His Obsession

His obsession episode 30 – 31


(The royal second wife👸

Episode Thirty

Princess Avalon came in just that minute to see the situation.

“Wow!”She muttered aloud.

She went out immediately. Helen pushed him away and he fell on the chair. He slept off immediately but she didn’t noticed as she shouted at him.

“You are disgusting human”She yelled and ran out immediately.


Princess Avalon entered into her room angrily and sat on the sofa.

“How could he do that to me, that was so quick even if he wanted to be with her. Atleast he will have speak to me first? How could he do that to me”She cried bitterly.

“I’m not crying right, I am strong and can handle this. I can never believed he liked Helen so quick”She cried like a baby.

Helen ran in,side that moment.

“Please leave I want to be alone”She said raising her left hand in the mid air.

“I will leave my princess but am I allowed to speak?”She asked with her head bowed.

“Will you spare me, and leave immediately. I don’t wanna see anyone right this minute”She yelled.

“I am sorry my Princess, but I think you misunderstood the situation. He’s drunk and couldn’t stop calling out your name even out of his drunkenness

I was only trying to help him stand on his feet but I don’t know why he hugged me, all I know is that he’s not in his right senses.

You can go and confirmed this yourself your highness” She explained the whole situation with her head still bowed.

“Is that so?”She asked and smile. Helen nodded her head positively. She wiped her tears.

“I’m sorry, I misunderstood everything, I am really sorry”She apologized with her hand folded together. Helen moved closer to her and hold her hand.

“My princess, you always makes me overwhelmed because you never doubted me, even if you try to doubt me and I explained myself you always believed whatever I said at once without a second thought.

Thanks so much princess”Helen cried holding her hand.

“That’s because we are sisters forever and sister should always take care of themselves”She said smiling.

“Fighting”She said with her fist tightened and raised it up in the air.

“Fighting” Princess Avalon shouted.

“Princess I need to go and get your meal ready”She said about to leave.

“You don’t need to, why don’t we go shopping tonight. It’s being a while since I have go outing.

Things in the palace are just complicated this days. I need to cool my brain”She said with a pout.

“Okay princess, I will go and get my best outfit ready”She said smiling.

“No, not at all. We would be going as sister not as Princess and maid. And I also want us to wear a matching dress.

Everything, same hairstyles, same bag, same shoe. How does that sounds to you?” She asked.

“That’s cool, but Princess why the need for all this?”She asked.

“Because I wanna go party, don’t worry it will be fun. Lemme order for our clothes and other things” Princess Avalon said.

She was at the edge of going out when Princess Avalon voice stopped her.

“Do you have any guy you like, like maybe you have any suitor in mind?”She asked.

Helen coughed and ran out. Princess Avalon smiled to herself.


“My queen, your order his here” Queen Dylan personal maid said shivering.

“What order!”She asked without a glare.

“Coff…ee”She stammered.

“Hmm, coffee. What is it by your time?”She asked.

“Almost dawn”She replied shuddering.

“Have I ever drink coffee in the evening before”She asked coldly.

“I’m sorry my Queen, but you asked for it”She replied without giving her a glance.

“You are such a fool, are you telling me that coffee is the only drink I can take in this palace.

Get lost and never show your face, I need to be alone. So Leave now” She barked. the maid was about to rushed out.

“Wait!”Her voice echos. She stopped immediately. Queen Dylan walked closer to her. She took the coffee and pretended she wanna drink it. She empty the cup on her.

“When you learn to know what I want, I will start treating you nicely” She laughed hysterically. Why the maid was pitifully shivering.

“Leave here Fool”She yelled.


“I refused, do you think I will believe all your lies. We aren’t destiny to be together a bit. So stop that rubbish and leave my room immediately.

Your present is suffocating me”Queen Twinkle Thundered.

“You haven’t listened to all the story and you are already angry. Was it anyone fault that you are chosen to be mine?

Why don’t you drop this pride of yours and let’s help each other?King Aiden asked.

“I said leave and never show your face again. Get that into your thick skull”She warned.

“You need to save this people even though you don’t wanna help me. Why are you running from your destiny?”He asked angrily.

“Maybe I choosed wrongly”She replied.

“Choosing to save lives Is the best destiny any one will want to choose. Why are you being stubborn to accept the Truth?”He asked.

“Because it all sounds like a fairy tales. There are all fantasy not real, this doesn’t happen in the real world. So stop bothering me. And leave my room”She warned.

“I will leave”King Aiden said disappointed that he couldn’t convince her again.

Princess Avalon room

“WOW! You look more like a queen. I can believe you are this beautiful, This is hilliarous”Princess Avalon complimented her. She blushed.

“Princess, I Know I looked extremely beautiful but I don’t feel like going out tonight.

My spirit don’t wanna go out, I haven’t feel like this even since I have been in this palace. But today my spirit stays within the palace” She said sadly.

“Oh don’t break my heart, I really wanna have fun with you. It’s being a while since we go out, please don’t say no”Princess Avalon begged.

“I don’t feel like but since you insisted I will go with you. Anything for you my Princess”She said smiling.

“Thank you sweetheart”She hugged her and they cooed each other.

“Don’t worry you will be surprised with the package I have for you” She said smiling.

Club house

“Princess I will be right back, l need to use the restroom” Helen whispered to her.

“Okay make it snappy, there are still a lot of fun to catch here”She replied.

Helen make her way to the restroom..

After using the Restroom she was about to step out of the restroom when someone hit her with a rod on her forehead.

She strip off her feet and fell on the ground.

She holds her head feeling pain.

After few seconds she was able to open her eyes despite bleeding terribly.

She saw someone in masks.

The person smirks and unmasked herself.

She looked stunned.

“What!”She muttered shocked has the Person glare at her evily.

“Don’t be shocked, it happens in the real world and you are seeing it right now.

Well I have being waiting for the perfect timing” The person said and a wicked grin played at the corner of her mouth.

“What have I done to deserve this from you” She asked in a weak voice showing she’s losing her breath.

“I will explain myself, maybe you will find a place in you heart to forgive me” She said laughing sheepishly.

The person goes further by explaining things to her.

She covered her face with the mask.

“I trusted you” She said as tears roll down her cheek.

“Trust my foot. Well I heard there’s hell, so go and rot in hell” She said and hit the rod on her head again.

She gave up the ghost.


(The royal second wife👸

Episode Thirty-one

“Trust my foot. Well I heard there’s hell, so go and rot in hell” She said and hit the rod on her head again.

She gave up the ghost.

She checked her pause and realized she wasn’t breathing again.

“Finally, I succeeded in getting rid of her” She laughed hysterically and vacate the place immediately.

Few minutes later

Princess Avalon was sitting impatiently wondering why Helen is yet to come back.

“Princess Avalon, do you really call me here to joke with me, You promised to find me a girl.

And I have been here for the pass 20minutes. You are only asking me to be patient, why isn’t she here yet?”He asked.

That was Thomas, Princess Avalon college mate, they are very close.

Thomas once has a crushed on Princess Avalon, but due to the love between her and Lee he couldn’t express himself.

Being so difficult to cope with the feeling, he tried all his best to killed the feeling and he succeeded in doing that, after college he travelled out of korean to further his education but doing his time abroad, they hærdly keep in touch.

Apparently he came back from state some days ago and he contacted Princess Avalon.

Doing one of their chat, he told Princess Avalon that he’s in need of a girlfriend, the person that he can be serious with and will marry then they can fly out together.

And Princess Avalon promised to help him as they are very good friends, and she didn’t think of anyone else that will make a good wife for him than Helen.

“Just chill Thomas. You know I can’t joke with such things, she was here before you arrived.

If I could remember after she left, I also left to receive a call and then I came back here, and that was when you arrived here.

I still don’t understand what kept her waiting for so long,? I think I should go and check on her” She said and stood up worried.

She stopped due to the attention called by the club keeper.

“Announcement everyone, No one we be allowed to leave this clubhouse till further notice.

We found a dead body by the bathroom and the police will soon be here to do their job.

Sorry for the inconveniencecy. I don’t know if anyone knows the corpse, we would show her face, so If you know her you should see us soon “The announcement was made by a guy and Helen face was shown to everyone.

“Are you Crazy, how can Helen be dead? Guy do you know what you are saying at all. That person you just showed her picture was Helen my sister”Princess Avalon shouted and all attention goes to her.

And the light was directed to her. “Isn’t that Princess Avalon? What’s she doing here?”One of dancers asked.

“Yes, it’s me Princess Avalon, what’s your business with what I am doing here?”

“Hey Mr Man are you sure of what you are saying, how can she be dead?”She asked not still sure if they are really saying the truth.

“How can we joke with such thing. Security bring her body” The guy ordered the security.

They brought the dead body to her front and move backward.

She looked at Thomas who looked confused.

“What’s going on, is she the one you wanted to introduce to me?”He asked.

“No, it can’t be. My own Helen is not dead. I am very sure of that”She said trembling and bend slowly to the level of the corpse.

Her hand started checking trying to uncovered the face. She closed her eyes as she managed to opened it. She then opened her eyes to receive the shockest surprised of her life.

“Nooooo, Helen…….. He…….Len…..”She s¢ræmed out. Thomas bend to her level.

“Noo, Helen you cannot be dead. Can you just opened your eyes and tell me you are joking? How do you think I can survive without you? You better open your eyes now and tell me that you are joking.

Open your eyes and see Thomas, the man I was planning on introducing to you. This is the reason I wanted us to come to the club not because I want you to come and die.

Please don’t do this to me. Wait are you really going to break my hea…rt…? Nooooooo, Helen why are you not talking to me?”She shouted carrying her head up.

“Princess please try to get hold of yourself. Stop acting Crazy, people are watching”Thomas tried to calm her down even though he’s already teary.

“Can you hear that Helen, he just said I am acting Crazy, I will be mad if you refused to say anything to me.

Do you forget how you always say my Princess anything for you?”She cried bitterly cuddling her face.

“Please take her body away”The guy ordered the security.

“If any of you come closer then I will kill you right now.

Don’t you see she’s sleeping and not dead? Don’t you see she’s trying to play a trick on me? How dare you want to take her away?”She shouted angrily at them.

“They have to Princess”Thomas try consoling her.

“If they move and inch closer. They will all freeze and will remain in that position for 1000years. Let them try me and see”She threatened them with her power.

“They are only doing their jobs. Let’s try and act civilized here. You are a Princess in this kingdom and all what’s expected from you is to protect your people not to threatened them with your power”Thomas explained,but Princess Avalon only cried more instead of leaving them to do there jobs.

She wanted to allow them take the body and at some point asked them to stop. She bent her head and raised it up.

He eyes changes to that of a monsters. She hold her hand.

“HELEN, I have decided to take a oath of revenging your death. The person that killed you will die a painful Death. I will make sure I stopped at nothing than feeding her flesh to the bat.

So I need your help, and you soul shall not seek peace until I find out and give justice to you.

I seek your spirit not to have peace” She shouted using her magic to insĂ—Ă—t a sword In her body.

“The police are here”The guy said.

“No involvement of the police, released everyone and you all should move this body to the palace” She commanded and folded her hands in her back.

They all obeyed her..

“You finally succeeded in erasing there memories, you can never desisted from using magic”Thomas said.

“All because I didn’t erased your memory didn’t give you the gut to say trashed to me.

I will not allow the society to make s Mockery of her death” Princess Avalon said going out of the club In a rage of anger


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