I Am A Virgin

I am a virgin episode 13



Episode 13

Caleb’s Point of View

Seriously, I never had the mind of laying my hands on her but she pushed me to the wall. For some months now, she has been misbehaving but I kept on overlooking because of the love I have for her. Still, that doesn’t give me the right to return her slap.

My wife is a combination of cool, emotional and stubborn personality. toriperi stories She is very sweet but can decided to be stubborn when she wants to. Now that she left the house at this hour of the night, where will I go to search for her? What if she gets harmed? Ohh, who is this person calling me now?

Caller: Hello, am I on to Mr. Caleb??

Caleb: Yes, how can I help you?

Caller: My name is Jide, I just called to inform you that the owner of this phone was knocked down by a moving car and has been taken to Omajuluwa hospital at federal junction

Caleb: Jesus! She is my wife. Please, wait for me, I will be there in the next thirty minutes.

Oh God! What have I done to my wife? What have I done to myself? I should have just walk away from her. Father, have mercy on me and keep my wife for me, Please, don’t let me be put to shame.

I drove furiously to the hospital and met with Jide who took me to where my wife was. I appreciated him and gave him some money. I sat beside my wife and couldn’t stop blaming myself for slapping her back. I know women can be so annoying but I should have controlled myself. I took hold of her right hand and kept apologizing to her unconscious self.

I was still tendering my apology when the Doctor in charge of my wife’s case walked into her ward to check on her.

Doctor: Hello! you are??

Me: Good evening Doctor, I am her husband

Doctor: ohh, nice meeting you

Me: Please, how is she doing?

Doctor: She lost a lot blood but we have been able to stabilize her and also made sure that her pregnancy is safe

Me: Pregnancy?? Is she in any way pregnant??

Doctor: ohh, so you don’t

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know? Well, our test shows that she is six weeks pregnant.

Me: Wow! Thank You Jesus, thank you Doctor but when will she come around?

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Doctor: very soon

With that the doctor left to attend to another patient. I was so surprised and elated to hear that my wife was pregnant, what surprised me greatly is that I didn’t notice any signs of pregnancy or is the pregnancy responsible for her recent misbehavior.

I laid my hand on her flat stomach trying to feel my unborn child and was also whispering sweet words into her ears, nature kept calling then i slept off.

Funbi’s Point of


I opened my eyes only to see myself in an unknown room different from my matrimonial room, i tried to recall what brought me to this strange room but I couldn’t think as my head was banging. I tried to sit up then I noticed a hand on my stomach, I looked around and saw Caleb sleeping while sitting on the chair beside my bed. Immediately, I laid my hand on his, he opened his eyes.

Caleb: Thank You Jesus! How are you now dear?

Funbi: what am I doing here?

Caleb: Babe, you are in the hospital. We had a disagreement yesterday and you left the house in anger only for you to be knocked down by a car which led to being here. I suddenly remembered all that happened but kept quiet.

Funbi: okay

Caleb: My love, I am very sorry. I never had the mind of laying my hands on you but I didn’t know what came over me. Please, forgive me my wife

Funbi: your wife?? Better go and meet your concubine

Caleb: concubine??

Funbi: isn’t it obvious that you are cheating?? If you are not then why do you password your phones and keep receiving calls secretly

Caleb: ohh sweetie! I am not cheating and can never cheat on you. I actually didn’t want you involved that’s why I kept it away from you. I was actually working on getting who was behind your breakup with Moses and how the issue of you not being a virgin came up

I had to password my phone so that you won’t know what I was up to plus, I know you won’t let me embark on this journey if you were aware.

Me: OMG! I judged you wrongly and even slapped you

Caleb: the reason why I was depressed yesterday was that the guy working for me

sent me an SMS yesterday that he wasn’t interested in the job again after collecting the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira. I went to his apartment and was told that he has relocated.

Me: Jesus!!!

Caleb: the news of his disappearance weakened me and all I needed was a show of love and care from my wife but got a slap in the face

Me: Sweetheart, I am very sorry. Please, forgive my childishness, I promise never to lay my hands on you again. I promise to love and respect you more

Caleb: it’s okay, I forgive you because of my unborn baby

Me: which baby??

Caleb: Well, the doctor claimed that you are six weeks pregnant

Me: (touched my stomach with surprise written all over me) Pregnant? Like, I am carrying a baby as in your baby?

Caleb: yes darling, we are going to be a parent soon

Me: wow! Thank You Jesus. Can you please call the doctor? My head is banging seriously

To be continued

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