Ekaette episode 6

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Ekaette episode 6
Mrs Abraham: Is that Ekaette?
Me: Yes it’s me!
Mrs Abraham: Oh my God! Come h£re Sweet-h£art. I missed you so much. S!nce th£ day your dad caught us and fired me, i tried catch!ng [email protected]¢k with you but all to no avail. I missed you so much Dearie.
Me: I missed you Hun. Are you married now? I asked
Mrs Abraham: Yes Dearie. I’m Mrs Abraham. h£re’s my Husband, Mr Abraham. h£’s a Judge to th£ customary court !n VI Lagos.
Mr Abraham: Mrs Abraham is obviously very happy to see you Ekaette.
Aunt Agnes and Ekaette hugged each oth£r for few moments, felt warm and happy reconnect!ng aga!n. Wh£n Mrs Abraham extended h£r [email protected] to greet Ekaette, $h£ wasn’t sure if $h£ should shake h£r or not, consider!ng wh£re it had been. Ekaette looked at h£r [email protected] It was covered !n h£r cookie juices.
Me: I suppose i did not have a choice. I would be |¡¢k!ng h£r !n a m!nute anyway. $h£ said to h£rself. $h£ extended h£r [email protected] and shook h£r.
Mrs Abraham: Come h£re Ekaette, please take off your cloth£s and let’s get someth!ng started h£re. $h£ asked
Aunt Agnes snatch£d Mr Abraham from h¡s ex wife, Funke. $h£ has excellent c–k-|¡¢k!ng skills. $h£ was bang!ng Mr Abraham while $h£ was work!ng as an employee !n h¡s court wh£re Mr Abraham sat as a judge. Mr Abraham was attracted to h£r th£ first time th£y met until h£ asked h£r ©vt, experienced th£ goodies !n h£r cookie, h£ wouldn’t go [email protected]¢k to h¡s wife. !nstead, h£ married Aunt Agnes afterwards.
Obviously, Aunt Agnes is bis€×ual. Th¡s will be first time i’m hav!ng threesomes, hopefvlly i enjoyed it.
Me: Are you go!ng to jo!n us? I asked Mr Abraham as my bra fell to th£ floor, expos!ng a pair of large bre:asts. “I would like you to bang me “[email protected]” from beh!nd as i |¡¢k your wife’s cookie”.
Mr Abraham: That is not a problem Love. Mr Abraham said as i took off th£ last piece of cloth!ng that i still had on (my [email protected]).
Mr Abraham: However, i’d like to have my JT s—-d by my wife first. Once my JT is rock [email protected], i will get !nto position and bang you from beh!nd j√$t as you like it.
Me: Greeeaatt! I can’t wait. I said as i tied my hair and got onto th£ b£d, ready to |¡¢k Mrs Abraham well-shave hairless cookie
h£r Cookie was already extremely w€t.
Mrs Abraham: I have c-m several times today already by touch!ng myself. Mrs Abraham said as i m©v£d my m©vth towards h£r cookie. “Can you please make me c-m some m©r£?” $h£ begged
Me: I’ll do all that i can to please you. I a$$ured Mrs Abraham before i started my functions.
I parted h£r ©vter l¡ps of h£r cookie and concentrated on h£r cl!t. Mrs Abraham def!nitely had a very high se:x drive. With!n a m!nute of my l¡ps and t0Πge com!ng !nto contact with h£r cookie, $h£ started hav!ng h£r umpteenth o—-m of th£ day. I kept |¡¢k!ng h£r cookie and $h£ kept [email protected]!ng loudly as $h£ had one o—-m after th£ oth£r.
i paused for a moment and saw Mr Abraham kneel!ng on th£ b£d with h¡s c–k !n h¡s wife’s m©vth. h¡s eyes were closed and h¡s face was po!nt!ng towards th£ ceil!ng of th£ b£droom. h£ was def!nitely gett!ng a lot of ₱1ea$vre.
Mr Abraham: Time to bang you from beh!nd now. h£ said wh£n h£ felt that h£ was ready.
h£ got off th£ b£d and picked up a ¢0nd0m from th£ table !n th£ b£droom. I did not stop what i was do!ng all along (|¡¢k!ng Mrs Abraham). As soon as Mr Abraham f!ni$h£d putt!ng on th£ ¢0nd0m, h£ stuck h¡s JT up my a$$ and started bang!ng me. I stopped pleasur!ng h¡s wife for a few seconds as h¡s JT entered my cookie. It was so pleasurable!
Me: Bang me [email protected]! I s¢r**med as Mr Abraham banged me from beh!nd. After h£ had been bang!ng me for a while, h£ bent d©wΠ so that our torsos were almost parallel to each oth£r. h£ th£n grabb£d my neck and ₱v||ed my hair. h£ knew exactly what to do to make th£ wh0l£ experience a lot m©r£ pleasurable. h£ kept wh¡sper!ng !n my ear. I could not h£ar anyth!ng that h£ was say!ng but i did not ¢ar£!
Mr Abraham banged me from beh!nd for a couple of m!nutes until h£ came |ns!de me. All three of us rested for a while until we were ready to bang aga!n.
Mrs Abraham’s legs were !n th£ air as h£r husband pounded h£r mercilessly. $h£ was soon hav!ng anoth£r o—-m and [email protected]!ng as loud as ever. It was a wonderful sight to perceive. After h¡s second o—-m, we all had anoth£r rest, th¡s time for a bit longer.
We had m©r£ se’x until it was nearly midnight. Th£ Abrahams were very grateful that i turned up. I left th£ir home j√$t after midnight – but not before agree!ng to meet aga!n. We all had lots of fun.
It’s been 8 days s!nce Kemi went miss!ng. Kemi is my niece, th£ daughter to Aunt Sandra (My mom’s younger sibl!ng). Aunt Sandra’s husband, Uncle James is 42 while h¡s wife is 40.
I da$h£d ©vt to th£ir location upon h£ar!ng th£ sad news look!ng ©vt for th£ir miss!ng child, Kemi. I’ve always be f!nd!ng Uncle James attractive especially th£ first time we met at th£ir engagement party but i didn’t act on my feel!ngs.
I decided stay!ng with th£m for few days j√$t to be sure everyone is f!ne and ok. !nitially, Uncle James was nice and h£ was j√$t a normal !n-Law everyone would wish for.
After few couple days, h£ started behav!ng funny towards me. h£ would touch my bum, and sometimes h£ would pretend it was a mistake, th£n, h£ would touch my brea:sts.
One day, we sat ©vtside hop!ng to get th£ good news of kemi, yet to be found. Everyone was !nformed ab©vt h£r miss!ng status !nclud!ng th£ officers at th£ nearest Police Station.
All of a sudden, Uncle James went ©vtside to h¡s car and i followed j√$t be sure h£’s ok and not try!ng to do anyth!ng stupid, like commit!ng suicide or someth!ng of such nature.
Uncle James: i’m really glad you followed me, as that’s what i wanted
Me: You are welcome Uncle. You know you guys problem is also my own problem. So we are on th¡s togeth£r. Kemi must surely be found
Uncle James needed petrol to drive some wellwi$h£rs home afterwards and asked if i wanted to go for a drive !n h¡s new car.
Uncle James: Do you m!nd go!ng with me to Fuel-Station and get some [email protected]? i j√$t noticed th£ fuel is near End on th£ gauge.
Me: Why not? Sure i will follow you
We drove ©vt of town !nstead to th£ nearest fuel station as agreed. We got to a bushy k!nda location and Uncle James parked at one scene. h£ parked up and klzzed me.
Uncle James: Are you ready?
Me: Ready for what?
Question: Not Aga!n!!! What’s ab©vt to happen aga!n? Do you th!nk Ekaette would scale th¡s through?

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