Forgive – Episode 6


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I made up my mind to personally ensure that my aunty packs out of the house for me. But do you know I was never thinking of s€×ually transmitted diseases as I was only concerned with what I was gaining?

I called Afya to my hostel one evening and told her about my intentions of making my aunt’s husband send my aunt packing. “I can see something is wrong with your head. What is the meaning of this? Look, you are not there to snatch your aunt’s man from her, instead you are only playing the role of a side chick to this man and that’s all. What is his name self?” Afya asked. “He is Mr. Dennis.” I answered. “okay, so now am telling you that you are only the side chick of Mr. Dennis. Give him what he wants as he also in turn provides all you need in this life.”

“but Afya, his main concern is about having a child. The last time I told him about he building a house for me, he promised that as soon as I get pregnant for him, he will change the name on the doc-ments of a land he bought somewhere for a building project for his wife into my name so I shouldn’t worry.” I said to her. “really, this girl is very lucky. That sounds good to hear. Which bank did you say he works for? ” she asked. “Agriculture Development Bank ADB Madina branch. He is the manager over there.” I said innocently. “Wow then this man should be a very big fish. OK I will get going, take care.” she said, as she picked her bag and left the room. I laid on my bed and soon, I fell asleep.

Afya was monologuing as she was walking to pick a car home. “This lady must be very lucky, I think these men are making a fool out of me. Upon all the satisfaction I’ve been giving them none of them has promised to even buy me a car before, even to talk of building a wh0le house. Wow! I must do something very fast. I think I must meet this man and grab this opportunity. Yes I need to. How can this small village girl bypass me like that.”

For almost three days, I never heard from Afya so I decided to call to check up on her. She said she was not feeling very well and moreover, she was working on her project work since she was in her final year. She said she would come and visit me in the evening. She shared some jokes and hanged up. Soon after that call, Mr. Dennis also called. He said he was on his way to see me and also to give me some provisions and besides, to enjoy from my honey pot.

He doesn’t show any much concern or care to his wife any longer. He leaves and comes home as and when it pleases him and if my aunt should complain, he would say he was occupied with office work. Anytime he was coming to my place, he does tell my aunt that he is going for a meeting on behalf of the bank. My aunt was always frustrated.

Soon my aunt’s husband; Mr. Dennis arrived at my hostel. I saw him through the louvers in my room and sent him a short text message reading “the door is not locked. Push and enter. I quickly changed into a very hot dress. I looked very hot and positioned myself on the bed for him to get the arousal immediately he enters. It was a single room self contained with a balcony. There he was. He was far older than me and could be my father but I do call him honey whenever he comes to my place. He saw me on the bed and just as expected, he fell for me. ” Baby girl, you are looking very vivacious and succulent. Can I have a hug from you?” he asked and got ready for the hug. I walked up to him for the hug and I don’t need to tell you what followed after the hug. Yes, what you are thinking happened and just in the middle of our doggy position, I heard this knock on the door. We didn’t mind. The knock persisted so I needed to shout who was there. It was Afya. Ah! This lady crushed my jet. I asked her to give me some time so I would open her shortly. Mr. Dennis was not happy with the interference likewise me. “Dear, these are some of the reasons why I came to rent this place for you alone. It is not to be shared with any other person except me. Let her in. ” He said as he dressed up and sat on the chair.

“Dear am sorry for keeping you waiting. I was discussing something with my daddy that was why. ” I apologised to her. “Don’t worry. After all this is your place and you decide who to come in and at a time of your choice.” she said but looked very moody. She was equally dressed in a provocative manner. “Afya meet my aunt’s husband, dad, please this is my good friend. Her name is Afya.” I did the introduction.

Mr Dennis :Afya how are you?

Afya : (with a s€×ually looking face and voice) I’m fine dad. You are welcome.

Mr. Dennis : Thank you. Forgive you have a beautiful friend. You ladies should take your books serious.

Afya : Alright sir. Thank you for the compliment too.

Mr. Dennis : Forgive I must be going. I need to pass through a friends place before getting home so come, I got you some provisions. Maybe your friend can come and help you carry them from the car.

Afya : Oh dad are you leaving because am around?

Mr. Dennis: Not at all. Take this money and get yourself some chocolate. He said handing her one Ghc 50.00 note which she thanked him. I took the lead outside for the items. Afya stopped behind me and asked Mr. Dennis for his number. He gave one of his complimentary cards to her. This happened really fast and at my blind side. We went to bring the things into the room. He gave me double what he gave to Afya and said he would send some through my account.

“Is that not your sugar daddy? ” Afya asked. “I wont mind you. You just came to spoil my beautiful moment. Who knows if today was the day I would have gotten pregnant for him and get that house in my name?” I queried her . “Look at how love dey jorm you? When I was advising you to give in to him, you saw me as a bad person. Now you are telling me I spoilt your evening. Heerr! My dear this man is serious oo that’s fine.” she said. “Hey I beg take him out of your list oo, that man is mine so stop doing that he is nice…. he is nice thing here. I know you.” I warned. “I beg let me think. I get correct mugus okay, don’t bring this under one minute Ghc 50.00 man to bluff on me.”

We had few chats and she later left to her place. I missed Dennis a lot after Afya left. On her way, Afya dialled Dennis’ number and asked him to save her contact.

The following day, Mr. Dennis received an SMS alert informing him about a new email. He opened his mail and saw pictures of Afya dressed in bikinis at a pool side. She added a note saying “If you like what you are seeing on your screen, arrange a venue for it this evening, all will be yours. Thank you for your gift and compliment yesterday. Afya.” Mr. Dennis couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the pictures. He replied the mail. “Nice pictures Afya, come around my office by 6pm this evening.” In no time, she replied “Deal.”

Mr. Dennis called my aunt that evening and told her he will be going to Tema after work so he might come home late. He called me too and said he would be going for meeting that evening so he wouldn’t want his phone disturb so I shouldn’t call.

All these while, Afya was on anti retroviral drugs. She tested HIV positive and was just spreading it to men she sleeps with. One thing I would like to advice my fellow girls and ladies is that, we should always insist on protection if you think you cannot abstain. c-ndoms are not just for birth control but also to reduce the rate at which you can get infected with STI’s. Note that there is no cure for HIV. However, if you are already tested positive, don’t worry, you are not alone. There are many people living with the condition for years but you cannot see it on them. Just take your ART’s serious just as Afya. She always takes her drugs as expected so for years with the condition, you will never know.

At the set time, Afya was already at the bank waiting for Mr. Dennis to come out and meet her. She sent a text message that she was at the point. Mr. Dennis delegated what he was doing to his secretary and came to meet Afya who was looking more hot in her outfit.

In the car

“Afya is your friend aware you are meeting me today?” Dennis asked. “No sir. I am of age and I need not let my friend know every move I make. But why did you ask? I believe you are her father to say?” She asked. “Oh yeah, I am her father.” As the man was driving, Afya started sed-cing him in the car. They nearly got involved in an accident.

One of my course mates called me that evening to inform me that our results for the previous semester was posted on the notice board. I didn’t want to go during broad daylight so I went there that very evening to check. My best result was a C+ which was introduction to general nursing course. The rest ranged from referrals to C. I felt very bad. The reason was I don’t have time to go for lecturers or even study. I was always hanging out with Afya who was making the grades. “No, I can’t continue with these results. I’m no longer a V-rgin and besides if I should get pregnant, I will give it to Dennis since he needs my pregnancy. I must go and see this lecturer tomorrow to manipulate my results at any cost.” I said to myself.

Afya and my sugar daddy were also busy in the guest house doing their own thing. hmm

To be continued

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