Hiss Nagging Wife

Hiss nagging wife episode 9 – 10




( my pastor is my God)

True life story.

Aishat kemisola short story series.

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written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Episode 9

Authoress P.o.v

who drop this letter on my table Samuel asked his secretary.

Mr Chris sir. the secretary replied. wow so Chris really mean this, this is interesting. I just discovered my friend didn’t love me,

is this the right time for Chris to resign. Chris resign when my marriage is just few days left, who will be my best man.

now Samuel said and those some thinking. hmm I think I will use my staffs Samuel said to hiself.


honey hope you haven’t forgotten the money I asked from you Cath asked samuel. which money is that again.

Cath we have almost spent half of my money just because of marriage.

please I promise I won’t asked for any money apart from this Cath said fine how much is it Samuel asked.

five hundred thousand for my makeup. what five hundred thousand just for makeup Samuel asked.

yes is it too small Cath asked. no is too much Samuel replied. isn’t too much now,

you knew am a big girl and you’re rich I need to makes haters see you’re talking good care of me Cath said.

fine I will transfer the money to your account Samuel replied.

thank you, you’re a darling Cath replied happily.

and one more thing your fashion house is ready you will open it after our marriage Samuel said thank you very much Cath said happily.

and one more thing father called me that you haven’t been going to church her friend asked. do I need to go to church again.

after all God has done what am looking for, for me I don’t need to go to church again Cath said.

Cath you’re getting it wrong that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to church.

you can be going once in a while her friend said.

fine I will go with my husband on Sunday for thanks giving Cath said. that’s nice her friend replied.


congratulations girlfriend you’re now a Mrs Cath friend said happily yes oo am now a Mrs.

we conquer our enemies at last Cath said happily. it’s getting late won’t you prepare food for your husband Cath friend asked.

food you knew I can’t cook, and if I can cook I don’t like stressing myself.

and that idiot has sent the maid away saying my food is sweet,

but he didn’t knew I don’t cook the foods he eat. what will you do now should I help you to cook her friend asked.

don’t bother yourself he will drink tea when he comes back Cath said.


ma’am Mr Charles is waiting for you outside. Charles don’t keep him waiting let him in happiness replied.

so who did you think is suitable for is to award the contract to happiness asked her manager. Maam.

they’re all good to go, but Mr Samuel John is more qualified her manager replied.

don’t worry we will talk about it later happiness said and stand up.

how are you and my baby doing Charles asked happiness am doing good and the baby is doing well happiness replied.

I came to take you and the baby out Charles said.

oh that’s nice of you cause am really hungry happiness said. who told you am buying food for you Charles said.

oh you’re so mean happiness said and started crying. of fvck Charles curse pregnancy humor again.

am sorry am only joking with you Charles said. I will buy you plenty and delicious food Charles said.

are you sure happiness said cleaning her tears with the back of her hand.

yes am sure let go Charles said and carry her bag for her.


why are you looking at me like that happiness asked Charles. just leave me let me enjoy the view Charles said.

huh you mean am ugly happiness asked. oh I didn’t say that,

you’re looking more beautiful with your baby bump. you are the most beautiful pregnant lady I have seen Charles said. areo you sure,

hope you’re not trying to insult me happiness asked. why will I do that Charles asked happiness.

I want to Asked you a question. Samuel is among those people that want me to award the contract to them.

and he is the only quality person among them. what did you think I should do happiness asked.

didn’t he knew the company is your father own Charles asked.

no he don’t happiness replied. I will advise you to follow your heart Charles said. enough of Samuel let talk about us Samuel said.

did you think happiness should give Samuel the contract.



( my pastor is my God)

True life story

Aishat short series story

written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 10

Authoress p.o.v

what happen to us happiness asked Charles. I just want to remind you that I still love you and am ready to marry with the baby Charles said.

Charles are you for real, remember am carrying another man pregnancy happiness said. that’s not the problem, the child is also mine.

am ready to take full responsibility on the child. just give me a chance to make you happy Charles said.

Charles even though you agree to marry me with my child, am sure your parents will be against it happiness said.

you’re wrong cause my parents knew about it, and they’re ready to accept the child as there grandchild Charles said.

you mean your parents will allow you to marry me happiness asked confused. yes they are in support of it Charles said.

my parents know you well, they knew you are a very good lady,

so they accepted you. the only thing they’re waiting for is for me to introduce you to them as my fiance Charles said.

really let me think about it happiness said. alright but makes sure you gave me positive answer this time Charles said.


welcome honey Cath greet Samuel, yes darling, how are you doing. didn’t you go to your shop today Samuel asked.

shop there’s nothing in that shop again have sold everything in the shop Cath said. what!!! but why Samuel asked.

why are you asking me why Cath said raising her voice. fine you don’t need to raise your voice at me.

serve me my food cause am very hungry Samuel said. your dinner is on the dinning Cath said.

Samuel went to the dinning and met biscuit in the plate.

honey there’s no food on the dinning Samuel said. check well there’s food in the plate Cath replied pressing her phone.

biscuit is the only thing in this plate Samuel said. yes now, that’s what I also eat. check the fridge for juice Cath said.

Cath what’s the meaning of this you have been doing this since we got married.

what’s the essence of having a wife Samuel said. Samuel am not your slave,

if you can’t eat the biscuit you can go to the kitchen and prepare food yourself cause you also have hand Cath said.


sir C and H group of company award the contract to us Samuel new p.a said.

wow that’s nice this calls for celebration Samuel said happily.

so when am I signing the contract Samuel asked his p.a tommorow sir the P.A replied.

Cath barged into Samuel office, so Samuel this is what you have been doing sleeping with your workers,

why aren’t you satisfied with what you’re, am I not beautiful enough for you Cath said. Cath this is an office,

you can’t be shouting in an office Samuel said. you mean am shouting like a mad woman right,

like someone that doesn’t have sense Cath said. no I don’t mean it like that.

I only said this is a working place and who told you am sleeping with my worker’s,

I can’t stoop so low to do that, we are just celebrating our new success Samuel said. you must be crazy,

you think am a fool that you can lie to, am not a fool am wiser than you. if you don’t want problem between me and you,


have to sack all your female workers Cath said. Cath is too early for this.

I don’t have your street this morning cause I didn’t have enough rest yesterday because of you,

you nag too much and am tired of you Samuel said angrily. you’re tired of me.

you shouldn’t be tired of me now, cause you haven’t seen anything Cath said and went out angrily.


happiness how dare you gave the contract to that ungrateful fool happiness mother yelled. mother calm down happiness said. don’t tell me to calm down,

how could you, how could you give him the contract, that guy doesn’t deserve it her mother said. mother I knew,

let put our issue aside he is the only one suitable for that contract mother he qualify for it happiness said. and so happiness mother said Angrily.
mother he is Still my unborn child father happiness said. fine I understand you am sorry for raising my voice on you happiness mother said.


wow this is just wow, Samuel you have started going around with small small girls.

our marriage is not even up to a year Cath said Angrily.

Cath what are you doing with my phone’s Samuel said.

so you won’t to tell me I don’t have right to touch your phone, who’s Jennifer Cath asked angrily.

Jennifer is my cousin sister Samuel replied. wow you think am a fool that will believe your bullshit right.

leave the way let me pass Samuel said. ypi you are going know where Cath said and lock his cloth.

woman you’re looking for problem this early morning Samuel said. it took me Alot of self control not to hit you roght now,

just leave me and let me go to work peacefully this morning Samuel said.

there’s will be know peace for you until you tell me who Jennifer is Cath said.

Samuel pushed her lightly and she fall on her butt, Samuel quickly run out and Cath Friend came in.

why did you allow him to go Cath yelled, calm down this is too early to fight her friend said.

don’t tell me is too early that fool is cheating on me Cath said.

how did you knew he is cheating on you her friend asked I checked his phone Cath replied. but a handset is different from table phone.

table phone is what anyone can have access to in the house while a handset is a personal properties.

you have know right to touch your husband handset,not too talk of checking his calls and messages.

what did you mean, which side are you on? are you my friend or his friend?

cause I don’t get you, are you telling me that I don’t have a right to touch my husband handset.

look here I am married to Samuel and I have every right to touch my husband phone. you’re very right and wrong at the same time.

cause a man handset is like a onions, the more you open it the more you cry Cath Friend said.

and one more thing am sure if your husband decide to check your phone,

you will be out of his house and life by now her Friend said.

just get out of my house I don’t need your advice, enemy of progress Cath said and sent her friend pit of the house.

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