I Love Her Alot

I love her alot episode 58

(He is mine)💘💘💘
Written ✍️✍️ by oluwatosin ayomi ♥️💎

💥💥💥 Episode 58💥💥💥

✍️✍️ Authoress pov✍️✍️

Tears fells freely out of Bianca’s eyes as she finished narrating her story to the stranger.. she watched him as he stared at her in shock, only God knows what he is thinking right now. Will be still help her after hearing the evil deed she had done? Many questions ran through her mind and all she prayed for then was mercy.

She really is tired and her eyes are becoming weak and swollen because of how she’s been crying..

Can you say something please? She asked the stranger since he isn’t ready to ulter a word after hearing the story..

I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say after hearing such a huge story, I’m just speechless right now.. he answered trying to stop himself from shivering, well the story he heard says it all that the lady he’d help is dangerous and who knows whether he isn’t safe anymore, he was trying to get out of one problem, why did he have to come and face another problem here.?

No problem if you are scared or speechless because of the story, that’s what will happen to anyone who heard such story. but I promise you I’ve changed I’m not bad anymore.. I regretted all my actions and if it’s possible for me to change this, I will willingly change it…. She explained and he nodded his head.

Sorry if I may ask, what’s your name? And what are you doing in the desert too? She asked the question that has been on her mind since the moment she met him….

Saviour is my name and im on a journey which is why I landed in this desert.. he said and Bianca looked concisely at him..

Which journey please? are you traveling? Have you been to this desert before? She asked all the questions that came to her mouth. Saviour stared at her in awe how does she expect him to answer all her questions the same time!!!!

I’ve not not been to this place before and I’m not a Traveller either.. I’m from a city not far from here, living with my aunt…. He explained taking a deep breath after saying that..

Really? So where are you heading to? She asked nervously

I don’t know where I’m heading to…. I left home without thinking about where I’m heading to in particular, I just want to be free… he explained politely..seems he’s not really getting tired of her question.. he was expecting her to ask another question but she isn’t saying anything.. he raised his head to look at her and saw her staring at him like someone who was lost or something.. he heaved another sigh and decided to explain it to her properly.

I’ve been living with my aunt since when they gave birth to me, I don’t know my mother and I always assume her to be my mother since she’s been taking care of me immediately after the death of my mother… I’m not aware of how things were when I was a child..

But since I’ve grown up, all I know is sufferness, she’s not acting anything that seems like a mother towards me.i had to serve her children like a slave.… I’ve been enduring everything for the past 20 years. I couldn’t endure anymore that’s why I decided to run away… I encountered you on my way to somewhere I could start another life…. He explained fighting the tears that tried coming.

Bianca felt pity for him, she thought it’s only her that is been in trouble but after hearing his story she knows exactly what it feels like when one indeed is in trouble…. With some pain she managed to ask him a question.

Where is your father? Can’t you go to him? He should be able to help you right? And that stunned saviour.. he smiled and turned to her

I don’t know my father also, according to the story aunt told me. My father impregnated my mom where she was Hawking then he ran away.. they haven’t heard from him even before my mother gave birth to me… and after her death they’ve haven’t caught a glance of him.. he explained with tears falling out of his eyes.. this time around he can’t hold them anymore…

Silence stepped as both of them just stared into space.. not even a single word is coming to none of them’s mouth.. except for the sniffing that is coming from saviour… bianca stayed mute, wondering how painful the guy sitting infront of her’s past would look like…

💓💓 Adrian’s pov ♥️♥️

Juliet! Juliet!! Wait…. Wait… I ran closer and grabbed her hand before she would enter her room…

Let go of my hand Adrian…. She muttered silently but I heard

I won’t let go of it.. why have you been avoiding me? What’s wrong? I asked

How am I avoiding you? I am just trying to enter my room.. she said, why is she lieing?

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I was trying to talk to you in the car but you didn’t answer me, I waited for you in class too, but you didn’t talk to me.. you just carried your bag and walked out leaving me behind… and when I tried calling you didn’t answer..so tell me how are you not avoiding me like that? I asked bitterly, I don’t like how she’s giving me silent treatment.

So you know? Good then… since you already know that I’m avoiding then avoid me too..let’s avoid each other I don’t want to talk to you.. she answered angrily and I felt something pinched my heart…

Why will you say that and also why are you angry? Have I said something wrong? I asked making my grip on her tight a bit.

You haven’t said anything wrong because what you said is true, I just don’t want to talk to you that’s all… she said without looking at me.. gosh her eyes is so cold and I’m feeling bad even when I don’t know the reason why she’s angry..

See juliet.. I don’t know what’s wrong but… I’m sorry.. if I’ve done something bad.. I’m sorry… and will you tell me what I’ve done so that I can apologise? Please…I begged and touched her hair.. I’m already used to doing that whenever she’s angry. It’s like an antidote to make her tell me what’s happening..…

What were you discussing with benedicta earlier, why did she follow you to the cafeteria? She asked releasing her hand away from my grip.. then took the two hands to her chest waiting for me to speak.

I… I.. was going to the cafeteria then she came and started talking to me.. I wasnt discussing anything with her… so you saw us together? I asked trying to escape her queries

That’s not what I asked you . What did you guys say to each other? I saw you two Gisting and laughing expecially you… she said bluntly. I have not idea that she saw us together.

Oh that…. She was just complimenting me about my look, you know she told me I’m cute.. she likes my eyes.. she likes my nose.. she likes how beautiful my smile looks like… and then I decided to appreciate her by smiling for her that’s all I did. .

I explained trying so hard not to laugh… Juliet’s eyes isn’t welcoming

She likes my eyes… she likes my nose… she likes my smile.. then I decided to smile for her…. Okay then… she likes your everything right? Fine enjoy your friendship with her… Since she likes almost everything about you now… she replied as she repeated everything I said.. why is she so bothered about everything…

But I’ve told you many times that I don’t want to be her friend, and today she came to me I didn’t go and meet her.. but if that’s why you’ve been avoiding me then it’s unfair…. I’m not at fault you know.. I said hoping my word would get into her but it didn’t work.. she just continued staring at me…

Okay fine.. I’m sorry next time I will run away when she’s coming.. I won’t chat or gist with her again since that’s what madam Juliet want.. I will do it… I explained with my hands joined together… she hissed at me and finally entered her room.. going to sit on her bed.

Are you not going to forgive me? I’ve apologised what else should I do? Should I cry? I asked still she didn’t look at me.. her concentration was only on her shoe she was removing.

I walked to her and removed her hand from the shoe, her body shook immediately my hand touched her and my shock came to my body as well..…

Juliet is there electricity in your body? I asked

No why do you ask? She asked nervously without looking at me

Because I always get a shock whenever I touch you and it doesn’t happen like that to other people.. so I’m wondering if at all there is electric wire in your body that always shock me.… I explained and sat down beside her.

No electricity in my body, and I don’t shock people as well.. maybe you’ve contacted something from BENEDICTA ‘s body when you were hugging her.. she said and a gasp came out of my mouth

Hug! Why will you say that? I didn’t hug her okay!! And if you are still angry Because I was with her then I’m sorry… you know I saw you will Eliot earlier too when you went to his seat.m.. but I didn’t complain like you are complaining now… I said and finally got her attention

He came to collect his note from me then he left.. so don’t drag him to this issue okay!! He didn’t follow me to cafeteria like benedicta followed you….She answered and continued what she was doing.

Okay fine you got me on that… I’m sorry then.. I will tell benedicta to borrow my note next time and not to gist with me.. how is that? I asked.. and she angrily pushed me away from her.. I feel on the ground and quickly held my arm.

Ouch… it hurts… it hurts… I said acting like if my hand was injured due to the fall.. she didn’t look at me but when my screaming became louder she came closer to me… squirting then she took my arm.

I’m sorry.. I’m sorry… is it here? Should I apply something on it? She asked worriedly seems my trick has finally worked..

No I don’t want anything.. just forgive me please I will be fine after that… I demanded

Okay I’ve forgiven you…will you get up now? she asked while massaging my arm

And are you still going to avoid me? I asked worriedly.

No I won’t avoid you.. now can you get up and let me apply balm on your arm so it won’t hurt.. she said and helped me sit on the bed… immediately she helped me sit and tried leaving.. I grabbed her hand and made her tiny body fell on my lap…

Adrian what are you doing? She asked and tried standing up.. I hugged her tightly like a treasure…. I don’t know why I did that but that’s all I wanted to do as at that moment… and in a cool voice I said. PLEASE DON’T AVOID ME AGAIN… IT HURTS😪😪😪 I begged as I tightened my arms around her💞💞💞

To be continued 💞💞💞

I pity saviour 😒😒😒

You people should help Adrian find out where electricity is from Biko😹😹😹😹

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