His crazy baddie episode 1 – 2


(Her lips and body)




Ever been in a situation whereby two friends fell for you??
Whereby you get entangled with two friends…

Well that’s Onella Leonado case, a 18 years old crazy tomboy who lives with her mom, brother and her crazy grandma…

Onella is the perfect definition of craziness, everyone knows her around the neighborhood for her troubleness.

She’s a no nonsense girl and guess what??

She hates school with every fibre of her body but she’s a genius. She preferred looking for troubles than anything in the world.


(Her body and lips)


Episode 1&2

“Onella” Grandma DD called from the sitting room.

“Am sure she’s still in bed, that dumbass”Alex said coming from the kitchen.

He’s her brother.

Grandma DD took her stick from the corner and walked into her small room angrily.

And as expected, she’s still on the bed, clothes scattered on the floor.

” Yeah, give me chicken”Onella smile from her sleep, raising her hand up as if she wanted to collect something.

Grandma DD shook her head and move closer to her.

“Chicken l…… She wasn’t able to finish her statement before grandma DD hit the stick hard on her head.

” Aghh”she scream out loud and jump down from the bed.
She landed on the floor.

“Grandma” She pouted out, rubbing her head.

“What do you think you’re doing? You should be helping your mother in the shop by now, this is past 8 Grandma said with a glare on her face.

” Gran….

“Stand up now!! She interrupted and Onella stood up quickly.

That was the only person she fear.. Her grandma.. So strict.

” I want to see you outside in the next 20minute Grandma DD said and walked.

“F**k!!, that’s hurt! She groan, rubbing her head.

” I was just about grabbing the chicken, so close”she lick her lip and ruffle her short hair.

“F*ck you grandma” She almost yelled out.

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She walked into the bathroom sluggishly , brush her teeth and took her bath.

After some minute, she came out of the bathroom.

She wore a oversized hoodie and a baggie shot and brush her short hair.
She walked out of the room.

“Hey kiddo Alex said immediately Onella walked into the sitting room. He was dressed in his school uniform.

” Dont call me that”she snapped.

They’re always on each other neck.

“I’m your brother, i’m older he smirk.

” Just two years older boy she said with an eyeroll.

“I’m still your elder brother…

” Shut up she snapped.

“You’re still in the house” Grandma DD said from behind and she flinch.

“Bye she said and succried off immediately.

Alex chuckle and grandma face him…. He shut his lip instantly.

” Bye granny he ran off to without waiting for her reply.

“Stubborn kids” Grandma mumbled to herself.


“Dad, you should know it’s not going to be easy… How do you expect me to cope with both school work and your business?? Starr frowned, stiring his tea.

” It’s just for two weeks, i’ll be out of the country by tomorrow.. “Mr Leighton said.

” Miguel can do that if he’s not interested.. “Leilani chipped in and sipped her tea.

She’s Leighton wife and Miguel is her son.. Mr Leighton got married to her when Starr and his sister Esmeralda lost their mom but they dont really get along especially Miguel and Starr.

“I think Starr is perfect for it” Mr Leighton said and Leilani frown.


” I mean he’s good in that aspect… He knows about it more”Mr Leighton replied.

Starr just stared at them, watching them argue… Not that he’s interested in it or something… It’s gonna be hectic.

“You think he’s good in everything, why not give Miguel a chance too” Leilani snapped and walked away angrily.

“Witch” Esmeralda muttered as she watch her leave.

She’s Starr younger sister.

Just then they heard a horn from outside.

“I guess your friends are here” Esmeralda said to Starr and stood up.

“Yeah, we gat to go dad” Starr stood up and took his phones.

“Bye, i love you dad” Esmeralda said and peck his cheek.

“Love you too baby”he smile and they left.

” The driver will take you, i’ll go with the guys”Starr said to Esmeralda.

“Okay bro” She replied and walked to her car.

Starr hop into the car and join Archie in the front.

“What took you so long? Velvet asked immediately he entered.

” Having a discussion with dad”he replied simply.

“Or f**king some b*tches” Archie smirk and he roll his eyes.

“Not jerk like you Starr scoff and used his seatbelt.

” And where’s Finn? He asked.

“He said he’ll join us” Velvet replied and he nodded.

” Can we go now?? Starr asked and face Archie.

“Sure he replied and ignite the engine, then drove out of the compound.

They’ve been best friends since elementary. Archie the cool dude, Sweet Velvet, and of course Finn the badass… He’s a play boy, f*ck girls anyhow and does’nt care about their feelings but still they’re dying to be in his arms because of his look.


“Add more lipstick” Chelsea said to the lady dressing her.

“I need to look good for Starr” She giggle and the lady added more to her lips.

The door opened and Mrs Marcelo walked in.

“You’re still busy with this, you’re going to school not party Chels” She said and Chelsea rolled her eyes.

“Oh! Please, just spare me those talks mom, so i can’t dress nice to school. … She replied and Mrs Marcelo shook her head.

Chelsea fancy fashion more than her studies and she’s one of the hottest chick in the school. She got a huge crush on Starr.

” This is almost 8….

“Mom” She whined and pout her lips.

“Fine, fine, just be fast” She said and left the room.

“Done ma’am” The lady said and Chelsea gaze at her reflection in the mirror. A light gasp escaped her lips.

“I really look pretty” She smile and flaunt her hair stylishly.

“You can leave she said to the lady and she bow and left.

” He can’t resist me today”she giggle and drawed her skirt up so it can become shorter.

She took her phones and bag then left the room.

***HANUEL Restaurant**

Onella parked her bicycle and walked into the restaurant, customers were already trooping in and out and everyone was as busy as bees attending to customers.

Well it’s one of the well known restaurant in that area.

Hanuel sighted Onella from afar and walked to her angrily.

“What did i tell you last night? Hanuel asked angrily and she scoff.

If only she knew it was grandma who woke her and forced her to come.

” Huh!!

“Mom, please Onella rolled her eyes and Hanuel hit her head.

” What’s wrong with you?? I clearly told you to sleep early last night so you can help me here, go to school..you said no. Help me in shop…you dont want to. What do you wanna do??just sit home while i work and eat my food”Hanuel snapped.

Onella just stared at her.

“Say something Onella…

” I’m hungry she said and Hanuel arch her brow.

“Well no food for lazy man…. Come with me, someone ordered pizza” Hanuel replied and grabbed her hand.

“Mom” She whined and pout her small lips.

“I am not delivering anything” She frown and Hanuel shook her head.

“You wont wanna try it, dont let start this morning” Hanuel glare and dragged her in while she continue mumbling.


” Uhh
“Finn, yeah”

Mira one of Finn bitches moan loudly as he pounce on her non stop. Her legs flying in the air as pleasure took all over completely

“Call my name” Finn smirk in a rough breath staring directly into her face.

“Finnnnn Mira scream as he continue hitting her harder than before. He was pulling in and out in less than a second.

“Ohh Finn pulled out when he noticed he was coming. Kindly Hi novelsrepublic via WhatsApp on two three four eight zero five five eight eight nine one eight three to get added to the novelsrepublic group. Mira got on her knees and he pour everything into her mouth.

She gulp it down at once and they both fell tiredly on the bed breathing heavily.

” That’s great, huh? Finn said naughtily and kissed her neck.

“Yeah, you’re the best. . Mira replied, rubbing his bare chest.

Just then his phone rang and he took it on the table beside him.


He picked.

” Are you sure you’re coming, lecture is starting by 8 Archie said immediately.

“Dont worry, i’ll be there soon” He replied.

“Seriously?? What exactly are you doing at home??

” Dealing with my babe”he grinned naughtily.

“F**k off jerk” Archie said and hung up immediately.


He stood up from the bed and wore his trouser.

” I thought you ordered for something, i’m hungry”Mira said from the bed.

“Yeah, i guess i’ll order from another restaurant.. They’re not serious he said took his phone.

Just then they heard a knock on the door.

” Sir, your delivery is here a maid said from outside and Mira stood up immediately.

“Go freshen up, i’ll go get it” Finn said and left.

He walked downstairs only to see a girl or was it a boy sitting on the chair comfortably.

“What do you think you’re doing? He snapped and Onella face him.

” Ion get..

“Sitting on my chair, you came here to deliver not to sit he snapped.

” Doesn’t mean dude Onella wink at him and he scoff.

Who the hell is this??

“Here is your package” She stood up and streched the nylon to him.

He looked at her and sigh, then collected it.

“My money” She said.

“Let me see first he said and untie the nylon and brought it out.

His eyes widened at what he saw…. One of the pizza was half already.

” I ordered for three, this is two and half… Who ate this?? He asked and stood up.

“Oh that!! I ate half when i was coming… I was so hungry s…..

” Whatt?? You ate what i ordered… Are you crazy?

“Actually crazy is my middle name, nice meeting you” Onella smile and his eyes widen more.

Nice meeting you?
Who the hell is this?

“Take it back, i’m interested anymore” Finn said and threw it at her.

“That’s not possible. Who does that? , give me my money” She said.

“Money? For three and half pizza? You’ve got to be joking… Take that and leave my house now” Finn said and turned to leave but she held him back.

“Wanna die? Onella smirk and he frown.

Is she crazy or what??

” Wh….. He tried speaking but she cut in.

“Bye, my regards to the devil she wink and before he knew it.

She raised her legs and kicked him hard on his face.

He staggered and fell immediately, bleeding from his nose.

” Whsaaat!!!