Healer – episode 13



Alex stared at him like an animal watching his prey.
Connor stood there and said nothing. Alex studied this man. Looking at him no one would believe that he was such a person. So calm.
“I’m sure you know who I am.”
Connor said and Alex smiled.
“Of course I know who u are. Please sit.”
Connor took a seat.

“I came for business, Alex.”
“What kind of business?”
“I went my wife back. And I know you are aware of where she is…since you both seemed to be…very acquainted.”
Alex understood what he meant by acquainted. With the way he picked his words carefully he knew the man was insinuating that he and Kendra were lovers. He still had the gut to accuse his own wife. B—–d!
“I want you to release her.”.
” You speak as if I kidnapped her.”
“I could always say you did,Alex.”
Alex was getting angry but he smiled at the man instead. If he was able to handle his own father,he could handle the piece of cake,he thought.
“Tell me,Connor. How did your wife leave the house?”
He saw the discomfort in Connor’s face and smiled again.
“Well, she ….got upset and left me.”
“Really? And you haven’t seen her for weeks?”
“What are you saying? That I had something to do with it?”
“Oh, but I haven’t said anything like that. Unless you know you had something to do with it.”

Connor looked at him as if he could hit Alex. Alex watched him beneath his thick lashes. Bring it on, he thought.
“Whatever happened should be between my wife and I. And I want my wife. Tell me where she is,Alex.”
What kind of arrogant man is this?
Alex leaned back in his chair and shrugged.
“I have no idea. If you want your wife back then you should be able to know where she is.”
“Well, I don’t. And I know that you do. So tell me.”
“I already told you,mister. I don’t know where your wife is.”

Connor stared at Alex then banged his hand on the table in anger. Alex looked at him, unmoved.
“D–n it,Alex! Tell me where she is.”
Alex gently leaned forward.
“This is my office,Connor. In case you forgot. I won’t allow such display of madness here.”
“When I find out that she’s with you, you’ll be sorry.”
Connor stood up to leave but Alex wasn’t going to let that threat slide.
Connor looked at him.

“I’m not surprised your wife left you. If she could stay with you that long, then I feel so sorry for her. You’re just like the patients I see everyday. Sick.”
He said. Connor stared at him for a while and walked out of the office. Alex stared at the door he just left through and he knew that all won’t be well for a few more days or perhaps from now on….

To be continued

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