Hidden Scar

Hidden scars episode 6

💔Hidden Scars💔
(Pain within😭)
✏Written by Authoress Kamara✏
Episode 6👍👍👍👍👍👍
Then he did something unexpectedly, he intentionally pulled Jeremy away from me removing our intertwined fingers.

I crossed my arms. “You certainly have a problem, what’s wrong with Jeremy and I holding hands? He is my best friend”.

“Well no one wants to see that”. He replied somewhat angry.

“Dude!! What the heck!!”. Jeremy said.

“I’ll be by the car if you two are done with your lovey dovey stuff”. Reece said as he walked away.

If I didn’t know better, i’d say he seemed jealous. But of what? Natasha, ignore him.

“You should go check up on him”. I told Jeremy.

“You good?”.

I squeezed his palm. “I told you already, i am fine, see you tomorrow”.

“Bye Nat”. He k×ssed my cheeks before going after Reece.

And then there is me. I sighed and walked across the sidewalks leading to my house.

I should have accepted Bella’s invitation to drop me off at home but I can’t risk it. Alan is like a devil in my life and I hope he goes away fast.

The heavy air hits my face as I walked home, i look around and feel everything has changed.

I sight people walking together, chatting happily as they walked past me. I smile at their ability to be happy without a reason.

I stop when I see a young girl and her father at a confectionary store. I guess they both have chocolate bars in their hands.

I continued walking as I remembered, i hope I ever see my Dad again because he’s the reason I’m in the f×¢king mess.

He left me, dumped me at an adoption home, he gave me hope saying that he was gonna buy me my chocolate but he never did. He never came back and I’ll never forget that.

I never had any friends at the adoption home, i was secluded from all things. For a year straight, i cried for my daddy but he never came.

I bit my lips so I wouldn’t cry, i never want to remember that moment ever again.

I breathed in deeply as i walked into the main gate, i went to the porch and rang the doorbell. Please let it not be Alan.

“Its open”. Mum voice rang from inside.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I opened the door walking in. I paused seeing a lot of suitcases.

“Mum”. I called.

She walked in the living room. “Hey baby”.

“Are you traveling?”. I asked a little scared.

“Uh, no”. She opened one of suitcases and clothes rolled out. “I’m thinking of donating these to charity”.

Thats Maria Williams for you. She is so nice and kind, that makes me wonder how she gave birth to someone like Alan.

“Oh thats nice”. I commented.

She smiled. “I just felt like doing so since Alan doesn’t want them anymore”.

She just me reminded of Alan, maybe I should just ask her to clear my thoughts.



“When is Alan going to college?”. I asked curious.

“Two days from now, why?”.

I shook my head negatively. “Nothing, just felt like knowing”.

“How was school?”. She asked.

“School was okay, i guess”. I replied.

“Go wash up and come down to eat”.

“I’ll just be upstairs”. I told her.

“There’s bacon in the kitchen if you feel hungry”. She said.

“Thanks Mum”. I ran up the stairs to my room.

I stepped in and closed the door locking it immediately. I don’t want what happened this morning to repeat itself.

I dropped my backpack by the door and flopped on the bed tiredly. Today was just so exhausting.

First days of school are like that especially after summer. Probably tomorrow will be better and not stressful since Bella is kinda angry with me. I’ll make it up to her lunch time tomorrow.

But I don’t think thats happening since I guess Reece will decide to show up like he did today at lunch. He’s just a whole lot of trouble but I guess he’s different from the other guys in school.

Reece is a bad boy, thats for sure but I’ve never seen him around any girl except for his cousin, Harley. Girls flock around him just that he isn’t into them.

I wonder what he’s hiding, he doesn’t even have any friends except for Jeremy. Well i better just avoid him because the only thing he’s about is problem.

I closed my eyes adjusting my head on my pillow as I drifted to sleep. Just relax.
•Authoress Kamara Library
“Nope, not good”. I muttered as I flipped through my big book of pranks.

And in case you are wondering, yes I have a big book of pranks. Awesome, i know right.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Don’t come in”.

The door opened and Harley walked in.

“I literally said do not come in”.

“Like I care”. She replied with an eye roll.

I dropped the book. “You know, just because you live across the street doesn’t mean you can drop in my room anytime you like”.

“Are you hiding something? Like your stupid books of pranks?”. She mocked me.

“Mock me again and you’ll be in the list”.

Her expression changed. “You wouldn’t dare”.

“Try me”.

“Look, i’m not here for that”. She closed the door. “Its important”.

“What? You ran out of hair conditioner?”.

“Reece”. She said sternly.

“Okay, fine. I’m listening”.

“The stuff you said i should find out? About the Andrew and those jocks”.

“Yeah what about it? Find anything?”. I asked curious.

She rested on the door handle. “I kinda hooked up with Matt”.

I scrunched up my face. “Ugh, you mean that quarterback likes you?”.

“Yeah and you won’t believe what I found that”.

“Well spill it”.

“Its a bet”. She blurted out.

I raised my eyebrows. “A bet?”.

“Yeah, Matt told me that every semester they usually place a bet on a random girl, whoever get to bed with her first wins the bet”. She explained.

I frowned. “How much did they place for the bet?”.

“$500”. She replied.

“And this semester the random girl happens to be Natasha”.

I clenched my fists. “Those assholes. Who placed the bet?”. I asked angrily.


“Who the f×¢k placed the bet on Nat?”. I repeated myself.

“It was him”.

I looked at Harley. “Who?”.

“He did it”. She said tearing up.
•Authoress Kamara Library
I gr0×ned as I woke up, i sat up and looked around. I quickly grabbed my phone on the bedside table checking the time. 8:40pm.

Did I sleep that long? I got up from the bed and turned on the lights yawning. My stomach rumbled reminding me of hunger.

I went to the bathroom and had a quick bath. I wore my maroon pajamas before going downstairs.

“Mum?”. I called.

No response. Weird.

I walked to the kitchen as I called her, she might be there. I entered but she wasn’t there. A note was pasted on the refrigerator and I took it unfolding it.

~~Baby, your door was closed, seems like you were asleep. I had an urgent call from your Dad concerning the company so I will be back tomorrow. Your Dinner is in the fridge, just microwave it. XoXo, love you~~

I folded the note in a ball and threw it in the trash bin. I rested on the refrigerator, if Mum and Dad isn’t here that means Alan is probably here or maybe not.

I stood straight and took my dinner out of the refrigerator, i placed in the microwave to unfreeze it. I stop when I hear footsteps behind me.

“Finally .. She’s awake”. I hear Alan speak behind me.

I turn to see him as I shiver in fear. He smirks and come closer to me. f×¢k!!

He crossed his arms. “So you have a new boyfriend?”.

“I d-don’t h-have a boyfriend”. I stuttered nervously.

He laughed mischievously. “Really? Then why was that motherf×¢ker Reece around you today?”.

What? Reece wasn’t even around me all the time but how did Alan know? Did he stalk me in school?

“Congratulations on getting a new boyfriend”. He added.

I step back again away from me.

“I didn’t even know you were such a f×¢ker like that, that co-captain wasn’t enough for you, you went on to that bloke”.

What the hell is talking about? Jeremy is just best friend and Reece? We are not even friends at all.

He walk closer to me and I step back again hitting my back against the counter. Damn, i have no escape.

“Alan, please”. Tears start rolling down my eyes already.

“Oh my sweet little sister, stop that. Crying doesn’t do any good”. He trails his fingers down my arm.

He tries to take off my t-shirt but I pushed him swatting his hand away.

He grips my neck making me choke a little, i can breathe but its very challenging.

“What did I say about fighting back?”. He said in a very scary tone.

I couldn’t help it any longer, i bursted into tears. I’m always weak in front of him, when it started, I used to fight back but what he did to me …

“Do you f×¢king want me to kill you?”.

I shiver before shaking my head.

He chuckles slightly. “Good”.

He removed his grip on my neck and I gasp for air immediately.

He forcefully took my t-shirt off, I helplessly fight back but a slap on my cheeks stops me. If I don’t stop fighting, the beating will get worse.

I wish I was never adopted then all this would not have been happening to me.

He gripped my arms tightly and pulled me close to him roughly.

“This is going to be fun”. He whispered.
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