Fate Of Mirabel

Fate of Mirabel 2 episode 4 – 6


Fate of Mirabel

Season 2, episode 4.
Linda went in to see her mum paving the window blind watching her. “Mummy you’re back so soon, she said afraid. ” as you can see I’m back, where are you coming back from? She asked.” mum from school, she replied. “With guys dropping you? I heard the rumours so i came to check it out myself if it’s true. So guys have already start dropping you with flashy cars eh Linda?.

Linda: mummy it’s not like that, they are Rose friends so they help in dropping us back from school. ” so you’re still walking with that stupid and nonsense girl that gat no respect for elders eh? This should be the last time those guys should drop you at home, have you heard me! She shouted on her. Linda nodded sadly then left for her room. “What’s wrong with this local people that can’t mind their business, so they’ve already start spreading rumours and gossiping about me eh, Linda thought to herself angrily.
Frederick: Rose has not been picking my calls as she used to, she’s been acting strange.

Donald: then ask her what’s the matter.

Frederick: I think I’ll do that.

Donald: hmmmmm

Frederick: what’s that?

Donald: I think someone is in love

Frederick: I’m not denying it ok, unlike you.

Donald: unlike me what? Linda is just a friend ok.

Frederick: friend ni, tell me something.

Donald: do you think Linda will accept me?

Frederick: your friendship or your proposal, which one?

Donald: infact get out. Frederick burst into laughing” she’s just a friend Na, keep deceiving yourself. As for me I bet Rose knows how I feel for her.

Donald: good for you, he said unconcerned.
The next day Linda and Rose kept some distance that Linda felt maybe Rose is not in a good mood. When the school was over, Linda approached Rose.

Rose: are they here? “Here, who? Linda replied.

Rose scoffed, “sometimes I wonder the kind of brain you have sef. Is Donald already here to pick us home?, she shouted. ” I won’t be going with them because my mum found out about it, she replied sadly. “Old people with ancient mentality, she dropped immediately and Linda was mad.


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look here, I’ll accept it if you do spit those rubbish with me but pls take it far from my parents ok. ” or else what?, she barked back. “What the hell is your problem Rose? You look mentally disabled!

Rose: really?, those words suits the things you call parents, she hissed and was about walking out of her but Linda held her back and engaged her in a serious fight. They got separated, with anger Linda stormed out of the school and bashed into Donald who was about entering the school gate. ” hey Linda, what’s wrong? He held Linda back as she ignored him. “Please let me go, she replied not facing him. Where’s Rose? Frederick asked almost immediately.


do I look like Rose nanny?, please excuse me, she said and left leaving them confused.

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Donald: there’s something wrong I guess, he said to Fred who was lost for words. Then they saw Rose coming with the same countenance of Linda, ” why do you look this way? Fred asked her but she fell on Donald weeping.

Donald: why? What happened?, he asked confused. “Is it not the girl I took as my friend beat me up because of a little misunderstanding we had. ” but how come, what led to the fight?? Fred asked trying to get her attention. “It has always been her character to embarrass me always. Don please take me out from here, she pleaded still crying on him

Season 2, episode 5.
“Ok now can you tell me what happened?, Don said to her after he drove her to a restaurant. “Nothing, just forget it, she replied. “Can you clear your differences? At least for my sake please, Don pushed further. “Don’t worry, we’ll be OK, she replied. They stayed a little longer before they took her home.

Linda went home still very furious, then she thought of how she replied the guys and felt bad. “I think I’m wrong, I shouldn’t have replied the way I did. I’m gonna apologise to them when next we meet, she said and took out her books to read.
Later that day Fred called up Rose and asked her to meet him on WhatsApp. ” I’m here what’s the matter?, she messaged. “I want to know something and I want you to be very sincere with me, Alex replied. “Alright be snappy, she replied. “Who among us do you want? Me or Don?. “What kind of question is that Fred?, she replied. “As I said earlier I want you to be very sincere with me and I want nothing but the truth, he replied seriously. “Ok fine, it’s Don I want. Are you okay now?.


all I’ve done for you Rose even before the universities went for strike. I came down here just For you Rose!, he replied angrily. Rose just went offline and switched off her phone. “Why didn’t Don choose me instead? Why did he have to choose someone so local and stupid like Linda! She screamed and threw her pillows on the floor screaming like a mad dog. “You think it’s over Rose? You’ll never get Donald, this I promise you, Frederick said to himself.
The next day Linda and Rose kept distance from each other with a long face, ” I’ll go first Linda, but I gat my plans, Rose smiled to herself and walked up to Linda. Linda ignored her and concentrated more on her books. “Hey, I’m sorry, rose Said to her but Linda kept silent. ” we can’t go on like this, I’m sorry nau, she said and hugged Linda causing her classmates to start laughing. “Just leave me alone please, I’ve had enuf of your nonsense, Rose said angrily. “Hmmmmm yea, I should have controlled myself, but I was not in a good mood believe me I’m sorry ok, she said holding Rose hands. “Promise it won’t happen again?, Linda asked. ” Cross my heart, Rose said and hugged her again smiling to herself. Donald and Fred came later and Linda apologised to them which they accepted, they also insisted to drop Linda off at least a little far from her place.

Their friendship grew till Linda and Rose started their Waec exams, which made them sometimes return late. Linda used the opportunity to hang up with the guys in the name of exams which her old parents believed.

One night, Fred brought out a topic. The strike is called off and we have only two days to leave here, what about Linda? “I don’t know. I mean I don’t have to Courage to ask her out cause I’m scared she might reject me, Don replied. “Hmmmmm what if she likes you already?, Fred asked. “What if she doesn’t? He asked back. “Well I know only one way you’ll know if she likes you or not, though you might not accept it but trust me most guys have tried it and it has worked real good for them, Fred said. “If it’s anything dirty, count me out of it Fred, Don said seriously.

“Look here Don, if you like do it or leave it. If you want to claim a gentleman she might fall into a bad guy hands and you’ll ever live to regret it, Fred said more seriously. “Ok, what should I do? Don said calmly. “Fine, I’ll tell you tomorrow, he replied smiling to himself.

Season 2, episode 6.
The next morning as usual Linda was about going to school but she came back to leave a message for her parents. ” mummy we are having English today and the time given Is somehow late, so If you don’t see me don’t be worried oo “ah ah, what kind of exam is this Na! Her father shouted. “Should we meet you there in school?, her mum said. “No ooo don’t worry I’ll find my way back, see you later, she waved them goodbye.

She only had one paper by 1:00pm which is English, she left to the guys place where she and Rose usually stay to watch movies before the exams begin. Before Linda reached, Rose was already there which Frederick asked to talk to her somewhere and she sluggishly accepted, angry to leave Donald alone which she knows Linda will soon arrive. Few seconds After they left, Linda arrived. “Where’s Fred and Linda? She asked looking around. “They went out, he replied and handed to her a cup of juice.

“Ah, it’s early Na, I’m just coming in, she said. “I know, just have your share because Rose has taken hers, he replied to her and she took it from him gulping it down within secs. “How was your night?, he continued. “I thank God, Linda said concentrating on the TV. “Did you miss me?, Don asked without thinking. “Sorry? Linda replied. “Oh I mean we’ll be leaving tomorrow, will you miss us?, he covered up. “Won’t you be visiting? She asked. “That will be difficult bcus we have a lot to cover up, anyway we can talk on phone, Don replied. “But I don’t have a phone, she replied sadly. “I know that, here have it, he handed a techno M3 to her.

“What! Is this for me? She asked surprised. “Yes, I gat that for you so we won’t lost contact, he replied. “Oh thank you, she hugged him tightly and suddenly felt dizzy. “I’m sorry, she disengaged from him, “Thanks for the gift, she said. “What’s wrong?, Don asked. “I’m having serious headache and I feel sleepy, she replied. “You can sleep here, when it’s time I’ll wake you up so you’ll go for your exams, Don said. “Are you sure about that? Linda asked. “No no no, make yourself comfortable, he said laying her on the bed then put on the fan. Within seconds she was off.
“Make love to her. when she wakes up she will tell you herself she loves you I.e if Only she loves you before oo, but if she doesn’t say it to you, then she never loved you” Fred said. “It sounds foolish, what if she never loved me? How will she feel when she finds out I did that to her?, Don asked. “Who is going to tell her? Fred asked. “She will know someone has slept with her Na, Don argued. “So? Does she have any evidence to prove that it is you? Fred asked. “Look Fred, this is wickedness. For crying out loud I love this girl and you’re asking me to do this to her, Don shouted. “You’re here dying for someone which you’re not even sure if she feels the same way for you. If she loved you already You will know and she won’t be angry if you tell her anyway, I’m sure she will understand because that drug I gave you is very powerful and I call it love detector. Think about it, Fred said, patted his shoulder and left for the bathroom. Donald sat down thinking of all that replayed in the early hours of that day while watching Linda sleeping on the bed. “God forgive me, a heaved a sigh and walked to Linda.
Fred plans was to take Rose away from the house to give Donald the chance. “We are doing nothing here for the past 15minutes you’ve not said anything tangible to me. and you can’t stop me this time from leaving, she stood up from where they sat. “Please Rose let’s talk a bit, you know I’m leaving tomorrow, Fred pleaded. “Who cares about you? That’s why I want to go back to Donald, Rose replied. “Is it because of Linda? You know Linda stands a better chance than you, Fred replied which he got an unexpected slap from Rose. ” never you compare me with that thing. What I want I always get! She shouted and walked out of him. “too bad Rose, I’m sure you’ll like what your eyes are going to behold. He rubbed his cheeks slowly following her behind.


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