oblivious of his surroundings, until he was bumped into by his course mates, Susan the gossip.

Susan was the type that had pretty much all campus information at her fingers tips; whether it was news about lecturers awarding grades to students after s€×, news about who was dating who, double dating, etc. She had the full scoop.

You could always count on Susan for hot gist. She knew everything in and out of campus. She knew about the s€× tape, she also knew Desmond was in love with Franca.

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She bumped into Desmond not by chance actually, she did it purposely to tease him.

Hehe, Desmond! See the look on your face, you wanna cry abi Susan teased him.

Get out of my sight girl, I have better things to do. Desmond snapped.

Susan laughed at him the more.

Susan: Hahaha, you should have seen the look on your face when you said that. After all, the girl you love so much is again back with the guy that sent her s€× tape viral; yet you are here staring at them. Ohhhh Desmond, I pity you o. See, my little advice to you is that you stop being a fool and wise up. There are so many girls on campus, look sharp and stop acting like a b****!

She gave that strong punch line that made Desmond instantly realize that he was making a fool out of himself.

Suddenly, the thought of Yvonne came into his mind.

Why dont I fix things with Yvonne? He asked himself.

Coincidentally, Yvonnes call came through that moment.

Desmond: Yvonne

Yvonne: Desmond, I want to meet with you, we need to talk

Desmond: Same here, I really need us to talk, badly.

Yvonne: Can you come over to the office at lunch time?

Desmond: Sure, Ill be there

He hung up and headed to class.

Soon it was lunch time. Desmond quickly went to Yvonnes office without wasting any time.

As he stepped into her office, Yvonne wanted to grab him and give him a k-ss.

Yvonne didnt waste time. She went straight ahead and told Desmond how she truly felt about him.

Yvonne: You are the only guy that has ever made me feel this way. I love you so much, make me yours Desmond.

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Desmond looked straight into her eyes and saw that she was being completely honest about her feelings.

Desmond: Yvonne, i appreciate your love for me. However, if I should tell you same, Id be lying. But I am willing to love you. I may not love you as much now, but Im willing to learn, so I can love you just the way you love me. Teach me how to love you.

It was a dream come true for Yvonne. She smiled at him. The mood was right, she looked into his eyes and planted a k-ss on his mouth. Desmond k-ssed back, he held Yvonne by her wa-ist while they k-ssed passionately.

The k-ss got deep, tongue wrestling and lips clinging. Yvonne softly bit his lower lip to entice him more. Desmond on the other hand held her tight and ran his hand over her br-asts, hidden beneath her shirt and b-ra.

It was lunch time so all the staff had gone on break, including Yvonnes secretary.

As they k-ssed, Ray and Franca suddenly badged in and saw them.

Apparently Yvonne had forgotten that she had told Ray and Franca shed be coming over to take them to lunch.

They decided to come over themselves since she was running late.

Desmond and Yvonne quickly stopped upon seeing them.

Franca was not too bothered when she saw them, but her next statement sent a shiver down Desmonds spine.

Oh, sorry sis, we should have knocked. Franca said.

Sis? Desmond asked, a surprised look on his face.


Before Franca could answer, Yvonne quickly interrupted.

Ermm Franca, dont worry. What brings you here? Oh! Hold on, the lunch, yer? Lets go right away. Yvonne said as she fumbled around looking for her car keys.

When Desmond saw Franca though, it was obvious he still had feelings for her. He just kept staring at her until Franca noticed it. She gave him weird look.

Yvonne then asked Desmond and Ray to excuse them as she wanted to talk to Franca alone. She had an information from her Dad.

Wow, you didnt tell me you were going out with that guy! Franca said once they were by themselves.

Yvonne: Oh sorry, it escaped me. Anyway. I have an information from Dad. You know his birthday is on the 25th December, he wants to surprise us by reading his Will

Franca: Hmmmn. His will? I wonder what thats about. Well, sounds like a good idea to me

Yvonne: Ok then. Thats the information he wanted me to pass on to you. But I also want us to throw a party for him, he has really been a good father, a great one in fact.

Franca: Yvonne, I am in ok? Can we go and have lunch already? I am really famished

Yvonne was a bit surprised that Franca didnt show much interest in what she had said. However, she decided not to pay attention to it. She thought that Franca was still recovering from her health condition.

When they got to the office reception, Desmond was nowhere to be found, Ray was the only one there. Yvonne tried calling him but he didnt answer.

No one knew where Desmond was. Yvonne assumed that he had rushed back to campus so she didnt worry much.

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Yvonne, Franca and Ray proceeded for the lunch. They interacted well with one another and had fun.

Franca was apparently getting along very well with Ray.

When lunch was over, Yvonne offered to take them back to campus but they refused. You could tell that they wanted a moment alone. Yvonne got the hint and left them. She went back to the office.

One thing she found rather worrisome was the fact that Franca was recovering too fast. To her, it was quite unusual.

She concluded that perhaps Franca was enjoying Rays company and that was helping her heal fast.

Ray promised to bring Franca home once they are done with their hangout.

Yvonne went back to the office. She tried calling Desmond again but this time around, his phone was off.

Ray and Franca went back to campus after a couple more drinks at the restaurant.

Ray offered to show Franca where his hostel was. She didnt hesitate at all.

They walked down to the hostel together.

When they got there, Ray took Franca to his room.

That was the exact place where the s€× tape was recorded.

As soon as Franca got in, the smell, the color of the carpet, the entire room looked familiar to her.

It was as if she had been there before. The look on her face suddenly changed. She looked instantly suspicious and edgy.

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Ray gave her a seat, and told her to relax while he got some drinks from the hostel kitchen.

Franca sat in the room. She looked around frantically, trying to recall something, anything, from her memory. She came up blank. One thing she was however very sure about was that she had been in this room before.

She came across Rays laptop which was powered on. She decided to surf through just to keep herself busy.

She saw a folder on his desktop named My stuff.

She was curious. She opened the folder and saw a wh0le bunch of pictures of herself and Ray at different locations.

She got surprised and started going through until she came across a video among the pictures. She played it and it turned out to be the s€× tape.

She began to feel afraid as she watched the film. Just then, Ray entered the room with the drinks.

As soon as he saw her, he knew she had seen the video. Before Franca could open her mouth to ask any question, Ray gave her a backhand slap. She scre-med and fell down unconscious.

Desmond who had been following them all along from a distance, heard Francas scre-m.

He badged into the room and saw Franca lying motionless on the floor.

He immediately pounced on Ray and landed a heavy fist blow on his face that got his nose bleeding.

. To be continued

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