Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 15

Hell’s Nest – Episode 15

A story by Goddy Francis



” Becky can’t be dumb and deaf just like that , who saw her last ?” Mrs Smith asked.

I was scared as hell. I turned to look at the other nurse and no one is willing to talk.

” I don’t understand , two patients went missing and suddenly Becky has turned deaf and dumb.” Mrs Smith yelled.

” We are sorry ma , we are as surprised as you’re. It’s strange and not usual.”

” Matron where were you when this happened ?” Mrs Smith asked.

” I was with Jordan before I went for reaces. I’m still in shock.” I said and turned to look at Jordan who was just quiet.

” Jordan you’ve been skipping work your sister said you were ill, are you okay now ?” Mrs Smith asked.

” Yeah I’m fine.” Jordan replied.

” Everyone dismiss , I need to investigate on this issue later. Patients can’t just disappear from all saints and suddenly a nurse can’t talk and hear. What on Earth are we going to explain to her family. Please leave, everyone of you.” Mrs Smith said and I walk out holding Jordan’s hands.

I was really shock, this s*** break history , it has never been heard of. I sighed and lamented in my office. Jordan was there too, she sat opposite me and frowned too. My phone rang and it was Giselle calling.

” Hey G.” I said on the phone softly.

” Hi Mel , how’s Jordan ?” She asked on the phone.

” She’s fine. Is everything okay ?”

” Yeah , I just wanted to be sure she was okay.”

” She’s fine. She’s not a child, you should worry less about her.”

” Yeah I guess. Hope all is fine out there ?” Giselle asked on the phone.

” Erm.. it’s not what i can talk on phone. Don’t worry I will tell you everything when I get home.” I said and Giselle sighed on the phone.

” Alright, bye.” Giselle said and ended the call.

” It’s Giselle.” I said keeping my phone on the table.

” Yeah I know, she worry too much.” Jordan said.

” You might think so , but I’ll say she’s being the best sister she can . You know after loosing her fiance she wish nothing happens to you. She loves you a lot.”

” Yeah I know. I should return to my duty.” Jordan said standing up.

” Be careful.” I said and she left.

The hospital was cold and silent , it wasn’t all saints. Becky’s mysterious misfortune got everyone talking including the missing patients still got me worried. Who is behind this evil in just one day.

Who knew if Becky saw who so ever that stole the body and threatened to talk and she was made deaf and dumb. This world is large and wicked, full of mysteries unveiled . I yawned continuously and fell on my desk to sleep, that’s one of my dreadful day at all saints.




I closed from work and went home. I was really tired. Becky’s issues ruined my day , she brought it upon herself. Who knows if she was watching me, she was worse than a gossip. I removed my clothes and entered my bathroom to shower.

Giselle called , it was really irritating each time she call to ask after me. I put on just bikinis and went downstairs to eat. Giselle called the house telephone and I angrily threw it away.

” What does she want from me ?”

” She can’t just die and leave me alone. There’s nothing to miss in this horrible world. It’s wicked.” I said and look at my hands that was changing shape from my hand to his.



I’ve tried to get an exorcist but I haven’t find one. I searched the net and the distance was hell. I decided to check on Jordan, she blocked my number and I can’t reach her. Giselle was always calling just to inform me to steer clear from Jordan.

I wish I could listen , she needed help and not isolation. I knocked on her door one evening and she open up, she was on her bikinis , her skin was something else. It was fair and it shine so bright.

” What do you want ?” She asked.

” Jordan I just wanted to talk to you.” I said.

She smiled at me sed-ctively and pulled me in.

” You look different.” I said to her.

” Shh..” she said and touched my l-ips. She kept her hands on my shoulders and proceed to k-ss me.

” Please stop.” I said trying to stop her.

” Just dance to my tune.” She said releasing me.

She remove her b-ra and threw it away.

” Jordan please don’t.” I said and proceed to leave.

She held my hand and made me look into her eyes. I felt different ,my mood change and I became ar-used.

” Do you love me ?” She asked.

” Yes I do. I replied.

” Do you want me ?” She asked again and i nodded.

” Then have me.” She said and removed her undies.

That wasn’t me , I felt used and controlled. She didn’t even bother to take me to her room , we made love in the living room and I felt a smoke or something like dust leaving her body and finally settled in mine.

After c-mming I fell on the floor and fainted. I opened my eyes and it was late , Giselle was already at home and I was dressed but I was lying on the floor.

” Christian what are you doing here ?”

” Where’s Jordan ?” I asked sitting up with Giselle assisting me.

” She’s in her room sleeping. What are you doing here ?” She ask.

” I don’t know. I was here to see her and then I..” I said.

My head was trying to play tricks with me , I felt dizzy and cold.

” I wanna go home.” I said standing up .

My balance wasn’t strong cause I staggered. Giselle threw her bag on the floor and held me outside. She opened my car door and kept me at the back.

She drove me home and knocked on my door , Jones came out and he took me in,side. He has finally turned himself to my house mate. I fell on my bed but I couldn’t sleep, I was cold and hot at the same time.

” What happened to him ?” I heard Jones asked Giselle.

” I don’t know , I advise you call his mom first thing tomorrow Morning.” Giselle said and left.

” Christian are you okay ?” Jones asked.

” No ,I think I have fever. Help me buy drugs.” I said and roll side to side on my bed.

I was restless , cold and hot at the same.

” Alright , I’ll go get it as soon as possible.” Jones said and I nodded reluctantly.

I was going insane , my head was hurting and my eyes were cold and weak. What have I gotten myself into , it was just a s€×ual intercourse with Jordan.

Deep down in me I don’t want it but I felt like someone who was used by a force. Tears run down from my eyes, I was loosing it.


After dropping Christian off , I rushed to check on Jordan. I was suspecting something , something was wrong with Christian but I can’t figure it out.

I knocked on her room door and no response came. I opened the door and she was fast asleep.

” God protect her.” I said in my thoughts and I closed her door.

I went back to my room and I quickly shower before coming downstairs to eat. I can’t wait for all this drama to end. Melissa called and told me Becky went deaf and dumb and two patients disappeared from the hospital. I knew it was Jordan but i wasn’t ready to tell Melissa the truth.



The following day nothing changed after Jones bought me drugs. It went worse to the extent that my skin start to fall off like someone who suffered a fire explosion.

Jones called my mother cause I was dieing. I was cold and hot at the same time too and my skin was also aging. I was scared as hell , why should I suffer for falling in love with some Strange girl. Jones wrapped me up with a duvet when my mom entered.

” Christian.. not again.” My mom said rushing to hold me.

” Jones what happened ?” Mom asked.

She was already shedding tears.

” I don’t know. Last night was a little fever , Giselle drove him home, I barely can tell what happened.” Jones explained.

” Christian did you visit Giselle ? She did this to you ?” Mom cried.

” No mom , Giselle did nothing. I can’t explain.” I said shivering.

” What do you mean you can’t explain ? Christian talk to me I don’t wanna loose you , I don’t even have a husband. You and Jason are the only joy I have in this world. What happened to you ?” Mom asked.

Her dress was already filled with tears.

” I had s€×ual intercourse with someone.” I said.

” You had s€× with a girl and she gave you an infection ? A disease ?”

” Oh my God. Who’s she ?” Mom fired.

I kept quiet and cried , my shivering was going from bad to worse and my skin was fast aging. I felt I was going to die. What on earth am i gonna call this type of death ?

Stupid death or foolish ?

” Christian who did you sleep with ? Who did this to you ?” Mom asked again.

” Jordan !”

To be continued

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