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Emerald sat in front of the dressing mirror wiping her face with a face cleanser. She watched her husband walk out of the washroom in his pajamas. His reaction that afternoon towards Lisa when she’s mention Felicia’s class teacher got her confused and skeptical on what was going on. Her husband was up to something and she knew it. She wasn’t sure why he wasn’t telling her anything. They were married after all. He had to tell her what she was up to.

“The children had to skip the rest of their lessons today due to their possessive father. If they were to be my real children I would have argued with him on this. My children aren’t puppets to be dragged out of school whenever he likes. Anyway, what do I care? They aren’t my children. They can hawk under the bridge if they want to…” she said to herself with a proud look. “…but I have to know what this silly husband is up to right? This marriage won’t be fun if I don’t make it fun. I didn’t marry a wealthy man just to be his treasure” She turned back towards Mr James and jumped up realizing he was going to bed.

“Hold on! Hold on Honey. We need to talk. It’s really important “She told him with a frown.

“What is it? ” He asked not bothering to stare at her.

“Well, I am your wife right? We are married. I should know what happens in this house and what decisions you make. You shouldn’t hide things from me” she nagged.

“Tell me what you want to know ” She grinned on hearing this.

“Actually Emm… I do care about your children a lot and I care about the decisions you make for them. Tell me what you told their class teacher yesterday. Why did you bring them home before their lessons were over? ” She wanted to know. Her husband gave her a quick glance and smiled.

“It’s happening just according to the way you love it ” he told her making her nervous at first.

“What… What… What do you mean by that? ” She asked with a nervous tone.

“Silly woman. We will be moving from this house. We won’t be staying here anymore” He announced making her grin big.

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What?! Really honey? I am so happy! Thanks so much! ” She appreciated planted him a kiss on the cheek.

“That explains everything right? You’re no more confused now ”

“Of course not. It’s quiet obvious you withdrew the children from school. It’s for their own good anyway. Their mum was thinking of coming tomorrow to see them again”


saw that coming. That was why I had to think fast”


The twins shut their textbooks with dull expressions. It was 9 pm now. They had to go to bed. Study time was over. Climbing up their bed, they stare at each other in silence for a while before Felix finally spoke.

“Were you even reading? ” He asked his sister who shook her head.

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“No. I couldn’t concentrate. I can’t stop thinking about mum”

“Well I almost thought she abandoned us. I am glad to know she haven’t ” Felicia raised her eyebrows with curiosity.

“What suddenly made you change your mind? What did she tell you? ”

“She promised me she would be coming to fetch us tomorrow with her lawyer. Don’t worry, the reign of the wicked step mother will be over soon” He broke the news to his sister who managed to smile at the good news.

“Now I am happy at least. There is something to smile about ”

Their door opened up and Mr James walked in biding them goodbye. They responded happily without any gloomy expression before turning their lights off. He got suspicious on why they suddenly felt excited. He gave them a close stare and walked out.

“None of your mum’s plan will work” he had thought.



Lisa made her way into the head master’s office alongside with her lawyer. The head master recognized her instantly and offered her a handshake before offering her a seat. She sat with a smile.

“I know I didn’t tell you I would be coming today but I had to come because it’s something urgent I have to discuss with you”. The old man stroked his beard showing interest in what she had to say.

“I am all ears. What is it that is so urgent? ”

“Actually it’s about the twins Felix and Felicia. I want to see them both first”

“Your twins?” He asked in surprise. “I’d thought you knew about their withdrawals “.

“What do you mean withdrawal? Has that useless husband withdrawn my children from here? ”


yes. He had discussed with me on this yesterday. I thought you knew”

“Me? Know? I knew not a thing damn it! I can’t believe he could do this to me. They are my children for crying out loud” She yelled in tears.

“Calm down ma. You have to be optimistic about this”

“Optimistic. In what way if I may ask? That man always gets his way. I never knew he was like this. I never knew the man I married”

“Look Mrs Lisa… ” The lawyer tried drawing her attention to some docvments he held. “Do not lose hope just yet. We can still make it to his house and get this all settled with but remember, we have only today to get his signatures on this docvment so that we may drag this to court. Aside that, there won’t be anymore chances”

“I swear Mr Jackson. I will get his signatures on this docvment. He is living in his apartment not far away from here. We can still make it there. It is a few minutes drive”

“Alright. If you say so”. She thanked the headmaster AMD tried cheering up herself telling herself over and over again she still had a chance. She couldn’t give up just yet. She walked out of the head master office toward the stairs which led to the exit of the school.

“Mrs Lisa… ” She heard someone call her from one of the classes. Turning toward the direction of the call, she caught sight of her daughter’s class teacher.

“You must be Felicia aunty Lola” She told her trying to be sure it was really her.

“Yes. I am Felicia’s aunty” The young lady agreed. “Actually, I don’t understand why you are here. I thought you were moving with them today”

“Moving? I don’t understand. Who is moving? ”

“Your husband said he was moving from his apartment to some other city that was why he had to withdraw the twins. He said he got your approval. Are you trying to tell me you have no idea? ” She asked giving her a perplex look. Lisa felt her heart beat increase as the fear in her increased. She held her head trying to stop herself from getting an heart attack.

“No! No! We have to leave now Jackson. We have to leave” She ordered her lawyer rushing out through the exist trying to support her head with her hand.

“Are you okay Mrs Lisa? ” He asked worried about her condition.

“Quit asking me stupid questions and come with me” She yelled out to him reaching out for her car keys.

“Mrs Lisa, you are not well. Calm down”

“LET’S GO!!! ”



“It’s here. It’s here. Stop! ” She urged on sighting the gate of her matrimonial home. Fresh memories of her time in the house flooded into her head. She brushed it off her mind immediately knowing that wasn’t a good time for recalling the old terrible memories. They were all nightmares to her. Nightmares! In few seconds they were right in front of her gate staring at the doorbell. She ignored the doorbell and began banging the gate like a crazy woman. Drips of sweat flowed down her attached hair. She felt damn hot. It was more like she should forcefully loosen the nonsense on her braided hair.

“Lawrence open the gate! ” She yelled having it in mind to handle her hair later. She got no answer. The estate was quiet as if it had been deserted. Only her banging could be heard. “Lawrence you can’t do this to me! Open the gate! ” Again she got no answer. She could only hear the whisper of the wind. Nothing more.

“I think we are only wasting our time here Mrs Lisa. They must have moved as the head master claimed”

“No! No! He can’t separate the twins from me. Lawrence open this gate now! ” She yelled with her while strength not giving up. “Lawrence fool open up! ”

“Look Lisa, they moved this morning. Stop yelling ” An elderly lady living two blocks away had told her with an irked look.

“No… No… No… ” She disagreed shaking her head. She couldn’t hold a grip of herself anymore. Her B. P rose up high and she slumped.

“Mrs Lisa. Mrs Lisa” The lawyer called out trying to revive her but to no avail. The poor man got really confused now.


What is it of Lisa and her kids now? Watch out.

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