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Heart of a beast 2 episode 38


(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
“Congratulations! Now go save your future!”
Those were the words from Priola before my eyes flung open, my breathing was hard and I stared around at the strangely yet familiar room.
I sat up, looking around in shock and uncertainty.

“Took you long enough!” I tilt my head and gasped really loudly when I saw a girl that looked very much like Tracy, or was Tracy, sitting on a sofa and tapping quickly on her phone. I stared at her quietly, my heart racing as I tried to check if I was seeing things or was in a dream.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked, shrugging as she held her phone at her laps and stared at me.

“T-Tracy?” I called and she twitched her face at me.

“Yes” she answered and I flinched.
What the heck happened?
“You sure wouldn’t have slept for so long if mom was around and quit giving me that look cos I wasn’t the one who woke you up, Kylie did,” she pointed towards my leg and I traced it to find a cat, curled up under my legs.. I stared deeply at it as a sort of familiarity hit me and then I realised where I had seen it from, it was the exact cat from Lucinda’s room, the one she had locked up in a cage and chained so tightly that it was at the point of suffocation..

How come it’s here and-
I remembered Tracy had a cat but it got lost when she died.. then.
I swing my gaze back at Tracy who stood up..

“Look, everyone knows you’re still in love with him no matter how much you deny or try to hide it; look how much of a toll it’s taking on you. You look like a mess if you ask me and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want Mom to meet you in this state plus, you have classes by eight which is practically in a few minutes so quit giving me that surprised look and get up!” She said. I rubbed my eyes repeatedly and stared at her again, but it wasn’t in my head..

Tracy was standing right before me in all shades of realness!
She began heading towards the door but stopped halfway and turned to me..
“Right! dad called. He and Mom are on their way home, he said the journey should take about an hour so you don’t have to wait for them!” She said and carefully picked up the cat from my legs.

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“Wait, dad?” I asked. “He’s alive? I mean he’s out of comatose and alive?!” I asked, glad but still amused.

“Um.. alive? Coma?” Tracy repeated, giving me a frown. “Dad was never in any of those Clara! Did you hit your head hard in your sleep or is it just the breakup that’s affecting you?” She asked and I frowned..
“In case you did, dad and mom went on their anniversary trip a week ago and will be returning today!” She said, giving me an ugly look.

What’s all this?

“Um.. Tracy? Will you please explain everything to me, I feel like I have a light amnesia or something” I said and she twitched her face at me..

“Obviously and really, you should never break up again” she said with a warning expression. “well, you came home late yesterday, wouldn’t touch your food nor talk to me. It was around 4pm I guess and then you went to your bed and cried yourself to sleep, right from then until this time” she said and I tried to think about how that could be possible cos last few minutes ago I was in Melvin’s house, trying to save us from the curse..

Wait was that all a dream or a spiritual phase?
How could all that be a dream?
I stood up from my bed, swopped to Tracy and engulfed her in a hug, tears hanging at the corner of my eyes..
If at all all that was a dream or whatever it was, I’m glad my family is complete and alive..

“Um.. Clara?” She called, as I tightened the hug.

“Tracy, I’m so happy you’re here!” I sniffed, crying on her shoulder.

“Ah geez.. I wish mom or dad were here right now. Now I have to bear the aftermath of your breakup alone!” She grumbled but I felt her arm rubbing my back..
“Okay, that’s enough, you should go take a bath now” she said and walked out.. I stared around, scratching my hair.. I was back to my old room that was in our old house before dad got hospitalised and we had to move.

I walked to the mirror and checked myself out; wow.. I gasped when I saw my reflection.. This was totally me before the curse, I mean before I became a nerd that was trying to free herself from the curse..
Wait. If the curse wasn’t real too and then there probably was no Melvin as well.
I blinked and scratched my hair.
This seems so real.

I admired my full long hair which I was strangely comfortable with here and the contact lenses in my eyes that was in place of those nerdy glasses I used to have on.
Okay, definitely all that curse stuff was a dream and I was back to my old life so I should start living like that now before I begin to create suspicions and get looked at, like a psycho.

I found my way inside the bathroom, everything looked just as it had been and I couldn’t be more glad. I got off the shower and found something beeping on my drawer, I picked the phone or should I say my phone up and clicked on the text.
**Clara, I’m worried about you. Please call me when you get this or just pick my calls. I can’t wait to see you girl; XOXO**
I read the message from Delia with a heart emoji in it and sighed..
Okay Tracy said I broke up with a guy yesterday, wouldn’t talk to anyone and fell asleep.
I should text her back and just play along..

**I’m fine now, Delia. Thanks for the concern, I’ll see you soon** I read it again and sent it.

I walked into my closet, which was still in the same position as it had and gasped as I stared at all the clothes in it.. at a point I almost couldn’t believe that I possessed all this but then I remembered that this was the real me.. all that was probably a dream.
As I searched for a cloth to wear, I thought of Melvin’s words in my very long reality-like dream.
*I was picturing you in a less geeky look and I think you look more lovely this way*
I smiled tightly at the thought.. apart from anything else from that dream, I really wish he was real.

I grabbed a dress from the line and put it on, wore a light makeup and which seemed perfect and realised that I had mostly heels in my shoe rack, I settled for a red one and sight a jewelry box on my dressing table, I took it and opened it, I began checking through the jewelries in it to see the only thing that could certify if all that truly was a dream and I didn’t find it..

The Luvi wasn’t here, so all that definitely was a dream.

I closed the box, grabbed my phone and bag and walked out..
Tracy was getting the table ready for breakfast and after a quick meal, we head out of the house, to the car and the driver drove us to *school*

We arrived at Melville high and seriously, I couldn’t believe what I was staring at right here. Melville high was top-notch! The exterior looked really big and beautiful unlike the other one in my dream. It was more like total and positive transformation took place in the whole school.
“Come-on!” Tracy called and I walked with her into the building.
If not for the sign that had read Melville high, I wouldn’t have believed it truly was the school.

I followed her to the passageway and she left me to go to her class and almost immediately three girls walked up to me who I fully recognized as the bullies, I found myself wanting to move away from them when one of them suddenly engulf me in a tight hug..

I was gobsmacked.. Kira, Delia and Gina. Did I just get a hug from Kira, like a hug?!
She pulled away..

“Ow babe, I know you wouldn’t feel too good, just look at how you’re dressed?” She complained.

” And it was just yesterday but you look like you’ve lost some weight” Gina added, a concerned look on her face.

“Plus you weren’t picking any of our calls! Look Clara, really I think breaking up with him was a bad idea.. it’s obvious that you’re still Inlove with him” she said, touching my hair..

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” Um.. okay!” I laughed confusedly. “Why don’t you guys just address my as Kayla?, I mean that’s my name, right?”

“What? You hate that name with a whole lot of passion!” Kira answered, laughing. “You almost shoved Jerry’s face into his plate of pasta when he called you that?” She said and they all laughed, I gave them a faux smile.

“Oh, did I?” I asked, rubbing my temple.

“You sure did. Hold on, you don’t remember?” She asked and suddenly we heard the bell..

“Oh.. it’s time for classes, let’s go before Mrs grouchy gets down on us!” They laughed, grabbing my arms lovingly as they led me to class..
Okay, that was so nice.

We had our seats at the middle row and listened to lecture and there was this guy at the front row that caught my attention, he did look kind of familiar from his backview, though I didn’t get to see his face.. I looked away from him and all through lecture time, *my friends* acted all concerned and loving towards me and now that I think of it, I seem to act the opposite way in my dream..
First I hated my name ‘Kayla’ but answered it in my dream-life and then this three girls that derived unexplainable joy in my pain were my best friends and cared a lot about me!
Really, I don’t think this can get any better.

After all the lectures, it was lunch break period and the guy was all that caught my attention, I noticed he still remained in class and on his seat as almost everyone walked out.

“Clara, come-on!” Gina called.

“Um.. can you guys just head out without me, I’ll join you guys later, I feel like I need a bit of rest” I said.

“Will you be fine? If you want we could stay with you?” Delia suggested and they nodded.

” No no.. I’m fine, really. It’s nothing a little more of sitting can’t do. Don’t worry about me, I’ll come find you guys when I’m better” I said, giving them an assuring smile.

“Okay, if you insist” Kira said, rubbing my shoulder, I noticed she gave the guy at the front sit a glare, it was like she wanted to beat him up if she could. “And if you feel too unwell just give us a call, okay?” She asked and I nodded.

“And really, I think you both should talk!” Delia whispered to my ears and patted my shoulder.

They left without me and I stood up from my seat, I walked to the front and found the guy, staring downward at his desk..

“Um.. hi?” I passed and he looked up. My expression went blank when I saw Melvin and I noticed he had the same look as well.
We stared at each other for a while.
“Um.. I-I don’t know how to say this but-

“Kayla?” He interrupted me, his voice was just exactly as it had been in that dream; I gasped and he gave me an uncertain look.

“Melvin” I called and his eyes dilated in shock.
hehe.. confusing right? Who can guess what really happened??
Don’t worry, the next chapter will bring all the revelation.. this is a supernatural story remember? And yeah, two chapters to go💙
T. B. C

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