Forgive – episode 10


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Truly, my aunty was at the Emergency and Intensive Care Unit. The doctor said there was no time to waste so they checked his blood level failing to check if it was clean due to the urgency and even though it was not very enough to donate, they applied their medical policy. Save the life and treat any other condition that comes after. They transfused his blood for Mrs. Rosemond who happens to be my aunt. To the glory of God, her condition stabilised after receiving the blood. Mr. Dennis felt dizzy after donating the blood so he was also made to rest in one of the staff rest rooms. He felt very weak because he spent too much energy in s€×ual activities over the previous few days. He introduced himself to the staffs as the branch manager to ADB hence the preferential treatment. Some nurses even fell for him because they saw him to be a rich man.

There was this student nurse who was assigned to keep eye on Mr. Dennis so that in case of anything, she will provide. The student nurse not to tell lies was much beautiful than all the ladies Mr. Dennis met in his life till that day. From look of things, this lady was equally a bad girl. She has this s€×y looking dimple with a broad face which normally put men off gear. She came into the room where Dennis was and asked if he was feeling better. Mr. Dennis saw that smile and couldn’t take his eyes off the lady. “yeah…. yeah am fine. I hope my wife is also fine now?” he asked. “yes please she is fine.” the student nurse responded. “can I know your name?” Dennis asked. “Am Nana Akua.” she said. “Nana Akuuuuyaa! Oh my word, you are such a beautiful damsel. Can I have your contact number?” Dennis requested. “OK sir 02XXXXXX46” she mentioned it as Mr. Dennis dialled onto his phone. Mr Dennis gave her one of his complementary cards and told her he will call her later for a chat. “Nana Akua, wow in fact God is more than a designer. Just imagine this beauty.”🤔 he said to himself as the nurse left the room.

The secret untold was that Nana Akua was a sister to Gilbert who was on admission at the university hospital. Gilbert was at the university as she was at the Nursing college and was just there for her clinicals. This lady equally loves money so seeing Mr. Dennis as a rich man, was ready to render any service to him.

Soon, Mr. Dennis became OK and went to see the doctor to find out what brought his wife to the hospital.

Doctor: your wife was brought here bleeding from her genitals profusely. Upon investigation we realised she was pregnant but the issue is that there may be complications with regards to the pregnancy. We need to refer her from this hospital to Korle-bu if not she might experience miscarriage and in the wise, lose the pregnancy. The young man (the gardener) who brought her said your wife was trying suicide because she felt you were cheating on her.”

Mr Dennis: But Doctor, I am not getting something clear over here. Do you say my wife got pregnant without letting me know of it? How did that happen?”

Doctor: Please I have some clients to attend to so can you please excuse me? We can talk about this later.

Mr. Dennis: I don’t think you are driving me away from your office. Look, I am the branch manager of ADB so don’t see me as just anybody. Accord me with that respect.

Doctor: Sorry sir if you got offended. The fact is that I can’t answer how come your wife got pregnant. I’ve just answered the question you came with and I’ve also given you what next we need to do. The nurses are working on the referral note. The hospital will provide you with the ambulance but you need to pay for it.

(Nana Akua entered the consulting room with a note from the ward and gave to the doctor.)

Mr. Dennis: Doc, this your nurse is very beautiful, heerrr just look at the dimple.

Doctor: Sorry sir, you are in an office. Eeerrm, this note is coming from the ward, am sorry to tell you that the unexpected has happened. Your wife has lost the pregnancy so there would be no need for the referral. I’m very sorry to announce that to you.

Mr. Dennis: oh God! So why have you decided to punish me like this? This pregnancy that I’ve been waiting for, for decades, you gave it to me and less than a second you took it away. Why? I won’t spare Rosemond for this, why should she try committing suicide whilst carrying my child? I will deal with her. (Tears were all over his face)

Doctor: Sir please I want to attend to Client’s waiting outside so can you please wait outside?

Mr. Dennis: Please last thing. Doctor please I want to know my HIV status can you help me out?

Doctor: (took a paper and wrote some note on it.) Take this to the lab they will tell you what to do.

Mr. Dennis took the note and went to the Lab and was redirected to the ART unit. Over there he was told to go through a pre-counselling session but he said that was not needed so all he needs is the test. The therapist told him it was a standard procedure so he shouldn’t worry and that it won’t keep long. He was given a questionnaire to complete and was later counselled. His blood sample was taken and was asked to wait outside as they processed the blood to get him the results.

Back on campus

I was at the university hospital trying to be sure Gilbert was fine. I never knew who to call for help. I tried Afya’s number but she didn’t pick up. Soon the doctor sent for me. He told me that Gilbert will be fine just that he will need to undergo some surgery in his neck if not he may find it difficult turning his neck. The university authorities called his parents and both parents arrived at the hospital to see their son. After hearing everything, his father said if I don’t provide Mr. Dennis they would call for my arrest. They also gave the go-ahead to the doctor for the surgery to be done. His mother was rather thanking me for bringing her son to the hospital early enough to avoid further complications.

We were standing there when I received some SMS from the man in the students records department who was to manipulate my results for me. The SMS reads “come to office now” I just couldn’t imagine what he needed me for so I asked permission to go and see him. Gilbert’s father warned me not to step out because if I do he would hand me over to the police. I got frightened and remained.

Soon Afya also came to meet us at the hospital. Gilbert’s father said we should both fetch Mr. Dennis if not he would jail both of us. “Mr. Man, I don’t care who you are. Do I resemble the man that was trying to kill your son? I’m not your slave for you to be commanding me? Secondly, if your son needs me, don’t he know my house? I beg no one should add to my troubles.” Afya spoke rudely to Gilbert’s parents. My mouth was just wide open when she was rattling those words. “Afya I know Mr. Dennis came to your house when he finished the mess, where is he?” I asked her.

“By now he would be at the Tema General Hospital because he was called that his wife was rushed there. So chase him from there.” Afya said. Gilbert’s parents went for police esc-rt and headed towards Tema. They pleaded with Afya to follow them since she would be able to recognise him. The university was also interested in the case so they added a representative to bring Dennis to book. Gilbert’s mother said I should take care of Gilbert as they go and arrest Dennis.

After they left, I quickly rushed to the Student’s Record Department to see this man. “Forgive you had a referral in your Anatomy paper. The lecturer who takes this course can be very smart at times by verifying the results when they are posted to your portals so I will need about Ghc200.00 to change this for you. You have only three days to pay that money.” The man said. “Oh sir, am very dried up as at now is there nothing in place of the money?” I asked. “You know the deal but this time around, I want to be faithful to my wife. Am now a changed person.” he said. I felt very bad and don’t know what to do. Quickly, it occurred to me to try Afya’s sugar daddy lecturer to see if I can get the money from him. The unfortunate aspect is that Afya has given a share of the HIV virus to this lecturer but I had no idea. I left the records department and to the lecturers office. I explained to him that my father was dying and needed Ghc1000.00 to get treatment so I needed help from him. He said I should meet him at a joint on campus in the evening so that we talk more about that. I thanked him and went back to see Gilbert at the hospital.

The test result was ready and Mr. Dennis was called to the counselling room. “Sir, we have screened your blood but before I disclose the results to you, I will like to tell you that HIV is just like any other disease which anybody regardless of your class or status or even race can get. Knowing your status is the best option because with you knowing your status, you would know how best to take care of yourself and live a healthy life. You must also let your partner get tested but after you knowing your status, you need to come back in three months for a confirmatory test because at times the devices we use could give a wrong reading but on a more serious reason, it is after three months of getting the virus that it becomes very clear where you stand. The virus has an incubation period which can be noticed after this three months. Some of the signs you could see if you are positive includes but not limited to the following; night sweats, Recurring fever, diarrhea, unexplained fatigue, Weight loss, among others. We have medicines that can keep you and prolong your life span. Eat well, do more exercise and take your drugs regularly. Please this is your result. (handed a folded paper to Dennis)

He opened it and saw the shock of his life. (Boldly written *HIV+ positive*)

He got shocked and opened his mouth wide and tears started rolling down his cheeks. “This girl has finished me. Please was it my blood that was transfused to my wife? And was it treated before?” he asked with great disappointment and confusion all over his face. The counsellor encouraged him and told him it was best he knows his status and also asked him to come for a retest after three months.

“Afya has killed me finally. I’ve lost my baby and now going to be HIV positive for the rest of my life. Oh God!” 😭 he cried. He went out and stood by his car holding the note in his hands and with sorrow all over his face.

Soon, Gilbert’s parents with the police esc-rt arrived at the hospital. They saw Mr. Dennis standing by his car crying. Afya who was among the people pointed at him that he was the man that twisted Gilbert’s neck. Unlucky for him, Gilbert’s father was a top shareholder at the bank Mr. Dennis was working so they both knew each other very well. “Mr. Dennis, I can’t believe it that you were the one behind this mess. Am sorry I can’t spare you. Officers, please arrest this man.” Gilbert father ordered. He remembered his daughter was doing her clinicals at that same hospital so he called and truly, Nana Akua came to meet her father and realised her parents were there to get Mr. Dennis arrested. Her father told her their reason for coming and she told her father the intEr×¢tion that went between she and Dennis. Afya saw that Mr. Dennis was holding some paper in his hands so she snatched it and read the HIV positive notice. “Hahahah sir, sorry oo. Welcome to my world. Next time know who to sleep with. Look at a full grown up man like you, instead of you helping your wife build your home, you are going about chasing after small girls. Make sure you go for your medicines every month if not you will die before me. Foolish man.” Afya said to Dennis as Dennis couldn’t control his tears. “My friend Bank managers don’t cry like a baby, you are disturbing the patients in this hospital.” Afya teased him the more. “Afya so this was deliberate. You will rot in hell I swear, he said with his hands in handcuffs. “What is happening here?” Nana Akua’s mother asked. Afya told her that Dennis was HIV positive but yet wanted to sleep with her daughter. “Please let him rot in the jail he was threatening me with.” Afya said to the police.

As they were on their way coming to the university campus, Gilbert’s father asked. “Afya I heard you tell this man that he is welcome to your world. Have you been in such a situation before” Mr Dennis interrupted. “She is the one that gave me the HIV. She is positive and made me sleep with her. You evil lady.” “What! Are you serious?” Gilbert’s mother asked. “mum don’t mind him. He is a confused person.” Afya said. “So why did you do that to my son?” Gilbert’s father asked. “Because I found him sleeping with my daughter.” Dennis reported. “What! You mean Forgive was sleeping with my Gilbert?” Afya asked.

Soon they arrived at the university hospital where I was waiting for their return so that I go and meet the lecturer. Afya moved with some sort of aggression towards me as soon as she got down from the car. “How could you do such a thing? Forgive, you know what Gilbert meant to me. “My friend don’t even go there? What have you seen me do to Gilbert? Was I the one who twisted his neck? Why are you barking like a dog?” I asked angrily. The heaviest slap landed on my face from Afya. There the fight started.

Matters arising.

To be continued

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