Deep Affection

Deep Affection – episode 29

Cold shiver ran through Richærd’s spine as he stared keenly at the person at his door step, he truly found it hærd believing his sight, the person at his front was someone he never for once expected to see at that moment in time, someone he had want to forget,
He scrutinized his eyes all over her body from the head down to the toe,
Her present beauty now was something that is better seen than told, she truly looks like a goddess, Her s€×y brown eyes, pink l-ips, dark hair, pointed nose, nice chin… everything was just so perfect,
Her moderately sized br-ast pointed forward to Richærd was so good an tempting to touch, her figure eight shape has a way of making a man dream of wrapping his hand around it,
She was claded on a tight fitting gown which really adorned her appearance,
It was over a minute now, but Richærd still couldn’t let her in,
He was unaware of her mission which he fully knew wasn’t a good one,
One thing was for sure, Clara coming into his life at this moment of his life would do no Good to him at all,
He turned back to the stairs to be sure Sandra wasn’t anywhere closer,
“Get out of here” Richærd blurted,
Clara stared at him with a lopsided smile then slowly rubbed her palm on Richærd’s bare chest,
“Get your guilty hands off me!!” Richærd retorted wh¡pping off her hand from his body,
“Have you gone crazy.. Are you sure you are okay?” Richærd glared,
“Calm your nerves man, Let me in so we can talk OK?” Clara said in a meek tone,
“You are going no where.. For Christ sake, how do you even know I was living here, how could you just come out from nowhere after these years and….Please just leave I don’t need you anymore,infact you disgust me” Richærd said sneered,
“I came to see you so we can talk, you don’t expect me to leave just like that” Clara said with an arched brow,
“What the hell do you want to say to me?” Richærd asked with an irritating stare,
“Let me sit first so we can talk” Clara requested,
“I don’t know what you are up to, but mind you, your face makes me feel like throwing up, and be fast about any nonsense you want to say because I don’t want my fiancee to see you” Richærd said and left the way for her to enter,
“Wait oo, do you just said fiancee??” Clara asked with an arched brow,
“Yes, do you have any problem with that?” Richærd asked with a little giggle,
“Are you tryna tell me that you have got another lady?” Clara asked with a surprised expression,
“Ohh, do you expect me to stay alone and wait for you after that shameful act of yours” Richærd asked with a mockery laughter,
“Richærd!!” Clara suddenly called out with a solemn tone, her expression was now as mean as a witch,
“What?” Richærd answered,
“I searched everywhere for you for so long, I cried all night because of you.. I knew quite well that what I did was so awful and bad, yes I knew.. I knew I cheated on you.. Yeah I felt the guilt, my mind never allowed me to rest, but it isn’t truly my fault, I was tricked by your friend Mark, he said so many bad thing about you, he made me believe you were cheating on me, to be sincere, I.. “
“Shut your stinking mouth and leave this place if this is what you came here to say” Richærd snarled almost shouting,
“I can’t leave here, even if I will, it is after you have forgiven me for that act” Clara said seriously,
Richærd stared at her for sometime. There was something different about her, her behavior was some how strange to him, this was not the Clara he knew before, she look so sophisticated classic and more social
“Richærd, let it be a joke that you have gotten another lady in your life” Clara said staring at Richærd with a pale face,
“You don’t expect me to wait for you after you had broke my heart to piece, do you?” Richærd asked
,”I am sincerely sorry for that act, it was a mistake that could be easily solved” Clara said
“Richærd, I came for one thing and that is making it up for you, i want us to go on with our relationsh¡p, please” Clara pleaded,
“If this is what you came here to say then i think you have to go back because you are going to a road to nowhere, I have begin by life afresh, you cheated on me and never thought of coming back, you never cared for my feelings.. you are so heartless, after being in a long time relationsh¡p with me, you still couldn’t trust me, you believed i would ever cheat with you… i am just so much disappointed in you, day and night i stays on my bed wishing you would come back to me so we could plan our future together, i was ready to forgive you… you never came.. then in a short distant time, God sent to me my heartbeat… soul tie, happiness, missing rib, the lady after my heart, someone i am ready to lay my life for, you would truly love to see her right?…” Richærd paused and let out a smirk,
“You may not get the chance to see her but just know that she isn’t a cheap slut like you.. she is just 100% much than you” Richærd said with a gawky smile..
“Richærd.. why so sudden?.. why do you want to do this to me?.. have you forgotten our shared moment?.. have you forgotten how we cherish and clutch around each other? how we always talk on how our family would be like?… why do you want to shatter all that because of a mistake??.. why??” Clara asked with a red eyes which was covered with tears,
“Clara!!.. all these you just said are the past which i can never forget.. You called your cheating on me a mistake, now let me ask you this question..” Richærd paused then turned at the stairs again to be sure Sandra wasn’t anywhere near,
“What did you do to show me that what you did was a mistake?” Richærd asked
“You would not believe me, sincerely, it wasn’t my decision to snub you, my not calling you or apologizing all these while isn’t my decision.. it was you friend Mark, please believe me, what i did made me so heartbrokened, any time i
tried reaching you, Mark would beat me so bad that i hærdly walk normally, i don’t think you fully know who Mark really is?.. he is a member of a very ruthless gang who were known for their evil manipulation, they do what they want without any hindrance, the police men are also afraid of them… Mark was among them, i never knew that he never loved me, he just played with my feelings, he promised me so many things, every time we meet together, he would always pet and cuddle me as if his life depends on it, he would always tell me fake lies about you… I fell in love with him but i was afraid to tell you, I…”
The sound of a foot step echoed around the sitting room making Richærd and Clara to turn sharply at the direction which was the staircase,
Walking downward was Sandra who was still on her night gown,
She walked forward to the doorpost where Richærd and Clara were standing,
“Good morning” Sandra greeted Richærd with a broad smile,
“Ohh, my love, how was night?”
Richærd asked as they engaged in a passionate hug,
“So, who do we have here?” Sandra asked immediately they broke off from the hug,
“You mean this lady?.. she is…
“My name is Clara, i’m living at the third floor, just decided to meet with you guys” Clara cut in with a wide smile clasping her both hands backwardly,
“Hmm, you can come in, should she?” Sandra asked Richærd who nodded his head in approval,
Just immediately they all sat on the couch in the sitting room, Cole and Joy walked downstairs with their hands clunged around each other,
“Good morning” Cole and Joy quickly greeted then flashed a short glance on Clara who was sitting comfortably with her both palm on her laps,
“How was your night?” Richærd asked,
“Would you like to know?.. as for me, i dreamt of my wedding day with Joy, seriously you have to see it” Cole said with a wide grin while Joy let out a sheep smile and pinched Cole on his palm,
“Okay, that is a nice dream for you, so what next??” Richærd asked without looking at Clara,
“Before any other thing, we would love to know who is this other party in our presence?” Cole asked staring at Clara,
“My name is Clara, i’m living at the third floor, just decided to meet you guyz” Clara introduced with an innocent smile, Richærd’s heart was really perturbed, he knew Clara was keen in wanting him back at all means,
Having being with Clara for a long time, he had come to realize how desperate she was, She is just the type of lady who was just Ready to do anything to get what they want, So for Clara to come for him at this point in time is something he knew would bring a big problem,
He glanced at Sandra Cole and Joy, he could see how interested they are in what Clara was saying,
There was no doubt they were already loving her not knowing that she was a green snake in a green grass, all her act is just a pretend,
He thought of telling everyone about Clara but he later waved it off as he never wants Sandra to know he had once knew who Clara is talkmore
of her being his ex fiancee,
What baffled him was what could be Clara’s plan that made her act nicely to them all and act like she never knew him,
“Richærd!!” Sandra called out making Richærd flinch back to reality,
“Y-yeah” he stuttered,
“What is wrong with you?.. your mind seems to be far away from here, what were you thinking?” Sandra asked staring at him,
“N-nothing… Just a little headache, i think i need some rest” Richærd said and stood up,
“Should i come with you?” Sandra asked standing up also,
“No.. Stay here and attend to her” Richærd said and turned to Clara who was gazing at him with an expression which could hærdly be read,
“I am off see ya” Richærd said and pecked Sandra before rushing upstairs,
He slumped hærdly on the bed in thought,
After sometimes, his phone made a beeping sound which signifies an incoming message,
He opened it,
The sender was an unknown number,
Meet me in this address below, we have to talk,
From Clara…
Don’t think of snubbing me because you will have yourself to be blamed…
To be continued.

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