November 29, 2021

Her Quest For Revenge Episode 26



Written by: Chidimma Mirabel


Roxanna opened her eyes again and tried freeing herself by pulling the chains.

“You’re really something else’s. Stabbing my men just to get away” Alec said where he was sitting.

“Let me go, I’m warning you you’ll regretting it” Roxanna said.

He stood up and walked up to her. He touched her lips and slowly caressed.

“You talk too much beautiful” He said.

She shifter away from him as she glared at him.

“Still playing hard to get, don’t worry one way or the other I’ll have you screaming my name begging me to continue” He said.

“It’s not forbidden to dream”She said.

His face hardened and he held her neck.

“Tell me what do you see in Nathaniel that you can’t see in me. Love me and I’ll make sure you’ll be treated as a queen” He said.

Roxanna chuckled dryly.

“Nathaniel, even though sometimes he acts as a fool he still has a heart of gold. He’s caring, loving and a mood changer. Something you’ll never be even in your next life” Roxanna said

He slapped her and grabbed her hair harshly

“I love you Roxanna, why can’t you love me?” He said.

Roxanna shook her head negatively

“No, you don’t love me. That’s just pure obsession, not love she said” She said.

He pulled her closer and kssed her, squeezing her bum but she bit his lips and kicked him in his gr©in.

He groaned in pain while holding his thing. He glared at her and then slapped her…

“You’ll regret this” He said and walked out of the room in anger.

His men walked in and t©re Roxanna’s dre$$.


man came in with a bucket of water with salt in it and then poured it on her body.

“Argh!!” Roxanna screamed in pain as the salty water made contact with her wounds

Tears escaped her eyes.

*If enduring all this will ensure your safety then I’m willing to take all this on me* She thought.


Ronald and his team were all driving furiously to Hector hideout. The hideout was pretty far so it’ll take some time before they arrived…


Roxanna slowly opened her eyes. She passed out earlier when she can’t bear the pains any longer.

She squinted them and saw that she was on a bed. She sprang up from bed and scanned her surrounding.

“The sleeping beauty has finally woken up. Very beautiful when you sleep even with those bruises on” Alec said as he was sitting on a chair beside her bed.

She made to climb down the bed but she was chained on it. Alec then stood up and walked up to her.


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held her chin and smiled.

“Today I’m gonna make you mine. Maybe you’ll accept me when you’re carrying my baby” He said and made to kss her but she turned her head away.

He chuckled dryly.

“Still playing hard to get huh? Let’s how long it’ll take me to make you scream my name” He said.

He kssed her bare shoulder and then her neck since she was still in her underwear.

“I can’t let what happened to Camella to happen to me” She thought.

And that’s where the struggle began. Roxanna began shaking, struggling.

Alec held her hand and pinned it on the b.ed as he came on t©p of her.

“Won’t you shut up and let me enjoy my meal?” He said.

He forcefully kssed her.

Suddenly a vase was smashed on Alec head. He fell down groaning in pains.

“Ronald?” Roxanna said

“No,it’s Rulian. Ronald is on his way.”

Rulian quickly removed the key in his pocket and freed Roxanna from the chain.

She quickly hugged him as she Behan crying.

“Thank you so much” She said.

He broke the hug and removed his shirt then gave it to her. She quickly wore it, it ended at the middle of her thigh but it’s better than nothing.

“Come on let’s get out of here” He said ans held her hand they walked out of the room.

Alec stood up in pains.

“Men!!” He screamed.

Two of his men ran in….

“Find Ronald with that girl and make sure he doesn’t escape” He said holding his head which was bleeding…


nodded and walked out of his room..


Rulian his behind a pillar and was waiting for his men to pass before he held Roxanna and they walked away slowly.

Someone shot at them and he ducked. He peeped at where the man was and then shot at the man. He fell slackly on the floor…

“I never wanted to use this but I guess I have no choice” He said staring at the gun in his arms.

He looked at Roxanna and then nodded. They began running to the exit but they stopped and hid as they saw Alec’s men blocking the exit.


Ronald and the team parked in front of Hector headquarter. Suzy stood in front of the gate and was fundling with the lock trying to open it but it was impossible.

“Damn it” She cursed as it failed to open for the third.

“Move out of the way” Yvonne said.

They quickly made way. She removed her grenade launcher and aimed it at the gate then shot at it. The gate exploded.

“Wow you’re really something else” Olivia said.

“I’m just impatient of seeing that motherfker” She replied…

Hector was busy playing chess with one of his men when and alarm began bleeping like crazy. Not long after, one of his men ran in the room.

“Boss there are intruders in our location. They just exploded the gate” He said.

*This doesn’t sound good* He thought.

He stood up…

“Have my helicopter prepared and also inform my son. We’re leaving” He said.

Another man ran in the room…

“Boss our captive escaped due to Ronald help” He said.

“Sht!!” He cur$ed…


Jenny was seated beside unconscious Nathaniel while holding his hand…

“Please wake up please?” She kept praying.

Nathaniel gently squeezed her hand. Jennifer looked at his hand holding hers and she smiled.

“Roxanna” He said in his unconscious state…


Rulian succeeded in taking down one of the men that were shooting at them.

“We need to find another way to escape.” Rulian said.

“How about the roof” Roxanna said.

“Rulian, Rulian, can you hear” A voice said.

Rulian then remember that he was wearing an ear bud. He clicked on it.

“Yes brother. I’m with Roxanna right now” He replied.

“Good. Do not go through the main exit, a gunshot fight is going on there, use the second exit, it’s the second door to your left” He said.

“Okay” He replied

“Good” Ronald said and then concentrated on what he was doing.

He removed two of his guns and aimed them at Hector men, he began shooting at them as they shot back at him but he ducked.

“When will this insect die” He said as hr shot them down.

Yvonne since she was the one holding the grenade launcher, was bombarding the helicopter who were shooting at them.

Suzy was the one with the riffle gun was shooting multiple bullet at the men.

As for Olivia she was in the sky. She was their air shooter. A pilot was controlling the helicopter meanwhile she was shooting at the men with the snipper gun.

The other troops who were with them, some infiltrated the house while some assisted them in taking down the men…

“Suzy, I’m going in. Cover me” Ronald communicated to Suzy though the ear bud.

She nodded and immediately Ronald ran toward into the house while Suzy shot down the men who were aiming at Ronald.

He got inside and began searching for his uncle…

“I want to be the one to kill you” He whispered…

At the other side of the building, Ronald and Roxanna where heading to the exit.

“Where do you think you’re going” Alex said while leaning on the door to the exit.

They began backing slowly…

Alec removed his gun and shot at theme but they quickly hid behind a pillar.


here while I fight him” Rulian said.

“No, it’s me that he wants. You can’t risk your life for me” Roxanna said.

“I have to, I promised to Suzy that I’ll keep you safe” Rulian said and began shooting

Alec chuckled dryly.

“You seriously thinking you can kill me?” Alec said.

“Go” Rulian said.

“What? I can’t leave you here” Roxanna said.

“I said go. Please?” He said while hiding.

Roxanna stared at him for some seconds then hugged him briefly before running away.

Rulian faced Alec back and began shooting at his direction. Unfortunately his bullet got finished.

“Not now” He said.

He hid at his hideout, praying for help to come. Alec suddenly stopped shooting. Rulian thought it was over and made to peep when Alec caught his neck.

“Honestly I can’t believe that you turned out to be this weak” Alec said.

He punched him and he fell on the floor. He aimed his gun at Rulian and then


He smirked and walked away at the direction Roxanna took.


Roxanna slowly walked away when she heard a gunshot. Tears gathered in her eyes as she already knew what happened.

*They are risking their lifes just to save me but here I am useless* She thought as she wiped her tears away.

She made to open the door when it suddenly opened and she came face to face with Hector.

Hector quickly caught her neck and pinned her on the wall.

“What is so special about you that a whole company came to your rescue” Hector spatted

Roxanna struggled to get out of his grip but it was too tight.

“Maybe by killing you right here ans right now I’ll have some little peace” He said and added pressure on her neck…

Roxanna felt her energy leaving her body. With all the energy she had left, she slowly lifted her hand and discreetly removed Hector gun from his pocket. She aimed it on his stomach and


Hector gasped in surprise as he slowly released the grip on her neck. He fell on the ground gasping for air.

“You mon$ter, that’s what you deserve for ruthlessly murdering my parents. Guess who I am…I am agent R, that’s right I am the reason why your brother died” Roxanna said.

“Die” She said in tears as she began shooting at him countlessly. She stopped shooting only when the bullet where all finished

She wiped her tears but new rounds replaced the other. The memories of her family suddenly came back.

She sniffed in tears and walked out of the room and she slowly took the stairs to the rooftop.

Ronald knees gave up and he sat on the ground as he saw Rulian lying lifelessly on the ground.

Tears welled up in his eyes.

“Boss what’s wrong” Suzy said behind him.

She froze as she saw Rulian’s body.

“No Rulian” She rushed to him and knelt in front of him.

She caressed his cheek as tears fell from her eyes.

She then touched his neck in order to check his pulse. Her eyes widen in hope as she felt his pulse.

“Ronald quick, he’s still alive” Suzy said.

Ronald rushed to him and carried him as they rushed out of the mansion. Suzy was shooting all those who dared touch them.


Roxanna reached at the rooftop and saw Olivia piloting the helicopter. She waved at her. Olivia saw her and then smiled.

“Agent Y, quick hurry to the rooftop. Roxanna is there” Olivia said.

“Copied” Yvonne said and entered the building.

Roxanna smiled as she saw Olivia. Suddenly someone caught her from behind and made her face him.

It was non other than Alec. He was in tears…

“You killed my father” Alec said in tears.

Roxanna struggle but her strength is not longer there.

He shifted her to the railing of the building…

“Die” He said and shot her on the stomach…

“No!!” Olivia exclaimed. If only her bullet hasn’t finished she could have finished with him.

Alec smirked with tears in his eyes. He boarded the small helicopter that was at the rooftop and began flying away.

Roxanna gasped and held her stomach. Her foot slipped and she found herself falling from the rooftop.

“I’m sorry Nate. I won’t get to see you again” She said and closed her eyes.

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