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Heartbreaks episode 3 – 4



Episode 3

It’s been 5months since Joe started giving me the cold face. That girl has become a regular visitor to his house. She and I have even become friends. Her name was ANNA!

in this day, the 4th of July 2006, I went to the market and I had just finished buying what I needed. I was about leaving when I heard someone call out my name, I turned and behold it was Anna.

I smiled and greeted her, then she told me she was rushing home to prepare something. She said she was going to come to my hostel later because she intends to bring food for Joe. I suddenly became quiet.

She noticed and then she said, Steph, I know you like Joe, what I don’t understand is why you refused his proposal to be your boyfriend. I didn’t refused him I said interrupting her, I didn’t even know when those words flew out of my mouth. Anna was just looking at me. Anyways, I finally said, things are as they are now, I can’t change anything now, he is with you now so everyone is OK…

With me? She asked, how do u mean with me now, Joe and I are just friends ooooo. Friends? I asked surprised and still trying to understand her. What do u mean by that? Yes! She repeated, you heard me well, Joe and I are just friends. At this time I was already looking at her like lucozade boost. How bout those holding of hands to class, locking of doors and even sleeping in his house all afternoon till evenings, I managed to ask her. She started laughing and then she said to me that those are just stunts to make me jealous and that nothing was actually happening.

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Wow! I exclaimed in my heart, at this time my heart was already sugar cane. I was happy that Joe did not actually started dating Anna. We soon concluded our discussion and parted ways. I was rushing home, I can’t wait to get home to tell Joe I was finally ready to be his girlfriend.

I boarded a bike and rushed home. On getting to the hostel, Joe’s door was still locked, meaning he was not yet back. I went to my room, rushed to the kitchen and I prepared a very delicious bitter leaf soup, I also prepared stew and rice, then I hurriedly took my bath. I made sure I looked for something s£xy to wear, I applied a little make up to my face, I was still on it when Lucy came in.

Lucy u called out happily, please sit down. She could notice the excitement in my voice so she asked what was making me happy. Or has your dad sent you money she said as she was taking her seat. How do I look? I asked, ignoring her questions.

She was staring at me with that look of what has gotten into this one. How do I look? I asked again, she got up from her seat and said, Steph look, I’ve got important things to do if you know you don’t want to talk just don’t waste my time.

Sorry sorry sorry, Lucy please sit down now please. Seriously how do I look please tell me, I was almost shedding tears. This time she knew I was serious, and so she answered, anyways you look pretty and I’ve never seen you look this good, and why are you dressed like that she asked?

like how! I asked smiling mischeviously at her, like its your wedding night, like you want to seduce your husband! Yes! I said, yes! That is exactly what I want?

.wait wait Steph, honestly am confused here, what are you’ saying?

Lucy I called her, I am loosing my virginity tonight!

What? I heard her say, and she started saying so many things but I couldn’t here or understand any of them, I just know that tonight, am giving my virginity to Joe, that is all that matters to me right now, Joe !

Am I making a mistake? Or this is the right thing to do?


Episode 4

Lucy was saying everything possible to dissuade me from giving up my virginity, but my mind was made up, and so nothing she was saying made sense. I waited for a while for Joe to return. I was almost sleeping before I heard him talking on phone , my heart was beating fast. Then I saw him walk past my gate up the his door. I waited for him to open his room door, and before he could lock up the burglary I pushed my way through and entered into his room. He was surprised as he was wondering why I would storm at him like that.

After wondering what was happening for sometime, he eventually locked his door and came in. It was about 20mins past 7pm. I knew he was no longer expecting any visitors.
As soon as his door was shut, before he could say a word, I pounced on him and started kissing him fully on his lips, he was surprised as he tried to move back, but I wouldn’t hear of it, I held onto him strong and continued kissing him, I reached for his hand and placed them on my body, there was a heat of passion flowing between us, I was so certain of this moment, after a while I started removing his zippers from his trousers, at that moment he held my hands

What are you doing? He asked, I struggled to get away from his grips, ssssshhhhhhhh was all I could say as u pulled myself closer to him. Get a hold of yourself he whispered in a commanding but s£xy way, I paused and stared at him. “Steph what are you doing? ” I stopped and said, Joe why are you spoiling the mood? Is this the time for questions? I don’t understand he replied. “oh please Joe, I said as I moved again towards him, reaching for his trousers and pulling him close to me, I want you Joe, i whispered into his ears, I want you, please make me a woman please.

Joe pushed me gently away from himself, he looked at me straight in the eyes and asked ‘why”? “because I love you I replied, I love you so much. This past few months have been hell for me, I can’t stand it no more, I can’t stand your silence towards me, I want to be your girlfriend, I want to be with you, I want to be the woman you love, I want you, please don’t push me away, please , I was looking straight into his eyes as if I was searching for his reply’s through them.

But you said you are still a virgin he managed to say, yes I am= but not anymore. I am ready to give it to you, please don’t say no. Are you sure? He asked again. I have never been more sure I replied. At this Joe pulled me to himself and started kissing me passionately, my heart melted. There was a little fear in my heart because I’ve heard I would feel a sharp pain. But then I was ready for it.

Joe was definitely an expert in this. I was already burning with desires for him, he gently laid me on the bed and removed all his clothes At the sight of his body I felt this fear within me as I wondered how will this big thing enter into me. He sensed my feelings and then he whispered to my ears, “relax, this might hurt a little but it’s just once and the pains will be over. ”

“am ready, was all I could hear myself saying. I didn’t want to be a baby to him. Then slowly I felt him penetrating through, I let out a loud cry as I felt a very sharp pain inside of me, sharp and hot like a knife has been used to slice part of me. Joe held my mouth with his palm as he quickly increased the volume of the music playing on his home theatre. He didn’t stop penetrating, he kept on going gently, I could still feel the pain but not as the first time, instead I was beginning to feel relaxed and I could sense I was beginning to like it Have you read toriperi stories today?.

the sensation I had in my brain is unexplainable but at that moment I knew my life had changed and there was no going back on anything. It was not very long before Joe reached o—-m and the whole love making ended. We laid quietly for some time, I can’t explain if I was still feeling the pains or I was remembering the sweetness. Joe got up to clean up, he came back when he was through and saw me still laying on the bed, he brought out a clean towel from his wardrobe and lifted me up like a baby into the bathroom, then he helped clean me up too. There was stains of blood all over. I was staring at him like a statue. After cleaning me up we went back into d room to lie down. It was already past 9.

Soon my phone rang, it was Lucy asking me if I won’t come back to the room, I told we to lock up that I would see her in the morning. When she hugged up, I notice Joe was playing and touching my body. I was beginning to feel funny again, I didn’t want him to stop. Our lips soon located each other and we kissed passionately. We ended up making love again. That night we made love thrice before morning. It was no longer painful. I was happy when Joe told me he loved me and was going to always take care of me. That night was my best night since I came to this Delay.

in the early hours of the morning, I dragged myself from Joe’s room to my own room before neighbors will wake up to see me and start talking. when Lucy opened the door, she stared at me and told me well? Is it done? I grinned and told her yes! I am now a woman. from the look on her face you could tell she was not happy about my decision, but what’s done is done. I hugged her and told her not to worry that I would be fine. I told her Joe is my boyfriend now and I am happy. come here she said, please be careful, from now on if you must do it, you you must use a condom, you don’t want to get pregnant do you! of course not I answered. Come here I told her as I hugged her tighter. I can feel she truly cares for me and am glad she understands and respects my decisions.

do u think Lucy is a good friend? Did I make a mistake giving my virginity to Joe?

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to be continued!

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