Dream chapter 4 – 5

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Summer Gold R.


Jocelyn glanced at Xavier and Oliver again,wondering who she slapped and who actually spanked her butt

“I know what you’re thinking” Xavier grinned and Jocelyn looked at him

“You actually…Slapped and punched him” Xavier pointed a finger to Oliver and Jocelyn’s heart skipped a beat

‘I knew it’ She said inwardly and shut her eyes before opening again

“But it was me….who spanked you and I really want to do it again” Xavier smirked and Jocelyn frowned

“Kidding Kidding,just kidding. So why are you here?” Xavier asked

Jocelyn shook her head

“I will just take my leave” She muttered

“If you want to leave,then do it quick,others are waiting” Oliver finally spoke up and Jocelyn bit her bottom lip

She bowed shortly and made to walk out but Xavier grabbed her hand and she turned back

“Oh come on brother,I’m sure she need this job badly” Xavier said

“I do! I really need it and I wouldn’t have hit you without any reason. Your brother did what made me mad and I obviously have no idea if you’re twins,if you chase me out then you’re not considering the fact that your brother is wrong” Jocelyn rushed her words and Oliver scoffed

“I’m not really wrong” Xavier muttered and Jocelyn glared at him

“Fine,let’s start the interview” Oliver muttered

“Can I…just….work with him instead?” Jocelyn pointed at Xavier and Oliver furrowed his brows

“What? No!!” Xavier shouted

“Why?? I can’t stay here please help me” Jocelyn said in a whisper to Xavier and grabbed his hand

Xavier chuckles and immediately pushed Jocelyn toward Oliver

“I will come back when you’re done” He smiled at Oliver before going out

Jocelyn bit her bottom lip without looking up

Oliver ignored her nervousness and sat down on the seat,he crossed his legs and rest his hand on his jaw.

He didn’t say a word and finally Jocelyn moved closer and submitted all the necessary credentials before taking another step backward.

Oliver started checking everything

“No working experience?? At all?” He asked in his cold voice

“No,this is my first time. I graduated in college just a year ago” Jocelyn replied

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“How old are you?” Oliver asked

“Twenty Two” Jocelyn answered and Oliver looked up

He stared at her from her head down but his eyes only stopped on her chest before he returned his gaze back to the documents in front of him

“If you have no working experience,how am I going to trust you??” He asked without looking up

“As you can see….”

Oliver looked up immediately and she bite her lips

“I mean,I have an associate degree in secretarial science,and I have what it takes to be one. You can try me out at least right?? I’m confident” Jocelyn said

Oliver shifted the swivel chair from the table backward,his eyes not leaving hers. He got up and pushed his hands into his pockets

“It’s not about your credentials anyway,I love hardworking people and looking at you” he stared at her again

“I’m hardworking,trust me…..”

“I’m just afraid you might beat up our clients…..”

“I won’t do that if they don’t mess with me” Jocelyn said

Oliver looked at her and she realized her mistake

“I mean…..”

“You can start tomorrow” Oliver cut her off and Jocelyn’s eyes widened

“Really?!!” She screamed and covered her mouth with her palm

Oliver nodded

“Thank you!! Thank you!!!” She shouted,bowing countlessly

Oliver rolled his eyes

“You can go” He muttered

“Thank you!” Jocelyn shouted one last time before rushing out of the office.

She ran into Xavier again

“Bun Butt” He called

Jocelyn almost glared at him but then she realized he’s her boss now

“You got the job right?” Xavier asked

“Yes,thanks to you” She rolled her eyes and Xavier chuckled

He walked closer to her

“I can’t lose the opportunity of seeing you everyday” He whispers and kissed her cheek before walking away

Jocelyn turned and looked at him

“Seriously??” She muttered and before walking away excitedly

Xavier entered Oliver’s office

“Did you finally checked her out??” He asked

“No” Oliver replied

“Wait seriously?? You’re not interested in having a taste of her?” Xavier asked

“No I’m not” Oliver muttered

“Great,I can’t wait to f**k her @ss….”

“You’re not allowed to f**k my secretary,f**k yours” Oliver said in a teasing voice and Xavier laughed

“Noted boss” He saluted

“Don’t pretend,I know you are not that obedient” Oliver chuckled and raised his phone up

“Savannah sent her home address for the dinner” he smirked

“Great!!!” Xavier gushed

“Don’t be too forward,I don’t want her to come here without her pantie next time” Oliver said and they both laughed

“Trust me bro,I know how I do my thing. All you have to do is give me your phone when I’m leaving and we are good” Xavier said and Oliver nodded

The door opened and Kath entered,she’s one of the company’s editors,she works for Oliver actually.

“Good morning Sir” She bowed

Oliver and Xavier turned at once,she immediately walked to Xavier

“Here’s the document you requested for,I’m done with it” She said

“Oh yeah,thank you. You can leave” Xavier said trying not to laugh

She bowed and dropped it on the table before walking out

Xavier burst into laughter

“It’s always so fun to watch” he said

“It’s not fun,it’s annoying and disappointing. She’s been working for me for years and I just can’t believe she still can’t recognize me….”

“We’ve been friends with the guys since elementary and they still mistake us for each other some times…..”

“They are totally dumb” Oliver cut Xavier off

“Well,you’re the one who decided to become a copy of my face. I came out first remember?” Xavier smirked and Oliver scoffed

“You love bringing out silly points” he muttered

“See you later” Xavier winked before going out


Tyler Walked out of the exam hall,he seems like the first person to finish up,no doubt it’s just a piece of cake to him

Golden high is the most biggest and popular high school in New York,it is owned by the President,his youngest daughter Monroe attends the school and she’s the school queen,popular for her beautiful face alone but she’s the dullest in class,the most brilliant student is no other person than Ariana James,the younger sister of Oliver and Xavier.

She’s the second most popular girl in school,mainly because of her brilliancy and her brothers.

As Tyler walked through the school hallway,different eyes followed him. It’s even easier to notice him since he’s not wearing the school uniform.

🗣 He’s a new student here right??

🗣 What the h*ll!!

🗣 He’s so hot!!!

🗣 Damn,is he a model??

🗣 His lips!! So kissable like f**k

Tyler was checking on his phone which made him smile brightly and some girls almost fainted

🗣 He’s got dimples too!!!

🗣 I’m falling!!somebody hold me!!

🗣 I’m going to f**k him,no doubt about that

Tyler didn’t even bother to look up as he walked until he bumped into a body

“Are you blind?!!!” Ariana shouted angrily

She was walking with her best friend,Gianna

Tyler looked up

“I’m sorry…..”

“Sorry for your f**ked up life fool” Ariana snapped

“Come on Ariana,that’s harsh” Gianna cautioned

Ariana glared at Tyler and hissed out loudly before walking away,pushing Tyler out of her way

Tyler’s eyes followed her

‘What the h*ll?’ He said inwardly but Gianna’s voice snapped him out of his thought

“New boy right?” She asked and he faced her

“Huh?” She asked again,smiling cutely

“I came for the admission exam,so I can’t answer that until I get the admission” he replied

“Oh,what grade?” Gianna asked

“Twelfth grade,final class” Tyler replied and Gianna’s eyes widened

“Me too!!! I hope you get the admission,let’s be friends when that happens” She said,bringing her hand for a shake

“Sure” Tyler smiled out dimples and took her hand

“Gianna!!!!!!” Ariana called out loudly

“Oh,I gat to go. Hope to see you tomorrow,the results will be out tonight” Gianna smiled at Tyler one last time before running after Ariana

“Why the h*ll is she like that?” Tyler muttered,looking at Ariana shortly before walking away

He got on his bike,His sister actually bought him that on his 17th birthday which was two months ago,he always wanted to ask where she got the money but he knew better that she will never give him an answer to his question. It’s his first time riding on it since he got it as a gift though

🗣 He’s So handsome

🗣 I hope he pass the exam,can’t wait to see him everyday!!

Tyler let out a naughty smirk before using the helmet and then rode out of the school compound.


Nancy was staring out of her window when Tyler got home,she let out a smile when she saw that he finally started using the bike.

She was actually the one who bought it for him,she had told Jocelyn never to mention her name to him anyway and she’s totally cool with the way Tyler thought his sister got it for him

She immediately ran out of her apartment and crossed Tyler who was walking toward theirs

“Tyler!” She called and Tyler turned back

“You’re home” he smiled

“Yeah,wanna come over? Jocelyn isn’t back yet” Nancy said and Tyler nodded

Nancy smiled and they both walked to her apartment

“How was your exam?” She asked,pouring him a glass of soft drink

“Sweet and interesting” Tyler smiled,showing his dimples

Nancy smiled and gave him the glass

“I hope barbie doll also pass the interview” Tyler muttered

“Of course she would,trust Jocelyn” Nancy said and Tyler nodded

“It’s the first time you’re riding the bike,do you like it?” Nancy asked

“Do you by any chance know where she got the money to buy…..”

“Of course not,I have no idea. But I’m sure she just want you to be comfortable when you start schooling,what do you think?” Nancy asked

“I can easily take the bus…..”

“No!” Nancy shouted and Tyler looked at her

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“I don’t want you to take the bus,too many eyes are gonna be piercing into your skin and I don’t want that” She muttered and it sounded funny to Tyler

“Seriously?? You make me feel like I’m a celebrity or something” he chuckled

“You’re a model to me,wait do you wanna become one? I can talk to dad….”

“He’s going to ask you to come back home,I don’t want you to leave” Tyler cut in and her cheeks turned red

“So,you don’t want me to leave?” She asked slowly

“Do you wanna leave?” Tyler asked

“I can’t leave you,seeing your face is enough” She said and Tyler smiled

Nancy touched his cheek without thinking and her eyes traveled to his lips

“Are you okay?” Tyler asked

“Oh….” Nancy immediately dropped her hand and almost fell off the couch but Tyler grabbed her hand preventing her from falling

“Careful” he muttered

‘Come back to your sense Nancy!! You’re five years older than him!!’ Nancy screamed in her head

“Thanks” She mumbled

They were interrupted by the door bell

“I think she’s back” Tyler immediately said and got up to open the door

Jocelyn’s face came to view and she looked surprised to see Tyler

“Tyler??” She called


Jocelyn entered

“What are you doing here? You should be In school….”

“Of course I just came back,I’m done with my exam and I am waiting for the result tonight” Tyler said

“Oh” Jocelyn muttered and turned to Nancy

“Guess what!!!” She shouted

“You passed the interview?” Nancy asked

“I got the job and I’m starting tomorrow!!!!” Jocelyn screamed and Nancy gasped

“OMG!!” She shouted and hugged Jocelyn

“I knew it!!”

“Congrats barbie doll” Tyler also hugged her

“We need to celebrate this,let’s go out!!!” Nancy shouted


They were still jubilating when Jocelyn’s phone buzzed and they stopped

She checked the message,it’s from her manager in the coffee shop

“What’s wrong?” Nancy asked seeing her changed mood

“The manager want me to finish my work at the coffee shop tonight,I need to go. Let’s have fun tomorrow night” She said

“Oops” Nancy muttered

“See you later” Jocelyn said and went out with Tyler

Nancy sighed and fell on the couch,she checked the message that came on her phone earlier,as expected it’s from her dad


“Company my foot” Nancy rolled her eyes and threw the phone somewhere


Oliver had one hand in his pocket as he climbed down the stairs,he was on a call with Xavier

“Where are you?” Oliver asked

“Are you worried? I’m on my way to Savannah,trust me” Xavier replied

“Don’t do anything silly in my name,okay?” Oliver said

“Like getting her pregnant?? Oh brother you should trust me,I won’t do that” Xavier said with a chuckle

“Fine” Oliver muttered and hanged up

He got downstairs and dropped the phone which is Xavier’s own on the table before going into the kitchen,he checked to see if there’s any coffee but there’s none. Maybe because he spend most of his time in the island,the kitchen is almost empty and he’s almost addicted to drinking coffee.

He turned back and took Xavier’s phone,he made an order once and settled in the living room.

Minutes later,he heard the door bell and he got up

He walked to the door and opened it,Jocelyn’s face came into view and her eyes grew wide when she saw Oliver

“Coffee Pervert!” She screamed and Oliver groaned

“I’m not the one!!! I’m not!!,can’t you differentiate at least?!! He shouted

“Oh……I’m sorry” Jocelyn muttered and Oliver rough his hair frustratingly

He exhaled and faced her again

“Give me that and leave” he snapped

Jocelyn immediately handed the package to him,she wanted to say more but he shut the door on her face

“F**k you!!” Jocelyn shouted and immediately the door opened again

“What did you say?” Oliver asked

“Oh…I mean….Enjoy your coffee” Jocelyn said slowly and softly and then she smiled

Oliver rolled his eyes and shut the door again

Jocelyn almost kicked the door but she changed her mind before walking away angrily.

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