The Betrayal

The betrayal episode 7 – 9


The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Seven

A new beginning

Two years later.

Alot has happened to me during the last two years.

I did plastic surgery so that Whenever Jayden see me he won’t be able to recognize me.Mom changed my name and she made me to traveled to Korea so that I can understand their language better and made me the CEO of Park’s company in Korea.

Two years without Mom is worst but today I’m going back home and I called Mom to pick me up at the airport.

Few minutes later,I arrived at the airport,waiting for Mom to pick me up.

“Wow,this place has changed a lot”I said, looking around the airport

“Min Seok!!”Someone called and I turned back to see Mom running towards me.

“Omma”I called cheerfully, hugging her tightly because it’s been two years we’ve seen each other since I left London to Korea.

“My precious baby, I’ve missed you so much”Mom said, walking towards the driver.

“I missed you too,mom”I said happily

“Welcome,ma”The driver greeted, bowing his head while I nodded, entering the car with Mom and the car zoom off

Few minutes later,we got home, they decorated the house with” WELCOME Back,MIN SEOK”

I was blushing deeply,they did all these for me?the last time someone did all these was when I was dating Jayden,this made me to shed tears.

“Welcome back home,ma”The maids and the bodyguards greeted, smiling and bowed their heads

“Thanks”I thanked them and I gave my luggages to one of the maids

I was about going to my room when Mom’s voice stopped me.

“Min Seok,we need to talk because I’ve found Your Jayden”She said

“He’s not mine anymore”I smirked and Mom laughed.

“Well,we need to make plans to bring him down.So go and rest for a while then we gonna talk about our plans during dinner time”She said.

“Okay,Mom”I nodded, walking towards my room.


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betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Eight

A maid woke me up to tell me that Mom said I should come to the dinning room and she Left.

I washed my face with water and went to the dinning room to eat.

“Omma”I called, sitting down while the maids dished out the food and my stomach grumbled

“I guessed you are hungry?”She said, smiling at me and I smiled back, nodding my head and we started eating

“Mmmm, the food is delicious”I said, drinking water so that the food can go down.

The maids cleared the table and left

“Min Seok,My private investigator said Jayden lives in the next street with his wife,Lora and his son, Michael.He owns three companies”Mom said

“So what plans do you have for him”I asked, thinking of What I’m gonna do.

“Simple!first step is for you to make friends with Lora, make her trust you”She said, grinning from ear to ear


love that”I said, jumping up.

Mom’s phone rang,she picked the call and was told Lora will be
going for shopping tomorrow morning and Mom hung up

“Wow,our plans are working already,I have spies among their bodyguards and Jayden didn’t know”Mom said, crossing her legs

“Jinjja?Mom you are the best”I said, hugging her.

“So first thing tomorrow morning,You need to go to the shopping mall tomorrow so that you can make friends with her”She said, walking towards her room.

“Good night,Mom”I said, standing up too, heading to my room.

*In the morning*

I woke up, rubbing my hands on my eyes, yawning loudly.

I brushed my teeth and took my bath,I wore a White crop top and a black Jean with a white sneakers.

“Perfect!”I said, checking myself in the mirror, brushing my hair.

I walked out of my room,I told the Maids to tell Mom that I’m on my way to the shopping mall.

I entered my car and drove off, heading to the shopping mall in town

The betrayal 😪
(A short story)
Episode Nine

When I got there,I stepped out of my car and walked in.

Mom called me on my phone,I picked it up,she told me the dress Lora wore and I hung up.

My eyes caught a lady with a little boy in the mall

“Ohh,I think that’s Lora”I said quietly, looking at her closely.

She was about to take a short yellow Top when I quickly went there and picked the Top and our eyes met.

“Sorry,I didn’t know you want it”I apologised, pretending to be sorry and she smiled.

“You can have it,the Top will look good on you because you are beautiful naturally”I complimented her.

“Komansupmida”She thanked me, blushing.

“Awwwn, someone is blushing”I teased, smiling at her but deep down I feel like strangling her.

I walked closer to her son, bending down

“Hey”I said, waving at him and he looked at me and smiled

“Do you want a candy”I asked, bringing out the candy from my bag and he nodded so I gave it to him and I stood up.

“Your child is cute”I said sweetly, looking at the child once again

“Thanks”She thanked me again and smiled.

“You live around here?I asked, pretending as if I don’t know her.

“Yeah”She nodded , walking towards the cashier to pay and we walked out together.

“Sorry,I didn’t introduce myself,My name is Min Seok”I said, Waiting for her to introduce herself.

“I’m Lora Mendes,married to Jayden Mendes and this is our son, Michaels”She introduced herself, smiling beautifully and I faked a smile.

“Amazing,can I have your contact? Maybe we can go out together in the afternoon, please don’t say no”I suggested, praying to God so that she can agree.

“Okay, that’s good”She nodded, brought out her phone while I brought mine too and we exchanged our contact.

“Thanks,bye”I bid her farewell,she entered her car with her baby and drove off.

“Yes!!!,I did it”I screamed, jumping up and down, smiling like a fool

I entered my car and drove off.


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