His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 30 – 31



🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 30🍭🍭




” Don’t let any other guy hug you that way,,,it’s annoying” He said

” I won’t” Kristen replied with a smile

They were like that for some minutes until Nicholas released her,,

” Kristen?” He called and she looked up at him

” Huh?”

” I have something to tell you” Nicholas said and the moment he said that,Kristen’s heart skipped a beat

‘Is he breaking up with me?? ‘

” What are you thinking??” Nicholas chuckled

” What do you want to tell me”,Kristen asked nervously

” Come here ” Nicholas pulled her by the hand and they both sat down on the bed

” You are going to leave this mansion” He said and Kristen was shocked

” You want me to leave you?? Why? Just because I hugged someone? I told you he was an old,,,,”

He stopped her with a kiss

” Am not asking you to leave me, I can’t leave you either or am gonna die ” He said and Kristen breathe out

” So why??” She asked

” Okay let me put it this way,,,it’s your choice now,am not going to force you but I think it’s going to be the best I can do for now. I am going to do anything for you to make you happy,,”

” I know,,,” Kristen smiled

” Richard told me,,you complained about being bored staying home alone” Nicholas said

” That’s true,,but I don’t mean to make you feel bad or something” Kristen replied

” Just listen,,am not feeling bad. I got a surprise for you” He smiled

” What is it??”

” Got you a job” He said and Kristen gasped

” Job? How come?? Where? Your company??”

” How many questions can I answer at once??” Nicholas groaned

” Am sorry,,,just curious”

” It’s mine too,,,but not the one you know. I would have make you come to mine so I can see your cute face every minutes,,,but you deserve your private life too. So it’s gonna be the other one,,my sister works there too. I can’t allow you stay lonely here,,it makes me feel worthless” Nicholas said and Kristen was speechless

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You mean,,you’re gonna employ me ??”

” The company is mine,,so it’s yours too” He replied and Kristen laughed

” That’s funny,,,you’ve not even seen my credentials yet. What if am not smart enough?”

” You’re wrong,,I saw it once. And you are really smart” He replied

” Okay,,,the truth is am speechless right now.”

” Am taking you there tomorrow,,you can just submit your docvments to my sister,not like it’s necessary though but I know you ” Nicholas said and Kristen nodded

” That’s amazing !!!!! Oh my God!!!” She shouted and jumped up..

” You don’t have to jump” Nicholas said


immediately hugged him

” You don’t know how happy I am right now?? I love you so much” She said.

” I love you more ”

” But wait,,,how about Jenna??”

” You’re not Jenna’s nanny again Kristen,,you’re my girlfriend and you’re gonna be my wife. So you’re going to become her mom not her nanny,,” Nicholas shook his head

” Okay,,am just worried. She’s going to feel bad if I really leave” Kristen said sadly

” You really love Jenna more than me or what?” Nicholas teased

” Don’t tell me you’re jealous of her,,” Kristen chuckled

” I am really jealous,,”

” Don’t be,am all yours. But am really nervous to meet your sister,,” Kristen sat down again

” And she’s dying to meet you already,,she have been asking for my girlfriend all these while,and finally I got you” He said and touched her cheek

” Or you mean,,I got you?” Kristen smirked

” Okay,,you got me. You really got me,really bad,,,” He said

” I have another surprise for you,,,bet it’s gonna be ready in two days. Trust me ” He winked

” What’s the surprise?”

” You should be patient,,,am Nicholas remember?”

” Mr Bill,I love you. But sadly,,I can’t even do anything in return,,” she said sadly

” Of course there’s something you can do ”

She looked up

” What is it? Am going to do anything”

” Kiss me ” He muttered

” Huh??”

” Kiss me ”

She smiled and sat up on the bed ,,she cupped his cheeks and pressed her lips softly on his.


Iris opened the door to Kristen’s room and went in,,she raised her brow seeing Kristen all dressed up

” Where are you going?? Jenna went to school already so why are you so hot?” Iris asked and sat on a chair

No f**king good morning from you?? Kristen asked still trying to arrange her hair .

” Morning” Iris mumbled and Kristen scoffed

” You haven’t answered my question” Iris said

” Why are you not in uniform already?? Not going to school?” Kristen asked

” I don’t feel like going” Iris scoffed.

” You don’t have a friend yet?” Kristen asked

” I have two friends,,I just don’t wanna go ” Iris replied

” Boys or girls?”

” Boys ” Iris rolled her eyes

” When will you have a female friend? You need them maybe they can change you to become girly at least” Kristen groaned

” I don’t need them,,,,where are you going?”

” I think I got a job,,wish me luck” Kristen winked and carried her bag

” Can I stay in your room till you get back?” Iris asked ..

” Suit yourself,,bye ” Kristen replied and walked out of the room while Iris collapsed on the bed.
Richard stopped in front of the company and Kristen got down from the car,.

” The receptionist will get someone to take you to the boss,,,I need to go somewhere am sorry ” Richard said.

” It’s okay,am fine” Kristen smiled nervously and watched as Richard drove off.

She breathe out and went in,,,

” You’re welcome mam,,,how may I help you??” The receptionist asked

” J need to see Nicho,,,,,I mean Mr Bill” Kristen bite her lips

The receptionist raised her brow and made a call,,,

📞 Yes Sir,,a young lady is here to meet you. Do you have an appointment with anyone sir?

” What’s your name?” The receptionist whispers

” Tell him It’s Kristen” She replied

📞 Kristen sir

” okay,,,I will take you to him” She said and moved closer to Kristen

” follow me ” She said and Kristen followed almost immediately

They had to pass some staffs as they walk and they couldn’t help but to admire her,,she really a definition of beauty.

Finally they got to the Secretary and the receptionist turned back,,

” Hello” Kristen greeted Megan

She looked up and recognized her instantly,,but what is she doing there??

” Who are you??” Megan asked

” I’m here to see your boss,,” Kristen said

” I am asking for your name,I know you’re here to see him ” Megan snapped.

” Am Kristen,can you take me in now?” Kristen said calmly

Megan rolled her eyes and stood up,,she helped her open Nicholas’s office and they both entered.

Nicholas looked up and a smile escaped his lips the moment he saw her which made Megan become even more angry,,he have never smiled so sincerely to her like he’s doing now. What is it about this lady?

” You can leave Miss Megan” Nicholas said

Megan bowed and left

Kristen groaned and moved closer

” Her eyes,,I thought she was going to swallow me ” Kristen said

” She wouldn’t dare ” Nicholas smiled

” Okay,,am here. Shall we leave now? I can’t wait” She said

” You look so hot,,are you sure you’re going to that office or a date?” Nicholas stood up

” Date? Of course not,,,the company” Kristen replied

” You look amazing,,,if any guy stares at you in that company,Tell me and am going to get him fired immediately” Nicholas said and Kristen couldn’t control her laughter

” You know what? You’re unbelievable sometimes?? Are you going to make them blind? They can see me ,,,it’s not changing anything okay?” Kristen said

” I know,,you’re mine alone” Nicholas said and kissed her lips

” We,,are in an office ” Kristen said nervously

” I know”

” I thought you said you don’t allow things like this here,are you changing your mind ?” Kristen teased

” I can’t remember when I said that” He replied and kissed her again,longer this time.

After leaving her,,he kissed her hair

” Let’s leave,,,before I start something I won’t be able to stop” Nicholas said

” You can start,,you should have a room in your office right?” Kristen smirked

” You’re becoming naughty Kristen,,who taught you?” Nicholas asked

” you ” She winked

They left the office and keep on talking and laughing as they leave.

Megan eyes followed them with a killing look,.

‘ Who the hell does she think she is?’


🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 31🍭🍭



” Morning sir ” some of the staffs they met greeted,,Kristen replied with a wave.

” Why didn’t you reply when those people greeted you?” Kristen asked as they got out

” Because I don’t want to be mad,,,they saw us both right? But they all greeted me,,what about you?” He scoffed

” You can’t blame them,,they don’t even know about us right?” Kristen smiled

The driver instantly ran to open the car for them but Nicholas stopped him

” You don’t have to,,thanks” He said and ushered Kristen in

He also entered and in a seconds,he already drove out.
” Who else is thinking what am thinking??” One of the workers said

” That lady,,,,,I think she have a relationship with the boss ” A colleague said and they all nodded in agreement

” You’re right,,I’ve never seen any lady walking with him aside Miss Megan,,and besides the look on his face seem calm,,not his usual cold face ” Another one said

” You all love gossip more than your job right??” Someone yelled

” Shut up,,its a free time so stop shouting like you’re hardworking ”

They laughed
Nicholas felt Kristen’s eyes all over him as he drive,

” Why are you staring at me that way? Do you want something??” He asked

” No,,,you look more handsome while driving” Kristen blurted out

” Are you telling me indirectly to become your driver? ” Nicholas teased

” Nooo,, It’s my first time seeing you drive,so that’s why.” Kristen said

” It felt so different driving my girlfriend” Nicholas said and Kristen looked out with her cheeks burning up

” Oh my,,,I almost forgot” She turbed back to him

” What is it?”

” Jenna’s birthday!! Less than two weeks already. Gosh,,I don’t even know what to give her.” Kristen said

” You don’t have to worry,,am sure she will love anything you get her. She love you that much” Nicholas stated

” I know,,but I still have to think of what am giving her. Don’t worry,,I got this” Kristen said

” We are here ” Nicholas announced and Kristen looked out

” Wow,,” escaped her lips

The gatekeeper immediately opened for them,,

” Hello sir!! Hello mam” He greeted with a bow

” Hi,how are you doing? ” Nicholas replied

” Am good sir ” He replied and Nicholas nodded.

They both got down from the car,,Nicholas joined their hands together as they both walked in.
In Jenna’s classroom,The teacher stood in front of the class asking each student to tell them about their mother.

” My mom is a nurse” a girl said

” Wow,,that’s amazing” the teacher commented and the whole class clapped.

” My mom is a lecture” A boy said

” Good!” The teacher said

” My mom is a Scientist,,” A girl said shyly

” Wow,,,”

” My mom is a designer,,she’s amazing and beautiful too” Aly said proudly and the class clapped

” How about you Alex?” The teacher asked

” My mom is a lawyer” He smiled

” Tell your mom I commend her ,,she’s amazing” The teacher said and gave him a thumb up

” our mom is a journalist” Joel said and Jennie shook her head in agreement with her brother

” Wow,,so brilliant of you all” the teacher said and clapped her hands

” But mam,,there’s someone left” Aly stated and the whole class turned to Jenna and she stood up

” Oh,,,Jenna. Have your seat,,” the teacher smiled

” Why? Because she doesn’t have a mom?” Aly scoffed

” That’s rude Aly” the teacher said and she rolled her eyes

Alex who was sitting next to Jenna pulled her to sit down but Jenna refused and then spoke up

” I have a mother” She said and the whole class focused on her

” My mom is an amazing Cook,she’s loving,caring,and she’s the most beautiful woman in the world” Jenna said

” Wow,,really Jenna? Your mom is a great cook?? That’s awesome,,I will like to taste your mom’s food one day” the teacher said

” You can come to our house,,you won’t be disappointed” Jenna smiled

” Me too Jenna!!!! Me too!!!” The whole class shouted

” Don’t worry you all,,,my house is big enough for you ” jenna winked

” Yeah!!!!!!” The class shouted in joy and Jenna sat down

Few seconds later,,the teacher went out briefly for a meeting and Aly who wasn’t satisfied about what happened came to Jenna

” Hey ” She said and crossed her arms

Jenna looked up

” What do you want?” She aaked

” You really have a mom? Or are you talking about your nanny??” She asked

” What is wrong with you??” Alex asked her

Jenna told him to keep quiet

” I guess you’re angry,,you look ugly right now. But seriously I have a mom,,okay? She’s not my nanny,she’s my mom.” jenna said

” I won’t believe you unless I see your father and that nanny of yours together,,,you can’t fool me”

” She’s not a nanny,she’s my mom!,,” Jenna snapped almost in tears

Aly smirked knowing that’s her weakness

” Okay,we will see to that. Nanny’s girl” She said and walked back to her seat.

Jenna sat down and buried her face in her palms

” Are you okay?” Alex asked

Jennie got up,,

” Hey Aly,do you want me to tell the teacher you’re a bully? How can you talk to my friend like that,,do you want me to pull your hair!!” She yelled

” Don’t you dare touch my pretty hair” Aly said

” That ugly hair of yours,Jenna’s hair is prettier” Jennie said and went to sit down with Jenna who was looking sad already

” Don’t mind that kid,,,” Jennie said and pat her hair

” You’re a kid too ” Alex saud

” I know” Jennie said and they laughed
” I can’t wait for tomorrow Kristen,,I feel lonely here.” Kimberly said not leaving Kristen,,she love her the moment she saw her

Kristen only smiled

” I guess you’re not really some kind of talky talky,,don’t worry I will teach you” Kimberly said and Kristen chuckled

” Thanks Kimberly,,it’s nice meeting you” Kristen saud

” That’s enough,,we need to leave” Nicholas announced from the car

” She will be there,calm down” Kimberly scoffed

” I still can’t believe he got a girlfriend,,i thought he was lying as usual,I can’t wait to inform mom and dad about this. Brother have a girlfriend now,a very beautiful one” Kimberly demonstrated

” Thanks Kimberly,,” Kristen said

” Just inform me if my brother tries to joke with you,,,I know he wouldn’t though. He seem to love you so much,,and wait,,do you know my brother is a jealous freak??” Kimberly asked and they both laughed

” I guess I know” Kristen replied

” Gosh,,you’re still guessing?? ”

” Kimberly!! Leave her alone,not everyone can talk like you!” Nicholas yelled and Kimberly frowned which made Kristen chuckled

” Don’t worry,,we can talk better tomorrow” Kristen said

” Fine,,” Kinberly pouted and they both walked closer to the car

Kristen went in,,

” When are you bringing her home? To meet dad and mom?” Kimberly asjed

” Very soon,,but don’t you dare tell them,am going to do it myself. I don’t trust that big mouth of yours” Nicholas replied

” Kristen,,is my mouth big?” Kimberly asked .

” No,,its pretty ” Kristen replied and Nicholas scoffed

” Now I have a defender,,brother,,I won” Kimberly winked

” Bye Kim ” Nicholas started the car

” Kristen!! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow,,bye” She waved and Kristen waved in return

” She’s crazy,don’t mind her too much” Nicholas said on their way out

” I love her,,she’s lively” Kristen said .

” So am not lively?” Nicholas asked .

” I didn’t say that,come on ” Kristen said and he smiled

” So,,you’re starting tomorrow” Nicholas said

” I’m so happy,,thanks for everything” Kristen said

” I’ve not even started yet so why are you thanking me?”

” Okay,am sorry. I love you” she smiled

” Oh yeah,,Can we just go to Jenna’s school to take her? It’s almost time,,am sure she’s going to be happy to see you ” Kristen said

” I was thinking about that too” Nicholas said

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