ICHABOD episode 9/10

Cursed For A 1000 Years

Chapter 9

“She only said one drop on the ton-gue Ichabod!” Adams shouted but Ichabod ignored him and went ahead to put the few drops.

“I am going to be around a woman that I have loved all my life and whom I thought I actually killed in my dream. Pardon me but a drop won’t cover it.” He said before closing the lid on the bottle while hiding it away into the inner pocket of his suit.

“Are you re-ady?” Adams asked, carrying his suitcase which contained just about four pieces of clothes which they had managed to get.

“Yea but I still don’t un-derstand how to go about this phone-thing,”Ichabod explained, holding the new phone upside down.

“Just make sure you re-ad the manual. Come on, let’s go

. You are driving. You need to start getting used to this. We will collect the license on the way.”

“Yea, I think driving is fun actually, it’s super cool, I don’t mind.” Ichabod said, following Adams out.


She checked the time for the hundredth time, it was just some minutes after nine in the morning, it was either he wasn’t coming or he actually wasn’t taking the job serious. Harmony thought.

She shifted uncontrollably on her seat, the TV was on and Tracy had gone to school but her mind wasn’t there.

. She kept hoping for the doorbell to ring anytime soon.

While she sat, waiting impatiently. She took a look at her bruised hands and her mind floated back to the day of the interview when she had opened the door and found him at the door. How had she known that he was coming? Something had alerted her and why did she just stand in front of him ton-gue-tied. Something had taken all form of words from herl-ips, all form of reasoning from her mind, it was just the two of us.

She had worked with white men many times, so what was the problem?

She checked the time again, it was alre-ady 30 minutes past 9, she sighed. Now she was getting angry. They were supposed to go to the premier of her movie together and it was starting by 12. Well, she still had enough time.

Something was wrong with her, seriously wrong and she couldn’t figure it out.

The other night, she had thought someone had come in into her bath and she hadn’t gotten any sleep till that morning if she at least had a b©dyguard things would….. Triiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!

She almost fainted as the doorbell rang when she least expected it. Well, she stood up. It was about time! She said to herself before advancing towards the door.

When she opened the door, she was disappointed to see her makeup artist.

“Hi Harmony.” The older woman said excitedly, pu-lling her makeup bag with her into the house.

“Hi Miss Perez. How are you?”

Minutes later, Harmony was seated while the woman fiddled with her face. The truth was that she had actually forgotten that her MUA(makeup artist) would be coming, her mind was too occupied with the thought of her new strange b©dyguard.

“Gimme a natural look.” She said to her MUA who nodded and continued brushing her face.


When he got to the door, he took a de-ep breath before knocking. He could see the doorbell but he had no idea how to use it.

Turning around, he waved Adams goodbye and waited, holding his suitcase, for the door to be opened


When Harmony heard the knock, she frowned. Who would be knocking in this century?

“Mrs. Tanya!” She called out and her maid c@m£ out, she was a lady in her late forties. “plea-se get the door.”

“Yes ma’am,” Tanya said and walked towards the door.

Because of the way she was positioned and with her MUA all over her face, she couldn’t see who it was but she heard movements.

“Who is it?” She asked without turning around.

“It’s a man.” Mrs. Tanya replied and all of a sudden, Harmony could feel herself shiver.

“Are you cold? Should I turn off the AC?” Her MUA asked.

“No, no, it’s okay. plea-se give me some minute.” She said and the two women exited. She turned around and didn’t find anyone in the room. Out of curiosity, she stood up and walked towards the closed door.


Ichabod stood at the door, unable to enter.

. He was p@rt human-p@rt vampire, he couldn’t go in even if he tried to, he needed her permission. The maid had only checked to see who he was and she hadn’t asked him to come in, so he was waiting. Theoretically, vampires cannot enter a house unless the owner of the house or someone who had lived for a long period of time, invites them in. This only applies to residential houses alone.

The door opened just as he had expected and once more, he was face to face with this lady that looked every way like his dead wife. Once again, he could feel the excitement de-ep down in him-

Odin, behave.

Something had changed actually, the hair. Then her face was heavily painted and looked as if, p@rt of it was painted in a darker cl@ycolor…her eyebrows were more pronounced and well carved-she seemed slightly different from ‘his’ Dennis.


Harmony stood by the door, looking at this white drop-dead gorgeous man in a black suit and once again, she was mute. His eyes were just so mesmerizing and captivating and…he looked away, ma-king her flush in embarr@ssment.

She had to snap out of this madness….

“You are late!” She said with all her effort.

“I apologize Ma’am, I got delayed.” He replied.

That voice…that same voice…no no no, could this be the same man in her dream…this was insane, this was…too much… the same Scottish accent..or maybe it was her imagination. Maybe it wasn’t real…

Without saying anything, she turned around, expecting him to follow her but she had just walked a few inches away when she turned and realized he was still waiting for an invitation.


“Are you not going to come in?”

Ichabod heard as she asked. He tried to lift his leg but it seemed difficult. He still needed her permission.

“I apologize but plea-se, I still await your permission.” He said, trying to make it sound as if it was no big deal.

Harmony frowned, “well then come in, why waiting for my permission?” She said and immediately, he felt something loos£n around his ankles. A wave of undeniable freedom c@m£ over him. He walked into the house and then he heard the sound of a bell from nowhere. It was official, the 4 month countdown to the full moon had just begun….

Cursed For A 1000 Years

Chapter 10

The wh0le place was filled to the brim as the movie, ‘altar ego’ was being shown. Harmony sat next to her daughter who was beside Vivian. Next to Vivian was the director and other casts of the movie.

Ichabod stood in a corner, standing where he could see Harmony. She was looking extraordinary and he was finding it difficult to believe that this lady wasn’t the same woman that he had married. What kind of trick was this?

Still, he tried to maintain his cool, he needed to plan how to get close to this woman, he needed to find a way to get close to her heart…again before the full moon.

He looked at his watch momentarily and then for some reason, he decided to focus on the movie. He couldn’t remember the title but there was something that drew him to it

. He kept seeing a man fighting himself for no reason and was busy talking to himself in a foreign language mixed with the English but he couldn’t un-derstand. Sometimes the audience would laugh out loud and other times, they would compose themselves… He sighed. This wh0le b©dy-guard of a thing really su-cked.

He saw Harmony standing up from she sat a, she said something to the woman sitting next to her and then she was leaving her seat.

“Follow her idiot! That’s your job.”

Ichabod brou-ght out the bottle, put a drop and then returned to his pocket, He chuckled as he could feel Odin’s gr0@nof disgust.


Harmony washed her face and then turned off the tap before taking a de-ep sigh. She was the only one so when she heard someone knocking against the door but she ignored, thinking it was just her imagination Who will be so stupid to be knocking on the door of the lady’s room?

She scoffed

. She had been feeling a sort of pin somewhere around her w@!st and it was ma-king her uncomfortable. She thought probably it was stuck in her go-wn so she turned her back to the mirror and stretched her hand to pu-ll the Zi-p down. As she did this, the bodice fell over her w@!st so she pu-ll-ed it down matched out of it. What was left on her was her black girdle. Then she held the go-wn up and turned it in,side out. There, the pin was firmly attached to her w@!stline.

“Scarlet really needs to work on this. This could have given me an injury!” She said to herself, Scarlett was her Kenyan designer. As she re-moved the pin, the door opened all of a sudden and she immediately covered herself with the cloth.

“Ichabod! What do you think you are doing?”


“Oh dear Lord!” Ichabod shouted and slammed the door immediately. What the hell was that? Thank goodness he hadn’t seen her n-kedness. That would have cost him his job for sure.

He walked a little farther away from the door as several ladies were now p@ssing and wi-nking at him, he wiped the moisture off his forehead.

Why the hell would she be undressing in that room? She could have at least gone into one of the cubicles. He sighed! The problem of this century was really much.


Harmony Zi-pped and matched out of the room, looking for him. What the hell was he thinking of opening the door like that?

She found him a little farther up the p@ssageway.

. She really needed to talk some s-en-ses into him.

She walked up to him and just as she was about to talk, he held up his hand to st©p her from talking.

“I sincerely apologize for that abrupt intrusion. I swear to you, I had no ulterior motive and I didn’t even see anything. I was only trying to perform my job as a b©dyguard but I’m afraid that I took it too far. plea-se, temper justice with mercy and do not relieve me of my duty. In the nearest future, I’m ma-king a promise to you that such will never happen again. I cross my heart.” He said with a bow, holding a hand to his che-st.

For a while, Harmony just opened her mouth without any word coming forth but his choice of words was just…all of a sudden, she bur-st into laughter.


Ichabod straightened up as he heard her laugh. Was she really laughing right now?

Ichabod straightened up as he heard her laugh. Was she really laughing right now?

He smiled, “does that mean I am forgiven?”

Harmony smiled. “Yea, you are but don’t ever try it again.”

He nodded and then cu-pped his arms so she slid an arm in it as they walked towards the elevator.

“Are you enjoying the movie?”

“Well, I could ba-rely un-derstand the language ma’am.”

“We call it pidgin and plea-se call me Harmony.”

“I apologize Harmony but I really don’t un-derstand this wh0le pidgin language.”

“You may not un-derstand. The movie is called Altar Ego. Do you believe in inner demon Ichabod?”

Just as she asked that he st©pped walked and then faced her. “ Inner demon?”


“Well, do I believe in it?” He asked himself.

He could feel Odin’s snarl in his head while he and Harmony walked into the elevator, “I think I do believe in it more than most people do.” He said finally before the door of the elevators shut before them.

Harmony didn’t quite un-derstand what he meant by saying he believed in double personalities more than most people but she took the time to explain the storyline to him while they sat together. She made sure he was sitting right next to her while she sat between him and her daughter who sat next to Vivian.

Alter Ego was about a man who would never suc¢vmb to his other good side and enjoyed doing evil all the time. However, his good side showed up the day he saw a beautiful girl which Harmony played and then he had to battle with his inner evil and his good side.

All throu-gh the movie, Harmony couldn’t st©p looking at Ichabod, he seemed pretty immersed in the movie even though he never really un-derstood most of what was being said ap@rt from when the full English language, still it was easy for Harmony to explain to him.

Ichabod was quiet all throu-gh

. p@rt of him could relate with the Akeem or whatever the name was. He still couldn’t un-derstand how Harmony had come across this storyline. Did she know something that he didn’t know? Did she know who he was? Well, he hoped not.


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